10 WWE Wrestler Sons Who Look Nothing Like Their Dads (And 6 Exactly The Same)

There's nothing Vince McMahon loves more than second and third generation Superstars, as many wrestler sons and daughters have gone on to do big things in the WWE. Names such as Randy Orton, Roman Reigns, The Rock, Charlotte Flair, Natalya among many others come to mind. Although it's rather cliche, it is pretty clear that wrestling flows through the blood of second and third generation talent. They definitely have a much easier time learning the ropes and potentially making a name for themselves than the average newcomer to the business. Many of these next generation talents have built on their family legacy and sometimes even surpassed it on their own.

Some wrestler sons and daughters step out of their parents shadow and become stars in their own right. On the flip side of the same coin, not all of them end up making it despite the wrestling heritage in their blood. As I'm sure most of you are well aware, some people end up getting their looks from their dad, where as others get their looks from their mother. For the wrestler sons, I'm sure most would want to inherit their fathers looks, where as the wrestler daughters would undoubtedly want their mothers good looks. Today, we're going to be looking at 10 wrestler sons who look nothing like their dads, and 6 who look exactly the same. Younger of course, but uncannily similar.

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16 Nothing Like Their Dad: Gunner Calaway (The Undertaker)

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Were you even aware that The Undertaker had a son? If you said no, then you'd be in the same boat as me prior to doing a bit of research. The Undertaker does in fact have a son, and his name is Gunner Calaway. However, if you were to see Gunner walking down the street, I highly doubt you'd put two and two together that he was The Phenom's son. Gunner looks absolutely nothing like The Undertaker aside from his hair colour, and he's obviously gotten his looks from his mother.

Up until a couple years ago, few fans even knew The Undertaker had a son, and Taker's obviously done his best to keep Gunner away from the spotlight. It certainly doesn't seem as though Gunner has any intention of pursuing a wrestling career, and with The Undertaker looking completely broken down and 'washed up', Gunner doesn't need any extra reassurance not to.

15 Nothing Like Their Dad: Jake Carter (Vader)

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If you can believe, the young man on the right side of this picture is Big Van Vader's son, Jake Carter. Some of you may remember Carter as he did spend some time in WWE's developmental territory FCW, as well as in NXT. Jake would end up getting released from the company in 2013 unfortunately, and we haven't heard much about Carter ever since.

Jake Carter certainly looks nothing like his dad Vader, and he doesn't share the same enormous build, nor does his face look similar at all - completely unrecognizable in all honesty. Unlike Superstars such as Randy Orton and Roman Reigns who became bigger stars than their dads, Jake Carter hasn't stepped out of his fathers shadow, and he probably never will. Carter's been living a rather quiet life as of late.


14 Exactly The Same: Cody Hall (Scott Hall)

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Aside from Cody Hall's lack of hair, Scott and Cody are literally identical in every way imaginable. Cody shares a very similar build to his dad Scott Hall. Most importantly, he carries himself in a truly similar manner. He is arrogant, but has the talent to back up the attitude. Without question, Cody Hall has a bright future in Sports Entertainment, and it can almost be guaranteed that the 6'9" 270 pounder will find his way to the WWE in the near future as he's definitely ready for the 'big leagues'.

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Perhaps Scott Hall wouldn't be the first candidate for wrestling's 'father of the year' as he's more likely to have been a deadbeat dad, but he's certainly helped mold Cody into a solid worker between the ropes like he used to be. Let's just hope Cody Hall sticks on the right path and doesn't make the same mistakes his dad did during his career and afterwards.

13 Nothing Like Their Dad: Roman Reigns (Sika Anoa'i)


Wrestling undoubtedly flows through the blood of Roman Reigns' entire family, and for those of you unaware, Roman's father is none other than WWE Hall Of Famer Sika Anoa'i. However, if there's one thing for certain when it comes to Reigns, it's the fact that he inherited his good looks from his mother, and not so much Sika - though they do share a similar face structure, but nothing much aside from that.

Showcased above is a photograph of Roman alongside his dad Sika backstage, and I'm sure Sika's incredibly proud of Roman's success in WWE. It's certainly not an easy task to step our of your parents shadow in Sports Entertainment and to be able to make a name for yourself without being labelled a big stars' son or daughter, but Roman Reigns has definitely done just that.


