13 WWE Wrestler Family Members Who Get Way Too Much Attention (And 12 Who Fly Under The Radar)

There are many WWE superstars that pride themselves on being relatively private people. While they may have an active family life away from the ring, they don't often open up about it. And photos of them engaging in family activities may be hard to come by. It's not that they're ashamed by their family, at least you'd hope not, but their family may not offer anything that makes them jump out on anyone's radar. Sure, you know Triple H's Father-In-Law is Vince, but do you know what his real parents look like? It's time to meet those parents! In other instances, you'll love seeing some of the perhaps forgotten children of the WWE. Such as Owen Hart's, both of whom are now in their 20's but seemingly have no interest in entering the ring.

Your mind may immediately go to the horrific tragedy when you think about Chris Benoit, which means you may have also completely forgotten about his son David. Who definitely has some shocking remarks about his Dad's career. Everyone knows about Ric, but it's even more interesting to see a photo of Charlotte with her Mom, Elizabeth. You may also not know what Brutus Beefcake's daughter looks like, but you're going to be glad you found out.

Other WWE superstars have family members that everyone who follows the world of wrestling should be aware of. Even if the reasons for it, aren't always positive. Such as Nick Hogan whose ignorant decision behind the wheel sent him behind bars. Though as you'll read, Kevin Nash's son also knows what it feels like to have cuffs thrown on him. And while some of the Father's on our list were tremendous wrestlers in their own right, their offspring in many cases are even better. Joseph Laurenitis was also amazing in the ring as Animal (from The Road Warriors), but his son had a passion for another sport. And as for Noelle Foley, let's just say that the close to 1 million people who follow her on Instagram are probably glad she didn't inherit Mick's looks!

These are the 13 WWE Family Members Who Get Way Too Much Attention (And 12 Who Fly Under The Radar).

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25 Attention: Birdie Joe (Brie Bella's Daughter)

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Birdie may be the youngest entry on our list, as she was only been born back on May 9th, 2017 but that boy is all over the internet. Thanks in no small part to Brie's Instagram account. She currently boasts close to 6 million followers and has over 3,300 photos. Birdie was a star even before he came out of the womb, as Brie was very open about sharing photos of her body throughout all of the changes that came with pregnancy. The name, Birdie, was also used in the company that was started by Brie and Nikki: BirdieBee.

It was Bryan Danielson's birthday earlier this month, leading Brie to share an adorable photo to her Instagram along with the caption "Happy Birthday to the sweetest, most humble human being I know. Birdie is lucky to have such a loving wonderful Daddy. Love you to Neptune." We are sure that Brie is even more in love after seeing how Bryan is as a father. Bryan has also been open in the past about how he wants to have more children in the future with Brie. Which means that it may only be a matter of time before Birdie is competing for attention. (Source: LifeandStyleMag).

24 Under The Radar: Mya Lynn Lesnar (Brock Lesnar's Daughter)

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Brock Lesnar has been very upfront in the past about the fact that he enjoys his privacy. "It's very basic for me. When I go home, I don't buy into any of the B.S. Like I said, it's pretty basic: Train, sleep, family, fight. It's my life. I like it. [...] I just don't put myself out there to the fans and prostitute my private life to everybody. In today's day and age, with the Internet and cameras and cell phones, I just like being old school and living in the woods and living my life."

Which is perhaps even more impressive that he is able to do this when you consider he is married to a former wrestler, Rena Greek; better known as Sable.

Though we're sure she wouldn't have agreed to marry him if she didn't enjoy the quieter side of life. Lesnar has 4 children and is rarely seen out with them, outside of this incident at a Jets game. His daughter Mya also has a variety of photos of her online, as she competes in athletics at high school. Mya has a twin brother, Luke. Both Mya and Luke were not mothered by Rena, but instead was Brock's former fiance, Nicole. Lesnar and Rena also have two children together, both sons named Turk and Duke. (Source: Wikipedia).

