15 Wrestlers We Recently Lost All Respect For

Wrestling is an industry built on respect. It's at the very foundation of the sport from the wrestlers trying to earn it from their co-workers to needing it to from the fans get over with them. Respect is crucial to building a long and successful wrestling career, especially in the WWE.

You won't hear a bad word about some of the all-time greatest wrestlers because they are usually extremely well respected. The Undertaker sits at the top of that mountain and has the ultimate respect of everyone in the business, yet there are some wrestlers who don't seem to understand that principle.

For some, it's because they are young and make a simple mistake. Fortunately for them, they can eventually earn it back by working hard and staying on the right path. Yet for others, it is because that's how they are and their actions prove to cost them all respect from the fans, which means that they no longer care about them. These wrestlers often never recover from their own mistakes and wind up out of the business and forgotten.

This has happened to many wrestlers throughout history, but in this age of social media it seems to be easier for fans to catch a story and change their opinions and this list will look at that, discussing 15 wrestlers who have recently lost fans respect.


15 Baron Corbin

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For hardcore wrestling fans, dirt sheets are crucial and the most respected journalist in the world of professional wrestling is none other than Dave Meltzer. He has his flaws, as much as anybody does but he is incredibly well respected within the wrestling world. Therefore when Baron Corbin decided to call out Meltzer and the fact he has never cut a promo or worked a match, engaging in a Twitter war with him, he understandably annoyed a lot of people.

While many fans lost respect for the Lone Wolf, it appeared that WWE also didn't approve of it, with Corbin failing to cash in his Money In The Bank briefcase and then losing his United States Championship, making it a tough end to 2017.

14 Enzo Amore

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Enzo Amore has been in the fan's bad books for some time now, from cheating on the beautiful Liv Morgan, to his constant bragging about how much money he earns, people were quickly starting to sour on the Cruiserweight.

However, the news that broke this week prior to the Raw 25 episode that a wrestling fan is claiming to have been intoxicated and assaulted by Amore has left the WWE Universe totally stunned and disgusted with him. Of course, at the time of this writing, Amore hasn't been convicted of these allegations, but he has officially been released by WWE and wrestling fans are already quickly losing respect for the once popular star, whose career might well be over.

13 Alberto El Patron

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Alberto El Patron (f.k.a Alberto Del Rio) has always been a controversial figure amongst wrestling fans, but in recent years his behaviour has seen even his most diehard fans lose respect for him.

His relationship with WWE Superstar Paige opened El Patron up to a lot of criticism. From the major arguments that the pair had, to his decision to spend a lot of his spare time complaining about his former company, El Patron became a controversial man. Whether he beat Paige is unknown and not confirmed, but the recordings of their argument in the airport certainly alerted fans and they have not forgiven him since.

12 Sasha Banks

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Stories about her hating meeting fans in public have left many with a bitter taste about the Boss, who many once loved. Even though she certainly has a point with her complaints about the way some fans choose to stalk her.

It would appear that some wrestlers just can't win and even though The Boss certainly has a valid argument, with one fan finding out exactly when she was landing at an airport, those situations fall on deaf ears for some fans. Some expect her to be in high spirits at all times, and given the number of images with her looking unhappy to meet fans, it appears it might be a bigger issue than she once made out.

11 Eva Marie

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Another name who has now left WWE, something that didn't come as much of a surprise to anybody, but despite the fans going back and forth with putting effort into her, but by the end fans simply gave up on her.

The fact that Eva Marie didn't seem to try and learn the craft of wrestling or fully respect the business is something that fans picked up and that quickly saw the fans lose their respect for her, despite her looks. Marie found herself suspended for breaking WWE's wellness policy, which she complained about, and never returned to WWE and fans haven't exactly been crying out for a return.

10 Cameron

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From her ridiculous statement that she only dates white people, leading to a lot of backlash with people claiming she was racist, the former WWE Superstar managed to lose a lot of fans' respect. But her decision to back up Ryback in the argument about what wrestlers would be paid was her biggest moment that lost fans' interest and respect, as she clearly showed she didn't fully understand the business.

Given that she had barely made an impact in the wrestling industry, to be calling out WWE for its pay was a strange thing to do, especially when you consider that she was still employed by the company at the time. It is never a good idea to bash your own employer on the clock.

9 Paige

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It's fair to say that the Anti-Diva has had a year from hell over the past 12 months, from having her private photos and videos be leaked to the fact that her in-ring career could be over, Paige has been dealt a poor hand.

