8 WWE Women Who Are Actually More Attractive Than Alexa Bliss (And 7 Who Aren't)

I think it's safe to assume that a large majority of the WWE Universe has accepted the notion that "The Goddess Of WWE" Alexa Bliss is the most beautiful women's wrestler in the company today. However, that may not be entirely true. Before getting into why Bliss may not actually be the most sizzling woman in WWE, I too cannot deny the fact that she's one of the most attractive Superstars in recent memory. That said, her superiority to the rest of the roster may be overrated to some extent, and many fans have seemingly jumped on the Alexa bandwagon without really giving it any thought or going by their own opinion. Though it can be agreed that Alexa's look is absolutely stunning.

Sure Bliss is gorgeous, but there's lots of other current women's wrestlers in WWE that can easily rival her good looks. That being said, on the flip side of the same coin, Alexa's undoubtedly still a "goddess" in her own right, and she ranks far above most of the WWE's women's wrestlers in the looks department - not all, but most. Today's list will delve into 8 current WWE women who are actually more attractive than Alexa Bliss (arguably anyways), and 7 who definitely aren't (again, arguably). Even if you still believe Alexa is by far the most attractive woman in the company after reading this article, let this list serve as a reminder that she's not the only extraordinarily beautiful women's wrestler in WWE.


15 More Attractive: Maryse

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One of the most stunning blonde bombshells in WWE history, I'd argue that The Miz's real-life wife Maryse is actually more attractive than Alexa Bliss. While Maryse was performing inside the squared circle on a full-time basis between 2008-2011, she was undoubtedly one of the top 3 hottest women's wrestlers at the time.

Maryse's physique, her attitude, and especially her French-Canadian accent all combine to make a true bombshell of a WWE Diva that everyone hated on the outside, but secretly loved inside. Maryse is set to star in yet another reality television show with her husband The Miz titled "Miz and Mrs.". I truly believe Maryse was a big factor in why Miz has seen such a huge career resurgence the last couple years (of course his solid in-ring ability and mic skills don't hurt), because she completes him as a total package.

14 Not: Charlotte Flair


With how popular both Alexa Bliss and Charlotte Flair are (their respective brands Women's Champion), this entry's sure to stir up Charlotte's fans without a doubt. Now don't get me wrong, I do in fact believe Charlotte Flair is attractive despite what some of her haters think. Charlotte possesses beautiful traits, but her overall beauty is nowhere near on par with Bliss.

However, I'd still rank Charlotte well within the top 10 most beautiful women's wrestlers in WWE today, as she's gorgeous in her own right. Now if this list was about women's wrestlers who are more talented than Alexa Bliss in the ring and who isn't, Charlotte Flair would easily rank in as being more talented than Bliss. In fact, I believe Alexa may be slightly overrated in the ring to some extent.

13 More Attractive: Lana

Whether or not Lana ever becomes a successful women's wrestler in WWE, the truth is that Lana is much more stunning than Alexa Bliss (arguably anyways). I think the aspect about Bliss that makes fans jump on her bandwagon is her innocent but feisty look. Lana definitely outdoes the feisty look, and is just ridiculously gorgeous. Showcased above is a very recent photograph of "The Ravishing Russian", and as you can clearly see, she looks absolutely breathtaking.

How a guy like Rusev (regardless of how "handsome" he likes to think he is) was able to marry Lana is beyond me. He did it regardless, so congratulations Ru Ru as you've got a keeper for sure! I doubt Lana's overly concerned about her in-ring career, as she'll have plenty of modelling work readily available, plus her role on Total Divas.

12 Not: Dana Brooke


Some fans may like Dana Brooke's tougher yet attractive look, but for most of us, she's nowhere near Alexa Bliss's level of attractiveness. It sort of looks like Dana's had some cosmetic surgery to enhance her facial appearance (her lips especially), and though some love the cosmetically enhanced look, I think most prefer Alexa's natural beauty, hence why so many believe she's the most attractive women's wrestler in WWE.

Dana Brooke hasn't done too much of note since debuting on the company's main roster in May 2016. When she was partnered with Charlotte Flair, she was heavily overshadowed, and she didn't really convince fans why they should care about her aside from being a sidekick. That said, Dana has a great physique, and she looks reminiscent of WWE Hall Of Famer Beth Phoenix so we'll see how she fares.

