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Was great seeing @mikethemiz Always was go cool to me @wwe

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Since his release, Ellsworth has appeared on multiple wrestling podcasts, including the Steve Austin Show, and spoke glowingly about his time in WWE and how he wished he was able to do even more during his memorable run.

The best part about WWE is when something so unexpected happens almost naturally and becomes a part of a story. That was the case with James Ellsworth, a longtime independent wrestler who developed somewhat of a cult following after his squash match against Braun Strowman in 2016 and was subsequently

placed at the center of the AJ Styles and Dean Ambrose feud for the WWE World Championship. Ellsworth managed to stick around for more than a year, eventually becoming the valet for Carmella before being released in November 2017.

Unfortunately, that hasn't been the case; instead, he has taken to capitalizing on his new-found name recognition by wrestling a series of intergender matches for independent promotions and billing himself as the World Intergender Champion. He also recently appeared on the One Night Only Impact Wrestling event Cali Combat, where he defeated Kal Jack via a low blow followed by some sweet No Chin Music. It's unclear at this point whether he will continue working with Impact. He's been in contact with lots of WWE stars most recently, including Carmella who he texts regularly and The Miz among other names. We wouldn't be shocked if mentioned to either of those names to put in a good word backstage.

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