12 Nothing Like Their Dad: Dominic Gutierrez (Rey Mysterio)

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Rey Mysterio's son Dominic Gutierrez looks absolutely nothing like his father, and he certainly didn't inherit his size from Rey as he towers over Mysterio like The Great Khali once did (okay, not that extreme). Regardless, for those of you who've since forgotten, Rey Mysterio's son Dominic appeared a few times on WWE television, especially during Rey's feud with Eddie Guerrero in 2005.

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Dominic was a heck of a lot smaller back then, and he's since grown up into a legitimate looking 'star in the making'. Dominic is currently in training to become a professional wrestler, and with the help of his extremely talented dad, I doubt it will take all too long for Dominic to learn the ropes and hone his craft. It wouldn't be surprising if Dominic ends up signing a developmental deal with WWE in the near future.

11 Exactly The Same: David Benoit (Chris Benoit)

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The late Chris Benoit may be a controversial wrestler in Sports Entertainment history, and while the WWE would rather forget Benoit ever existed for obvious reasons, one simply cannot deny the fact that he's one of the all-time greats between the ropes. If you hadn't known, Chris actually has a fully grown up son who resides in Alberta - his name is David Benoit.

Taking a quick look at the picture above showcasing a side-by-side comparison of Chris and his son David, it doesn't take too long to realize that David Benoit looks exactly the same as his dad. Their resemblance is uncanny, and David undoubtedly inherited most of his looks from Chris. Surprisingly, the WWE's invited David to a few events over the past few years, and he's appeared backstage posing with some of the company's talent including Natalya and Kalisto.


10 Nothing Like Their Dad: Bray Wyatt (Mike Rotunda)

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'The Eater Of Worlds' Bray Wyatt has unquestionably stepped out of his father Mike Rotunda's shadow, and he's since become a much bigger star in Sports Entertainment (not too hard to do considering Rotunda was mainly utilized as an enhancement talent). Bray Wyatt definitely didn't inherit his looks from his dad Mike, as Bray looks nothing like his dad - nor does Bo Dallas or their sister Mika for that matter.

I'm sure Mike Rotunda's very proud of how far his son Bray Wyatt's come in the WWE, as Wyatt started off his career in a very limited role, as 'Husky Harris'. While some fans may joke about Bray Wyatt being used as a big jobber now a days, his position on the card is still relatively stable, and I'm sure the WWE will once again push Wyatt in the near future.

9 Nothing Like Their Dad: Frank Eudy (Sycho Sid)

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Sycho Sid may not have been anything too special compared to legends who were created during the same time period such as The Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart among many others, but he's still a former World Champion from both WCW and WWE so he definitely does deserve some respect for his accomplishments.

While Sid's been out of the spotlight for quite a few years now, fans have still come to realize that 'The Psychotic One' has a son named Frank Eudy. Sid's son Frank had been featured on the reality television show Big Brothers for a couple seasons, and his relation to Sycho Sid was discovered during the show. While Frank Eudy has the same curly hair as his dad Sid, aside from that, there are no real resemblances between the two.


8 Exactly The Same: Randy Orton (Bob Orton Jr.)

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Randy Orton looks exactly like his father 'Cowboy' Bob Orton Jr, just a younger version of the WWE Hall Of Famer. The resemblance between Bob and Randy is uncanny, and Orton definitely inherited most of his looks from his dad. While Bob Orton had a great career in Sports Entertainment for decades on end just like his dad Bob Orton Sr did, Randy has unquestionably stepped out of his fathers and grandfathers shadow and has become the biggest star in the family.

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Randy Orton is one of the smoothest wrestlers in WWE history, and though some claim Orton's a bit boring or stale now, his in-ring work has never deteriorated in any way - he's certainly underrated. Randy Orton had it much easier than most, as the wrestling heritage in his blood helped him master the craft much quicker than most performers.

7 Nothing Like Their Dad: Leland Race (Harley Race)

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Harley Race is one of the all-time greats, and he's arguably one of the top three toughest wrestlers of all time as well. Harley's son Leland Race definitely has some big footsteps to follow in, and while he's doing alright on the Indies as we speak, he's still living in the shadow of Harley, and he hasn't really become anything more than 'Harley Race's son'.

However, with that being said, if Leland didn't have the last name 'Race', I sincerely doubt anybody would've been able to put two and two together that he was Harley's son, as they don't look alike whatsoever. Considering Leland Race hasn't done much to establish himself as a standout star on the Indies, I doubt he'll be getting the call from WWE anytime soon.


