8 Wrestler Children Who Look Just Like Their Parents (And 7 Who Thankfully Don't)

Wrestling is a hard life for anyone. You're on the road for 200-plus days a years, oftentimes missing weekends, birthdays, and holidays. Because of the harsh demands this business puts on its performers, many wrestlers like a simple, solitary life. But just as many face the hardships head-on, and have a flourishing life at home as well as on the road. For a long time, the wrestling business was familial, and promotions were filled with father passing down the craft to their children.

In more recent years, an increasingly growing amount of wrestlers have taken better care to shield their families and children from the business and the realities of public life. At a certain point in wrestling history, one's in-ring persona was who a wrestler was at all times. You lived your gimmick. Now, a lot of wrestlers see their in-ring work as just that, "work," a job that makes them money, but that they can leave behind when they return home. Perhaps that's why we're seeing more and more success stories in the lives of wrestlers. Workers who can foster healthy and loving relationships with their sons and daughters.

Many of the children on this list have been motivated by their parents to also enter the ring, perhaps creating future powerful wrestling dynasties. Others saw the toll wrestling took on their families and ran in the direction. Some of them, well, we'll just have to wait and see what they do. You might be getting the first look at tomorrow's superstar.


15 Looks Just Like: Charlotte Flair

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Speaking of confidence, Charlotte Flair certainly inherited that (among other things) from her father, "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair. Whether it's sporting the sequined robes, flashing the Four Horsewomen sign, or even locking in the patented figure four leg-lock, Charlotte often reminds us a lot of her famous dad (which makes it even weirder that she's so attractive). Certainly many of us wish we couldn't see traces ol' Naitch in Charlotte, but then they flash the same toothy grin next to each other, or let out an identical "WOO," and you know that the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree with these two. Still, Charlotte seems poised to have just as much success as her father, which is definitely not a bad thing.

14 Thankfully Doesn't: Brooke Hogan

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Brooke Hogan was thrown into the spotlight at a young age, with the Hulkster's Vh1 reality show "Hogan Knows Best" premiering while she was still a teenager. But Brooke embraced fame, becoming the breakout star of that show and segueing it into her own spin-off series that ran for two seasons. When the show aired, a lot of people were confused as to how Hulk, a notoriously odd-looking individual, could have such a beautiful daughter. Thankfully it seems that Brooke inherited most of her looks from the Hulkster's ex-wife, Linda Claridge. Brooke did get Hulks height though, and she looks all the more like a statuesque Amazon for it. In the past few years, Brooke has gotten into the wrestling world, following her father into TNA and appearing as an on-screen authority figure, and she's one of the daughters working with Brittany Page working on creating the all-women's promotion.

13 Looks Just Like: Mya Lynn Lesnar

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Although "The Beast Incarnate" is one of the biggest WWE and UFC superstars inside of the ring, Brock Lesnar keeps a fairly low profile outside of it. Brock chose to move to a more "part-time" schedule to allocate more time to spend with his family, which includes former WWE superstar Sable and their two sons, Turk and Duke (which are the exact names you'd expect Brock Lesnar to name his sons). Brock also has two kids from a previous relationship with Nicole McClain, Luke and Mya Lynn. All it takes is one look, and there's no doubting Mya Lynn is Brock's Lesnar. From the hair to the smile to the build, she could be Brock's twin. And since Mya Lynn has already shown a fondness for athletics, it wouldn't be surprising to see her follow in her father's footsteps into the ring sometime in the future.

12 Thankfully Doesn't: Natalya Neidhart


Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart is possibly the scariest man on the planet to ever predominantly wear pink. A giant, hulking brute of a man, Neidhart fulfilled the "heavy" role in The Hart Foundation along with his brother-in-law, Bret Hart. Lucky for us, his daughter Natalya takes more after her mother, Bret's sister Ellie, than her father. Neidhart's unmistakable frame is no where to be found in Natalya's physical makeup, nor is her in-ring skillset similar to her father's - In fact, she's adopted the Sharpshooter as her finisher, which was her uncle Bret's signature move. About the only thing Nattie seems to share with Jim is a devilish grin and a love for a pink wardrobe.

