10 WWE World Champions Who Never Won Tag Team Championships

When you think of classic World Champions like John Cena or Triple H, you instantly think of their singles career and the fact that they have been WWE World Champions countless times.

However, it may surprise you to learn that the vast majority of the men who have held the top singles championship in WWE have also been Tag Team Champions at some stage in their career as well.

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Whether it be because they started their career in a team, such as Edge or Jeff Hardy, or if they were forced into a championship run like Cena was, but there are some names who never dabbled in teaming up, and within this article, we will look at 10 WWE World Champions who never won tag team gold.

10 AJ Styles

The man who nobody ever expected to even wrestle in WWE, let alone capture any gold, has actually had an incredible career with the company, to the point where he will now be known as a 'WWE guy,' as opposed to a TNA talent.

The main reason for that is because of his incredible reigns as WWE Champion, dominating the singles division in the company since he joined, although he has never held the Tag Team Titles.

He may have claimed tag gold in TNA, and he might spend a lot of time hanging out with a tag team in the O.C., but WWE has kept him out of the division apart from a very brief run with Chris Jericho.

9 Alberto Del Rio

A vastly underrated WWE Superstar, Alberto Del Rio really was a fantastic performer for the company and he quickly burst onto the scene in WWE, working his way to the top of the company as World Heavyweight Champion.

As well as being a United States Champion, a Royal Rumble winner, and a Money in the Bank winner, there is very little that Del Rio didn't accomplish in his time with the company, but tag team gold is one of those.

His only real run in tag team wrestling came with the League Of Nations, and if you watched the product when they were around, you would know they were never even close to becoming champions.

8 Goldberg

He may have held Tag Team Gold in WCW, interestingly with Bret 'The Hitman' Hart, but Goldberg never captured the hottest tag team prize in WWE during either of his spells with the company.

However, the WWE Hall Of Famer certainly made it to the top of the singles mountain, having a run with the World Heavyweight Championship, and most recently the Universal Championship.

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Goldberg was very much a singles talent who dominated everyone in his path, with his intense personality being far better suited to singles wrestling than a tag team.

7 Jinder Mahal

It still surprised most people that Jinder Mahal was ever the WWE champion in the first place, but that is something he managed to accomplish, however, becoming a Tag Team Champion was not.

It might not actually be that much of a shock that Mahal has never been a Tag Team Champion in WWE, because he has spent the vast majority of his career as a jobber, rather than in positions where he could be considered a title threat.

Mahal may have been part of 3MB, but they were mainly a joke team that weren't taken seriously at any stage in their time together, and therefore he never got close to the Tag Team Titles.

6 Kevin Owens

Kevin Owens may not yet have held the traditional WWE Championship at this point in his career, but he has held the newest equivalent in the form of the Universal Championship.

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Owens' run with the Universal Title could have been a lot better than it was, with KO himself admitting he didn't enjoy being champion, but he is locked in the history books now.

Despite his close friendship with Sami Zayn and the fact that they have teamed up in WWE, KO has never actually captured the Tag Team Championships, although he still has plenty of time to achieve that goal.

5 Mark Henry

He may have been the World's Strongest Man, but he could never be the world's best tag team partner, as Mark Henry is another former World Champion who was never able to claim the top tag team prize.

Henry had to work hard enough to earn his run with the World Title, although when he was finally given his shot he certainly ran with it, putting on the run of his career with the Hall of Pain.

Perhaps Henry could have extended that to the tag team division at some point, but for whatever reason WWE never opted to have him be a champion in the tag division.

4 Sgt. Slaughter

One of the most legendary WWE Superstars of all time was surprisingly only the World Champion once in his career, despite how over he managed to get his act, whether it be as a babyface of a heel.

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That was also the one and only championship he held in WWE, never holding the Intercontinental Championship or any tag team titles, which is fairly surprising considering how much WWE used him.

However, that is a testament to just how good Slaughter was, that he was able to be recognized as one of the all-time greats, despite not having a long list of WWE Championships.

3 Sycho Sid

Another major name from WWE's past that only ever held the World Championship, although he managed two reigns with the title, Sycho Sid also never captured the Tag Team Championships in WWE.

Like many on this list, it isn't a massive surprise that Sid was never involved in the tag division, as he was very much a singles wrestler as his name might suggest, he didn't play well with others.

Not having tag team partners didn't hurt his career though, as Sycho Sid is still remembered as one of the most dominant superstars of all time.

2 Ultimate Warrior

One of the most recognizable and popular WWE Superstars of all time, the Ultimate Warrior thrived in WWE and had a solid run as World Champion, although it could be argued he didn't have as much championship success as he should have done.

However, he also thrived as a singles wrestler and wasn't someone to share the limelight with others, which is why he worked out so well as a main event star and not in any form of tag team.

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Ultimate Warrior never held Tag Team Titles in WWE, and that is probably something that doesn't surprise many to learn.

1 Brock Lesnar

This may not be surprising to learn as the fact is Brock Lesnar doesn't play well with others, which is why he has never been a Tag Team Champion in WWE, and he likely never will be.

While some wrestlers suit being in a tag team, others suit being a singles wrestler and Lesnar is very much one of those, as it is hard to imagine him tagging in and out with another talent.

The Beast doesn't need anybody by his side to help him in matches, with Lesnar being far better alone or, ideally, with Paul Heyman by his side as a mouthpiece.

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