8 Wrestler Dads Who Are Not Nice (And 8 Kids Just Like Them)

Sports Entertainment certainly takes all kinds. It truly has the good, the bad and the ugly. Professional wrestling is one heck of a tough business to be successful in, and years of sweat and tears are often the required recipe to even get a shot at the big leagues like WWE. That is unless you're built like a Greek god or possess the in-ring skills of an AJ Styles for example. Wrestling's always been extremely competitive, and back in the day, you really did have to push you weight around backstage in the shark infested locker room in order to gain respect and move your way up within the industry.

As you can imagine, many of the wrestlers in WWE or WCW came across as total jerks. If the backstage environment didn't turn a wrestler into a complete jerk, the fame and fortune did. We now live in a different time and era (thankfully), but many of those said wrestling 'jerks' had kids that have grown up to be very similar to their fathers. The apple usually doesn't fall very far from the tree, and it certainly didn't for these 8 wrestler children. Today, we'll be looking at 8 wrestler dads who are jerks, and 8 kids just like them. Whether it's hereditary or the product of being raised by someone who behaves like a jerk, the 8 kids featured on the list are definitely their 'fathers son' or 'fathers daughter'.

16 Jerk: Jerry Lawler

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Now when you look at a guy like Jerry 'The King' Lawler on WWE commentary, you wouldn't think 'oh, that guy's a jerk' upon first inspection as Lawler comes across as being a very warm and friendly person. However, when the cameras are away from this wrestling legend, Jerry's far from being a saint. Known to be rude to fans at various wrestling conventions (multiple incidents), Lawler definitely has the reputations of being a bit of a jerk.

However, I think the main factor that'd make a fan assume Lawler's a bit of a jerk is the fact that he's been arrested twice, once for domestic violence charges along with his much younger wife Lauryn (he was suspended by WWE because of this incident). For those of you who don't remember, Jerry Lawler had also been arrested in '93 for rape and sodomy charges.

15 Just Like Them: Brian Christopher

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Like his dad, Brian Christopher aka Grand Master shares many 'jerk' qualities with Lawler. One of the worst rumoured stories about Christopher stems back to an incident in the 90's that apparently 'shocked' former WWE star Virgil. To sum it up, Virgil described that following a match win, Christopher followed up with his usual dance and brought a boy with an obvious mental handicap to the ring and placed his signature goggles on the boy and proceeded to continue dancing with the kid.

Virgil then described how things took a turn for the worse, and when the event was over, Brian allegedly told Virgil to 'go get the goggles back' as 'they were like 50 dollars' and Christopher didn't care if Virgil ripped the goggles off the kids head just as long as he got that back - pretty horrible right? If that's not enough to convince you that Brian's a jerk just like his dad, he's also had multiple run-ins with the law.

14 Jerk: Kevin Nash

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Kevin Nash is widely regarded as being one of the biggest jerks in the history of Sports Entertainment. From throwing his weight around during his WCW career and sabotaging careers (fame obviously went to his head) to being a dick to fans at meet and greets, Kevin Nash is an entitled jerk to say the least. Aside from his jerky demeanour in the wrestling business, Nash also got himself intertwined in controversy a couple years back when he was arrested for battery charges after getting into a bloody fight with his son Tristen.

Kevin's definitely very critical of wrestling fans, and he's one of the very last guys you'd ever want to meet in public. To top it off, Nash (a relatively untalented wrestler) had the audacity to label greats like Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero as 'vanilla midgets' with no personality. As you can see, a pretty big jerk.

13 Just Like Them: Tristen Nash

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Although we don't have very much information regarding Tristen Nash or his life, from the bits and pieces we have to go by, Tristen's just like his dad in the way that he's a confrontational jerk. The biggest example we have to prove this notion is Tristen's drunken Christmas Eve brawl with his father Kevin in 2014 which saw both men arrested on domestic battery charges.

Apparently Tristen had arrived at their house intoxicated and was being disrespectful and belligerent towards his mother and his wife thus leading to Kevin tackling Tristen and engaging in a bit of a brawl. The apple certainly didn't fall far very from the tree when it comes to Tristen and Kevin Nash, as they both have a very aggressive demeanour. I truly believe Tristen's a product of his environment, because with the reputation Kevin Nash has, I doubt it was a very stable upbringing.

12 Jerk: Grizzly Smith

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If you hadn't known, Jake 'The Snake' Roberts' dad was none other than the lumbering 6'8 350 plus pound Grizzly Smith who dominated the 60's and 70's in various wrestling territories. Grizzly has since passed away (2010), but his reputation still lives on to this day. Outside the squared circle, Grizzly Smith had the reputation of being a terrible person (beyond a jerk).

