WWE Considering Staging An Upcoming WrestleMania In London

WWE may very well be considering London as a host city for a WrestleMania in the not so distant future according to a survey they released recently.

Earlier this week, a survey was emailed to WWE fans who attended this year's WrestleMania, the 33rd installment of the company's biggest show that this year took place in Orlando, Florida. All 33 WrestleManias to date have taken place in either the United States or Canada, but according to reports from UK newspaper The Independent, The Showcase of the Immortals could soon be coming to British shores.

In the survey sent to this year's WrestleMania goers, fans were asked to rate how interested they would be in The Show of Shows coming to certain cities. While the majority of the list featured North American towns, most of which have already played host to WrestleManias in the past, London was also an option WWE wanted the fans' feedback on.

While WWE tour the United Kingdom twice a year, it has been almost 25 years since the company staged a pay per view of any significance in jolly old England. The last time WWE gave it a go was for SummerSlam 1992 where 80,000 fans packed Wembley Stadium to watch the British Bulldog defeat Bret Hart in the main event.

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You would think that following the success of SummerSlam all those years ago would mean holding a WrestleMania in the British Isles would be a no brainer and that it would have happened long before now. Unfortunately for WWE despite the UK being the company's second biggest market behind their home country, the logistics of holding such an event are a huge obstacle. Time difference alone would mean the event would have to start at either 12 am UK time or alternatiely when fans are just sitting down for Sunday lunch on the west coast.

Being included in a survey like this one is a huge boost for British fans, but they shouldn't get their hopes up quite yet. A WrestleMania in Britain has long been lobbied for, with even the likes of John Cena saying that the UK deserves to host the show in the past. With WWE more involved with British wrestling than it ever has been in the past though, maybe this really is a step towards WrestleMania UK.


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