20 Photos Of The WWE Women's Roster Not Worrying About The Cameras

Sometimes photos are snapped at just the right angle to truly capture someone’s beauty and poise. Other times, they perfectly capture true emotions like love, devotion or pain. And even still, other times they perfectly capture a moment stuck in time so it can be remembered in our hearts forever.

There are no photos like that here.

The only photos you will find below are photos that these women would more than likely like erased from the depths of the Internet forever, but thankfully they have all been placed in one safe place for us to look at forever. There is no denying that the women of WWE are some of the most smart, beautiful and athletic women on Earth, but that does not mean they are immune from taking an awful photo. Whether it be an ill timed moment when they were in action, or them simply deciding that it didn't matter what cameras were on them, some photos were captured that doesn't equate to all the glamor shots we see from them. Rest assured, these images don't bother us. We still find the ladies stunning and if anything, their imperfections shown make them all the more appealing, because it humanizes them like us.


20 Alexa Bliss

via totalprosports.com

To be entirely fair, this picture was the most difficult to locate because Alexa Bliss looks absolutely gorgeous in every picture that she has ever taken! The five-foot-tall multi-time Women’s Champion has been a breath of fresh air since taking on a large role in the Women’s divisions of both SmackDown and RAW, and to find an unflattering picture of her seemed like an impossible task.

Then I found this little gem of her looking like a spoiled four year old who was told she could not have any more Cheetos while watching an episode of Dora the Explorer. Can’t you picture her having a temper tantrum in Toys R Us after this picture was taken? Don't worry; the ratio of good to bad Alexa photos is still 1,000,000,000,000 to 1.

19 Charlotte Flair

via DivaDirty.com

Haven’t you heard the statement of “chicks dig scars” before? Does a similar adage exist that says “dudes dig black eyes”? To be honest I have never heard it before, but that may be what Charlotte was going for here. While I know that she earned the shiner during her top notch feud with Sasha Banks in 2016 for the RAW Women’s Championship. I'd like to think that she is starting a new style in this picture but did not have enough time to stylize both of her eyes. It’s kind of like when you leave the house without fully drying your hair after a shower but intend on taking care of the rest once you get to the office. Looking good, Ms. Flair!


18 Asuka

via pinterest.com

Clearly there is no denying the wrestling skills that Asuka possesses as she was the cornerstone of the NXT Women’s Division for well over a year and is poised to take the mantle at the top of the main roster as well. Speaking of possessed, what the hell is happening in this photo? I remember when WWE.com did a post recently where each of the wrestlers were “zombified” to look like someone from The Walking Dead, but this is taking it to a different level.

To be honest, it really increases how tough Asuka looks and reiterates that we should not mess with her, but it is not necessarily the most flattering look for the superstar. Asuka's right, we're never ready for what she has in store for us.

17 Alicia Fox

via Zimbio.com

The only thing that I could think of when I saw this photo is that it looks like Yoshi Tatsu (yeah, remember him?) fell asleep on top of Alicia Fox’s head backstage, but she had to go out to the ring and said “Okay, I guess I’ll roll with it”. I know that WWE employees stylists backstage during television tapings to get all the wrestlers camera ready, so I want to know why Alicia has not jumped on a podcast to talk about how much this stylist screwed up her look by placing a 25 pound bag of fur on her head. Generally, Fox's best style has been when she goes with her natural hair look. It looks like her stylist got a little too carried away here.


16 Bayley

via DivaDirty.com

As a former wrestler I am well aware of the qualifications needed to be successful in the ring, and one of the lesser known compulsory skills needed is the ability to make ridiculous facial expressions to sell what is happening in the ring. If you've watched some old seasons of Tough Enough, the trainers even mentioned it on the show to the contestants.

It looks like Bayley not only was present on the day they taught that at the WWE Performance Centre, but she took a copious amount of notes so she could excel at it. Taking the term “derp-face” to a whole new level, Bayley is showing off the strength that it takes apply a full nelson during a match, which results in a very uncomplimentary look for the perennial hugger.

15 Becky Lynch

via Twitter.com

Ah, another woman that is looking to take some of Charlotte’s beauty regimen tips! However, it looks like Becky Lynch went a little bit further and added in some red coloring and stitches to the look – what a revolutionary idea. After looking at this, I think that Lynch should consider a gimmick change where she begins to raid Fit Finlay’s old closer for all of his wrestling attire, and begin coming out to music that says “My name’s Becky, and I love to fight”.

