10 Wrestlers Who Constantly Mess Up Their Moves And 10 Who Are Flawless In The Ring

The rise of social media and the introduction of the WWE Network means that superstars are rarely able to hide their botches anymore. There was once a time when WWE would be able to edit out anything that went wrong on TV, but now that Raw and SmackDown are presented live, there is nowhere to hide.

This means that various WWE stars have gotten themselves quite the reputation when it comes to botching moves since the company can't hide the things that are done on live tv. Whilst WWE does stream on a delay, this is mainly to blank out any bad language that is heard from the WWE Universe or as part of a promo.

Recently Brie Bella has been in the news because of her botch against Liv Morgan which sidelined the star for more than a week with a concussion, but while the WWE Universe approached the former Divas Champion with pitchforks following the error, she's definitely not the only superstar to have botched one of her own moves in the past.

While many stars are called out for the botches they deliver, wrestlers are never noticed for the fact that they rarely botch. That is the other end of the spectrum and the reason why many wrestlers enjoy working with the likes of Daniel Bryan, AJ Styles and John Cena.

The following list looks at just 10 WWE Superstars who have a reputation for botching in the ring, as well as 10 who are known to be flawless when it comes to their move-sets. Experience is a key factor in a lot of these cases, but some stars have just become much better at performing in front of a crowd than others.

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20 Constantly Mess Up: Lana

via celebmafia.com

In fairness to Lana, she was signed to WWE back in 2013 because the company knew the impact that she could have on the mic alone. She has since been aligned with Rusev for most of her career and only recently showed an interest in learning the craft.

Lana has been forced to learn at a much faster pace than many other stars.

She had her first match at WrestleMania 32, before going on to wrestle her second at the Money in the Bank pay-per-view last year, where she competed for the Women's Championship. Lana isn't at the same level as the other women on the SmackDown roster but she has plenty of time to improve.

19 Flawless: Daniel Bryan

via thechairshot.com

Daniel Bryan has been wrestling for two decades all over the world and has been at the top of his game ever since he came to WWE, which is why he is someone who is rarely pulled up for botching moves.

Bryan's style in the ring is very grounded and he is known as quite the master of submissions because he spent so much time learning his craft before he was able to secure that lucrative contract with WWE. He came to the company as a seasoned professional. Bryan's one fall back was his promo ability and it's something that he has definitely improved on over the past eight years.

18 Constantly Mess Up: Jeff Hardy

via foxsports.com

The problem with having a high flying style is that more often than not, there is a reliance on the other person in the ring and sometimes they are in the wrong place. This is exactly what happened to Jeff Hardy back at The Greatest Royal Rumble when he went for a Whisper in the Wind and Jinder Mahal wasn't there to catch him, but he bumped anyway.

Hardy is one of the most entertaining and charismatic stars on the roster but because he has such an unpredictable style. That style also leaves him open to botches all the time and has given him a reputation that no veteran wants.

17 Flawless: Dolph Ziggler

via wwe.com

Dolph Ziggler is widely considered to be one of the best wrestlers of the current generation, this is because he has a tendency to oversell moves but always makes his moveset look realistic in an era when fans are looking for proof that the product is fake.

Ziggler has been wrestling in WWE now for more than a decade under various guises and is a former World Champion, things that don't come by chance.

Ziggler worked on his craft in OVW as part of The Spirit Squad and even when he was a caddy for Chavo Guerrero before finding his own gimmick. He is a walking example that there is no substitute for hard work in the wrestling business.

16 Constantly Mess Up: Dana Brooke

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Dana Brooke has a unique moveset and can pull off moves that not many other stars can. The issue is that she was put into the spotlight and under the microscope of the main roster way too soon. Brooke could have benefitted from remaining part of the NXT roster for a while longer so that she could work on some of her more difficult moves.

Brooke has been pulled up on social media a number of times because of her tendency to mess up her own moves, but she has shown signs of improvement in the ring in recent months, which is a great sign for her moving forward.