11 More Attractive: Becky Lynch

The highly underrated "Irish Lass Kicker" Becky Lynch. Not only is Lynch underrated as a women's wrestler, but she's also criminally underrated in the looks department. Becky's absolutely gorgeous, and her fiery red hair and attitude only adds to her attractiveness (along with her accent).

Lynch is extremely likeable, and she's also very over with the WWE Universe despite being booked rather questionably a bulk majority of the time. Becky Lynch has that tough yet hot look about her, as she looks like she'd have no trouble getting a guy in her "Dis-Arm-Her" finisher - again, only adding to her charm. I hope 2018 is a better year for Becky, as she deserves to be front and centre in the spotlight versus standing by the sidelines in mid-card purgatory.

10 Not: Ruby Riott

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Although Ruby Riott shares a similar look to a current WWE's women's wrestler we ranked above Alexa Bliss in the looks department, the fact remains Riott is nowhere near Alexa's stratosphere of attractiveness. Some fans may find the recent SmackDown Live call up extremely attractive, but for the bulk majority of us, we're more interested in Ruby Riott as an in-ring performer versus "eye candy".

Ruby definitely has a tougher look about her, and it won't take much effort to convince fans that she could pose a threat to anyone in SD Live's current Women's Division - including the current Women's Champion, Charlotte Flair. Ruby is definitely the leader in the "Riott Squad", as she's by far the most talented out of the trio, and she's the best on the microphone as well. I suppose you could say Riott's ready for the prime time, where as her Riott Squad teammates Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan are still works in progress.

9 More Attractive: Carmella

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Now some of you may completely disagree with me on this one (and that's totally fine), but you cannot underestimate how attractive the current Women's MITB Briefcase holder Carmella truly is. Judging by the photo above of Carmella, she looks radiantly gorgeous, and you know you can't teach that! Speaking of "you can't teach that", Carmella's real-life relationship with fellow WWE Superstar Big Cass is said to have ended (she's confirmed it), and this is quite shocking considering things seemed to have been going well for them up until the shocking news broke out about their official breakup. Regardless, that's good news for lots of eager men, as she's "back on the market" so to speak. I'm sure there are plenty of WWE Superstars who find Carmella attractive, and I highly doubt it will be very long before we hear about Carmella's newest boyfriend.


8 Not: Tamina


For being an extremely intimidating in-ring competitor, Tamina certainly doesn't look too scary behind the scenes, and she rather looks quite attractive if you ask me. You simply can't have a diverse Women's Division with nothing but cookie-cutter women's wrestlers, and the likes of Asuka, Tamina and Nia Jax offer some uniqueness to the division.

Of course those said performers aren't considered the most beautiful, but they're not in the WWE to be eye candy as they're main purpose is to offer fans something different - to dominate competition and leave the glamour to their annihilated opponents. However, even dominant women's wrestlers such as Tamina can appreciate looking good, and she certainly did in her Instagram picture above. That being said, I believe it's obvious that Alexa Bliss is far more attractive than Tamina, but more dominant? Not so much!

7 More Attractive: Kelly Kelly

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Now some of you may be wondering, how can Kelly Kelly be considered a "current" WWE woman? Well, if you weren't aware, the breathtakingly beautiful Kelly Kelly has since returned to the company (last February after signing a multi-year deal), and she serves as an Ambassador for the WWE. Kelly Kelly aka "Barbie Blank" has stated that she's open to an in-ring return at some point, as she's in great shape and still loves the sport.

Kelly has also recently confirmed that she will be on the Monday Night Raw 25th Anniversary episode next week which should be exciting not only for Kelly Kelly, but also for her large fanbase eager for her comeback. Without question, Kelly Kelly is by far one of the hottest women's wrestlers in WWE history, and yes, we believe she's way more attractive than Alexa Bliss.

6 Not: Asuka

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Similar to Nia Jax and Tamina, Asuka's not meant to serve as "eye candy" for the WWE Universe. Instead, her main purpose is to excite fans with her explosive in-ring performances and to become a dominant force to be reckoned with. It's clear Triple h has big plans for "The Empress Of Tomorrow" on the main roster. Asuka's definitely not as young as some fans think, and if she's going to make an impact on Monday Night Raw, it will happen sooner rather than later.