23 Attention: Brooke Hogan (Hulk Hogan's Daughter)

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When your father is Hulk Hogan, it's perhaps inevitable that you are going to be pushed into the public spotlight as well. For Brooke Hogan, she's had many moments where the world has been left talking about her. Such as the fact that she was on the reality show Hogan Knows Best. She even tried to turn this into her own spin-off, Brooke Knows Best, but the show only lasted 2 seasons and 20 episodes and definitely did not succeed in the ways she had hoped. Brooke has also had various attempts to make it as a model.

Brooke was also part of her father's scandal when he was caught saying bad things about her dating life, though she did defend him "He’s my dad, I love him and the reason I’m standing by his side on this whole thing is because I know him, and it’s so easy for people to just — they need something to jump down people’s backs about. He’s an easy target.” Brooke has also released 2 musical albums, but her last one was back in 2009. It was reported that she is trying to make it into the world of country music, but that may end up just being another failed venture. (Source: Dailymail).

22 Under The Radar: Carol Cena (John Cena's Mom)

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John Cena has had countless moments when he knew walking into the ring, that he was about to accomplish something special. But when it came to his relationship with his Mom, there was only one moment that she finally agreed to go and attend in person. Something that you can perhaps take as a sign that she isn't the biggest fan of having people know about her. But when your son is going to propose to his long-term girlfriend, Nikki Bella, at WrestleMania, that is evidently even more motivating than seeing your son main event the show.

John described his reasoning for the proposal in an interview, "I proposed in the middle of the WWE ring, the place to establish [that you’re] the tough guy. I could have [proposed] a bunch of different ways, but [the WWE audience is] my family. And I wanted to do something that I’d remember for the rest of my life, in front of my family.” Though if the two aren't able to mend their relationship, it's probably going to make things pretty awkward for John or Nikki the next time the two have to compete in a match at WrestleMania. As if it wasn't a nerve wracking situation as is! (Source: Yahoo).

21 Attention: Lacy Von Erich (Kerry Von Erich's Daughter)

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There are definitely some advantages that come with having a famous family. But for Lacey Von Erich, she definitely only suffered some of the negatives that came with it when she tried to make it in the WWE, "WWE was very political. I wasn't in there yet. They were like, "You're a Von Erich. You better be amazing at wrestling," and things like that. And I wasn't. I'm more of an actress than I am a wrestler. I'd rather play a character than get hurt on the mat. That's what I'm better at. I'm better at acting," said Lacey when talking about her experience. You can imagine that would have been a very frustrating experience and may not blame her for deciding that the WWE was not the correct path for her to try and walk on.

But despite flaming out in the WWE, Lacey competed in various other promotions including TNA, where she was much more successful.

She even managed to become the Tag Team Champion at one point. Which means that perhaps if the WWE had given her more of a chance that she could have found success there too. But we are sure Vince has a very long list of wrestlers that he can play the "what if" game with!  (Source: Mandatory).

20 Under The Radar: Elizabeth Flair (Charlotte Flair's Mom)

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Charlotte Flair's relationship with Ric may have been hurt by the fact that he was constantly on the road with the WWE. Which means you would hope that Charlotte was able to develop a close relationship with her mother, Elizabeth. Of whom Ric eventually divorced in 2006 and then went on to marry Tiffany VanDermark (who he also later divorced). A decision that hurt Charlotte deeply.

She admitted in her book that it wasn't until 2008 that the bridge started to mend between her and Ric when he retired from the WWE, “Seeing how happy he was with us from the moment we arrived in Orlando to the time we said goodbye in the hotel, that process began and I didn’t even realize it. The hug we shared in the hotel lobby before we went our separate ways was one of the strongest we’d had in a long time. Wrestling kept him away from his family more than he wanted, but it was wrestling that brought us back together.” Considering Ric's recent health scare, we are sure Charlotte is extra grateful that she was able to forgive him. Though we are sure that if Elizabeth was asked about her opinions on Ric and Tiffany, that she also probably would not feel too favourably about the whole situation! (Source: CharlotteObserver).