Furthermore, she looks like a complete badass with the black eye and it only further legitimizes that the women have come a long way in wrestling, proving to be as tough as the men. Becky paid the price for a physical battle and owned it.


14 Brie Bella

via youtube.com

Brie Bella adopted a catchphrase of Brie Mode and at first many wondered what it was all from. Well, if you watched Total Divas, you'd know what it's all about. Brie Mode referred to Brie's state of mind when she has a few too many and becomes an all out party girl. here we see her enjoying a night on the town. It was around the time that she had gotten engaged to Daniel Bryan and along with Paige, the two hit the town hard. Brie's hangover the next morning was pretty tough, but Bryan didn't get too upset with her. We're sure one day Brie's daughter Birdie will be pulling up this picture to have a laugh at her mom. Oh well, we've all been there.

13 Nikki Bella

via YouTube.com

Alright, while her sister may be taking home the award for “That Night We Regret” it was actually fairly difficult to find a truly unflattering picture of Nikki Bella. Anytime I would try to find one where she was looking under-the-weather or not at her best, she would come off looking gorgeous, which was very irritating. Then I found this gem of her leaning against the barricade with her assets all in disarray and I laughed for approximately six straight minutes. It is hard to look dazzling while being pummeled outside of the ring, and it appears that Nicole Bella failed at this task as well. Now that our search for bad Nikki photos is over, let's go back to her millions of breathtaking ones.


12 Carmella

via PopCulture.com

While we are all still struggling to forget about any storyline that involved James Ellsworth in 2017 on WWE programming, it is photos like this one that bring all of those memories screaming back. This photo not only features Ellsworth being is normal unattractive self, but it also has Carmella in a very interesting pose where it appears that her lips are about to make her float up to the sky and have her featured in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade. I can imagine them just continuing to balloon upwards and then have her float away out of the arena – thankfully they were not doing a dome show this episode, or we may have lost her forever. Don’t worry, there are still plenty of incredible attractive things about Carmella, which you can see in my article here.

11 Dana Brooke

via Heartbreakers.com

You know those mirrors they have in every hotel bathroom which magnifies your reflection to 1000x closer than you would ever want to see so that you can basically see every imperfection on your face? That is what this picture unfortunately reminds me of. While selfies are a great way to show off what you are doing that day, and an easy was to take pictures with a group of people, I feel as though someone forgot to mention to Dana Brooke that we should not be taking pictures this close to our face and publishing them out in the world. While Dana is a very attractive woman, this picture is not doing her any favors. We wanna know who thought that much makeup on her was a good idea.


10 Sasha Banks

via YouTube.com

It appears that we found something that Sasha Banks is not The Boss at, and that is looking glamorous after a very hard-fought match. While I'm not one to talk as I tend to sweat like a pig just from exerting the effort to write this article, Sasha appears to have taken her love for The Walking Dead a little too far before starting his interview after her match as NXT Takeover: Arrival. At first glance, it does not even look like the normally glamorous and beautiful Sasha Banks, but I can assure you that even though she looks slightly like a skeleton, it certainly is our beloved Boss. There aren't many harder workers in the division than Sasha, and the way her makeup's running just exemplifies the work she put into that match.

9 Lana

via Pinterest.com

Dolph Ziggler is one of my favorite wrestling performers of all time, as his style encapsulates everything that was good about 80s wrestling such as the selling ability of Shawn Michaels and the rude mannerisms of heels like “Ravishing” Rick Rude. With all of that talent in one wrestler, can you even believe that he has a brother? This is Dolph’s lesser known twin brother, Lana Ziggler, complete with the exact same hair style and facial expressions. I wonder if he will be as successful as Dolph is in the ring, or if he will need to take some time on the independent circuit before joining WWE? We will just have to wait and see, but I wish him nothing but the best in all of his future endeavors. Hey, has anyone seen Lana around?


8 Maria

via listal.com

Okay, this one truly pained me to include because I have always thought that Maria Kanellis is one of the most beautiful women on the face of the Earth – since originally joining WWE in 2004 from the Diva Search competitions, she has been a ray of sunshine in the sometimes very dark work of professional wrestling. Now that I have gotten that out of the way, what the hell has she done to her once perfect face? Can you imagine if she did get a Mike Tyson face tattoo and showed up for WWE television one day? It would be the quickest firing of all time, and that is The Power of Face Tattoos. Thankfully this was only just for one day and Maria was back looking like her gorgeous self.