Jake Roberts has since stated that Smith had raped a 13 year old girl which resulted in Roberts' birth, and that Smith would sleep with underage girls when he was traveling across the United States during his wrestling career. As you can clearly see, the term ' jerk' is quite tame for a guy with such an incredibly checkered past, and he was definitely a huge factor in why Jake Roberts turned out the way he did later on in his career.

11 Just Like Them: Jake Roberts

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Though Jake Roberts has attempted to get his life back together in recent memory after years of substance and alcohol abuse, that doesn't erase the fact that he had the reputation of being a huge jerk much like his father did. Jake never abused innocent people like Grizzly Smith did, but Roberts had garnered the rep of being rude and unkind to fans when he'd be at meet and greets. As well, multiple wrestlers have went on record to state their disdain for Roberts including Road Warrior Animal.

That said, you really have to put most of the blame on Grizzly Smith for how Roberts turned out later in life considering Jake was abused substantially when he was growing up. However (thankfully) with the help of DDP and his infamous DDP Yoga program, Jake Roberts has climbed out of his addiction and depression and is now a much better person than he was just 5 years ago.

10 Jerk: Scott Hall

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Similar to his buddy Kevin Nash, Scott Hall can come across like a total jerk to fans at wrestling conventions when he's not feeling his 'A-game'. The two worst fan-related scenario's that can linked to Scott was the time he forgot to send 'thank you' cards to all those who had donated towards Hall's needed hip surgery (the cards were promised), and an occasion in 2014 which saw Scott refuse to sign a birthday card at a meet and greet for a kid who had been dealing with brain cancer.

Aside from being a jerk to fans, Scott Hall has also had his fair share of run ins with the law (he's been arrested multiple times), and one of the worst situations was the alleged chocking of his girlfriend in 2012 which saw Hall arrested for domestic abuse. Scott Hall's a slightly nicer guy today, but he's truly 'The Bad Guy' in and out of the ring for sure.

9 Just Like Them: Cody Hall

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Cody Hall is undoubtedly a spitting image of his dad Scott Hall sans the hair. Cody carries himself in a very similar manner (arrogant), and he's certainly not renowned for being a very intelligent individual. Even though Scott's a jerk in his own right, apparently Cody had stolen over $1000 from Hall to pay his overdue bills a couple years ago, and though Cody claimed on Twitter that he had messed up, it just came across as a real lame, jerk thing to do.

However, the absolute worst thing Cody Hall has done that proved he's a total jerk is potentially breaking a wrestlers hand (Vinnie Massaro's) on purpose back in September - the incident was compared to Sexy Star and Rosemary's incident at the AAA TripleMania XXV event. Massaro stated that he believes Cody should be blackballed from the industry, but can get away with it seeing he's Scott's kid. Definitely his 'fathers son' for sure.

8 Jerk: John Laurinaitis

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John Laurinaitis is by far one of the most despised on-screen WWE GM's of all time, but when he's not on television, it's become common knowledge that 'Big Johnny's' a bit of a big jerk. There are countless wrestlers who talk negatively towards Laurinaitis, and many believe that he's quite the prick away from the cameras.

Laurinaitis definitely comes across as a guy who's only 'in it' for himself, and though it's not fully confirmed, rumours suggest that John had said some pretty disparaging things to former Divas Champion AJ Lee (basically comparing her looks to other Divas as he was all about the typical model Divas we used to see). If you didn't know, John Laurinaitis married the Bella Twins' mother Kathy Colace back in 2016 making Big Johnny the stepfather to Nikki and Brie, how great right?

7 Just Like Them: Nikki Bella (Step Daughter)

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Although Nikki Bella's only John Laurinaitis' stepdaughter, she actually shares a few similar qualities to Johnny Ace that would make you believe Nikki's a bit of a jerk herself. Unlike the humbler Brie, Nikki's definitely got a much bigger ego that her sister (resembling Laurinaitis' ego), and at one point, fellow WWE women's wrestler Maria Kanellis stated that Nikki had been responsible for snubbing her along with Maryse and Kelly Kelly from returning to the company a number of years back.

Apparently Nikki had used her relationship with Cena as leverage. Though Nikki's nowhere near the stratosphere of jerkiness that Laurinaitis possesses, she's definitely not as squeaky clean as she likes to come across as. However, once John Cena marries Nikki Bella, he will become Johnny's son-in-law, and he'd undoubtedly take Nikki's place as the kid who's just like Laurinaitis - an even bigger jerk.