15 Flawless: Samoa Joe

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Samoa Joe is another wrestler who has worked all over the world learning his craft and has now reached the point in his career where he is able to perform at the highest level without breaking a sweat. Joe is a legend in Impact Wrestling and Ring of Honor and has proven that he deserves to be in WWE's main event picture which is why you will rarely see Joe mess up in the ring. Yes, there was the injury to Tyson Kidd when executing his Muscle Buster, but that was more of a move gone wrong, rather than Joe outright botching it.

Joe has been wrestling for most of his life and has been overlooked by WWE many times throughout the course of his career, which is why he is working so hard to prove that he deserves to be where he is.

14 Constantly Mess Up: Bobby Lashley

via wwe.com

Bobby Lashley hasn't had a fantastic run since he returned to WWE on the Raw after WrestleMania, he has botched a number of moves which could have had lasting consequences for the men he was in the ring with. Many of his worst botches came as part of The Greatest Royal Rumble back in April and since Lio Rush has been by his side, he has been able to reel in the number of mistakes he has made, but he still has quite a reputation.

Lashley was originally rumored to be facing Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam back in August, but instead, Roman Reigns was put in this spot.

This could be because of how underwhelming Lashley has been in the ring since his return.

13 Flawless: Finn Balor

via outsports.com

Many of the stars who are on this list and known to be flawless in the ring are that way because of the years of experience they have behind them. Known as Prince Devitt, Finn Balor accomplished it all while he was in Japan, a country that he later returned to and became NXT Champion after he signed for WWE.

Balor's move set is original and it's crisp. It's one that only he would be able to pull off without fault and it's obvious that he goes through his moves on a regular basis to ensure that he is always at his best.

12 Constantly Mess Up: Charlotte Flair

via wwe.com

Charlotte Flair is considered to be one of the greatest female wrestlers of the current generation, which is hard to argue when it comes to her achievements. The fact that she's a former seven-time Women's Champion and has been a part of just about every major moment for the women's division says a lot.

Flair delivers a moonsault from the top rope in all of her big matches and it's a moonsault that rarely ever connects.

She also wrestled Natalya a few years ago and allowed The Queen of Harts to work her leg throughout the match before she won using The Figure 8, which made no sense and was considered to be one of the biggest mistakes of her short career.

11 Flawless: Randy Orton

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Randy Orton has been around for so long and while many fans feel his act has grown stale, fans can't deny the fact that Orton looks so smooth in the ring. Rarely does Orton ever get called out on a botch and often times, he is able to mask one. He has a fairly simple moveset, but fans can't deny how well Orton executes it. Many have praised Orton for his in-ring work and many of his peers see working with Orton as a night off, as he'll surely keep his opponents safe at all times.

10 Constantly Mess Up: Nia Jax

via WrestlingInc.com

Nia Jax was rushed through the NXT brand because she was considered to be a unique entity. The former Women's Champion was being built as a monster on the main roster until Ronda Rousey arrived and she was deemed surplus to requirements.

Jax has been spotted making a number of errors because of her inexperience in the ring and was even held responsible for injuring Bayley's shoulder in the summer of last year. Many fans have speculated that she has been pushed to the height of the main roster quite quickly because of her family lineage, which has been more of a hindrance throughout her career than anything else.

9 Flawless: The Miz

via wrestlingnews.com

The Miz came to WWE with a name and a reputation and whilst his mouth has gotten him into a lot of trouble over the years, he has also listened to the advice of his peers and learned the business.

He is now one of WWE's most consistent performers, he is someone who can always deliver on the mic and is even part of his own reality TV show.

Miz didn't get this way overnight.

He has worked hard in the background and has taken a lot of flack from fellow wrestlers but now he is easily considered to be one of safest wrestlers in the company, which is why stars are lining up to work with him.

8 Constantly Mess Up: Naomi

via wwe.com

Naomi waited seven years to become SmackDown Women's Champion for the first time after coming through WWE in the first ever all-women's NXT season. Naomi is known as a dancer and her fast-paced style is a throwback to this, but the problem with Naomi is that because of how fast she is in the ring, she is open to mistakes.

