The 10 Worst Finishers In WWE Today

The Finisher is a vital ingredient of any wrestler's repertoire. It's a move that should be devastating, after all, the application of the finisher must be sufficient to bring any opponent's shoulders down to the mat for a three-count. If the audience doesn't believe that, what's the point?

It's also a move that can be unleashed in a variety of different situations, increasing the chance of crowd popping reversals or surprise spots. Even Randy Orton's harshest critics will leap from their chairs when The Viper hits an RKO from "Outta Nowhere!"

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It's all too easy for a wrestler to be saddled with a duff finisher. For every Stone Cold Stunner, there's a KO Punch. With that in mind, here are the 10 Worst Finishers in the WWE today.

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10 A Women's Right - Lacey Evans

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Lacy Evans has received a stellar push in recent months. After being saddled with a pathetic gimmick of 'walking up and down the entrance ramp' for more weeks than she probably cares to remember, The Sassy Southern Belle has seen herself launched into the main event scene. She's been feuding with top-tier talents like Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair, and Seth Rollins. Shame then, that her finisher still sucks.

In a similar vein to the Big Show's KO punch, Lacey Wallops her foe with a stiff right hand for a quick knock out. But why does that punch differ so much in potency from the plethora of others punches she'll dish out? A good finisher needs to be signposted to the audience prior to being carried out for the maximum response; a punch just isn't special enough.

9 The Spear - Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns delivers a solid spear. Having 265lbs of angry, sweaty, muscle riddled and astonishingly handsome man charge into someone will always look impressive. The problem is that everyone and their big dog delivers a spear. It's a move, like the suicide dive, that has lost all novelty and sense of being special due to oversaturation.

Matters aren't helped that Reigns' move-set is as dull as leg day in the gym. Samoan Drops, Superman Punches, and spears do not an exciting match make. Reigns is a terrific wrestler, the fact that he can engage an audience with such a boring arsenal impresses greatly. It's high time though, that the Big Dog receives a finisher that equals his star power.

8 Sharpshooter - Natalya

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The Sharpshooter can be a devastating finisher. Who could forget the iconic image of Stone Cold Steve Austin locked in Bret Hart's Sharpshooter at WrestleMania 13? The blood-drenched face of the Texas Rattlesnake, roaring in agony, is forever etched in a generation's memory.

Unfortunately for Natalya, she appears to have taken the inspiration for her execution of the move from The Rock. It just doesn't look like it hurts as there's too little pressure being exerted on the victim's spine. Instead, her Sharpshooter might be quite pleasant for massaging out some knots. Worse still is Natalya's posture whilst delivering the submission, to all intents and purposes she looks to be trying to defecate on her victim.

7 Beauty Shot - Tyler Breeze

After disappearing from the WWE TV entirely, Tyler Breeze has returned like a phoenix from the ashes of his own career in NXT. Prince Pretty had a terrific match with Velveteen Dream at NXT TakeOver: XXV and is on a role in NXT. But why oh why is he still lumbered with the Beauty Shot as a finisher?

Essentially a spinning heel kick, the Beauty Shot has no build-up, looks pretty weak, and doesn't stand apart from all the other kicks we see on NXT. It's time that this beauty was left to slumber.

6 Running Powerslam - Braun Strowman

The excessive antics of Braun Strowman has been a highlight on WWE for several years now. This big man can really wrestle and his continued push has seen some brilliantly inventive high spots. The same can't be said about Braun's finisher, however. His Running Powerslam is one of the most mundane finishers in WWE today. The only time it excites is when Braun is slamming his opponent through a table or another equally painful household object.

To ascend to his true potential Braun needs a finisher to match the other iconic big men of WWE, he needs his own version of the chokeslam, last ride, or tombstone piledriver.

5 Rear View - Naomi

When assessing the quality and potential of a finisher, a simple question must be asked; could you see said finisher being the decisive move in the climax of the main event of WrestleMania? Could anyone see Naomi get ting the rub by jumping her butt into Becky's face on the grandest stage of them all?

Naomi is an underrated member of WWE's roster, a decent finisher could see her pushed to the top - where she belongs.

4 Bayley to Belly - Bayley

You knew it was coming. Since winning the WWE Smackdowns Women's Championship, Bayley has started to transition away from her traditional finisher - the Bayley to Belly. Even worse than the pun is the delivery of the move. This hug, followed by a belly to belly suplex, has earned Bayley more Twitter sass than probably any other move on this list.

Lacking any sort of impact, it seems only sensible for Bayley to consign the Bayley to Belly to the dustbin of history and move on with her life.

3 Panama Sunrise - Adam Cole

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Adam Cole is an incredibly gifted and charismatic wrestler. But that doesn't excuse the stupidity of the Panama Sunrise/Canadian Destroyer. Cole usually finishes off his foe with the Last Shot, a perfectly acceptable shining wizard to the back of an opponents head (made even more deadly with the removal of his knee pad because, as well all know, wrestlers knees are made from concrete and only padded foam renders them safe) every now and again he'll rock out a Canadian Destroyer.

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The initial flip and counter flip of Cole and his opponent looks impressive but it is the piledriver segment that disappoints. The opponent's head doesn't come near the mat; in fact, Cole's well-defined glutes clearly absorb all the impact.

2 The Running Nese - Tony Nese

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WWE loves a good pun or, in the case of the Running Nese of Tony Nese, an ear-ripping awful pun. It's not just an awful play on words, it's an awful finisher too. Tony sends his opponent into the corner, they set themselves down, and then Nese runs knees first into them.

It's not a great set-up and the end result really isn't worth the wait. Plus, Tony 'leveling up' the attack by removing his knee pads and revealing knobbly knees (to be fair, his extra knobbly knees could cause more pain on the incapacitated opponent) is ridiculous. And not in a good way.

1 Everything - John Cena

Despite not being an active WWE wrestler in 2019, Big Match John made a very entertaining appearance at WrestleMania 35 (and had a few other appearances), so he's earnt himself a spot on this list. After earning only chagrin from wrestling fans over many years, Cena has finally earnt their respect. They have learned the Doctor of Thugonomics has always been terrific in the ring.

That doesn't mean his finishers haven't always sucked. Be it the sleep-inducing AA, the least painful looking submission of all time (the STF), or the in-joke ridiculousness of the Lightning Fist, Cena has a truly impressive range of awful when it comes to his finishing moves.

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