8 WWE Women Our Girlfriends Are Jealous We Like (And 7 They Definitely Aren't)

Back during the Attitude Era all the way up until the Ruthless Aggression Era, the women of WWE were treated merely as side show attractions, something to please their male audience in between matches. Most wrestling fan's girlfriends weren't very fond of the WWE's Divas back then, as I'm sure a majority of you would agree with me. They were mainly treated as eye candy - good for the boyfriends, not so much for the girlfriends as you can imagine. However, the landscape of the WWE has changed drastically since the "good old days", and the current women of WWE are treated like actual wrestlers. Today, the Women's Division is stacked with extremely talented wrestlers, but that's not to say that it's all talent and no beauty.

I'd say it's split right down the middle in regards to the ratio between talented females and females coasting on their looks in the WWE. As the title of this article states, we're going to be delving into 8 WWE women your girlfriend is jealous we like, and 7 she definitely isn't - the flip side of the same coin. WWE's current product is definitely more conducive to watching with your girlfriend, but that certainly doesn't mean all of the company's Women's Division wrestlers get the "OK" from most GF's as far as letting their boyfriends like them without feeling a sense of jealousy towards that specific women's wrestler (whether it be due to their talent, or most likely, their looks).

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15 Jealous: Mandy Rose

Mandy Rose is destined for great success in the WWE over the long haul. Sharing a similar look to the great Trish Stratus, Mandy has all of the tools required to make it as a top Women's Division star. Mandy recently got the call-up from NXT to the main roster back in November 2017 alongside Sonya Deville, and she's one third of the Absolution trio - a great place for Rose to start and blossom from (no pun intended).

Considering Mandy Rose is by far one of the hottest women to step foot inside a WWE ring in recent memory, she's sure to make any girlfriend jealous. Not only is she drop-dead stunning, but she's also great in the ring which makes her the "total package" in Vince's eyes. Once the whole Absolution storyline runs its course, expect Mandy Rose to make a big impact as a singles competitor.

14 Definitely Aren't: Ruby Riott

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If any of you guys are fans of the recent SmackDown Live call-up Ruby Riott, don't worry, your girlfriend probably won't mind - that is unless you're the raunchy biker gang type. For most of us average wrestling fans, Ruby Riott doesn't classify as being the typical beauty, though she is attractive in a different way.

Back in November, Ruby Riott alongside Sarah Logan and Liv Morgan made their official SmackDown Live debut's - I suppose some fans consider their "Riott Squad" to be a cheap bargain brand version of Monday Night Raw's Absolution featuring Mandy Rose, Paige and Sonya Deville. However, I don't mind SmackDown's version at all, and I see potential in all three of these women's wrestlers with a bit of work and growth.

13 Jealous: Cathy Kelley

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Though she's not an in-ring Superstar like a majority of the WWE women featured on this list, it's not arguable that Cathy Kelley has wormed her way into many fan's hearts for being a positive, friendly, uplifting (and beautiful) WWE social media correspondent. You'll often see Kelley on WWE's YouTube channel promoting various WWE events, what to expect before the main shows et cetera, and she's certainly a welcome sight for most male fans - though probably not so much for your girlfriends.

Again, the obvious reason being she's beautiful, smart and funny. Three of the deadly sins that most girlfriends hate. To put this bluntly, just don't smile along too much when you're watching her with your girlfriend, as you're sure to make your GF jealous (and make her want to hand deliver you an RKO outta nowhere).

12 Definitely Aren't: Sonya Deville

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Sonya Deville recently made her WWE main roster debut alongside Mandy Rose and the returning Paige as the Absolution trio. Although Sonya's just getting started in WWE and hasn't amassed a huge following yet, there's no doubt she's acquired some new fans following her debut. Now don't get me wrong, Sonya's not bad looking by any stretch, but for the most part, she's girlfriend-friendly.

Yes she's attractive, but she's one of those Superstars who looks like she could literally destroy most male fans. She exudes more intimidation than attraction, leaving your girlfriends jealousy-free. If anything, Sonya's the type of woman your girlfriend would send in to teach you a lesson if you did something to annoy her.  Sonya Deville has a background in MMA, so beware!

