Ex-WWE Women VS Current Women: Who’s Hitting Their Squats Better?

What a time to be alive! Today’s crop of WWE females are not only beautiful to look at but remarkable athletes as well outside of the ring. One of the preferred exercise movements of all the WWE women is the squat. Not only does the exercise work your core and strengthen the muscles all together, but its main target point is the glute area. It’s an excellent compound lift that serves a multitude of purpose from strength to muscle building.

In this article, we’ll take a unique approach by highlighting two different classes of female talent. On one hand, we have the current WWE female Superstars, their opponents, the former WWE Divas of the past. You might think the current crop has the easy advantage due to their occupation as WWE Superstars and athletes that are constantly in the gym but that’s not the case and in fact, some would argue the former stars do it better. With a plethora of them involved in the fitness industry, you can make the argument that most of the former Divas look better now compared to their WWE days.

It’s going to be a heck of a matchup and we urge you guys to let us know who you think does it best, the ex-Divas or the current crop. Enjoy the article folks and like always, be sure to share it with a friend. We begin with an ex-WWE Diva that one can argue has the best squat game out of anyone else on the list!

16 Ex - Kaitlyn

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If you stopped following Kaitlyn after her WWE release, man are you in for one hell of a surprise. She opted to retire from the pro wrestling world with a vision of trying to make it in the world of fitness. She started her own clothing line and completely altered her look, she even reverted back to her real-name, Celeste Bonin. Take a scroll down her Instagram account and you’ll be salivating at her look nowadays. From the glutes to literally everything else, Kaitlyn might have the most impressive body when you assess both the current and former crop of Divas.

Of course, she’s putting in the work at the gym, especially with the squats. Nowadays however, she’s reverting back to her pro wrestling training with a planned comeback in mind. It wouldn’t shock us one bit if she made a return to company at the Royal Rumble.

15 Current - Liv Morgan

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So the ex-Divas are off to a hell of a start with Kaitlyn. How does the current crop of female talent respond? Well, with a 23 year old out of all people - not only does Liv have the buns but she’s also got impressive strength on the squat for a girl of smaller stature.

The WWE put up a video of women squatting at the Performance Center and Morgan was among one of the most impressive performing a single legged squat, an exercise most people can’t even do with no weight on the bar. For that achievement, she deserves some definite love on this list. Performing such an exercise proves she does it better than a lot of her fellow Divas, both past and present. And oh, it also doesn’t hurt that the results are showing as well, she’s got some serious glute gains over the past couple of years.

14 Ex – Rosa Mendes

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Announcing her retirement in early 2017, Rosa’s lengthy WWE career came to an end. Sadly, her skills weren’t really missed all that much as she was a big time dud in the ring, however, she did have the looks, an element the WWE was looking for among their talent at one point in time.

Her time with the company came to an end following the birth of her first child. Take one look at her now, and you’ll be shocked to picture anything coming out of that body. Mendes has been promoting workouts for mothers via her new app and she seems to be the perfect spokesperson for it given her incredible shape both front and back. She’s also got some great squat videos as well, yup she’s a mom that squats. Is it just us, or do we suddenly want her back in the WWE?

13 Current – Bayley

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From its very own Twitter account to some of the creepiest but quite steamy candids, Bayley’s booty has been the center of attention on a couple of occasions. Inside of the ring, everything about her is PG, however when she turns around, that booty is anything butt, sorry but, suitable for children.

Okay creepiness aside, Bayley works extremely hard outside of the ring and one of her most preferred movements is in fact the squat exercise. Similar to Seth Rollins, Bayley has taken a liking for heavier Cross Fit type training, when you mix in heavy squats along with a protein filled diet - the result is what you see on Bayley’s derrière. Although her glute gains continue to impress, we wish we can say the same about her current booking nowadays...

12 Ex – Emma

Okay, so the ex-Divas started off extremely strong, however, Bayley just scored some massive points for the current crop of talent. Sticking with some NXT flavor, we now turn our attention to a recently released Diva, Emma.

