15 Things About These WWE Women Learned By Watching Total Divas

The WWE Universe seems to have a love/hate relationship with the entire Total Divas TV series. Either you love it, or you hate it. Regardless, the series still seems to be going strong and pulling in good enough ratings for WWE and the E Network. You don’t even have to know much about wrestling to be able to watch the show and get a good grasp of what’s going on. At the most basic level, it is a reality-based docuseries that follows some of the WWE’s women’s wrestlers (and many of their WWE partners).

It's not unlike the other reality shows (such as Keeping Up With The Kardashians) in that it follows the wrestlers in their real lives and gives viewers a look at their lives outside the ring. However, it has frequently been speculated that parts of the show are grossly exaggerated, altered, or scripted to draw in ratings. Everything on Total Divas should then be taken with a grain of salt, but WWE is also scripted so who are we to judge?

One thing Total Divas does do well is it lets the WWE Universe learn things about many of the cast members/wrestlers that we would not have known otherwise. While many of the revelations from the show are eventually published online days later, that information is only known because it first appeared on Total Divas. In this article, we will look at 15 of the more surprising things you would only know about the women of Total Divas if you watched the show.


15 Paige Had A Miscarriage At 18

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Paige embodies what it means to be an “anti-diva”, through her appearance that looks nothing like the traditional WWE women’s wrestler. With her gothic style, Paige brought energy, yet many controversies with her when she joined WWE and, subsequently, Total Divas. One thing that WWE fans probably did not know was that Paige suffered a miscarriage when she was 18 years old.

During the show’s fifth season, Paige was forced to reveal that sad secret following Rosa Mendes’ baby shower.

Paige was uncharacteristically distant and uninterested in the event, but later confessed to Rosa that her attitude was not because of Rosa’s happiness, but because of her miscarriage. Rosa’s baby shower brought back sad memories for Paige, when she realized she wasn’t sure if she would ever be able to have a child of her own in the future.

14 Natalya Drunk-Dialed Stephanie McMahon

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Natalya comes across as a veteran wrestler who is able to stay out of trouble with WWE. As viewers of Total Divas would find out, that isn’t always the case for Natalya. A few years ago, Natalya got so intoxicated one night to the point where she drunk dialed Stephanie McMahon at 5 a.m. Drunk Natalya sure revealed a lot to Stephanie McMahon in that voicemail.

Essentially, Natalya revealed that she feels she deserved to have the Divas Championship. I don’t know about you but I feel that’s probably fair. It got worse when Natalya proceeded to reveal, “First of all, I’m not wearing any underwear and I’m ready to ride. I’m done. I don’t care anymore Steph. I quit.”. Fortunately for Natalya, Stephanie was understanding, and Natalya remained with the company. Stephanie did talk to Natalya, however, and told her that when the time was right she would get a chance to hold the championship.

13 Renee Young's Low-Key Engagement

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It isn’t particularly surprising to most WWE fans that Dean Ambrose likes to live life on the edge and is not very materialistic. Ambrose likes to keep things simple and relaxed. Many fans were surprised when they found out Ambrose and Renee Young were dating, but were even more shocked when they were suddenly married.

As Renee revealed on Total Divas, she got a very “low-key” engagement proposal from Ambrose.

The two of them were in bed one night when Ambrose turned to her with an engagement ring, and proposed right there, in a spur-of-the-moment fashion.

After finding some friends to act as witnesses, they found a 24 hour pastor on Yelp who married them shortly thereafter.

12 Maryse's Accidental Group "Text"

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We all either know someone, or have been that person, who sent a text to someone that wasn’t meant for them. It’s always awkward but it can become extremely embarrassing, depending on the nature of the text. As viewers of Total Divas found out, Maryse accidentally sent a risqué picture of herself – to some of the wrestlers, male and female. The Miz asked her about this and it’s a toss-up about which of them was more embarrassed.

It turned out that Maryse is functionally blind, and had to go get Lasik eye surgery since she doesn’t want to wear contacts. Fortunately, the eye surgery went off without a hitch. Now, hopefully that doesn’t result in any more accidental group texts. At least Vince McMahon wasn't part of that group!