19 Attention: Tessa Blanchard (Tully Blanchard's Daughter)

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Tessa Blanchard knew that there were some ramifications that were going to come from the fact that she had a famous father. Who, in case you are not familiar, was Tully but wrestled under the name Magnum T.A. When Blanchard was asked about the impact of her family heritage, she replied "I was going through this time where I thought, ‘Why don’t people like me? Why is it so tough right now? Why do people think I’m only here because of [my family ties]?’”

She went on to credit another wrestler with helping her through this tough transition, “Carlito looked at me and he was like, ‘Tessa, you don’t need to apologize for who your dad is, you don’t need to apologize for what family you’re in. You were born that way. But you do need to work hard and you do need to back it up.’ That stuck with me and that’s what I’ve been doing the last four years.” While we are sure there are many things that Carlito has done as a wrestler that you may not have been the biggest fan of, this was definitely a standup move on his part and some tremendous advice that he offered to Tessa. We're sure she is very happy that she decided to listen to him. (Source: OrlandoSentinel).

18 Under The Radar: Ariel Toombs (Roddy Piper's Daughter)

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There weren't many personalities in the WWE that was "larger" than that of 'Rowdy' Roddy Piper. But when it comes to his daughter, Ariel Tombs, she definitely seems to prefer keeping things private. When she was asked about his passing and the impact that it had on her, especially after several former wrestlers reached out to offer support, she replied "It was just very nostalgic, and we almost got fatherly advice [from him] after the fact when people told stories. I think that we are very blessed, because a lot of times when people have a loved one pass away, they don't get the chance to learn new things about them." Which you can imagine would have been a really amazing experience and helped her get an even better picture of what kind of man he was.

Especially considering it was fellow wrestlers who probably knew him the best. She also went on to say, "He was a very unique person, obviously...But Roderick George Toombs' story, to me, is more interesting than 'Rowdy' Roddy Piper." Toombs talked more about her father and the man he was away from wrestling when she along with her brother wrote Rowdy: The Roddy Piper Story which was released back in 2016. (Source: ESPN).

17 Attention: Tristen Nash (Kevin Nash's Son)

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Kevin Nash would probably hope that the world didn't know too much about his son, Tristen. But the reality is that back in late December 2014, the mood around the Nash family household was anything from cheery. Tristen, then aged 18, got into a physical altercation with Kevin after an alleged argument about Tristen's son. It was reported by TMZ that the cops felt that it was Kevin who initiated the fight, though both were arrested in the incident. And while many wrestling fans may not have known about this incident, having a mugshot like this one beside your dear ol' Dad, is definitely not a great way to stay off any type of radar and was far from what they wanted to end the year.

It was also reported that during the altercation that Tristen delivered an elbow to Kevin, as well as spat in his face. When you consider Kevin is working hard at the moment to get his acting career going, we're sure scandals like this are the last thing he wants. So here is really hoping that he and his son can get things figured out and not have to resort to violence. Especially because, sorry Tristen, you're probably going to lose that one! (Source: DailyMail).

16 Under The Radar: Oje Hart (Owen Hart's Son)

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The world of wrestling lost a tremendous performer when Owen Hart tragically passed away at the WWF PPV, Over The Edge, back in 1999. At the time of his passing Owen had a son, Oje, who was 7 years old and a daughter, Athena who was only 3 years old. And while Athena doesn't seem to have much of a social media presence at all, Oje has kept up an Instagram page. Though the fact that he has under 150 posts and less than 2,000 followers is perhaps an indication of his status as being under the radar. The Hart name is rarely mentioned around the WWE and while there is no reason for Oje to not be mentioned, there's also no real reason for him to come up either.

Which means that for many wrestling fans, they may have forgotten about the family that Owen left behind.