While she has actually gained the respect of many people for how she has dealt with the situation that, for the most part, wasn't her fault, that doesn't mean some fans saw her in a different light after the whole incident. Paige did also make some bad calls, especially where her former fiance Alberto El Patron was concerned, talking trash about WWE and making some poor decisions that led to fans losing respect for her, even under difficult times.


8 Simon Gotch

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When WWE announced it was releasing Simon Gotch it didn't come as a major surprise to most wrestling fans, even those who aren't into reading the dirt sheets to learn about his behaviour, he had hardly been featured on TV.

But it was his behaviour that caused him the most problems, with Gotch reportedly having a terrible attitude backstage which saw him get involved in many altercations with his fellow WWE superstars. Sin Cara and Chris Jericho are just two of the people that Gotch has got himself into issues with and many wrestling fans quickly learned about this and lost respect for the throwback wrestler.

7 Batista

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Despite how many times Batista states he would be open to a return to wrestling, it feels like that couldn't be further from the truth as the majority of times he speaks about the subject, it becomes a very negative topic. Batista has mentioned he does want one more run in WWE at some stage, but he certainly has many problems with the company as well, and he is happy to voice them, something that frustrates many fans of the current product.

Given Batista's rise to fame in Hollywood, many WWE fans want to hear him singing the praises of the company, instead, they often get him bashing booking decisions or the fact they are still PG, which has meant many wrestling fans have given up on him.

6 Brad Maddox

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At one point it seemed like Brad Maddox was set to have quite a strong run with WWE until he uttered an expletive at a house show and was released. After that, he seemingly disappeared and wasn't much of a thought for WWE fans.

However, Maddox was obviously thrust back into the limelight when the videos of him and Paige were released to the public, and this certainly lost him a lot of respect from within the wrestling community. Instead of standing up for Paige and attempting to help her, he posted strange videos that only made the entire situation worse, and given that the majority were all his recordings he also received a lot of the blame.

5 Josh Bredl

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If you aren't aware of Josh Bredl it doesn't really come as a surprise, he was the Tough Enough winner in 2015 and seemed like he had potential moving forwards due to his size and look and the fact he showed promise during the competition.

However, all of that was brought to a halt for perhaps the only thing you might know him for, which was when he put out a disrespectful tweet regarding the old stable Social Outcasts, calling them Social Jobbers. His decision to rip into main roster talent when he was barely working NXT house shows was seen as a huge sign of disrespect and he lost the respect of not only the fans but also his fellow wrestlers.

4 Lio Rush

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Twitter can be a great thing. It allows wrestlers the chance to connect with its audience in a way like never before, yet because of that, it can also be a curse, as one wrong move will be locked in history forever, as Lio Rush found out.

One of NXT's newest stars has been unable to get going in the company because he quickly lost all respect from not just fans, but also his peers before his career was able to get started when he decided to mock Emmas upon her release. Emma was a very talented wrestler and one who fans were surprised to see be let go, and Rush's decision to make a joke at her expense after just losing her job was one that hasn't gone down well with anybody.

3 Ryback

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Where do you start with Ryback? The former Intercontinental Champion has made so many ridiculous comments since leaving WWE that it is hard to narrow down just a few, with the Big Guy clearly being rather bitter about his WWE departure.

From demanding that people who lose matches be paid as the same as the victors, to claiming he was originally supposed to squash AJ Styles at WrestleMania, his podcast is full of wild stories. His comments have just left many fans confused, with the WWE Universe rather hoping that Ryback just enjoyed his time on the indies instead of worrying about what is happening in WWE.


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Whilst he might not have officially been wrestling for some time, the amount of news and stories that have broken about JBL in recent years have made fans really sour on the former A.P.A member.

Fans lost so much respect for JBL that #FireJBL was a trending topic on Twitter due to many people discussing how he used to bully people backstage, with Justin Roberts' autobiography opening up a can of worms that nobody could control. This only got worse with the speculation surrounding Layfield bullying Mauro Ranallo, a man who suffers from mental health issues, which certainly saw fans change their opinions on him.

1 Rich Swann

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Rich Swann was one of the breakout stars from the Cruiserweight Classic and managed to sustain a small level of success within WWE's failing cruiserweight division, but whilst on 205 Live he has fans dancing, in real life, he quickly made them disgusted in his own behaviour.

Swann is currently suspended by WWE after an incident involving domestic violence and kidnapping, something that the company, nor its fans who have quickly lost all respect for the once all happy and dancing wrestler. Nobody is going to treat Swann in the same way if he was ever to return to WWE, with fans not expecting anything like this from him, which is clear by the fact there hasn't been an outcry for him.


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