8 WWE Stars Who Only Have A Job Because Of Triple H (And 7 Because Of Vince)

The WWE is undergoing a very interesting backstage transition right now as the slow change from Vince McMahon to Triple H as the man behind creative takes place. Vince has positioned his son-in-law as the man he wants to take control of the company for several years now, but The Game's influence has been much more clear in recent times.

The interesting thing about this is that Triple H and Vince McMahon actually have very different views on how they want to run the product and the sort of wrestling they prefer. Just take one look at how Raw and SmackDown are presented in comparison to NXT and it is clear that they don't agree on everything. Sometimes, they downright don't agree on anything!

Slowly but surely, Triple H's ideas are starting to work into the product. From more women's wrestling to cruiserweight's actually being entertaining to just having smaller wrestlers be showcased such as Johnny Gargano. This is ironic considering Hunter's past storylines with CM Punk and Daniel Bryan. He must have learned what the fans wanted by actually being in the ring and observing.

Over this period of time where both men have been trying to prove who is the alpha, they have had certain talents that they have gone to bat for. Whether it's been helping them out of sticky situations or pushing them to the main event, each man has their favourites and this article will look at those. Examining eight wrestling talents who Triple H has helped with their jobs, and seven who Vince helped.

15 Triple H: Sasha Banks

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The Boss was one of NXT's leading lights and it should not be a surprise to read that Triple H has played a major part in helping her get into a top WWE position.

Banks is now one of WWE's biggest stars regardless of gender, and a lot of that is owed to Triple H.

The Game pushed women's wrestling in NXT and has had a major role in developing her character backstage, something that is fantastic to see. The Boss gimmick is one of WWE's very best and she portrays it incredibly. Some of the WWE: 24 episodes have highlighted just how close the duo is and Banks has made it clear in many interviews how she feels about The Game. Looking at how her career has gone so far, Triple H's decision has been well worth it.

14 Vince: Brock Lesnar

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The Beast has been a main event level star from the minute that he broke into WWE and will likely remain that way until the day he decides to retire, which may very well be sooner rather than later. Brock Lesnar was always a main event star during his first run, but it is his second that has proven Vince will do anything for him.

Brock has an incredibly light schedule, despite earning a tremendous wage that far exceeds many of the stars on the roster.

Lesnar very rarely finds himself looking up at the lights and that is because Vince sees him as a legitimate fighter who shouldn't be beaten, even giving him the honour of ending The Undertaker's WrestleMania streak.

13 Triple H: Pete Dunne

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As previously mentioned, one thing that Triple H does differently from Vince is focus on smaller wrestlers and different styles. Pete Dunne brings both of those elements together in one package, and Triple H has taken notice.

Dunne was handpicked by Triple H to be a major star for WWE after his impressive showing in the WWE UK Championship tournament. As the UK Champion, it will be interesting to see what is in store for him. It is obvious Triple H has high hopes for him, with Dunne being heavily featured on NXT when he is in America with the British strong style impressing wrestling fans all across the world. This may be part of Triple H's plans to make WWE an even more global brand than it already is.

12 Vince: Jinder Mahal

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Vince McMahon has been known to love wrestlers who have a certain look and Jinder Mahal and his 2017 push were further proof that the boss likes certain features in his wrestlers over others.

The most important thing for Vince is having a strong muscular look. It doesn't seem to matter whether they have the talent to back it up in the ring.

In terms of pure wrestling ability, Mahal is solid, but nothing spectacular, yet it was his look that helped him achieve some real success. Vince, who had previously released the former WWE Champion brought Mahal back after seeing the work he had put in. As his size improved, the chairman made the decision to go all the way, giving him a healthy run with WWE's top title.

11 Triple H: Sheamus

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This entry might take some as a surprise as Sheamus is not someone who has come through Triple H's NXT system and is a bigger, hard-hitting style wrestler, which many might think would make him someone who appeals to Mr.McMahon. That may very well be the case, but it was The Game who helped land Sheamus a top spot in the world of WWE. The Celtic Warrior burst onto the scene when he first debuted, winning the WWE Championship in no time and working with Hunter himself at WrestleMania.

This wasn't by coincidence either, as Triple H had reportedly taken a likening to Sheamus and the pair became gym buddies while Triple H was still a member of the roster. Now that he has some pull backstage it is no surprise to see his career flourishing once again as a member of The Bar.

10 Vince: Alexa Bliss

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When it comes to women's wrestling and the number of top stars that the company has right now, Alexa Bliss is certainly someone who Vince McMahon has had a major influence on, helping her achieve her true potential.

Just looking at her lacklustre run in NXT shows that Triple H might have had his doubts about Little Miss Bliss.

Alexa never even having her own Takeover match during her run with the developmental brand. Yet on the main roster, Vince has pushed her straight to the top, with Alexa relying on her storytelling work and facial expressions, another thing that ticks the boxes of Vince McMahon. He is a fool for blonde bombshells, but he definitely got it right with Alexa Bliss.

9 Triple H: Bayley

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Just like Sasha Banks and the other members of the Four Horsewomen, Triple H has played a big role in Bayley's career. He helped and moentored her all the way to being the Women's Champion.