You'd hope that Owen's family, including Bret, were able to help step in and have a positive influence on the life of Oje and Athena. Owen Hart's wife, Martha, went on to start the Owen Hart Foundation which has helped out hundreds of high school students with scholarships, as well as helping more than a hundred other people gain the ability to purchase a home. (Source: OwenHartFoundation).

15 Attention: Cody And Dustin Rhodes (Dusty Rhodes' Sons)

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When you consider that Cody Rhodes was part of the "legacy" faction, it definitely wasn't downplayed that he came from a famous lineage. The son of Dusty Rhodes, Cody unfortunately never managed to find the footing that he needed to in the WWE. Though Rhodes definitely may not be missing working under Vince, as it was reported back in September that he had signed a multi-year contract to work with Ring of Honor and has also been working with New Japan Pro-Wrestling. Both of which we're sure is helping him grow a lot more as a wrestler then what was happening in the WWE.

Rhodes also has a highly anticipated upcoming wrestling show titled "All In" which he promises will feature a variety of amazing wrestlers from various other promotions. And while Wrestlemania aims for the largest crowd possible, "All In" is playing into it's smaller nature and sold only 10,000 seats. This was deliberate as it marks the first non-WWE wrestling show to sell 10,000+ tickets since WCW was shut down in 2001.Cody isn't the only son from the Rhodes family to make a name for himself in the wrestling industry, as Dustin has been competing since 1988; primarily as the character Goldust. (Source: Wikipedia).

14 Under The Radar: Amy Hennig (Curt Hennig's Daughter)

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If you had to ask someone to name the children of Curt Hennig, aka Mr.Perfect, you may start off with Curtis Axel. Who has made no effort to hide his famous heritage; as his ring name is a homage to his father and grandfather, the latter of who was Larry "The Axe" Hennig. Something, that to be fair, hasn't exactly hurt his career. But perhaps it is because Curtis has been able to push himself to the forefront, that you may forget that Curtis had other children too. Such as his daughter, Amy. Who, unfortunately, has not been able to find the same level of success in the wrestling industry. That isn't for a lack of trying, as she has wrestled on the independent scene, but that's definitely not where she wanted her career to end up.

She debuted back in 2008 for the World League Wrestling Federation and ended up winning the WLW Ladies Championship on three separate occasions. All of which we're sure were great moments for her, but Curtis may also have made her feel overshadowed. Unfortunately, Curt passed away in 2003 at the age of 44, but we're sure he would have been proud of his children for trying to pursue their passion. (Source: ProWrestling).

13 Attention: Judith (Sasha Banks' Mom)

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Sasha Banks definitely knows what it feels like to look out while she is wrestling and see her Mom smiling back at her. Banks' mom has been spotted at various events throughout her career, unlike Banks' father, who Banks has admitted in the past was not kind to both her mother and to her, "He would hit you, pull your hair. He would hit me all the time".

And while her Mom may show the support for her career now, Banks has admitted that it wasn't always this way "I remember I was living in Iowa at the time and there was nothing on tv and we had no cable and SmackDown came on and I was like what is this? And, I remember my mom coming in and being like, ‘What are you doing, what are you watching?’ God wouldn’t like this stuff! Turn that off!’ And I was like, ‘ok.’ So I turned it off and I ran into my brother’s room and I turned it back on and I just continued watching it. And I was like, ‘wow.’ I was instantly hooked and ever since that very moment I watched wrestling every single week." Banks' mother eventually left her the relationship when she realized it was doing more harm than good. (Source: StillRealToUs).

12 Under The Radar: Cameron And Cheyenne (Shawn Michaels' Children)

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Shawn Michaels gave everything he had to the world of wrestling and came away with a career beyond anything he ever could have imagined. And when Shawn sat down for an interview with Jonathan Coachman after he decided to retire, he admitted it was his family that was one of the biggest driving factors. Which makes sense when you learn that Shawn has been with the same woman, Rebecca Curci, for a significant period of time. The two got married in 1999 and have two children together, a son, Cameron and a daughter, Cheyenne. Cameron was born in 2000 and Cheyenne was born in 2004, which means they are definitely getting to the ages where they start leaving the house and becoming more independent.

