8 Wrestlers More Attractive Than Their Siblings (And 7 Not)

In this day and age, fans know everything about their favourite wrestler, including their family life. With wrestlers being active on social media, fans get a glimpse into the star’s private life. They learn things they never knew before such as that the wrestler has siblings. Throughout the years, we’ve seen numerous siblings of wrestlers. The most famous are The Hardy Boyz along with the Rhodes brothers. But you’ll be surprised at the number of wrestlers who have siblings. For instance, WWE star Bayley has a sister, while Seth Rollins has a brother.

While these siblings live life away from the spotlight, they’ve become well-known with fans thanks to the wrestlers’ sharing photos of them. Looking at photos of the wrestler’s siblings, you can often see a resemblance between the two. However, there are some wrestlers and siblings where you have to wonder how they can be related. Some of the siblings look just as good, if not better than the wrestler. The siblings could easily be a star just like their famous wrestling relative. Yet, most of the time the wrestler is the one who inherited the looks in the family and that’s one of the reasons they stand out among crowds.

This list includes wrestlers and their siblings that the public may not know about. Looking at these pictures, you can see which wrestlers look better than the siblings, and which ones don’t. So let’s compare how these wrestlers look next to their siblings.

15 More: Maria Kanellis

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As a former model turned wrestler, Maria Kanellis’ good looks have helped her in her career. The redheaded Diva became popular with fans during her first run with WWE. Her popularity became so huge that she posed for Playboy and was a contestant on Celebrity Apprentice.

When fans learned that Maria had a sister, they were surprised to hear of another beautiful Kanellis lady.

If you see photos of them, Janny strongly resembles her sister with the exception of their hair colours. Like her sister, Janny became a big name in their hometown of Chicago. For a few years, she served as a dancer for the cheer squad of The University of Illinois. Since Janny’s days as a dancer have come to an end, she’s living life on the down-low, while Maria continues to maintain success in the world of wrestling.

14 Not: Bayley

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As a huggable superstar, Bayley is a hit with wrestling fans. Her lovable personality along with her cute looks has made her stick out among the rest of the women on the roster. Bayley’s onscreen persona is just like hers in real life. She mostly leads a quiet life and has never had any trouble.

Although, the same may not be said for her sister Brenda. Judging by the pictures, Bayley and Brenda do look a lot alike. Yet, Brenda isn’t afraid to flaunt her physique as evidenced by this photo. While Brenda is a gorgeous woman, unlike Bayley she tends to lead a private life. This is bad news for anyone who wanted to see Brenda join her famous wrestling sister on television.

13 More: Lana

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Ravishing beauty Lana had the fans turning their heads the moment she appeared on WWE television. The valet turned wrestler became more famous than her better half Rusev.

Whenever she would appear ringside, fans would chant her name.

Lana’s popularity continued to grow via Total Divas, where the audience was introduced to her family, including her sister Hadassah. Not much is known about Hadassah since she has a fairly private life, although Lana does occasionally share pics of her baby sister. Looking at the pictures, the sisters share a lot. But if fans want to see more of Hadassah, they’ll have to settle for glimpses of her on Lana’s social media. Something tells us, Hadassah has no desire to follow in Lana's footsteps of modelling or wrestling.

12 Not: Carmella

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For the past two years, Carmella has been making her mark on the Smackdown women’s division. The Staten Island Princess is the first ever Ms. Money In The Bank winner and one of the top women on the blue brand. What many people don’t know about Carmella is that she comes from a wrestling family. Her father was Paul Van Dale, who worked a few WWE matches in his career.

Carmella also has a younger sister named Breanna, who is often featured in photos on her sister’s Instagram account.

Looking at the pictures, the sisters share a close bond along with the same stunning looks. Like many wrestling siblings, Breanna tends to stay out of the spotlight. Although, fans are wondering if Breanna ever get the wrestling gene, if so she just may upstage her famous sister.

