10 WWE Stars Who Should Be In The Hall of Fame

10 WWE Stars Who Are Need To Be In The Hall of Fame

The WWE Hall of Fame is not a physical structure that fans go to visit whenever they want to see a shrine for the best wrestlers of all-time. Instead, it is a ceremony that occurs once a year on WrestleMania weekend and the only acknowledgment to it other than that is on television and the internet. The first inductee was Andre the Giant and over the years, some of the best wrestlers to ever step foot in the ring were inducted.

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However, with so many members, there are still some major names that should have already entered the WWE Hall of Fame but are still not included. The reasons for these omissions are often controversial, with many leaving the WWE on bad terms and others getting into trouble in other areas. For others, there seems to be no real reason they never got in while others are just waiting for the right time. Here are 10 WWE stars who need to be in the Hall of Fame.


10 WWE Stars Who Are Need To Be In The Hall of Fame

There is a ground-swelling for the induction of Chyna as the female WWE star who needs to be inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2019. Her mother took to Facebook asking for her consideration and Sean "X-Pac" Waltman said that he would love to induct her into the WWE Hall of Fame.

Chyna passed away in 2017 and Triple H told Stone Cold Steve Austin that she was omitted from the WWE Hall of Fame due to her post-WWE career. However, Triple H also said that she deserved to be in there based on her wrestling career and it may be time for the WWE to finally induct the Ninth Wonder of the World.


10 WWE Stars Who Are Need To Be In The Hall of Fame

There are two lines of thinking when it comes to the idea of Owen Hart and the reason he is not in the WWE Hall of Fame. The first is the most obvious. His widow Martha refuses to allow the WWE to induct her late husband and has the rights due to a legal case that awarded her with the rights to his appearance and name after his passing. She still blames the WWE for the accident that took his life.

The other idea is that Hart had not done enough to warrant a Hall of Fame induction. With Koko B. Ware in the Hall of Fame, that latter argument should be thrown out the window. If Hart's widow won't allow him to receive an induction, there is no reason the WWE can't induct the Hart Foundation, which would include Owen Hart and there would be nothing she could do about that.

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10 WWE Stars Who Are Need To Be In The Hall of Fame

If there is one former WWE superstar who really wanted to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, it was Big Van Vader. However, when Vader passed away earlier in 2018, he was still not a member of the Hall of Fame. If the WWE was just waiting for the right time, they waited too long to matter when it came to honoring Vader while he was still alive.

WWE superstars like Godfather, Hillbilly Jim, and Mark Henry could have waited a few years -- especially when the news of Vader's failing health was reported. Now, the big man from Colorado is gone and if the WWE inducts him, it will be yet another in a long list of posthumous selections for the company.


10 WWE Stars Who Are Need To Be In The Hall of Fame

There are some wrestlers who are locks as WWE stars who need to be in the Hall of Fame but the WWE is just waiting for the right time. At the moment, the biggest WWE Hall of Fame rumors sees Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson as the headliner of the 2019 class. It is hugely deserved, as he was not only a 10-time world champion, but he transcended wrestling as the most successful entertainer in Hollywood since he left the company.

The rumors now are that the WWE has moved the Hall of Fame in 2019 to Saturday night instead of Friday night and that is to help ease the travel plans of The Rock. Even if he doesn't get into the Hall of Fame this year, he is a lock sooner rather than later.

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10 WWE Stars Who Are Need To Be In The Hall of Fame

If there is any WWE star out there who deserves to be in the Hall of Fame more than anyone else, it is The Undertaker. He took a character that would have been a joke in anyone else's hands -- a demented mortician -- and morphed it into the most popular character to ever exist in the WWE Universe. He is a true legend and possibly the greatest star in the history of the industry.

The main reason he is not in the WWE Hall of Fame is that he refuses to retire. He has already come back this year for matches against John Cena, Rusev and DX and there are heavy rumors that he will face Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania 35. Don't expect a Hall of Fame induction until after he retires, but that could come as soon as 2020.

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10 WWE Stars Who Are Need To Be In The Hall of Fame

In the late '80s, the WWE brought in their answer to the Road Warriors. With Hawk and Animal tearing it up as one of the most successful tag teams in the NWA, the WWE created their own monster team in Demolition. Ax and Smash ruled the division with Mr. Fuji as their manager and ran over the babyface teams of their era.

They ended up winning the WWF World Tag Team Championships three times and were the longest reigning tag team champions in history for years. The problem is that Bill Eadle (Ax) sued the WWE for rights to the Demolition gimmick and then he and Barry Darsow (Smash) were part of the concussion lawsuit in recent years. Demolition is also asking for a ton of money just to show up for a Hall of Fame induction.


10 WWE Stars Who Are Need To Be In The Hall of Fame

Another heavily rumored addition to the WWE Hall of Fame in 2019 is the nWo as a unit. The WWE just signed Hulk Hogan to a new legend's deal to bring him back to the company and have been promoting nWo stuff on the WWE Network. They also promoted the nWo's recent autograph signing in Florida and it seems that the WWE might have some plans for the group.

Now, the WWE doesn't need to induct every member of the nWo, especially since there were dozens of members in the various iterations. However, Hulk Hogan, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall and probably Eric Bischoff deserve induction as a unit.

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10 WWE Stars Who Are Need To Be In The Hall of Fame

For many years, Rick and Scott Steiner were considered the greatest tag team in the world. They held titles in WCW, the WWE and in Japan. No one was better than them and they were the top guys no matter where they competed. In the WWE, they were two-time world tag champs and they held the NWA/WCW titles seven times and the IWGP titles twice.

They ended up breaking up when Scott Steiner got his big singles push as Big Poppa Pump and that is where things went bad. Steiner was willing to say anything he wanted and burned a lot of bridges. He got a chance to come back to the WWE and it lasted a very short time with him leaving and ripping the WWE every chance he got. The Steiner Brothers deserve to be in the Hall of Fame but no one in the WWE wants to hand Scott Steiner a live mic.


10 WWE Stars Who Are Need To Be In The Hall of Fame

The word from backstage was that the WWE offered Batista a WWE Hall of Fame induction in 2017 but he turned it down. The reports indicate that he was not finished with his professional wrestling career despite being a full-time Hollywood movie star for the past few years. Batista made his return at the recent SmackDown anniversary show and looked to be starting an angle with Triple H.

Triple H fell to injury in Saudi Arabia and those plans were nixed -- for now. Batista will go into the WWE Hall of Fame very soon but it sounds like he wants to have his one final run before he does. Expect him to get his induction in 2020 or 2021.


10 WWE Stars Who Are Need To Be In The Hall of Fame

If there is anyone who deserves to be in the WWE Hall of Fame over any other individual in the company's history, it is Vince McMahon. In the early '80s, McMahon convinced his dad to sell him the WWF and he set out to build it into an empire. He took a huge chance with WrestleMania and it was enough to make the promotion a monster success.

Through the years, McMahon became a billionaire thanks to his genius at promoting professional wrestling, creating stars like Hulk Hogan, Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Undertaker, and John Cena, among others. However, there is a good chance that McMahon refuses to put himself over his former wrestlers and doesn't want to enter the Hall of Fame until he is gone.

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