6 Exactly The Same: Curtis Axel (Mr Perfect)

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Curtis Axel is a mirror image of his father 'Mr. Perfect' Curt Hennig, as Curtis looks exactly like his dad. Axel has the same facial features as Hennig, and they both share a similar build - though Mr. Perfect was in much better shape. I'm sure Curtis Axel was extremely proud when he captured the Intercontinental Championship back in 2013, as it truly solidified an image of Axel resembling his father which is showcased above.

However, it's clear that Curtis Axel has failed to step out of his fathers shadow in Sports Entertainment, partly due to his blandness, and also partly due to the WWE's lack of sound booking. Mr. Perfect on the other hand was one of the most technically sound wrestlers of his day, and he's arguably one of the best performers who never captured the WWE Championship.

5 Nothing Like Their Dad: David Finlay (Finlay)

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For those of you unaware, former United States Champion Finlay has a son who's attempting to follow in his footsteps as a Sports Entertainer, and his name's David Finlay. However, David definitely does not share much of a resemblance to 'The Belfast Brawler', and he quite honestly looks nothing like his dad.

That being said, David Finlay certainly has a bright future in pro-wrestling, as he's quite talented and is still very young at just 24 years old - David's currently signed to NJPW. With Finlay working behind the scenes in WWE as an agent and backstage producer, I'm sure he has aspirations of eventually convincing top officials to take a look at his son David for a developmental NXT contract.


4 Exactly The Same: Big Sean Studd (Big John Studd)

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Big Sean Studd is undoubtedly a 'spitting image' of his dad Big John Studd, and their resemblance is absolutely uncanny. Showcased above is a picture of John and his son Sean side-by-side, and Sean's definitely his 'daddy's boy' in every way imaginable. Big John Studd is a wrestling legend renowned for his time spent in the WWE throughout the 70s and 80s, and he feuded with the likes of Andre The Giant and Hulk Hogan.

Big 'Sean' Studd certainly has large footsteps to follow in (literally and figuratively), but he's been paving his way to a successful career in Sports Entertainment as he's almost as big as his dad was, and is great in the ring. The WWE unquestionably have their eyes on Sean Studd, and it can almost be guaranteed that he'll end up in WWE NXT sooner rather than later.

3 Nothing Like Their Dad: Nick Hogan (Hulk Hogan)

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When you think of wrestler children who're living off their parents fame, Nick Hogan would probably be one of the first names to pop into your mind. Nick has done nothing of note in the Sports Entertainment or Entertainment industries aside from causing controversy and getting himself in trouble with the law, and he's not what you'd call a really bright young man.

Showcased above is a photograph of Hulk and Nick Hogan, and if there's one thing for certain about Nick, it's the fact that he looks absolutely nothing like his dad. The last name is the only real similarity between the two, and Nick unquestionably inherited his looks from his mother. Perhaps Hulk Hogan's been more of a deadbeat dad versus a 'father of the year' wrestler to his son, but no one other than Nick himself can take the blame for his irresponsible actions over the years.


2 Exactly The Same: Colt Toombs (Roddy Piper)

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The late WWE Hall Of Famer Roddy Piper has a son who looks exactly like him, and his name's Colt Toombs. Colt has the same facial features as his dad, and they truly look nearly identical. Although we haven't heard much about Colt recently, he's still in fact trying to pursue a wrestling career on the Indies on top of his MMA career.

I'm sure the WWE have their eyes on Colt, as the company had a fantastic relationship with Roddy Piper, and considering Toombs has the right look, who knows what the future has in store for Colt in Sports Entertainment. If there's one things for certain about Colt, it's the fact that Toombs has the right attitude, as you couldn't find a nicer and more well spoken young lad out there in the business. Ronda Rousey seems to be a good friend of the Piper family, so perhaps she'll put in a good word for Colt in the future.

1 Nothing Like Their Dad: Tristen Nash (Kevin Nash)

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I'm pretty sure we've all heard about Kevin Nash's son Tristen by now, but for all the wrong reasons unfortunately. Just a while back, Kevin and his son had gotten themselves into a bit of a messy situation when they had been brawling against each other on Christmas Eve in 2014. Kevin and Tristen were both arrested on domestic abuse charges, but thankfully for the both of them, the charges would end up getting dropped.

The two mugshot photos above showcase Kevin Nash side-by-side with his son, and taking a close look, there are literally no resemblances between the two - Tristen looks nothing like his dad whatsoever. However, that being said, one thing this father/son duo have in common is a rather aggressive demeanour, as Tristen's proved to be his 'daddy's boy' in other ways. I'm pretty sure Kevin was a bit of a deadbeat dad to say the least.

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