WWE's Women's Division Enjoys Beach Fun In Stunning New Photos

WWE celebrated National Beach Day in the best possible way— a selection of seaside photos featuring your favorite WWE Superstars.

Did you know that Aug. 30, 2017, was National Beach Day? Neither did we. Unsurprisingly, WWE's social media team did though and they did not miss a chance to take advantage of it. The pro wrestling juggernaut is a lot different from the company it was 20 to 30 years ago. WWE is a social media driven machine, and the likes of Twitter and Instagram are constantly giving us a peek into Superstars' lives outside of the ring. The photo gallery released by WWE to coincide with National Beach Day is a collection of 38 pictures that show some of your favorite WWE Superstars relaxing by the sea. Here are five of our picks from that selection.

5. Maryse Channels Her Inner Pamela

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On the Raw after WrestleMania 32, former Divas' Champion Maryse made a shock come back to WWE, and we were all extremely thankful for it. The French Canadian Superstar is not only very attractive, but she has also helped revitalize her husband's (The Miz) career. Since her return, she has acted as his valet and it's no coincidence that The A-Lister has experienced the best eighteen months of his career with Maryse by his side. We have some bad news for all you Maryse fans out there though, Mrs. Miz will soon be off of our televisions for a while, although it is for a good reason. She's pregnant! You can always come back to this article for her Baywatch inspired photo if you miss her too much though.


4. Lana Is Almost Always In A Bikini

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Have you ever noticed that when she isn't on WWE television Lana is basically always in a bikini? Don't get us wrong we're not complaining, it's just something that occurred to us as we perused this photo album. Now naturally, women at the beach do tend to wear bikinis but hear us out. Recently, Lana and her husband Rusev went back to the latter's home country of Bulgaria. While there, The Ravishing Russian posted footage of herself via social media milking cows in a pretty gross looking shed, and yes you guessed it she was wearing a bikini. On the beach, fair enough, but to milk cows in Bulgaria, maybe put on a jacket and some gloves.


3. Bliss By The Bay

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You don't have to be recreating the look of a Baywatch lifeguard or wearing an extremely skimpy bikini to look attractive at the beach, however. Alexa Bliss is proof of that in the picture above that was included in WWE's National Beach Day selection. The Raw Women's Champion is simply wearing a black dress and demonstrating her natural beauty. For those of you who are unaware of Alexa's backstory, the Raw Superstar had a lot of issues relating to body image growing up. That's not something you would imagine from a woman who looks as good as she does, plus basically oozes confidence when put in front of a camera.


2. Ever Heard Of Mandy Rose?

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Who on earth is Mandy Rose we hear you ask? Well, if you didn't know her before you saw this photo, you certainly won't forget her now. For those of you that are well versed in Total Divas, you will likely already be familiar with Mandy. She has wrestled in NXT sporadically, but it would probably be fair to say that WWE isn't necessarily keeping her around for her wrestling ability. Rose is a stunningly attractive woman, and for a time was the protege to Eva Marie. Now that All Red Everything has left the wrestling business, that spot is wide open, and there is nobody more capable of filling it than this young lady.

1. A Carmella Filled Donut

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Is there any man on the WWE roster that's luckier than James Ellsworth? Not only does he get to work side by side with the gorgeous Carmella each and every week, but recently a romance angle seems to have blossomed between the two. OK, maybe there is one man who's luckier, and that's Big Cass since he is the real-life boyfriend of Miss Money in the Bank. Nevertheless, what isn't in doubt is that Carmella is an extremely attractive WWE Superstar, and she's improved tremendously in the ring. What's more is that the view you're getting above is one that Cass will currently be getting every day. The big man is off injured, and judging by The Princess of Staten Island's Instagram, the couple's new house has a pretty nice pool.


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