So nobody should blame Shawn for realizing that his family was the most important thing.

Even if he is fairly lowkey when it comes to talking about them. The last thing he would have wanted was to finally retire from wrestling when both of his children were away to University and he has no real connection to them. Perhaps once his children get even older we can start hearing more from them and get an even better picture of what kind of man Shawn is outside of the ring. (Source: WrestlingInc).

11 Attention: Natalya (Jim Neidhart's Daughter)

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There are definitely some names in the WWE Hall of Fame that would raise some eyebrows. Similarly, there are some people who despite having an impressive career, have been unable to earn that honor and would gladly replace some of the more questionable names. One of the latter is Jim Neidhart, whose legacy has been added to by his daughter, Natalya.

When she was asked directly on if her Dad deserves a spot in the HoF, Natalya was definitely quick to vocalize her support. "I definitely think my dad [Jim Neidhart] can be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. That's my biggest dream is to have my dad at the Hall of Fame and it would be so cool to see my dad and Bret get inducted as the Hart Foundation, that would be awesome, and there's not doubt in my mind that's going to happen. Of course, I would be inducting them." It's just too bad that it isn't up to Natalya! Though we are sure that it will only be a matter of time before that honor gets bestowed to Jim. Though Natalya would have to have a much more impressive career if she ever hoped to join him there. (Source: WrestlingInc).

10 Under The Radar: Paul And Patricia (Triple H's Parents) 

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Paul Levesque is probably very grateful that he has a strong relationship with his father-in-law, Vince McMahon. If not, we're sure his career in the WWE - as well as the relationship with his daughter - probably would have ended up looking very different. When Jim Ross was asked who he thinks will take over the company once Vince steps down, he also pointed to Paul "I think that, if I'm guessing, and it's gonna strictly be a guess — that the money would be on, probably, Paul Levesque to be Vince's successor...I think Vince is kind of preparing him for that in a lot of ways. You always knew that he was different from the other guys because he was very studious, and very - under control. He looked to be a lifer early on, and he got a lot of that from being a fan all his life growing up in the northeast — New Hampshire. Then, getting trained by Killer Kowalski who was a great, old-school guy. So, I think he's probably the heir apparent."

We are also sure that Paul Levesque, aka Triple H, has a tremendous relationship with his parents, Paul and Patricia. But that's a relationship that we just need to infer because Triple H has never been open about his parents. In fact, even this photo of the three of them standing together may be enough to throw you through a loop! (Source: BusinessInsider).

9 Attention: Tamina (Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka's Daughter)

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There are some people out there who when asked about their career, are fortunate enough to say that they feel like they are doing what they were meant to do. That is definitely the case for Tamina Snuka, whose father Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka is one of the most iconic superstars of all-time. "I feel like I was born to do this. I think at a very young age that’s when I fell in love with it. We were able to go to the wrestling matches and watch my father wrestle with other family members. It is a true blessing to be a generational wrestling and carry on the legacy my father has paved the way for me to do.”

Unfortunately for Tamina, her current career aspirations have been derailed from a shoulder injury that required surgery. When talking on Twitter about the operation back in February, she stated "One week post surgery and I’m feeling great. Thanks to KaplanSportsUM @mikeletter and his great team for fixing me up...AGAIN. Big thanks to @wwe and I apologize to all my fans and thanks for the support. I’m anxious to get back! #SoonerThenYouThink #UnfinishedBuisness" We're sure there are many fans out there who can't wait to see her return. (Source: Twitter, Diva-Dirt).

8 Under The Radar: Jessie Belle Smothers (Tracy Smothers' Daughter) 

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Tracy Smothers' career saw him compete in various promotions including WCW, WWF, and ECW. But he also has experience working on some of the smaller circuits, like being involved with Juggalo Championship Wrestling. Which something tells us doesn't exactly carry the same level of publicity.