11 Looks Just Like: Stephanie McMahon

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I know what you're thinking - Isn't Shane McMahon the spitting image of Vince McMahon? And yes, you're not wrong, there is obviously a resemblance between Shane and Vince. But I'd like to posit that Stephanie is the McMahon offspring that truly takes after her father, and it comes down to mainly one thing: The confidence. In her on-screen role as RAW Commissioner, Stephanie struts down the ramp like she's the boss to end all bosses, comparable only to Mr. McMahon at his best in the Attitude Era.  The blunt way of speaking and the gravelly tilt to her voice - both unmistakably Vince. And on top of everything else, they've both got the exact same dimpled chin. Shane might superficially seem similar to Vince, but Stephanie is the true heir to the throne.

10 Thankfully Doesn't: Tessa Blanchard

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Tully Blanchard is one of the most respected wrestlers of the 1980's; he was a founding member of the legendary Four Horsemen in Jim Crockett promotions, and also one half (alongside Arn Anderderson) of tag team "The Brain Busters" in the WWF. Blanchard was known for his extremely fierce and bloody brawls inside the ring. Despite seeing the insanity her father put himself through, Tessa Blanchard was still inspired by her father's Hall of Fame speech to try her hand at wrestling. She's made a few scant WWE appearances since then (3 losses on NXT, an elimination on the first round of the Mae Young Classic), but she was recently announced as the first woman wrestler participating in Cody Rhode's "All In" show in late-2018. While she doesn't look much like her father, she's certainly carried over his desire to do anything to succeed in the ring.

9 Looks Just Like: Curtis Axel

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Not only does Curtis Axel take his ring name from his father and grandfather (Curt "Mr. Perfect" Henning and Larry "The Axe" Henning, respectively), he also looks exactly like them. While Curtis, real name Joseph Henning, forgoes the glorious golden locks his father rocked, a close inspection of their faces reveals the same heavy forehead and deep-set eyes, as well as a distinctive rounded jawline. And although Curtis certainly isn't as over as his father was, he's making great strides in creating a genuinely fun heel persona as a member of The Miztourage, finally getting to show off some of the cocky attitude and smarmy smile that made Mr. Perfect such a hit (and so reviled) by crowds across the nation.


8 Thankfully Doesn't: Brittany Page

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Diamond Dallas Page has one of the biggest hearts in the wrestling biz - His DDP Yoga workouts have introduced countless people to the healthy benefits of yoga, and he's personally responsible for the improving health of former lost causes like Jake "The Snake" Roberts and Scott Hall - But Page was never particularly known during his career for his wildly good looks. Brittany Page's beauty can be traced directly to DDP's equally stunning ex-wife, Kimberly Bacon (Whose best known stint is likely as the lead "Nitro Girl" towards the end run of WCW Monday Nitro). Brittany helps with her father's yoga company, appearing in their videos demonstrating moves and techniques, and also was attempting to start a new women's-based promotion with daughters of other retired wrestlers.

7 Looks Just Like: Cody Hall

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Cody Hall, like Curtis Axel, doesn't share his father's iconic in-ring hairstyle, but "oozes machismo" in lots of other ways (besides, no one could pull off Scott Hall's gelled mullet except "The Bad Guy" himself). Father and son share similar imposing frames, intense stares, and a tendency to finish off opponents with the Razor's Edge. The dome-chromed Cody even wears ring attire inspired by The Outsiders, the elder Hall's WCW tagteam with Kevin Nash. Things came full circle for Cody Hall in 2015 when he joined New Japan Pro Wrestling and became a part of the Bullet Club, a stable inspired by the Scott Hall-founded nWo. Although he left New Japan at the beginning of 2017, things look "too-sweet" for Cody Hall going forward.