11 More: Alicia Fox

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As a veteran of the women’s division, Alicia Fox has been gracing WWE television for 10 years. Prior to becoming a wrestler, Alicia Fox worked as a model, which is something that was frowned upon by the WWE Universe. But Alicia proved that she was more than a pretty face. Her athleticism shined through in the ring and earned her the Divas championship. But Alicia wasn’t the only member of her household to try their hand at wrestling.

Her younger sister Christina worked for two years in WWE’s old developmental territory FCW under the name Caylee Turner.

Although, her tenure as a wrestler was cut short, Caylee proved that she had beauty and athleticism just like her famous sister. Since her WWE career ended, Christina has gone on to become a professional cheerleader, leaving the wrestling to her older sister.

10 Not: Natalya

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As a member of the prestigious Hart/Neidhart families, Natalya is part of a wrestling dynasty. She loves talking about her family every chance she gets and they’ve made guest appearances on Total Divas. Her parents are featured heavily on the show along with her older sister Jenni. Unlike her sister, Jenni never had an interest in pursuing a wrestling career. Instead Jenni focused on her love of cooking for her career aspirations.

Although Jenni isn’t as big a star as Natalya, she’s become well-known by fans thanks to her appearances on Total Divas.

She even attracted the attention to one of Natalya’s co-workers. During one episode of the show, Big E took Jenni out on a date, which ended with them enjoying a dip in the hot tub. Nothing came of the relationship between the two, but with Jenni's gorgeous looks, she'll have no trouble finding another suitor.

9 More: Dolph Ziggler

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For 10 years, Dolph Ziggler has been making female fans swoon. The Show Off is known for wearing his tight pants and shaking things up during his entrance. His handsome looks along with his long, blonde hair made him one of WWE’s hottest male Superstars.

But did you know that Dolph has a brother named Ryan Nemeth. At one point, Ryan followed in his famous brother’s footsteps and pursued a wrestling career. Going by the name Briley Pierce, Ryan worked as a wrestler and later an interviewer for WWE’s developmental territory NXT. However after two years, Ryan was let go from the company. Following the end of his wrestling career, Ryan began a new career as a writer and comedian. Ryan and Dolph are both two good looking guys, but it’s Dolph’s rockstar persona that makes him the breakout star.

8 Not: Bray Wyatt

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Fans know that Bray Wyatt comes from a wrestling family. His father is former WWE star Mike Rotunda aka IRS. So it’s no surprise that Bray and his brother Bo Dallas decided to follow in their father’s footsteps. But the two brothers aren’t the only athletes in the family. Their sister Mika is a fitness buff, who often writes about workouts and nutrition on her blog.

Looking at photos of the siblings, you’ll wonder how they can be related.

Bo and Mika share a lot of their facial structures. With Bray, it’s hard to tell if he shares the same smile as his sibling since his face is covered with a beard and long hair. Bray’s unkempt appearance is part of his wrestling persona, yet it’s a stark contrast from Bo and Mika's styles.

7 More: Cody Rhodes

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Coming from a wrestling dynasty, Cody Rhodes was destined to pursue a career in the squared circle. As the son of Dusty Rhodes and the brother of Dustin Runnels aka Goldust, Cody had some big shoes to fill. Yet, he etched out a pretty solid career for himself in WWE and on the independent scene.

Even though Goldust is the veteran in the wrestling business, Cody is on his way to surpassing his brother. Looking at Dustin and Cody, it’s hard to imagine these two are brothers, yet it’s obvious they’ve inherited their father’s genes. While Goldust had the pleasure of working with lots of female valets such as Terri Runnels, Cody Rhodes has garnered plenty of attention from the ladies himself. Throughout his career he’s been involved in an onscreen storyline with Kaitlyn and The Bella Twins. Yet, it was Brandi Rhodes who would eventually win Cody's heart.