6 Jerk: Vince McMahon

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Whether you love or hate Vince McMahon, you've got to give the man credit for all he's done in Sports Entertainment - he's truly an icon living. However, with the infamous track record of being a complete and utter jerk, McMahon's no saint either. If you're on the good side of Vince, he'll undoubtedly treat you well, but if not, expect a completely different guy.

McMahon's a ruthless businessman, and he's done countless shady things over the years than would take an essay to cover them all, with two of these shady things being illegally distributing steroids to his employees and the sexual harassment accusations that have plagued Vince's career. Vince has stated that you have to be 'ruthless' to succeed in the business, but I'd say he takes it to another level. Vince McMahon's definitely a wrestler dad who can be a complete jerk on and off-screen.

5 Just Like Them: Stephanie McMahon

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Stephanie McMahon is without a doubt her 'fathers daughter'. Despite the fact that Stephanie's nowhere near as ruthless as her dad Vince is, she's still very similar to her father in the way that they both can be total jerks, and they both have massive egos.  Steph's known to always want the spotlight on her, and though I was very happy with the announcement of the first-ever Women's Royal Rumble match, it seemed like McMahon inserted herself into commentary just to get praise for making this 'revolutionary' match happen (along with the 'Women's Revolution' as a whole). If there's one thing that could convince you that Stephanie's a jerk just like her father, just go back to the late 90's when Steph was actively in a relationship with Triple H when Hunter was still dating Chyna - she indirectly (or directly) cost Chyna her job and took her boyfriend.

4 Jerk: Ric Flair

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Ric Flair may be the greatest wrestler of all time, but his attitude outside the squared circle wasn't very good throughout his entire career (even now to some extent). Flair was just like guys such as Hulk Hogan (hogging the spotlight and acting like a total jerk), and he comes across as a bit of an egomaniac still to this day who's only in it 'for the money'.

Sometimes you'll meet Ric at various conventions and you'll see a more positive side of Flair, but other days (and there have plenty of those 'other' days), Ric's a terrible person to meet in person due to his entitled attitude - he's even no-showed at an autograph signing. Aside from treating various fans poorly, Flair also garnered the reputation of being rude towards some of his co-workers, and wrestlers such as Scott Steiner and Paul Roma believe Ric attempted to destroy their careers.

3 Just Like Them: Charlotte Flair

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Now before I get into this entry, no, Charlotte Flair is nowhere near Ric Flair in the 'jerk department', and she's a rather nice person in real-life to fans. However, Charlotte's very much her 'fathers daughter', as she's constantly competing with her co-workers to be the best. Some speculate that Charlotte's hated  backstage by some due to the fact they feel as though she's been handed her spot on a silver platter due to Charlotte's relation with Ric Flair (and it's probably true to some extent).

Though her on-screen persona is just that, a persona, it's not hard to imagine that Charlotte Flair believes she's above all other current women's wrestlers in the talent department (hence 'The Genetically Superior Athlete' nickname), and she's had no problem roasting the new SmackDown Live call up Liv Morgan over her limited in-ring skills (this was due to Becky Lynch's tweet claiming we all 'cringe' when Liv wrestles - Flair responded with four smile emoji's - a bit of a tame jerk I'd say).

2 Jerk: Hulk Hogan

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Similar to Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan may be one of the greatest sports entertainers of all time, but he's also a huge jerk away from the bright lights and cameras. Aside from having numerous complaints from fans stating that Hogan couldn't have been any worse at meet and greets, Hulk's also renowned for being racist.

As I'm sure most of you are aware, Hogan had made some disparaging remarks towards his daughter Brooke Hogan's boyfriend years back (who was African American), and once these racist remarks made their way into the media's eye, Hogan was instantaneously suspended by WWE. To top it off, his leaked sex tape certainly contradicted Hulk Hogan's squeaky clean babyface persona that he portrayed in the 80's, 90's and during his various WWE appearances ever since, and it shed a new light on the kind of guy Hulk Hogan really is - a racist egomaniac.

1 Just Like Them: Nick Hogan

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Hulk Hogan has two children, Nick and Brooke, but the one who's just like 'daddy' is none other than Nick Hogan. As some of you guys are bound to know, Nick had been imprisoned for 8 months in 2008 following a high-speed car crash nearly killing one of his good friends John Graziano who suffered severe brain damage from the collision - his friend would require 24-hour nursing care following the crash.

Though it could've been summarized as being a horrendous accident, that wasn't the case for Nick. Instead, Hogan had been drinking and prior to the terrifying crash, he had multiple run-ins with the law for speeding recklessly (he was given multiple speeding tickets with his speeds surpassing 100 miles/hour - just insane stuff). It's clear that Nick had a huge ego like his father, and felt as though he could risk other peoples lives with his reckless choices without consequences - not the case obviously.

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