But Tracy's love of taking on smaller crowds is something that he passed onto his daughter, Jessie. Who even if she hasn't had a career that has been as succesful as her father, at the very least may be easier on the eyes. Though if you asked her about her wrestling career she may not mind the smaller scale she's had, "I like the smaller crowds with between 100-500 people its more fun being able to have "personal" time with the fans," said Jessie in an interview. When talking about her passion for the sport, Jessie also stated "I decided to be a female wrestler just because I love wrestling competing and performing its a part of me and once I stepped into the world of wrestling. I couldn't break away" When it comes to her wrestling resume, Jessie can say that she has worked for OVW and Shine Wrestling. So at the very least, she can say that she had the opportunity to pursue her passion. (Source: WrestlingForum).

7 Attention: James Laurinaitis (Joseph Laurinaitis' Son)

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James Laurinaitis put together an impressive career in an athletic field. But unlike his father, Joseph- who was one-half of The Road Warriors tag-team (he was Animal) - it wasn't the bright lights of the wrestling world that drew him in. Instead, James found his passion in the NFL.

James admitted in a past interview that his father's fame followed him to Ohio State University where he played on the team.

He stated: "A lot of the guys are into it, a lot more than you would think. I was kind of hoping I'd come here and maybe no one would really know about it. But it turns into every day someone will ask me about it." Though he did admit that there were also some positives that came with it. "When we went to homecoming games in elementary school and middle school, my friends would be like, 'Hey, Joe, can you paint our faces for the game? And he'd paint them in either his design or the Road Warriors design. He'd do it in blue and varsity gold, our (school) colors instead of his colors. He was pretty cool about it." James played in the NFL from 2009-2016, primarily as a member of the, then, St.Louis Rams. (Source: ESPN).

6 Under The Radar: Dominic Gutierrez (Rey Mysterio's Son)

via sportskeeda.com

Rey Mysterio's son, Dominic, does have a little bit of experience appearing on WWE television as he has been used in an angle. But fans definitely haven't seen Dominic for several years. Which means that this photo of him towering over Rey Mysterio may be one of your favourites on the entire list. But if you do have a hankering to see Dominic, it may not be too long before he transitions from being a wrestler family member you don't know about, to someone who is on your radar.

Reports back in February 2018 stated that he has begun training for a potential career in the world of wrestling. Jay Lethal, who has experience in ROH and also worked with AJ Lee in the past, has been said to be working with Dominic to help get him ready which should definitely be a reason to be optimistic. While it is only speculation at this point, it is possible that Dominic will try and make his name in the wrestling industry outside of North America, before potentially turning his talents to the WWE. The real question is, if he does make it to the WWE, is he going to be like his father and throw a mask on? (Source: SportsKeeda).

5 Attention: Noelle Foley (Mick Foley's Daughter)

via cdn.com

There are many admirers of Noelle Foley who are quick to let her know on Instagram just how beautiful they think she is. Something that you may not have expected when you consider her Dad is Mick Foley! But when talking about who she has crushed on, Noelle admitted that it was a wrestler who got her hot and bothered, "We were backstage, probably five years ago and Randy Orton drops his shirt. And I'm like, 'dad, Randy just dropped his shirt' and he calls back. "He's like, 'Randy, you dropped your shirt' and Randy's like, 'oh, you can have it', like pointing to me. The first thing I do is smell the shirt because that's me. And it was fruity! Randy Orton smells fruity."

She went on to say... "I just saw him from far away and was pretty much checking him out. Like, I was the creeper in this situation. I don't know. "I just stopped and stared at him. Like, 'wow, he's different and weird - I like that!' I guess his weirdness attracted me. And so, like, two or three weeks later, I saw him, like, in the front row at RAW, and I tweeted him." Though it seems she wasn't alluring enough to secure a date with Orton! Noelle promotes her official YouTube channel on her Instagram page; the latter of which has close to 1 million followers. (Source: WrestlingInc).