7 Maryse

via pinterest.com

We're gonna confess here. There is no photo of Maryse that is unflattering to her. The closest thing we could find was a night that appeared to be Halloween, where Maryse was dancing up against Jack Swagger, who poked his head from behind here. The photo surfaced online and was probably not meant to be shared. Maryse herself looks amazing dressing up as a police officer and we can only wish that we were at that Halloween party as well. Maryse has been in a relationship with The Miz dating back to her first WWE stint, so perhaps Swagger was just a close friend on the roster, but he may have had some explaining to do after Maryse saw this shot.


6 Mickie James

via CaptainMarvelous

Sorry Bayley, but we may have a new award winner for best “derp-face”, and it goes to the country-music singing Mickie James! By no means has she ever deserved the nickname “Piggie James” as she is truly a beautiful woman with a gorgeous figure, but the camera did not exactly capture her “good side” in this photo as it is difficult to view the one without smirking a little.

Try this – take a look at the photo and say “Hey you guys!” like the character from The Goonies and you will have a side-splitting time like I did.

Well, we can't blame Mickie here. She was just in action and in no way does the photo change how we feel about her.

5 Natalya

via TooFab.com

This must be a little difficult – imagine being in a picture with a gorgeously tall Amazon-like woman in a pretty skirt and two incredibly cut, bikini-model twins, and try to look gorgeous while taking the picture. Unfortunately for Natalya it comes off like The Bella’s and Charlotte are sisters heading out to a dance club, and their mother shouted “take your sister Nattie along too”. I am sure they didn’t want to, but Nattie came downstairs wearing her coolest leather outfit and was so excited to hang out with the other girls. Sorry Nattie, but this one isn’t your best, even if you are still looking amazing and can take our breath away with just about any photo. We'll go back to looking at those soon.


4 Paige

via WrestlingForum.com

Are we allowed to make fun of Paige yet? Or is the rumor that she is being forced to retire a little too fresh in everyone’s minds? Whatever the case may be, there is no denying that her “ugly cry face” is one of the best in the business. For those that had not watched NXT before, the first time that you met Paige was when she debuted on the main roster the night after WrestleMania 30 when she won the Divas Championship in her first match against AJ Lee. While this was a wonderful moment, I liked to focus on what happened afterwards as Paige was overcome with emotion, and treated us to an incredibly unflattering crying face which became one of my favorite moments of the year.

3 Stephanie McMahon

via YouTube.com

For those long time wrestling fans, you will remember when WWE used to feature weddings on television like they were the biggest ratings grabs possible (spoiler alert: they were not), and one of the most touted wedding was when Triple H and Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley were to renew their wedding vows in 2002 following Triple H’s return from injury. Long story short, Triple H would not go through with the ceremony and ended up leaving Stephanie angry at the altar in her skimpy wedding dress, screaming out in fury. While she tends to utilize her “angry face” very often on television, unfortunately for the boss's daughter, it is not a very flattering look for her.


2 Naomi

via BodyBuilding.com

Okay, we get it – Naomi is flexible and likes to dance, but does anybody look good from this angle? When they pitched the idea for this photoshoot to Trinity Fatu, she should have turned it down because it does not show off many flattering things about her - and believe us there are plenty - especially how her ring gear fits her body when she is bent over like an exotic dancer. There were plenty other ways to showcase her athleticism and we feel the photographer chose poorly here. Oh, and a word of warning to you kids, I personally tried to do this pose while writing this article, and have been stuck in this position for well over an hour. Somebody please, help me up.

1 Renee Young

via BodyBuilding.com

Are we allowed to make fun of Renee Young? I feel as though one of two things will happen – either Dean Ambrose will jump out of some sort of vehicle and attack me with various household objects, or there will be ten million fan boys who will find me on the street and yell at me until I cry. I understand that Renee Young is incredible beloved and that she more than likely took this unattractive picture on purpose, but she does not come off looking very good here. I can count four chins in the picture which is a great talent, but if you are going to take a picture like this than you should at least be able to make five chins. This just comes off as an amateur attempt at a funny picture. Nevertheless, we love her laid back nature and not being afraid to look silly.


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