11 Nikki Bella Froze Her Eggs

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We all know that John Cena never wanted to get married or have any kids. It was nothing against Nikki Bella, he just didn’t want to do either. It is no secret to the WWE Universe that Nikki had long wanted to get married to John Cena for years now, and she eventually did get her fairy tale ending when Cena proposed to her at WrestleMania 33.

Even though they are engaged, it is unlikely they will ever have children. Unless you watched Total Divas, you may not know that Nikki decided to freeze her eggs a few years ago now. Nikki initially tried to hide it from Cena to avoid upsetting him but, naturally, Cena figured something was amiss. He found medical supplies and suspected her of injecting illegal drugs. In the end, Cena was glad she was not taking illegal drugs and supported her decision to freeze her eggs.

10 Natalya Tried Setting Her Sister Up With Big E

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Many wrestling fans are aware of Natalya and Tyson Kidd’s marriage, which viewers get a look at in Total Divas. A few years ago, Natalya’s sister Jenni moved in with them for a while – something Tyson hilariously made clear he was not a fan of.

Anyway, Natalya thought the best way to get her sister out of the house was to set her up with someone, so she chose Big E.

At the double date, Big E showed up wearing an…interesting shirt (shown above) and seemed nice enough to Jenni. He seemed more interested in talking to Tyson Kidd about how his recovery is going, although he and Jenni did take a dip in Natalya and Kidd’s hot tub later on! By all accounts, Big E and Jenni haven’t lasted beyond that episode, and Big E is still believed to be single.

9 Nikki Bella's Failed First Marriage

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Nikki Bella finally got her wish when John Cena proposed to her following their mixed tag-team match against Miz and Maryse at WrestleMania 33. They will eventually be getting married, likely in mid-late 2018. However, not many people would have known that this will actually be Nikki’s SECOND marriage.

As it turned out, Nikki married her childhood sweetheart when she was 20. There was never a ring and they never lived together, but their marriage was annulled three years later. Astonishingly, Nikki kept it secret from her own family because she felt ashamed to tell them. John Cena was also kept in the dark about it, but the cat is now out of the bag on this one. At least Nikki will now be able to experience the wedding she has always dreamed of with Cena.


8 Summer Rae Flirted With Daniel Bryan

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Brie Bella normally comes across as someone who is relatively level-headed and can maintain her composure. If you want to see Brie Bella lose her composure and get on her bad side forever (Why would you though?), all you need to do is ask Summer Rae. As it turned out, Summer Rae somehow thought it would have been a good idea to start flirting with Daniel Bryan.

Bryan obviously was having none of it and tried to make it clear he was not interested.

Naturally, when Bella found out about it, she confronted Summer Rae and expressed, in no uncertain terms, how angry she was with her. It is important to keep in mind that this seems to have occurred when Bryan and Bella were already engaged.

7 Naomi Customized Her Championship Belt Without WWE's Consent

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Naomi was long overdue to get a reign as WWE Women’s Champion, and she finally got that opportunity in 2017. She sought to make the most of the opportunity and to make WWE not regret putting the belt on her. In doing so, Naomi took the huge risk of customizing her SmackDown Women’s Championship. If you remember, her belt was customized to glow in the dark just like her ring attire. Sounds pretty cool, but the big problem was that she didn’t get WWE’s permission in advance. Although WWE weren’t impressed at first, they later got on board with the idea. It added another dimension to Naomi’s character, and WWE ended up promoting it on their website. This just goes to show that WWE does sometimes let their talents have creative freedom (to an extent).

6 Eva Marie's Past Addiction Problems

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Remember how we discussed Nikki’s revelation of her prior marriage? In that same episode, Eva Marie stunned the other WWE women with a revelation of her own. Eva Marie revealed that she used to have issues with alcohol abuse and it got so bad that she sought professional help for her addiction. She spent three years sober before relapsing just before she started out in WWE. Marie took some time off during her training at the WWE Performance Center to get help, before returning later on.

