WWE Won't Grant Mike Kanellis His Release [Rumor]

Earlier this week, WWE superstar Mike Kanellis took to Twitter and revealed that he requested his release from the company.

In the statement, Kanellis detailed that he's not happy with his place in the company, and that he wants the chance to perform elsewhere. Mike and Maria Kanellis reportedly re-signed with the WWE back in June.

But according to wrestling insider Brad Shepard, the expectation is that WWE will not release Bennett from his contract. Not only that, but he'll be receiving the "treatment" of Lio Rush - who was rumored to be on his way out of the company for a while.

This shouldn't come as a surprise, as WWE refused to grant Luke Harper his request - even when he made it public on his Twitter page. There were also rumors about Rusev and Lana leaving the company, but there aren't any indications right now that either of them are about to leave.

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It was reported back in January that Mike and Maria, along with The Revival, asked to be released from their WWE contracts. There were some teases by the superstars on social media that they would be leaving, but that obviously didn't wind up being the case. But now, Mike has ultimately decided that he doesn't want to stick around after all.

After Mike revealed his requested release, Maria took to social media and revealed that she has not followed suit. So if WWE decides to release Mike, it'll be interesting to see how they use Maria on television - since the two have been used together in storyline.

WWE Should Give Kanellis A Fresh Start

WWE hasn't used Kanellis accordingly on television, so it doesn't make sense for them to keep him around - especially if he's not happy here. Kanellis showed up and did what WWE asked of him, so it's only fair that he gets a fresh start with a different promotion that will use him accordingly. Of course, it's highly unlikely that WWE will grant his request, and that simply isn't fair to Mike or his family.

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