A Royal Rumble win would be huge for Asuka's career, but with the recent announcement of Ronda Rousey signing with WWE, I have a feeling they'd give the honour to Ronda Rousey seeing all the money they've obviously invested in Ronda.

5 More Attractive: Peyton Royce

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Peyton Royce, aka one half of The Iconic Duo with Billie Kay is arguably hotter than "The Goddess Of WWE" Alexa Bliss. Peyton Royce simply has that "It" factor about her, as she's great in the ring, great on the microphone, and she also oozes natural charisma. When The Iconic Duo gets the call up to either Raw or SmackDown Live, I believe Peyton will be the star once they go their separate direction, as she's slightly better in every aspect than Billie plus she's definitely a bit hotter.

By the way, have you ever seen Peyton's booty? If hers doesn't give Alexa Bliss' "set of glutes" a run for their money, I truly don't know who's would. The IG photo above showcases just how attractive Royce is, and I'm sure Vince will push her to the moon once she's on the main roster.

4 Not: Nia Jax

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As the caption for this Instagram photo states, beasts can in fact be pretty too. In Nia's case, she's definitely very pretty. Nia Jax may not look like your average WWE women's wrestler, but she's unique and is still very attractive. If you hadn't known (and you probably do), Nia Jax is besties with Alexa Bliss behind the scenes, and although they're both beautiful, unfortunately for Nia, Alexa still ranks above Jax in the attractiveness department for most fans.

However, that's not a dig against Nia as she is very much attractive, just not quite on the "Goddess Of WWE's" level. Regardless, Nia Jax was looking gorgeous in the Instagram photo above, and her hair and makeup was certainly on point (hence why she posted the pic with that caption in the first place).

3 More Attractive: Paige

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In our opinion, Paige has to rank among the most sizzling WWE women of all time. Paige has a very distinctive look about her, and she's unlike any other women's wrestler in the company at the moment (except for the slightly similar Ruby Riott). Unlike Alexa, Paige's look is very original. Without question, Paige has one of the most attractive physiques in pro wrestling today, and hers easily rivals Bliss'.

With the shear number of likes Paige's recent Instagram picture garnered above, it's clear that she has an enormous following who appreciates her good looks. It's really unfortunate that Paige's in-ring has been cut short due to injuries, as she was ready to once again reclaim her throne in WWE as a top Women's Division star after spending a year outside the company rethinking her life and her choices.

2 Not: Bayley

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Now I think this article entry goes without saying, Bayley is nowhere near as attractive as Alexa Bliss is. That being said, if any of the current WWE wrestling women on this list can legitimately rival Alexa Bliss' booty, then look no further than "The Huggable One" Bayley. However, with Bayley's current character, I doubt she could ever be taken seriously as being super attractive, as she's more fun loving than she is glamorous and seductive which is fine.

There are already plenty of glamorous wrestling women such as Alexa Bliss, Mandy Rose, Lana and Carmella in WWE. However, it doesn't really seem like Bayley's Vince's type of Women's Division performer, as he's favoured some of the more attractive women over Bayley to get pushed recently.

1 More Attractive: Mandy Rose

Finishing off this list as a WWE wrestling woman who's more attractive than Alexa Bliss, we bring to you the beyond gorgeous Mandy Rose. Mandy has made herself clearly known to the WWE Universe following her call up to the main roster by way of the Absolution faction, and I'm sure she's already mesmerized many male fans in her short tenure on Monday Night Raw.

Mandy Rose is a future Superstar in WWE whether you think she's talented or not, as she's got the look that drives Vince McMahon crazy - she literally looks exactly like the great Trish Stratus. Not only does Mandy have a fantastic booty and some great "sets of twins", but I'd say she has a more attractive face than Alexa Bliss. However at the end of the day, everyone's entitled to their own opinion, and if you still feel Bliss reigns supreme over all 8 women's wrestlers we've included on this list that rival Alexa's attractiveness, then that's totally okay too. Just remember Bliss isn't the only hot wrestling woman in WWE!


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