What a journey it was for the Australian, she had so many ups and downs along the way. Remember that Emmalina gimmick that lasted one episode of Monday Night Raw? Man was that ever brutal. One constant despite the struggle was her obvious look of a champion, she was blessed with some serious glute gains and that was in large apart thanks to her squat efforts away from the ring on the regular. She proudly showcased those gains via her social media account with a plethora of bikini photos, if you haven’t seen them, shame on you!

11 Current – Nikki Bella

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Yes, Nikki Bella is still a current WWE Diva and in fact, she’s set to return any day now, the Royal Rumble is a likely date of return for the former Divas Champion. If you forgot since she’s been away for so long, Nikki’s got one of the best backsides in the entire WWE, hell who can forget that terrific twirl entrance in which she shakes her backside. As if that wasn’t enough, she’s also shaking it on her YouTube channel nowadays, evidentially the videos showcasing her backside have garnered the most interest....

Most might be under the impression that Nikki is more of a Diva than a Superstar, however, that’s not entirely the case especially when it comes to her training. Nikki has learned a thing or two from John Cena, adopting a strength based style of training. She pushes heavy weight on the squat rack and what’s even more impressive is her perfect form when dealing with heavier weight on the exercise.

10 Ex – Cameron

What we said for Rosa earlier in the article works double when it comes to Cameron’s WWE career. Cameron’s release news wasn’t really shocking as she struggled with the company since day one even attempting to pin an opponent while laying flat on their stomach, yea she struggled big time and never recovered.

She had the looks to thrive but at the end of the day, her talent level needed to improve and it just didn’t. Nowadays, she’s away from the WWE and looking smoking hot, one of her favorite things to do nowadays is in fact hitting the gym and getting in those squats. As you’ll see in lots of Instagram photos, she’s getting proper results with some serious glute gains since leaving the company.

9 Current – Naomi

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It was only fitting that we included her former Funkadactyl partner Naomi in the next entry. Their careers ended up going in opposite directions, Cameron failed to improve while Naomi thrived in the new WWE system that’s all about in-ring talent. She also managed to resurface her outdated gimmick with a "Feel The GLOW" character which has resonated with the audience. Fast-forward a little bit down the road and she would become a two-time SmackDown Live Women’s Champion, a two-time reign she most certainly deserved.

Not only is her in-ring career quite impressive but her backside might be even better, some would argue that she’s got the best backside in the entire WWE. If you’re still skeptical, check out the clip of Naomi squatting in leather pants, your opinion is likely to change....

8 Ex – Kelly Kelly

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Similar to Celeste earlier in the article, Kelly Kelly decided to retire young with other plans in mind. She left the WWE still in her 20s back in 2012. Her reason for the departure was to recover from injuries along with pursuing a career in modelling – something she still maintains today along with appearances on a couple of reality shows.

Nowadays, you can find her via Instagram with close to a million followers. She now goes by the name of Barbie Blank and given her photos, she hasn’t missed a day of squatting since leaving the WWE. Still only 31, Barbie has expressed interest in returning to the WWE. She might not return full-time, but we’ll get a taste of those glutes during her Raw return at the 25th Anniversary show.

7 Current – Charlotte

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Before Charlotte inked a deal with the WWE in her mid 20s, her other passion was fitness. Charlotte was living a quiet life as a trainer, so you might assume she knew a thing or two about squats. However, since joining the company, her physique has filled out significantly and that likely has a lot to do with her type of training and eating.

Like a lot of the other Divas both past and present, Charlotte loves to perform heavy squats and like Nikki Bella earlier, she thrives when it comes to form. Remember folks, when it comes to the squat, it’s all in the hips and Charlotte certainly knows a thing or two about that. It also helps that her glutes have pretty much doubled since her NXT debut, don’t believe us? You can see for yourselves.

