8 WWE Women Way Older Than They Look (And 8 Way Younger)

Today we're going to be focusing in on 8 WWE Women's Division wrestlers who are way older than they look (looking pretty youthful for their age), and 8 who are way younger than they look (look older/more mature for their age). In the professional wrestling business, it can be quite hard to determine how old each Superstar is, as some look way older they they are, where as others look much younger than they are. Working in the WWE isn't a "cut and dry" job. Some performers make it quicker to the WWE compared to others who struggle for years before getting the call to NXT or the call-up to the company's main roster. This means that the age of their Superstars can vary quite greatly.

Some things that determine how old a person looks are their lifestyle and genes, but as we all know, some people just have an older look about them. Other people have what most of us like to call a baby face (no, we're not talking about the wrestling term here). When we try to guess which WWE women's wrestlers are older, we typically look at the length of their run in the company which isn't always accurate. Some Divas have been with the company for a decade yet are still in their 20's, where as others have just arrived within the past couple of years and are already in their mid 30's.


16 Way Older: Natalya (35)

It's not arguable that "The Queen Of Harts" Natalya had a great 2017 - by far one of the best years in her entire WWE career. Capturing the SmackDown Women's Championship from Naomi at SummerSlam, Natty was atop SD Live's Women's Division for nearly the entire second half of 2017 before dropping the title to Charlotte Flair on an episode of SD back in November.

Neidhart has always been a trustworthy and reliable women's wrestler, and she's quite often utilized as a stepping stone for the company's newer performers. Natalya is a WWE veteran, and she has been on the main roster since April 2008 which marks nearly one decade of service to the company. At 35 years old, Natty looks phenomenal for her age, as she looks on par with pretty much any other current Women's Division wrestler in the looks department hence why her age is shocking.

15 Way Younger: Liv Morgan (23)


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The gorgeous (and young) Liv Morgan recently made her SmackDown Live debut alongside Sarah Logan and Ruby Riott - the "Riott Squad". Regardless, Liv must be a very happy 23 year old, as she's living out her dream of being a WWE Superstar at such a young age. Unlike many of the other current Women's Division wrestlers, Liv has a very long career ahead of her in WWE as long as she improves and grows as a performer - I'd say she's a "work in progress" at the point in time.

That being said, if you were asked to guess how old Liv is without having known her real age of 23, what would you guess? I probably would have guessed somewhere between 25-28 years old, as she definitely looks quite a bit older than she really is. I suppose Morgan's extensive makeup helps make her look more mature.

14 Way Older: Nia Jax (33)

When I had found out that Nia Jax was 33 years old, I was shocked. Nia's only been with the WWE since 2014 (when she signed to developmental), so one would figure she'd still be in her early-mid 20's which isn't the case. Nia definitely looks way younger than she really is. That being said, late start or not, Nia Jax is primed to have a successful career in the WWE, and her relation to one of the all-time greats Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson certainly doesn't hurt matters either. It's clear Nia's run in the company won't be quite as long as some of the other women's wrestlers included on the list, but I'm sure it will be a dominant one none the less. It's only a matter of time before Jax claims her first Women's Championship, and I cannot wait for that day!

13 Way Younger: JoJo Offerman (23)

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JoJo Offerman has seen quite a bit of success in WWE at a very young age. Making her WWE debut back in 2013 by singing the Tons Of Funk tag team theme song at just 19 years old, JoJo's been consistently utilized as a ring announcer and backstage interviewer ever since. Obviously JoJo's good looks have played a factor in why she's where she is today, but one cannot deny, Offerman's good in her role.

However back in 2013, I would've never guessed that JoJo was only 19 years old, and she still looks a heck of a lot older and more mature than her current age of 23 - JoJo could easily pass for being in her late 20's. There's no arguing that JoJo's extremely attractive, and she definitely possesses one of the hottest booty's in all of pro-wrestling today.

12 Way Older: Lana (32)

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Given the fact that Lana's only been with the WWE for a couple of years, it gives off the initial impression that she's still young (in her mid 20's) which isn't actually the case. Instead, despite just making her in-ring debut last year, Lana's 32 years old - the same age as her husband Rusev. Now don't get wrong, 32 isn't that "old", but for most women's wrestlers, that signals that they're leaning towards the tail end of their career.