6 Thankfully Doesn't: Cody Rhodes

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Cody Rhodes is undoubtedly one of the most exciting talents working in wrestling today. Cody is intent on showing wrestling fans that there can be a viable alternative to the WWE formula, and his hard work and dedication have shown, since he's now perceived as a "King of the Indies." Cody's innovative thinking is something he shares with his father, the beloved "American Dream," Dusty Rhodes. But looking at the two, they don't visually share much else. To put it delicately, "Dream" wasn't a man known for his impressive physique. What he was known for was his ability to make you believe in him and get your butt in a set. Cody, on the other hand, is extremely handsome and keeps himself in expert shape. Cody Rhodes looks like a killer, Dusty Rhodes looks like a teddy bear. You'd only want to hug one of those.

5 Looks Just Like: David Benoit

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The crimes he committed can never be forgiven. His work in the ring was respected for a solid decade, so it's certainly a shame that he is a persona non grata. You will find no mention of him in official histories of the company, and his name has been scrubbed from the WWE Network. Chris's son from his first marriage, David Benoit, has grown up to look exactly like his father, and still seems to have a love for the sport of wrestling. He also appears to have some sort of relationship with Chris Jericho, a close friend of his father's. Jericho even refused to let David wrestle in a match against Chavo Guerrero, Jr. back in 2014. Clearly Jericho is keeping in mind what happened to David's father and attempting to steer the young Benoit in a different direction.

4 Thankfully Doesn't: Ariel Toombs

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Rowdy Roddy Piper - one of the best speakers in wrestling history, one of the best heels in wrestling history, but also one of the best fathers in wrestling history. Piper was married early into his career, and had four children with his wife, Kitty Jo, who he stayed with until is untimely death in 2015. While some of his kids, like his son Colton, have become wrestlers, Roddy's beautiful daughter, Ariel, has pursued cinematic pursuits and become an actress. Roddy was also known as a cult movie star, and Ariel has similarly appeared in many B-level sci fi and horror films over the past few years. She also, with Colton, finished her father's biography after his unexpected passing. Clearly, the sky is the limit for this naturally talented young woman.

3 Looks Just Like: Owen Steen

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Kevin Owens is two things - an avowed family man and an avowed wrestling fan. His ring name is simultaneously a tribute to his favourite wrestler, Owen Hart, and his son, Owen Steen. Kevin and his wife, Karina, have been married for over a decade and also have a daughter, Elodie Leila. Kevin Owens, who has been wrestling since he was 16, says everything he does is to "take care of my kids and my wife and make sure they have a good future." In reference to taking his son of the road with him, he says it has been "really cool to see him develop relationships with people [he] work[s] with." Owen Steen also certainly takes after his dad, sporting the same bushy eyebrows as pops, as well as Kevin's signature mischievous grin.

2 Thankfully Doesn't: Noelle Foley

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Has there ever been a bigger difference between father and daughter than Mick Foley and Noelle Foley? Mick, the hardcore legend, known famously for doing anything in the ring, and Noelle, the Instagram model known famously for showing off her unbelievable body. No one is going to call out ol' Mickers as ugly, and he was certainly better looking in his pre-wrestling days, but decades of wear and tear have made him look rough (losing half your ear in the ring and getting thrown through a cage will do that to a man). Noelle's failed attempts at becoming a wrestler were documented in the WWE Network show "Holy Foley," but since then she has seemed satisfied to just be a fan of the sport from the sidelines.

1 Looks Just Like: Dominic Gutierrez

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In 2005, at the infamous "Custody of Dominic" Ladder Match, the late, great Eddie Guerrero implied that he was the actual father of Rey's son, Dominic. What followed was a knock-down, drag-out, bizarre twenty minute match where both men tried to grab the custody papers hanging from the ceiling. But even then, all it would have taken was one good look at Dominic to confirm he was Rey's son. Rey has always looked young, and Dominic shares the same round, baby-face look with him (although he's now about a solid foot taller than his luchadore daddy). In January of 2017, the now-19 year old Dominic began his training to become a wrestler.


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