6 Ex – Summer Rae

Summer Rae wasn’t the most talented inside of the squared circle, however, she had the persona to thrive. Similar to how Paige is currently being utilized, Summer could have certainly played in a similar role – instead, the WWE opted to let her contract run out and she’s now done with the wrestling business.

Going by her real name of Danielle Moinet, she’s become an Instagram sensation, even appearing on the 2017 list of Maxim’s top 100 hottest women. Take a quick look at her Instagram account and it becomes rather apparent that she’s still hitting her squats despite her WWE release and as a matter of fact, she might be hitting them better nowadays than she did with the company. Yes, you can claim photo-shop on some of the photos however, there is simply no doubting her tremendous work ethic in the gym. Obviously, her preferred fitness movement is the squat.

5 Current – Sasha Banks

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We know turn our attention to Sasha Banks, who ironically served alongside Summer to start off her career down in NXT, hell even Charlotte was in the stable. Okay, enough of that and let’s discuss Sasha’s mighty fine backside. Like her best friend Bayley, Banks loves to go heavy on the squats and it shouldn’t be too shocking that she keeps the intensity way high when training. Her breaks are rather short when working out, for that reason; she maintains both the slim figure along with one hell of a backside.

What many seem to forget is the fact that Sasha’s still only 25 - just imagine the glute gains she’ll continue to earn in five years when she hits her 30s. Now that’s a scary future when you assess how her glutes can somehow get even better.

4 Ex – Eva Marie

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Now the competition is getting serious with the final four. Let’s be honest, up until this point the matchup seems to be at a deadlock, nobody has the edge, perhaps the final four will cement a winner, but in all likelihood, it might still be a tossup.

Putting your feeling aside given her horrible in-ring run with the WWE, you cannot deny the fact that Eva has a tremendous set of glutes, heck even the popular fitness brand Shredz thinks so taking photos and videos of Eva performing the movement that this article is all about, the squat. Like lots of former and current Divas on this list, her glute gains have continued to improve and somehow, she looks even hotter nowadays away from the WWE, so hot that you might consider it to be okay if the company decides to make her return...

3 Current – Mandy Rose

Eva Marie just helped the cause of the former WWE Divas, however, Mandy Rose hits an RKO out of nowhere with her involvement on this list. Not only does Rose have the backside of a goddess and arguably better than any past or present WWE Diva, but she also has a hell of a squat as documented by the video above.

Not only can Mandy perform a regular squat to perfection, but she can also thrive at the seated squat. She's got lots of weight on the bar in the post above, but her squat movement is pretty darn perfect, sitting on the bench for three seconds every rep. Now you try putting all that weight on your back and getting up with absolutely no momentum, not easy! Major props to Mandy and her superb squat skills.

2 Ex – Torrie Wilson

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Okay, so Mandy just landed a devastating blow against the ex-Divas. They were down for the count but just managed to kick out at two and half, how? All because of the beautiful Torrie Wilson who continues to make us salivate into her 40s. She’s a freak who somehow looks hotter nowadays than she did in her earlier 30s.

A major reason as to why stems from Torrie’s interest since leaving the WWE world. Today, Torrie’s all about health and fitness, need a nutrition or workout plan, Torrie’s got you covered. You can take a brief look at Instagram page but we warn you, the experience won’t be all that brief given the amount of steamy photos on the account. You’ll come across numerous squat videos and photos that’ll leave you speechless.

1 Current – Alexa Bliss

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The current Superstars had the win but let’s applaud Torrie for saving the day, who you guys decided won the competition is entirely up to you, for us here on The Sportster - the verdict was way too close to call so we’ll say it’s a tie. However, this next and final entrant made be the game changer, of course, we’re talking about Little Miss Bliss.

Although little in stature, Bliss can hit a squat exercise with ease – don’t believe us, the WWE even showcased her squat talents during their workout DVD. She performs the movement like a pro and that comes with the experience given the fact that she pursued a bodybuilding career prior to her WWE days. Looking at the current roster, it really doesn’t get better than Alexa’s squat gains from over the years.

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