This obviously doesn't put Lana in a very great spot considering she's still extremely green in the ring hence why she hasn't been utilized much lately. It wouldn't surprise me at all if Lana leaves her short in-ring career behind her in the near future to rejoin up with Rusev as his manager for the remainder of her WWE tenure, along with her role on Total Divas.

11 Way Younger: Alicia Fox (31)


Although Alicia Fox has mainly been used as a jobber to the stars in a supporting women's wrestler role, the fact remains she's been with the WWE since 2008 which showcases that she's had a successful run - albeit a run without many title reigns except for one Divas Championship reign in 2010. Despite already being 31 years old, Alicia still looks quite youthful, and I'm pretty sure she could pass off for being 25.

Fox has been used a bit more consistently on WWE television this past year compared to previous years (she was the captain for the 2017 Survivor Series women's Raw team), but still, not really a main player which isn't a problem at this point. The WWE needs some talent to help establish the up and coming women's Superstars, and Alicia serves her purpose, similar to women such as Mickie James, Natalya and Tamina.

10 Way Older: Mickie James (38)

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Without question, Mickie James looks terrific for her age. Despite being 38 years old, Mickie still looks as young as ever, and she's definitely way older than she looks. When you're hotter than half the current Women's Division (Raw or SmackDown Live), then you know you have aged well which is certainly the case for James.

I think Mickie was originally brought back to the WWE to strictly put over the newer stars, but considering she's had Women's Championship opportunities recently against Alexa Bliss, it's clear the company still values James as a performer and not just as an enhancement talent which is nice to see. Though Mickie's already done all there is to do in Sports Entertainment at this point, I'm sure she wouldn't be against a short run as the Women's Champion with the newly designed belt.


9 Way Younger: Peyton Royce (25)


One half of NXT's Iconic Duo, Peyton Royce is by far one of the hottest women's wrestlers in the WWE today. Rocking vibrant outfits regularly, she's definitely a highlight in NXT for sure. However, when you first look at Peyton, would you guess she's 25? In my honest opinion, I would have guessed closer to 30 (closer to Billie Kay's age). Royce certainly looks a bit older than she actually is, but that's far from being an insult as she's drop-dead gorgeous.

Most fans cannot wait for The Iconic Duo's call up to the WWE main roster, as they're sure to make an impact, and they both will probably have singles successes as well later on in their respective careers. Which member of this duo is likely to have more success as a singles wrestler? If I was a betting man, I'd say Peyton Royce without question.

8 Way Older: Stephanie McMahon (41)

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Whether you love Stephanie McMahon, hate her with a passion, or you simply love to hate her, there's no denying that Steph looks fantastic for her age - and yes, way younger than 41 years old. Now it goes without saying that McMahon's always been attractive, right from her television debut all the way up until present day, but the fact remains Stephanie has only gotten hotter with age.

Steph could easily pose as being a half decade younger than she actually is, and it's clear that her great appearance is a reflection of her intense exercise routine, a healthy diet and how could we possibly forget, her team of expert makeup and hair specialists. I'd argue that Stephanie also looks like she could pose as a legitimate threat to either Women's Champions if she ever desired to wear gold around her waist.

7 Way Younger: Sarah Logan (24)

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The recent SmackDown Live debut Sarah Logan is definitely way younger than she actually looks. It was pretty surprising to find out that Logan was only 24 years old, as she could easily pass for being in her late 20's/early 30's. Regardless, her young age gives her an ample amount of time to hone her craft in the ring and especially on the microphone.

If you've heard one of Sarah's promos, then you'd know she needs a ton of work in that department, as she's all over the place at this point with her delivery being poor plus she's slurring words all the time. Less than desirable promo work aside, Sarah Logan has potential, and when I first saw her, she reminded me of Stephanie McMahon a bit (you can't argue that they share a similar look/build).