11 Jealous: Renee Young

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Though Renee Young is not an in-ring competitor, that doesn't mean she's fair game for you to like without your girlfriend feeling jealous. When you're more over than half the current WWE Women's Division, then you know you're special. Renee's known by the WWE Universe for being involved in countless WWE Network special's (her own show for one thing), a backstage interviewer, Total Divas and so much more.

Considering Renee has expanded her role in the WWE to such a large extent, it's obvious that the company truly love Renee Young as much as most fans. However, praise aside, I wouldn't say she's girlfriend-friendly in the slightest. With how attractive and genuinely nice Renee is, she's the perfect recipe to make your girlfriend jealous if she knows you like her. Be forewarned!

10 Definitely Aren't: Nia Jax

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Despite being very pretty, Nia Jax isn't a WWE Women's Division wrestler most girlfriends fear - at least fear for the reasons similar to most of the women's wrestlers included on this list. Instead, Nia Jax is a Superstar who appeals to both boyfriends and girlfriends because she's a dominant force to be reckoned who strikes fear into all of her opponents.

Men like Nia because she's a pretty monster, and women love Nia because she goes against the grain of what's been defined as a typical "WWE women's wrestler". Nia Jax certainly isn't like most girls, as she's a refreshing competitor who towers over any current WWE Women's Division Superstar. Although some men find Nia to be extremely beautiful, she isn't a wrestler that your girlfriend would typically get jealous of for you liking her.

9 Jealous: The Iconic Duo

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The Iconic Duo Peyton Royce and Billie Kay are two NXT women's wrestlers your girlfriend is certainly jealous you like. Both of these talented women are extremely hot, making it likely that most girlfriends will be feeling twice the amount of jealousy for you liking them versus the other Women's Division wrestlers on the list.

For many fans, it was quite shocking when it was revealed that Peyton and Billie wouldn't be getting the call-up to the main roster (SmackDown Live), as they're undoubtedly ready to make an impact on either Raw or SD. However, have no fear, as it can almost be guaranteed that The Iconic Duo makes its main roster debut's following WrestleMania 34 (or perhaps even in the first-ever Women's Royal Rumble match later this month).

8 Definitely Aren't: Tamina

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Have no fear about expressing your love for Tamina with your girlfriend, as I'm sure she feels the same way about SmackDown Live's dominant Samoan. Tamina's definitely attractive, but she's not the type that girlfriends get jealous of (unless you're one of those tough biker guys with a similar biker gal). Regardless, Tamina's not the type of woman I'd like to be standing in front of, as she looks like she could literally steamroll most men (in shape or not) with a powerful clothesline.

If you can believe, Tamina's actually 40 years old - a heck of a lot older than the bulk majority of the current Women's Division on both Raw and SmackDown. That said, Tamina still looks great, and she's a great addition to any roster for sure. She plays her role as the monster heel well, and it would be an absolute collision course if she ever went one on one against Nia.

7 Jealous: Maryse

Maryse's time in the squared circle may have ended - at least full-time anyways, but she remains a WWE woman most male fan have a special appreciation for. A regular cast member on Total Divas, Maryse still has her hands full with plentiful work in WWE plus a baby on the way. Maryse is by far one of the hottest Divas in WWE history, and fans are still mesmerized by her dashing good looks - and yes, we're all still wondering how in the world The Miz was able to pull her off.

Some fans complain about Maryse being a true Diva on and off-screen, but for most of us, that only makes her more attractive, and yes, our girlfriends become even more jealous. Not only will showing you love for Maryse make your girlfriend jealous, but it will also anger her guaranteed!

6 Definitely Aren't: Nikki Cross

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Nikki Cross is recognized by the WWE Universe as being apart of the SAnitY stable down in NXT alongside Eric Young, Alexander Wolfe and Killian Dain. For all of you who have become big fans of Nikki and the SAnitY faction as a whole, have no fear, Nikki Cross is girlfriend-friendly. I wouldn't classify Nikki as being the traditional WWE beauty (though I'm sure some fans think she is), but she makes up for in the in-ring talent department.

