WWE Working To Remotely Put Fans In The Stands Live With Virtual Reality Tech

WWE is looking into implementing virtual reality (VR) tech to their product. As a company, WWE is already one of the most entertaining sports organizations in the world. Now it looks like they're looking to spice things up for their fanbase with some added technology.

WWE executive Triple H spoke at the Web Summit technology conference in Lisbon, Portugal and said that virtual reality could end up being a perfect fit for wrestling.

"In some ways, it is kind of custom-made for what we do and I think as the technology improves it will get better and better," Triple H said, via CNBC.

"Everybody wants to be there live and in person and if its Wrestlemania and you can put a headset on, or whatever that device is at the time, and you can actually put yourself on that front row sitting there experiencing it... that's a whole different point of view," he added.


Even though it sounds like WWE is open using virtual reality technology, Triple H admitted that they still need to research and figure out how to best utilize to their benefit. We would love to see them add a special package to their WWE Network streaming service, that would give their customers an option to watch matches in virtual reality for an additional $5 or $10 a month.

Via Virtuance

The key is figuring out how WWE can integrate VR into their matches. While the technology is refined, many users do suffer from motion sickness when using a headset. Sitting in one place watching an episode of Raw might not cause too much harm, but it is something to consider. Still, adding virtual reality is a great idea, it gives WWE fans a view that they can't get anywhere else. It would also give fans a more intimate view of a match. Especially for those aren't able to make it to live matches.


We think WWE is on to something when it comes to improving the experience for their fans and I'm sure the major sports leagues within the United States like the NFL, NBA, and MLB will also look at how virtual reality can help bring in more money for their respective businesses.

At the end of the day, VR is another great way for WWE to make even more money and possibly expand their fanbase as they provide a new way of watching one of the most popular events in the world.

Comment below and tell us what you think of the idea of WWE possibly adding virtual reality to their matches. Would you pay extra for a VR view? Are you excited about this possibility?



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