Now, Eva Marie avoids alcohol altogether. She did not drink anything containing alcohol at Brie’s bachelorette celebration and also left a party early when the temptation to drink started to overwhelm her. The other women were supportive, and fortunately for Eva she seems to have a strong grasp on her ability to resist the temptation.

5 Rosa Mendes And Paige's Friendship

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Much has been made about Paige’s relationship with Alberto Del Rio, as well as her relations with other men. Likewise, it is also known that Rosa Mendes is married to a man with whom she has a child. In 2014, it was revealed to Total Divas viewers that both women are actually bisexual. In one of the episodes, Rosa revealed that she was really attracted to Paige and thought of her as more than a friend. Since she was aware of Paige’s past experimentation with women, Rosa took a leap of faith and kissed her.

Paige gently told Rosa that she didn’t share the same feelings for her.

Fortunately, they were able to remain close friends afterwards. Since then, Rosa has gotten married and become a mother in 2016, while Paige was in a relationship with Alberto Del Rio.

4 Alexa Bliss Struggled With Anorexia

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This is one of the more serious and genuine revelations from Total Divas. Eating disorders affect thousands of men and women across North America, and that includes Alexa Bliss. In a 2017 episode, Alexa Bliss candidly discussed her past issues with anorexia in a heartbreaking interview with former ring announcer Lillian Garcia. Bliss revealed that it started off as simple dieting before things got quickly out of hand and she turned into a different person emotionally and physically. At her worst, Bliss said she lost 30 pounds in six weeks.

This showed viewers a new side to the current Raw Women’s Champion that we would not have gotten to see elsewhere. Fortunately, Bliss is more than healthy now, at five feet of fury.

3 Natalya Hired A Professional To Spice Up Her Marriage

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Truthfully, I’m not really sure why Natalya felt obligated to hire a dominatrix. On the show, Natalya gave two reasons for doing so. Firstly, Natalya wanted to spice things up with Tyson Kidd. Secondly, she was hoping that she could learn some new moves for in the ring.

As far as spicing things up, Tyson Kidd was stunned when he found the strange woman at their home.

Kidd seemed very unimpressed with everything, so Natalya probably failed at spicing things up in that way at least. Natalya has changed her ring attire to adopt that look, so there’s that at least. While it’s hard to tell if it helped her moves in the ring, wouldn’t it have been easier to just get some of your family members to help you out? Natalya is, after all, part of the Hart Dynasty.

2 Brie Bella Reveals What "Brie Mode" Really Is

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Back in 2014, WWE decided to use the term ‘Brie Mode’ during Brie Bella’s feud with Stephanie McMahon and Nikki Bella. It is not known if WWE knew the true meaning behind "Brie Mode" and tried to ignore it, or simply had no clue. Either way, it does not seem like something the PG version of WWE should promote.

In 2013, Brie revealed that "Brie Mode" is when she gets incredibly drunk and sometimes does questionable things. Paige wanted to witness ‘Brie Mode’ for herself so the two of them snuck out to a bar in Europe. This resulted in Brie getting completely drunk and making crank calls and stumbling on the stairs in the hotel. Nikki was not impressed the following morning, and neither was Daniel Bryan. It’s safe to say "Brie Mode" isn’t something that happens anymore since she and Bryan are now parents.

1 Nikki Bella Had To Sign A 75-Page Agreement

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For better or for worse, John Cena and Nikki Bella’s relationship is a main focus of Total Divas. It really sheds some light onto what their relationship is like, and Cena’s life outside of the WWE spotlight. One of the more shocking things you might not have known was that John Cena made Nikki Bella sign a 75-page cohabitation agreement prior to her moving in! Bella obviously signed the agreement, but 75 pages is a really long agreement to have to go through!

Cena said that he wanted Nikki to sign the agreement before moving in because his first wife, Elizabeth, caused a lot of problems when it came to her obsession with home improvements. He wanted to ensure that situation never happened again. A 75-page agreement seems to be overkill but Nikki has been living with him ever since, so obviously she hasn’t found it that hard.


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