10 WWE World Champions Who Never Won The U.S. Championship

The United States Championship is the one thing left alive from WCW as WWE adopted the title after purchasing WCW. The title has a history dating back to 1975. Before WWE, world champions like Harley Race, Nature Boy Ric Flair and Lex Luger cut their teeth with the title before moving on to world titles.

Since moving to WWE, men like John Cena started their title aspirations with the United States Championship before winning multiple world titles. However, there have been several men who have won WWE world titles but never had a chance to win the U.S. Championship. Here are 10 former WWE world champions who never won the U.S. title.

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Bray Wyatt is following in the footsteps of names like Undertaker, Mick Foley and Jake "The Snake" Roberts as special characters that don't need an undercard title to succeed. Unlike The Snake, Bray Wyatt at least won a world title in his WWE career, putting him on the level of a Foley or Undertaker.

Unlike Mankind won a hardcore title, Bray Wyatt has never worked with a mid-card title. Like Undertaker, Bray has become a special attraction, and that has kept him away from the mid-card titles. He has been a world champion but never won the U.S. Championship.


Surprisingly, Triple H has never won the United States Championship. This fact is surprising since it was a title that Nature Boy Ric Flair and Harley Race held. It seemed that Triple H would at least want one title reign on his resume. However, once WWE purchased WCW, Triple H was entrenched in the world title scene.

Unlike John Cena, who went back and took a run with the United States title after winning 16 world titles, Triple H never looked back. He was a five-time Intercontinental Champion before he started his world title runs, but he never won the U.S. Championship.


Brock Lesnar made his WWE main roster debut by running into the ring with Paul Heyman and just destroying everyone in his way. He won the King of the Ring tournament as a rookie and then beat The Rock to win his first world title, the youngest world champion in WWE history at that time.

Lesnar then only wrestled on rare occasions, mostly in title matches. Since his return to WWE, he has only cared about world titles. Brock is one of the few WWE superstars only to win world titles and not care about any other title in the company, including the U.S. Championship.


When Dwayne Johnson was coming up in WWE, he was considered a Blue Chip athlete and quickly won the Intercontinental Championship. Once he turned heel, he became one of WWE's biggest stars and helped them win the Monday Night Wars.

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This means that, by the time the United States title moved to WWE, The Rock was already a main event star. The Rock was a two-time Intercontinental Champion and held five tag team titles. However, despite winning 10 world titles over his career, The Rock never won the U.S. Championship.


CM Punk was a wrestler who on top of WWE at the right time to win a United States Championship, but was always on the other brand when not in the world title scene. He won the ECW world title and then won the Intercontinental Championship.

CM Punk moved into the world title scene and became one of John Cena's toughest opponents, beating Cena more than just about anyone in WWE history. CM Punk had the longest title reign of modern-day WWE and ended up as a six-time world champion but never won the U.S. Championship.


Batista became a star thanks to his role in Evolution, and just like Randy Orton, he used Evolution to catapult himself into the world title scene. By the time Batista beat Triple H for the world title, he was considered 1B to John Cena's 1A as the top star in WWE.

However, outside of winning tag team titles, Batista was never someone who bothered with the lower-tier titles. Batista won multiple world titles but never won the Intercontinental or U.S. Championship during his very successful WWE tenure.


When Brother Love introduced Undertaker to the WWE Universe, he was an immediate star. When he debuted in the ring with The Million Dollar Man at the Survivor Series, he was shown to be almost unbeatable. Paul Bearer led him to beat Hulk Hogan, and he was a legit superstar.

Through the years, Undertaker has gone from the Deadman to a cult leader to a biker to a legend. He has never needed titles to stand at the top WWE, although he has won seven world titles. However, through his career in WWE and WCW, he never won the U.S. Championship.


Mark Henry debuted in WWE when WCW was still running on top of the Monday Night Wars. His career was an interesting one, seen initially as a big-money flop but later considered a legend in WWE. It took a while for things to click for Henry, but when it did, he was a respected veteran.

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As a respected star, Henry received a pair of world title reigns (one in ECW and one with the world title). He also got a chance to run with the European Championship, but other than that, Henry's career was almost title-free, including never once winning the U.S. Championship.


Through most of his WWE career, Christian was as one of the top tag team wrestlers in the company. He won nine world tag team titles, including seven with Edge during the height of the Attitude Era. He was also a four-time Intercontinental Champion.

Christian also got world title runs, including two in WCW. He won two more world titles in WWE. Many fans believe Christian got the runs because his close friend and former partner Edge retired as the titleholder and Christian got a push as a result. Whatever the reason, one title he never won was the U.S. Championship.


Hulk Hogan showed up in WWE from the AWA and almost immediately won the WWE world title. As a result, he never worked mid-card title feuds. It shows a vast difference between someone like Hogan and someone like Ric Flair, who had no problem with dropping down to the U.S. title when needed after becoming the biggest star in the promotion.

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Even when Hulk Hogan moved to WCW, he stayed on top and only worked world title and main event matches. This means that he not only never won the U.S. Championship but also never bothered with the Intercontinental Championship. If it wasn't the world title, Hulk Hogan wasn't interested.

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