15 Wrestlers Confess The Harshest Thing They Ever Did

Rumors and urban legends in wrestling are as numerous as the amount of superkicks in a Young Bucks match; they go on for infinity. Unfortunately to say that for every awesome and harmless Owen Hart or Curt Hennig practical joke, we get tons of stories of wrestlers attacking somebody, stabbing them in the back over something business related or just doing something truly awful to their brothers in arms.

What is more difficult to find is wrestlers actually admitting to the evil deeds committed by them. It could be that a lot of them are crimes and they don't want to spend time in jail but I digress. But yes, there are actually some acts committed by wrestlers that have been admitted to by the athletes themselves. Sometimes the wrestlers sound remorseful telling the story and at the very least they can do that. Other ones though will tell the story in glee and sort of proudly talk about the cruel moments.

Don't forget kids, that a lot of wrestlers from the "glory days" were messed up and people that you don't want to be involved with. Here are 15 wrestlers who confessed their cruelest deeds. Let's get right into it.


15 Hardcore Holly: Attacking Rene Dupree

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René Duprée was not well liked at all in his brief tenure in WWE. Coming in the company at only 18 years old, Duprée apparently rubbed people the wrong way and was ostracized by lots of the older veterans in the locker room. Hardcore Holly was one of those guys who didn't like Duprée but at least he sort of had a reason for it.

Duprée had been driving Holly's rental car and accidentally got a parking ticket. The ticket went unpaid and the fines piled up so Holly was POed.

Instead of talking it out with the French Canadian, Holly attacked Duprée and it took Kurt Angle to convince Holly to stop beating up on the kid. Hardcore Holly has admitted to being on steroids for a long part of his career so chalk this one up to good old roid rage.

14 Dynamite Kid: Pulling A Firearm On His Wife

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There's bad people in wrestling and then there's Dynamite Kid. An incredible in ring performer who was way ahead of his time, Kid is a complete scumbag in real life who is impossible to like or even feel sorry for despite being wheelchair bound for several years. Probably his most heinous action though involves a firearm and his wife.

In an interview with CNN, Kid told a story where he woke up his wife one time with a shotgun to he chin. Let me repeat that; he woke up HIS WIFE with a SHOTGUN under her chin. Kid defended himself by saying that the gun wasn't loaded. He did this while completely serious and stone faced like he thought it was a good excuse. Piss off and enjoy your misery.

13 Al Snow: Giving Out Val Venis' Number

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Well after that entry we think we need something that while cruel is pretty lighthearted compared to the horrendous "prank" the Brit played. During the infamous storyline between Al Snow and Big Boss Man in 1999 which culminated in the infamous Kennel From Hell match, Snow flashed a phone number on Raw which was supposed to be for fans to call if they knew the whereabouts of his dog Pepper. Most fans would assume that it's a B.S number but it was actually a real number. It just wasn't Al's, it was Val Venis'.

The calls obviously came flooding from fans claiming they knew where the dog was and Venis had to change his number.

Now keep in mind this was in 1999 where it was harder to do than now. Snow admits in an interview he did it simply because it was hilarious and yeah, it sort of was. Sorry Val.

12 Shawn Michaels: Fabricating Rumors About Bret Hart

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The heat between Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart is the stuff legends are made of. The dichotomy of them doing great work inside the ring yet absolutely hating each other's guts is still incredible to think about until this day. Bret Hart was the main target of Michaels' horrible behavior but the worst deed done by HBK had to have been when he alleged that Hart was cheating on his wife on live television.

On an episode in 1997, Michaels and Hart were talking smack about each other as one should do in pro wrestling but instead of just sticking to the agreed upon points of attack Michaels threw in a comment that implied Hart was having an affair with WWE Diva Sunny. That was completely false as Michaels was the one actually in a relationship with her. This caused problems for Hart's personal life and his family who were questioning if it was true. Low blow by the Showstopper.

11 Jake Roberts: Spreading "The Venom" To Rick Rude

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If you haven't realized it yet, the wrestling business is really damn freaky. The things that guys would do in order to amuse themselves go far beyond pulling out a chair from someone before they sit down. Look no further to what Jake Roberts did to Rick Rude for proof of that.

Back in the Golden Age of WWE, Rick Rude had a spot where he would make out with a lucky woman from the audience. Not a bad spot for Rude or for whichever woman got picked considering how Rude looked. One night though, the planned woman was somebody Roberts was sleeping with. As a "joke", Roberts provided a salty deposit in her mouth and then told her not to preserve it, so when she made out with Rude it... well what can I say you can fill in the rest. Come on, man.

10 Stone Cold: Domestic Incidents With Debra

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To this day Steve Austin is still one of the most beloved performers in the wrestling industry by fans and performers alike.

It is crazy to think though about how this incident between Austin and his former wife Debra Marshall is forgotten about nowadays.

By all accounts the marriage between the two wrestling personalities wasn't a good fit. The two would constantly get into fights with Marshall hitting Austin a few times. Combine that with Austin's growing health problems and exhaustion with being on top for so long and you reach a critical point. Austin hit his wife resulting in her calling the police and getting him arrested. He pled no contest to the charges (which is barely different from pleading guilty) and hasn't mentioned it since apparently due to a legal gag order about it.

9 Jerry Lawler: Intentionally Breaking Paul Heyman's Jaw

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Casual fans might have thought that Jerry Lawler's hatred for ECW on commentary was just a part of the show and not the true feelings of "The King". Well in reality, Lawler was toning down his true feelings for the hardcore promotion because he truly thought ECW was the worst thing he ever saw in wrestling. He also hated Paul Heyman with a passion and broke one of wrestling's codes; never intentionally hurt somebody you're working with.