4 Under The Radar: David Benoit (Chris Benoit's Son)

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Chris Benoit committed a horrific act back in 2007 when he took the life of his wife, Nancy, their son Daniel the following day, and then finally his own life the day after. Prior to this, Benoit was a surefire Hall of Fame candidate who still had years ahead of him to continue cementing his legacy. Not to mention being part of perhaps one of the most iconic moments in the history of the sport when he won the championship at Wrestlemania 20.

The devastation of the event left a ripple through the WWE that has yet to and never will be able to, completely heal. Which means that not only is Chris never going to get anywhere near the Hall of Fame, his name isn't going to be uttered on WWE programming. But one person that many people may forget, is Chris' other son, David. Who he had with his previous wife, Martina and his daughter Megan. Megan has completely stayed off the radar, though David has shown up at WWE events on occasion. He has also spoken out and said that he feels his Dad deserves to be in the Hall of Fame. But something tells us that's something that isn't going to happen anytime soon! (Source: WrestlingInc).

3 Attention: Dwayne Johnson (Rocky Johnson's Son)

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Dwayne Johnson definitely did not take a conventional path when it came to becoming a major actor in Hollywood. But there is no question that his extensive experience from the WWE has paid dividends when it comes to also being amazing on the set of a movie. Not to mention helped him have the type of body that makes him look like a superhero.

You can also imagine that there was probably a lot more pressure to be in front of a live audience like when he was competing as a wrestler, in comparison to when he is working on a movie set where no matter what happens during a take, you can always just say cut and try again like nothing went wrong. While most of his movies at the moment are your typical action blockbusters, there is no question that it's a formula that is definitely working for him. Johnson's heritage is famous, but their legacy, like Johnson's originally, came from the world of professional wrestling. His father, Rocky, was a talented wrestler who found himself working in both the NWA and WWF. Though we can't imagine Rocky being able to give a better promo than his son!

2 Under The Radar: Alana Leslie (Brutus Beefcake's Daughter)

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The world of professional wrestling is one that leaves wrestlers feeling incredibly beaten up and often in need of spending time in the hospital. Which may be why Brutus Beefcake's daughter, Alana, seemingly elected to choose a career where she can make people feel better.

While she's stayed off the radar, at least as far as wrestling fans are concerned, she's still  earned the support of fellow wrestlers like Hulk Hogan who tweeted at her back in August 2017 saying "Yo Alana Leslie first day working at the hospital, so proud of you, break a leg"not really lol", if I need surgery I'm headed ur way, love you HH" We are sure that regardless of her career choice that she is incredibly grateful to have that level of love and support from people that are close to her family. It's not clear if she is a doctor, nurse, or another position in a hospital, but it's definitely a career that takes her away from a wrestling ring. On the plus side, we are sure that if Brutus ever finds himself hurting even more now that he's going through retirement that Alana will have plenty of remedies to help him out! (Source: Twitter).

1 Attention: Nick Hogan (Hulk Hogan's Son)

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Hulk Hogan's children all had the opportunity to find fame due to their involvement in the reality show Hogan Knows Best. And while Nick wasn't the star, he did show up in Brooke Knows Best as well. But that's not the only reason the world knows about Nick Hogan. Back in 2007, Nick was the driver in a significant car accident that led to the passenger, John Graziano, with life-altering injuries and significant brain damage.

Making the story even uglier for Nick was the fact that it was alleged that he was not only under the influence of alcohol, but was also in the middle of a race when the accident occurred. He ended up serving several months in jail as a result of his behaviour though we're sure there are many people who think he got off too light. Perhaps helping his case was the fact that he was 17 years old at the time. When discussing it in a past interview, Nick stated “It’s hard to move on every day and be positive when there’s something that’s so horribly devastating. There [are] days when I can’t even get out of bed. I pray every day that I will be able to deal with it. It’s something that I carry with me every day.” (Source: LifeandStyleMagazine).

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