Triple H clearly took a liking to Bayley and the connection she had with the WWE Universe. It was truly unique and he helped her get to the next level. He made the tough decision to keep her in NXT when the rest of NXT's star women moved on to the main roster. This couldn't have been an easy choice for Hunter, but he saw what was best for Bayley and holding her back just a little while longer certainly helped her improve both in the ring and in terms of her character.

8 Vince: Braun Strowman

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The Monster Among Men is most certainly a Vince McMahon style talent, just take a look at him. While he has managed to get over with the fans throughout 2017, now placing him as one of the top stars in the company. This wasn't always the case for the monster.

Vince brought up Strowman while he was very green and not quite ready for the main roster as a member of the Wyatt Family.

This was simply due to his enormous size and the belief he had potential, something that has proved to be true. Rumours even circulated about Strowman working a WrestleMania match with The Undertaker at one point. Even though that didn't happen, it showed exactly what Vince thought about him.

7 Triple H: Bray Wyatt

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The WWE Network has revealed plenty of details about wrestlers who Triple H is behind and Bray Wyatt is certainly one of them. While his booking has been beyond terrible on the main roster, that is out of Triple H's hands for now.

But the reason he has remained slightly relevant (even walking into WrestleMania 33 as WWE Champion) is likely because Triple H is a big fan of him. Many people forget that Wyatt was part of NXT in it's early days, but that is where the connection was made. Triple H played a big part in helping Wyatt develop his new character after the New Nexus fell apart. The Game was heavily involved in working on Wyatt's entrance, something which still sets him apart from the rest of the roster to this day.

6 Vince: John Cena

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When it comes to someone being handpicked by Vince McMahon or pushed by him, John Cena is likely someone who comes to the front of everyone's mind after being the poster boy of the company for so many years.

Cena was plucked from developmental for having a great look and then pushed all the way to the top, harder than any wrestler in WWE history. Cena has been the number one name in WWE for over a decade and that shows exactly how Vince feels about him. Whenever he returns to the company it is seen as a huge deal and Cena will always be positioned as a top star. Even when the WWE Universe made it clear that they didn't want Cena, Vince persisted and ensured he was the face of the company, no matter what.

5 Triple H: Kevin Owens

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The Prizefighter was often hailed as someone who would never make it to WWE despite all of his obvious talents in the ring and on the microphone. However, all that changed when Triple H took charge of NXT.

Not afraid of bringing in the very best from the independent wrestling scene, Kevin Owens was an obvious choice for Triple H as he looked to define exactly what NXT was. Even with him being signed and a big star in NXT, people still doubted what would happen to KO on the main roster. However, Triple H ensured he would look good with him debuting as the NXT Champion against John Cena, not allowing him to be buried due to being a champion. Ever since then Owens has been a top star in the company and is set to have an incredible career.

4 Vince: Roman Reigns

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The Big Dog is your typical WWE main event talent, following the stereotypes that Vince McMahon has loved ever since Hulk Hogan and will likely continue to prefer until he eventually releases his grip on the company. Roman has 'the look' and while some fans might not like it, Reigns is the face of WWE and he is here to stay so you'd best grow to like it. Vince clearly saw the potential in him while he was in the Shield, with Roman always being protected. Now we all know why.

Ever since breaking away as a singles wrestler, Vince has rocket strapped Reigns straight to the top, seemingly being unbeatable at times. Despite some bad publicity due to wellness policy violations, Vince has stuck with his guy even if the fans have turned it down, with the boss determined to make him a star.

3 Triple H: Mauro Ranallo

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Mauro Ranallo is WWE's best commentator, simple as that. However, when he parted ways with WWE in 2017 the wrestling world was shocked and disappointed that he would no longer be providing the commentary of WWE's best action.

With rumours about Ranallo's relationship with JBL and potential bullying about mental health being something that was disputed, people assumed that WWE and he were done. However, Triple H stepped up and made sure that wasn't the case. While Vince might not have wanted him on the main roster, opting for JBL instead, Triple H did notice the talent he had and he was quickly brought back to the company and made the lead voice of WWE's hottest brand, NXT.

2 Vince: Hardy Boyz

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If you have watched WWE for long enough you will know that Vince McMahon loves nostalgia. Bringing back wrestlers of the past who were huge stars for one more run with the company has been done countless times because it draws fans.

At WrestleMania 33 that nostalgia act was the Hardy Boyz, creating possibly the greatest surprise in WrestleMania's history. While you would think it is strange that they only have jobs because of Vince at this stage in their careers, you have to remember how much bad press they have had during their storied careers. While they might be wrestling royalty at this point, nothing can take away from the fact that they are also known for getting into trouble with the law and having serious substance problems, something that Vince has stuck with them both throughout.

1 Triple H: Finn Balor

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Finn Balor is one of the greatest wrestlers in the world, but it took until Triple H developed NXT for him to be picked up by WWE, and more specifically, Triple H. Hunter has had a large amount of influence on Balor's WWE career and it's clear he wants him to be a top star for WWE.

From his debut to how many times they have shared a Too Sweet together shows that he is a major fan. Hunter even gave Balor a major rub at Raw 25, having him join the DX reunion and come off as a big star. Balor was made the first ever Universal Champion and it seemed like big things were in his future. While that hasn't quite happened, he is quickly being positioned as a top star again and it seems the main event is back in WWE's plans with Balor.

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