WWE: 5 Women's Tag Teams That Will Become Champs (And 5 Who Won't)

WWE: 5 Women's Tag Teams That Will Become Champs (And 5 Who Won't)

Vince McMahon announced on Christmas that the WWE was introducing their very first women's tag team titles. There was no word on the specifics of the belts, but most are assuming that there will be one title and it will be defended on both Monday Night Raw and SmackDown Live, similar to how the men's tag team titles used to be.

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Over the past year, the women have really stepped up in the WWE and, in many cases, they are outperforming the men. They also have worked hard to start to build partnerships, factions, and tag teams, and with the news of the upcoming new titles, there are plenty of women in line to fight for these belts. Here is a look at 5 women's tag teams that will become champs and 5 who won't.


WWE: 5 Women's Tag Teams That Will Become Champs (And 5 Who Won't)

When it comes to the most likely candidates to become the first ever WWE women's tag team champions, Sasha Banks and Bayley have to be at the top of the list. The Boss & Hug Connection are two of the former 4 Horsewomen of NXT, along with Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair. While Sasha was a star in her first year, she has been floundering lately and Bayley has never gotten off the ground since her call-up to the main roster.

However, the WWE women's tag team titles could give both women a chance to finally start to get back on track again. They have been in a feud with the Riott Squad for a few months now, and this could give them something to fight for.

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WWE: 5 Women's Tag Teams That Will Become Champs (And 5 Who Won't)

With the women's tag team titles coming, the WWE is likely to make some more makeshift teams that they can add to the mix -- or at least to fill up a tournament to decide the inaugural champions. One of the most likely teams is Natalya and Ember Moon. In 2018, Moon came to Raw with a lot of promise but did little.

Meanwhile, Natalya was positioned as Ronda Rousey's best friend and then feuded with Ruby Riott for awhile. The two are both faces, both have a dislike of the Riott Squad and both can put on great matches. However, most makeshift teams are unlikely to do more than just fill out the roster and not win the titles.

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WWE: 5 Women's Tag Teams That Will Become Champs (And 5 Who Won't)

If the WWE wants to make a heel team as the first WWE women's tag team champions, the best possible choice is the Riott Squad. When talking about the titles on Monday Night Raw last week, the announcers said that the Riott Squad would use the "Freebird Rules" if they won the titles, which is what New Day does -- any two of the three members can defend the titles.

Ruby Riott is the best wrestler on the team and one of the best female wrestlers on Monday Night Raw. Both Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan are getting better and working with Riott is doing them nothing but good. This could be the most entertaining option of anyone winning the titles.


WWE: 5 Women's Tag Teams That Will Become Champs (And 5 Who Won't)

If the WWE women's tag team champions are traveling champions and move between the divisions, there is no reason they can't defend their titles on WWE NXT as well. Triple H has already said that he wants NXT to be the official third brand and this could be a huge way to prove that.

There is also a team in NXT that might be an interesting choice. Ronda Rousey is the Raw women's champion, Shayna Baszler is the NXT women's champion. Imagine if the other two members of the 4 Horsewomen of UFC win the tag team titles -- they would dominate the women's division. However, Shafir and Duke are not yet ready for any kind of title run.


WWE: 5 Women's Tag Teams That Will Become Champs (And 5 Who Won't)

Two of the most despised women wrestlers on the main roster -- regardless of brand -- are Nia Jax and Tamina Snuka. The fact is that Nia Jax has caused a lot of legitimate injuries due to sloppy in-ring action -- including injuring Becky Lynch before WWE Survivor Series. Tamina has been on the roster for a long time but still isn't winning any wrestler of the year honors.

However, the WWE loves to hear fans boo the bad guys and the fans absolutely hate Nia Jax and Tamina. This may not be the best type of heat -- where fans want the bad guys to lose -- but if the WWE wants a team to hold the titles that fans want to see get beat up, this is a perfect choice.


WWE: 5 Women's Tag Teams That Will Become Champs (And 5 Who Won't)

The SmackDown Live version of the Riott Squad is Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose. While Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan were put with Ruby Riott to help them improve, Rose and Deville were put with Paige. However, Paige had to retire and that left her two charges on their own.

There is a lot to like here, though, as Sonya Deville has really come a long way and is a legitimate contender while Mandy Rose is someone that Vince McMahon reportedly is very high on. With that said, Deville might be better off challenging Asuka for the SmackDown women's title, and they have been teasing a breakup for a few months now.


WWE: 5 Women's Tag Teams That Will Become Champs (And 5 Who Won't)

While Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville might not be the best fit for the first ever WWE women's tag team championship, there is a SmackDown Live heel tag team that is a good fit. While the IIconics are not very good wrestlers when it comes to their in-ring skills, they do have a ton of heat when the show their faces.

From their talking all the way to the ring, to their arrogance to both the fans and the other wrestlers, this is a team that was made to be hated. Putting the belts on a team that will win by cheating and cutting all corners would give the WWE great heel champs in the IIconics -- two women fans really want to see get beat.


WWE: 5 Women's Tag Teams That Will Become Champs (And 5 Who Won't)

Most people assume that the WWE could create a women's tag team championship with the sole purpose of handing it over to the Bella Twins. With Nikki Bella and Brie Bella returning to action before WWE Evolution as heels and Nikki getting an immediate shot at Ronda Rousey and the Raw women's title, it seemed they were moving back to the top.

The Bella Twins have not been seen since. Now, with that said, the WWE still feels that there is money in pushing the Bella Twins and the tag team titles would reward them while keeping them out of the hunt for one of the main women's single's titles. However, if the WWE really plans on pushing a new era of stars, this isn't something that should happen.

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WWE: 5 Women's Tag Teams That Will Become Champs (And 5 Who Won't)

Alexa Bliss is cleared to return to action after her recent concussion. However, there is no way that the WWE can put her back into action as someone chasing Ronda Rousey and the Raw women's title. With that said, the first woman to ever hold both the Raw and SmackDown women's title could be a perfect choice to be the first ever women's tag team title holder as well.

Bliss and Mickie James have been working together for a long time and they were actually supposed to fight Lita and Trish Stratus at WWE Evolution before Bliss suffered her concussion. While Mickie James has been working with Alicia Fox, it is Bliss who deserves a tag team title and this could be the sleeper team to win it.


WWE: 5 Women's Tag Teams That Will Become Champs (And 5 Who Won't)

The biggest WWE rumors circulating when the women's tag team titles were hinted at last year was that the company was bringing back Trish Stratus and Lita and planned on giving them a title run. They even wrestled at WWE Evolution and beat Mickie James and Alicia Fox.

However, while it would be good for a pop, putting the titles on two women who have been retired for a decade now and are both 43 years old makes no sense. The WWE seems serious about pushing their women and putting two Hall of Famers over the entire current roster sends the wrong message to fans. It would be fun, but it would be the wrong decision.

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