Lawler admitted on an Legends of Wrestling Roundtable that back in the late 1980s that he intentionally broke Paul Heyman's jaw with a punch. This was because Heyman backed out of a planned scaffold match where he was to climb up a huge scaffold and fall to the ring. It's stupid then and it's even stupider now.


8 X-Pac: Crossing The Line With His Girlfriend

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X-Pac was a wrestler that for the longest time seemed to be next one to show up in the news as the drug addled wrestler who would pass away. Well if the drugs weren't going to do it, then Pac almost would have done it himself.

For a point in time Sean Waltman was living in Mexico with his girlfriend Alicia Webb (known to Attitude Era fans as Ryan Shamrock).

At this point of his life Waltman was in a terrible state of mind and fighting addiction.

An argument they got into turned physical and Waltman said he would leave this world if he ever hit a woman so he went to the roof of the building to take his own life. While it was cruel what he did to Webb, we're glad that X-Pac knew what he did was bad and cleaned up his life after his incident.

7 Scott Hall: Refused To Sign Cancer Child's Birthday Card

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Some people think that just because Scott Hall cleaned up his life to some extent with DDP Yoga that it somehow also changed his personality for being one of the biggest jerks in the business. Bret Hart had already wrote in his book about how Scott Hall refused to sign an autograph for a kid but Hall never admitted to that. No, he went one step further in 2014.

After fans pooled their money together to pay for Hall's surgeries that he needed and after he was inducted in the WWE, Hall still apparently never grew a heart.

In 2014 a child named Danny Nickerson was suffering from terminal cancer so a huge pool of wrestlers at a convention signed a birthday card for him. Hall chose not to. When confronted about it on Twitter he dodged the question and essentially admitted to it. #TMW a bad guy becomes an evil guy.

6 New Jack: Pick Any Card

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Every negative stereotype you could possibly think about when you hear about horrible hardcore is rolled into one when talking about New Jack. Jack is an awful human being who basically just wants to do drugs and hurt people.

You could close your eyes and blindly throw a dart at a board filled with New Jack's incidents and they could all be an entry here. There's the time where Jack got angry and attacked somebody for giving him a 7-Up when he ordered a Sprite. Or that time when he stabbed somebody in a wrestling match. Or how about the infamous Mass Transit incident where he cut a wrestler wrongly cutting two arteries in his head? Whatever you choose, you just know that New Jack should have never been in the business.

5 Ultimate Warrior: Spitting On An Entire City

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Most people's reactions to Hurricane Katrina was that it was an incredible tragedy where tons of people lost their lives to a natural disaster. But it wasn't according to one deluded, egomaniacal and psychologically malfunctioning moron. No not Hulk Hogan. No not Vince Russo. I'm talking about The Ultimate Warrior.

Even though he is lauded by the company as being an inspirational figure and all that jazz, the real man was a lunatic.

In reaction to the hurricane, Warrior took to his blog and essentially said that the ruin of New Orleans was no big loss and that the poor people whose lives were ruined had ruined their lives long before that. And now the WWE gives an award in his honor to people who were 10 times the person he was. #BeAStar right?

4 Edge: Cheating On His Wife With His Friend's Girlfriend

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We realize that this beef has long been squashed and all parties involved have moved on, but we can't forget about how insane this situation was at the time it happened.

Unlike many of the confessions on this list, this one was turned into a storyline on WWE television. While Edge was married to his second wife Lisa Ortiz, it was revealed that he was having an affair with his friend Matt Hardy's girlfriend Lita. What makes the situation worse than it already looks is that Hardy was at home rehabbing an injury while this whole thing went down and he was subsequently fired from WWE.

The storyline propelled Edge to his main event role but he has stated he regretted how it went down and that it was the most stressful point of his career.

3 Sunny: Cheating On Her Boyfriend

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Sunny is notorious in the wrestling community for plenty of reasons but one of the biggest points of controversy with this WWE Hall of Famer is how she treated her long time boyfriend Chris Candido. Despite being with him for several years, Sunny would cheat on him time and time again with several wrestlers including the most infamous one of all none other than Shawn Michaels.

This would go unconfirmed for many years but eventually Sunny did confirm that those rumours were true.

She even went on about it in her book describing in vivid detail how the affair went. By all accounts, Candido was a stand up guy and was just hopelessly in love with her and Sunny took advantage of that, not only with HBK, but several other parties.

2 Vince McMahon: Firing CM Punk On His Wedding Day

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It's very rare that you'll see Vince McMahon apologize for anything. The septuagenarian millionaire is a proven ruthless businessman but when his hand is forced he will relent. Just like he did to one of his promotion's biggest stars; CM Punk.

On Colt Cabana's Art of Wrestling podcast, Punk revealed that WWE had done an entirely classless move by sending CM Punk his termination letter on his wedding day. Clearly Vince McMahon's word doesn't mean spit when he says that WWE is family when they fire a person on the day he starts a family. McMahon would apologize for his actions on Stone Cold's podcast saying it was a corporate mix up but the coincidence is too damning to ignore.

1 Chris Jericho: Not Signing A Kid's Autograph

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The concept of kayfabe ain't what it used to be. Whereas back in the day wrestlers who were supposed to not speak English kept that up to the point where they wouldn't talk to police to save a fellow wrestler (those wacky Samoans man), wrestlers nowadays act like themselves when off the clock. Some from the old school still try to keep in character when they can and sometimes that includes being cruel.

In Chris Jericho's third book he talks about getting into an elevator with a fan and his son.

The kid asked Y2J for an autograph but Jericho was in the middle of his heel run in 2008 so he just stayed mute.

Despite the father at least asking for Jericho to say something, Jericho kept quiet and just walked out of the elevator. That's cold man.


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