6 Way Older: Bayley (28)

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With the gimmick of a fun-loving child, you wouldn't assume that Bayley's closer to 30 than she is to 20. In reality, "Everyone's Favourite Hugger" is 28 years old, and she's much older than she looks. If someone had said Bayley was 22 or 23, I probably wouldn't have argued as she has what we like to call a "baby face". Without question, Bayley's been terribly booked since her call up to the WWE's main roster, and she's no further ahead now than she was when originally called up.

Instead, she's been downgraded from a top Women's Division Superstar role to being a mid-card enhancement talent for the company's chosen ones. Sometimes it makes you scratch your head as to who's running the WWE's "Creative". Hopefully it's not too late for Bayley to reinvent herself and save her career from spiralling even further downward.

5 Way Younger: Paige (25)


It's been a bumpy couple of days for Paige and her fans, as her future in the WWE isn't looking nearly as bright as it did when she initially returned in November. Suffering from a terribly timed neck/back injury (most likely career-ending), Paige will likely no longer wrestle in WWE. She was just getting her footing back in the WWE with her Absolution stable following over a year away from the company.

It seems as though the WWE are scrambling to find a new role for Paige, as it doesn't look like retirement is in the cards which is good news. To think that Paige's in-ring career is likely over at just 25 years old is pretty unfortunate, as she undoubtedly would've spent plenty more years atop the industry. Paige has done all there is to do in Sports Entertainment, but you wouldn't assume she's 25 upon first look.

4 Way Older: Asuka (36)

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If you hadn't followed Asuka's career before coming over to the WWE, then you'd probably assume she's way younger than 36 years old (she does look much younger in my humble opinion too). Signing to the WWE in 2015, it's only been a bit over 3 years that Asuka's been with the company, but in that short amount of time, she's seen a lot of success.

The longest reigning NXT Women's Champion in history with a reign of 523 days, Asuka has cemented herself as one of the most dominant women's wrestlers in WWE history - and she's sure to make an everlasting impact on Monday Night Raw. Without a doubt, Asuka is the odds on favourite from the current roster to win the upcoming Women's Royal Rumble Match, though the recently signed Ronda Rousey may get the win if she debuts.

3 Way Younger: Aliyah (23)

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The gorgeous Aliyah made her official NXT debut back in January 2016, but she's still in the early stages of her career as she's mainly been utilized as a jobber to the stars at this point.  If you hadn't known, Aliyah's only 23 years old, so she has plenty of time to grow as a performer (though she definitely looks older than 23 to me).

You've probably seen Aliyah on WWE's Breaking Ground series, and she's certainly working her hardest to make the dream of becoming a WWE Superstar a reality. The Performance Center is a state of the art facility, so it's not arguable that Aliyah's growing and learning everyday which signifies to me that she has a bright future ahead of her. Aliyah will eventually get her big breakout moment down in NXT, and a heel turn may be what she needs to become a new star.

2 Way Older: Tamina (40)

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When I was researching Tamina for a previous article, I was shocked to find out that she was 40 years old. Not in my wildest dreams would have I guessed Tamina was that old, as she truly looks fantastic for her age (and way younger). Tamina's been with the WWE since 2010, so I guess her age shouldn't be that shocking, but considering a WWE Hall Of Famer such as Trish Stratus is only one year older, it remains surprising to me.

Tamina definitely got a late start to her wrestling career, but she's still going strong in 2018. However, even though she's talented and has an intimidating look, I highly doubt the WWE is willing to commit to a prolonged push of Tamina, as they are fully aware that she's heading towards the tail-end of her career.

1 Way Younger: Alexa Bliss (26)

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Coming in as the final entry on this list, we bring to you one of the hottest women in all of professional wrestling, Alexa Bliss. Now don't get me wrong, when I say Bliss looks older than her real age of 26, it's not meant to be an insult in the slightest. All I'm saying is that Alexa could easily pass for being 30 as she looks quite mature for her age. Regardless, Alexa Bliss is still "The Goddess Of WWE", and she ranks in almost every current fans top 5 hottest Women's Division wrestlers list (usually within the top 3).

When Alexa had originally got the call up to SmackDown Live in 2016, I wasn't exactly sure how her main roster run would turn out. However, fast forward a year and a half, and Alexa Bliss currently sits atop the industry as Raw's Women's Champion.


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