10 WWE Wrestlers Who Have Changed Heel Or Babyface The Most

While some wrestlers will spend their entire careers as babyfaces or heels, the vast majority of talents will at least switch things up at least once or twice during the duration of their careers.

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However, there are a certain number of wrestlers who have changed so many times that it actually got to the point where fans no longer reacted or truly cared about the changes as they were just expected to switch back again at some point.

While a good heel or babyface turn can be incredibly impactful, too much of a good thing begins to spoil it, and for these 10 wrestlers that was certainly the case, as they have made the switch more times than people care to remember.

10 Mark Henry

Granted, Mark Henry pulled off one of the best heel turns in WWE history towards the very end of his career with his fake retirement speech, a large number of his changes have sadly been underwhelming and forgettable.

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As this list will highlight, it seems that when it comes to bigger wrestlers, WWE often has problems in keeping them as a heel or a babyface, finding the need to switch them to show off new sides of their personality.

It is almost like WWE hopes that making a huge wrestler a babyface will make fans forget about how scary they can be for the inevitable heel turn, which is something they often did with Mark Henry.

9 Dolph Ziggler

The Show-Off has always been booked in a strange manner, as he has always been at the World Championship level, yet for some reason, he has rarely reached that point in his career so far.

One of the big reasons for that is because fans no longer take him seriously in that role, with a large part of that being down to the number of times he has changed from heel to babyface, with WWE simply using him for whatever they need because of how talented he is.

Ziggler's entire character and look suits being a heel, and he is at his absolute best within that role, but that hasn't stopped creative from changing things up countless times, only to revert back to what he does best after a few months.

8 The Bella Twins

That's right, it isn't just the male roster that WWE has enjoyed flipping back and forth from babyface to heel, as the women of WWE have often been victims of this situation as well, with the Bella Twins changing frequently during their careers.

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It is quite easy to see why WWE would want to change them up, as the Bellas are very easy to hate, but just as easy to love, which makes it hard for creative to place them, but that doesn't mean they needed to change quite as often as they did during their careers.

Things got confusing for the fans when the reality show Total Divas hit the screens though, with the world seeing that they were nice people who care about the planet and the fans, yet on TV they were being vile heels, making things a little more complicated.

7 Daniel Bryan

Much like his wife, Brie Bella, Daniel Bryan has also made countless turns within WWE, although thankfully the vast majority of his have felt very organic and impactful, which is why he is considered to be one of the all-time greats.

Most of the time when it comes to Bryan's turns, it has actually been the fans making the call on how he has been treated. After all, the Yes Movement all began due to his quick WrestleMania loss to Sheamus, where he was a heel.

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The fans also recently welcomed him back to being a babyface despite months of Bryan screaming at the fans about how they harm the environment, but each time he is just able to make things work.

6 Randy Orton

Despite the fact Randy Orton is one of the best heels of the past 20 years, WWE has often insisted on changing him to being a babyface, simply because they know how good he is, even though he is actually terrible in that role.

Orton has never suited trying to be a good guy and he always looks like he is hating every second of his job when he is made to do that, which doesn't bring the best out of him as a performer, making the decision seem even more pointless.

After a while, he always turns back and fans can enjoy the Viper at his best once again, but his legacy as a performer would look a lot better without his babyface runs.

5 Chris Jericho

The master at reinventing himself, Chris Jericho has made many changes from heel to babyface, but unlike a lot of the wrestlers on here, they have been intentional decisions made by Jericho himself.

Thankfully, Jericho has never felt stale, no matter how many times he has made the decision to switch things up, he always manages to get the crowd on board as his character is always totally different, which makes him feel fresh.

Even now, working with AEW, Jericho has changed once again to being a heel despite the fact that it would be so easy for him to sit as a babyface due to his legendary status, and when he makes his inevitable WWE return for a HOF induction, you can bet he will be back to being the good guy again!

4 Triple H

The Game has had quite a few effective babyface and heel turns during his career, and his changes normally lasted a significant amount of time, which made them memorable. However, it has become quite the issue later on in his career.

Because Triple H wears so many hats in the company, it is hard to place him now. Triple H is respected and loved by the hardcore fans for creating NXT, and he will appear on Takeovers as a top babyface to get the fans pumped.

Yet the next night on the main roster he has turned up as a detested heel authority figure, which has led to confusion and made some of his more recent turns really mean very little.

3 Kane

When you have a character that is a built as a dominant and scary monster, it is quite easy for WWE to book them as a heel, which is exactly what happened with Kane when he first burst onto the scene in WWE.

However, after a lengthy run without quite making it as a top World Champion athlete, the fans started to demand a change from the Big Red Machine, which led to him turning babyface, and then back to a heel again and so forth.

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WWE quickly worked out that Kane was very entertaining as a babyface, and that the fans respected him enough to accept it. Yet, whenever WWE needed a dominant heel, they just often ran to Kane as the classic monster is something that always works, which hurt him in the long run.

2 Natalya

While Natalya is incredibly talented inside the ring, it has always been obvious that finding a gimmick that fully connects with the fans has been difficult for her, which is one of the reasons why WWE has turned her so many times.

The company clearly has always been unsure of how to utilize her, but because she has always been one of the best in-ring talents on the roster, WWE has always wanted to have her in a prominent role.

She is a perfect example of how constant turns can actually hurt a character, as fans have stopped reacting to Natalya when she makes these changes, struggling to connect with her at all nowadays.

1 Big Show

There couldn't really be anybody else taking the top spot on this list could there? The World's Largest Athlete has turned heel and babyface more times than anyone in the history of wrestling, and sadly it was to the detriment of his career.

While some of the changes were necessary in order to keep Big Show interesting to the fans, he ended up switching that many times that the WWE Universe simply stopped caring about them when they happened.

Sometimes, Big Show would change mid-match, only to switch again a few weeks later and the more changes he did the less impactful they became, with Show simply being known for his constant changes, which sort of took over from his work.

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