Much of the time she won't actually connect with her moves and many fans have called her out on this in some of the biggest matches of her career. While Naomi is a talented wrestler, she needs to slow down in the ring and allow the fans to realize what is happening, rather than treating many of her matches like they're a race.

7 Flawless: Becky Lynch

via wwe.com

Becky Lynch is the current SmackDown Women's Champion and much like many other stars in the company, she has been wrestling ever since she was a teenager. Lynch was trained by Finn Balor back in Ireland and the duo is still close friends now, which could be why both stars find themselves on this side of the list for their in-ring ability alone.

Depending on who Lynch is in the ring with, she can have a show-stealing performance. She knows all the fundamentals of creating a fantastic match whether she is the face or the heel. She doesn't have to rely on high spots to have a great match.

6 Constantly Mess Up: Sasha Banks

via wwe.com

Sasha Banks has been one of the women spearheading the Women's Revolution over the past few years, but in that time she has earned herself the nickname "Sasha Botch" on social media.

She has a tendency to botch at least one move in some high profile RAW matches and sometimes more than that in pay-per-view matches.

Whether it's because her kicks land too short or she is too low when she needs to catch one of her opponents, it appears that Banks has gotten herself quite the reputation. It seems at times that she is going at a faster pace than she should be.

5 Flawless: Kevin Owens

via wwe.com

Kevin Owens has been one of WWE's greatest additions ever since he signed with WWE on their NXT brand and has upstaged many of his opponents ever since. Whether it's on the mic or in the ring, Owens knows that he's superior and he isn't worried about speaking up about it either.

Owens has been spotted a number of times calling referees up on the fact that they are doing their job wrong and has even stepped in to prevent a botch from happening when he's in the ring with less experienced stars. Owens is one of WWE's most consistent in-ring performers and it's a shame that he'll be out of action for the next six months with a knee injury.

4 Constantly Mess Up: Seth Rollins

via Cagesideseats.com

Seth Rollins has quite the reputation of his own, so much so that Bret Hart has spoken out about how dangerous Rollins can be since he managed to break John Cena's nose in a match before retiring Sting and going on to injure Finn Balor at SummerSlam 2016. While the latter definitely wasn't his fault, it's something that many fans pin on Rollins because of this reputation.

Rollins has been able to control many of his moves in the ring in recent years and has become a safe pair of hands on Monday Night Raw since he's been a Champion.

3 Flawless: Dean Ambrose

via youtube.com

Dean Ambrose was once known as Jon Moxley and specialized in death matches on the Independent Circuit, which means that wrestling matches are considered to be quite basic for Ambrose, which could be why he rarely puts a foot wrong.

Ambrose's style is like a street fighter; there is no real set of moves that he delivers once he's in the ring, which is why he rarely ever botches.

Ambrose remains grounded and allows his opponents to come to him, which is a unique style that obviously works. Ambrose is a former World Champion and is now set for a huge push on WWE Tv, so he's obviously doing something right.

2 Constantly Mess Up: Brie Bella

via instagram.com

When it comes to botches, Brie Bella is definitely the most talked about superstar in the company right now. The former Divas Champion has been part of a botch every time she has been in the ring since her return to WWE and most recently injured Liv Morgan in a six-woman tag match on Raw.

Brie has stated that her botches were because she was trying to get used to the fact that her body has changed a lot since having a baby, but many of the WWE Universe have already made up their mind about Brie and the fact that she apparently no longer belongs in the ring.

1 Flawless: AJ Styles

via wwe.com

AJ Styles has been the face of SmackDown Live over the past year for a reason, the WWE Champion has been held to a much higher standard than the rest of the roster and incredibly back in 2016 he was able to prevent a botch to James Ellsworth when Ellsworth was about to take the Styles Clash wrong.

It was a spot that many of the WWE Universe remember and one that could have broken Ellsworth's neck, but the fact that AJ changed the way that he delivered the move so he would walk away unscathed shows the level of experience AJ has in the ring and why he has become WWE's go-to guy.

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