Nikki's a very solid in-ring performer, and she's able to pull a good match out of nearly any opponent. The WWE needs a diverse Women's Division, and you simply can't have that with just pretty faces. Cross is not concerned about looking her absolute best and primping herself up for the WWE Universe, she's instead focused on destroying her opponents which is refreshing.

5 Jealous: Lana

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Unlike Nikki Cross, "The Ravishing Russian" Lana is unfortunately not girlfriend-friendly. Nowhere near as talented as Cross is in the ring, the best thing Lana has going for herself are her ravishingly gorgeous looks (enough to keep the male fans intrigued of course). There's really no way to convince your girlfriend or wife that you like Lana without making her jealous, as you really can't say she's a great "wrestler".

We all know Women's Division stars such as Eva Marie and Lana were signed simply because of their looks, so don't expect to be able to openly like Lana while keeping your GF happy and jealousy-free. The best way around this one is to simply pretend that you dislike Lana whenever you're watching SD Live or Total Divas with your girlfriend, as this will keep you out of the doghouse.

4 Definitely Aren't: Bayley

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Now don't get me wrong, Bayley is very attractive, but she's certainly not the type that would make your girlfriend jealous for liking. When you have the nickname "Everyone's Favorite Hugger" and are saddled down with a kid-friendly playful gimmick, you should have no problem openly showing your love for Bayley when you're watching Monday Night Raw with your girlfriend, as I'm sure she likes Bayley too!

Bayley is an extraordinarily gifted individual between the ropes, and it would be nice to see her get treated a little bit better by the company considering she's a great wrestler. Although Dave Meltzer speculated that Bayley's push in WWE is finished and that they've "already given up on her", I still see a bright future ahead for Bayley in the WWE as long as they freshen up her gimmick a bit.

3 Jealous: Becky Lynch

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The next WWE woman your girlfriend is jealous you like is none other than "The Irish Lass Kicker" Becky Lynch. The fiery Becky is by far one of the company's toughest Women's Division wrestlers, and she's certainly not bad looking either. Although Lynch is far from being the "girly girl" Diva type, it's not arguable that she has an enormous following - and yes, a good percentage of that fanbase is male for sure.

I'd say Becky's the total package, as she's super hot, talented, charismatic, tough and above all, nice (your girlfriend's worst nightmare come true). However, to all the wrestling fan girlfriends reading this entry right now, have no fear as Becky Lynch's heart has already been taken by the current MMA fighter Luke Sanders.

2 Definitely Aren't: Charlotte Flair

As much as some hardcore Charlotte Flair fans want to convince everyone that she's hotter than we realize, to most girlfriends, she isn't a threat. In my honest opinion, I think Charlotte is quite attractive, but she just isn't the type to make your significant other jealous. Sure she's as talented as they come in the ring, but she doesn't use her looks like the diva's of old. She is stunning, but subtle, making her GF friendly.

This topic has been debated on countless occasions, and I'm sure the debate will continue for the duration of Charlotte's tenure in WWE. Regardless, considering Charlotte's more focused on being "The Genetically Superior Athlete" versus a girly Diva, I'm sure she appeals to many of your girlfriends. She's a women's wrestler you can feel comfortable liking.

1 Jealous: Alexa Bliss

Coming in as the final WWE woman your girlfriend (or significant other) is jealous you like, we proudly bring to you "The Goddess Of WWE" Alexa Bliss. Alexa is sure to make any girlfriend jealous beyond belief. Not only is Bliss gorgeous, but she's also smart, funny, and best of all, great in the ring - things that all add up to your GF feeling more jealous than usual.

Alexa has an enormous amount of fans, and her beauty has made her a standout in Raw's Women's Division. Perhaps some believe Alexa is overrated to some degree, but to most, she's one of the best things going on Raw - her mic skills are second to none. I think we can all agree that Alexa Bliss has one of the best physiques in professional wrestling, but be warned, make sure you don't stare at it for too long when you're watching Raw with your GF!

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