6 Not: John Cena

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As WWE’s top star, John Cena has notched out a nice career for himself. Not only has he won numerous wrestling championships, but he’s also begun a career as an actor and earned millions of dollars. Even though, Cena has achieved lots of success, he’s never forgotten his roots. Family is very important to Cena and he’s extremely close to his four brothers.

Cena’s brothers have been featured in WWE documentaries and made a special appearance on Total Divas when he brought Nikki home to meet the family.

Cena may be the big star in the family, but his brothers have the looks to make it in showbiz as well. In fact, his younger brother Matt is big into fitness and is often seen working out with John in the gym. Who knows, maybe another Cena will join John in becoming a big star?

5 More: Seth Rollins

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From the moment he debuted with The Shield, Seth Rollins became a breakout star. With his athleticism and his good looks, Rollins became the fan girls’ number one crush. Like many wrestling fans, everyone wants to know details about The Architect. That’s why it was surprising to learn that Seth has a brother named Brandon.

The two brothers often banter back and forth on Twitter, and Brandon is just like Seth in every sense.

Not only do they share a lot, but they also share a love of fitness and have nerdy personas.  While Brandon is a handsome man and appears to have a great personality, Seth shouldn’t worry about his brother stealing his fans. Seth’s wrestling skills and success make him the true star of the family.

4 Not: Charlotte Flair

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Out of all of Ric Flair’s children, Charlotte has become the most famous. The blonde beauty has accomplished many milestones by main eventing PPVs and winning numerous championships. While many often refer to her as Ric’s daughter, what many don’t know is that she’s not his only daughter. Charlotte has an older sister named Megan.

The two sisters are very close and often spend time together at family functions. They were also featured on WWE television when Ric was inducted into the Hall of Fame and later retired at Wrestlemania. Taking a look at pictures of the sisters, they share the same blonde hair. Although, Charlotte is the well-known of the Flair siblings, Megan is just as beautiful as her wrestling sister. But don’t expect Megan to follow in Ric or Charlotte’s footsteps. Megan is happy being a stay at home mom to her daughter Morgan.

3 More: Finn Balor

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Growing up in Ireland, as a young boy Finn Balor always wanted to be a wrestler. With his family’s support, he decided to pursue his dream of wrestling. Even though he’s a top star in WWE and is busy traveling the world, Finn remains extremely close to his family. He returns to Ireland to visit them whenever he can, and his family can sometimes been seen cheering him on at PPV or house shows.

Among those who come to cheer on Finn are his three brothers. Based on the photos of the boys together, it’s uncanny how much they share. It’s obvious they’ve inherited Finn’s blue eyes and devilish smile. The rest of the Balor brothers are indeed handsome and probably have gained some fans thanks to photos like these. Yet, Finn will always come out on top as the best out of all the brothers.

2 Not: Dana Brooke

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Fitness model Dana Brooke has taken the wrestling world by storm. The former bodybuilder has served as a protégé for stars such as Charlotte Flair and Emma, but now she’s focusing on a singles career. With her blonde hair and physique, Dana stands out among the rest of the women’s division.

Even though she’s made it big in WWE, life hasn’t always been easy for Dana. The star has faced heartbreak over the past year and she relied on her family, especially her sister Britt to help her through the ordeal. Dana and Britt share a close bond, and the wrestler isn’t shy about praising her younger sister. With the way Dana talks about her, it seems like Britt is a beautiful person both inside and out.

1 More: Maryse

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French beauty Maryse has made a name for herself. Not only is she a two-time Divas champion and former valet, but she’s also one of the stars of the reality show Total Divas. With her beautiful looks and sultry accent, it’s no wonder that Maryse garners a lot of attention.

When she’s away from the spotlight, Maryse loves to spend time with her family. Maryse has a sister named Michelle, who she’s extremely close with. The wrestler often posts photos on social media showing the sisters hanging out. Little is known about Maryse’s sister, but as you can tell the two women resemble each other. While Michelle has the looks to make into modeling like Maryse did, something tells us she prefers life away from the glitz and glamour unlike her sister and A-list brother-in-law.

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