15 Wrestlers That Recently Feuded With A Co-Worker

The behind the scenes element of professional wrestling often delivers more conflict than anything you’ll find on a wrestling show. Most wrestlers will clash with at least one of their peers at some point in their careers. The current era of social media, podcasts and shoot interviews just gives us more insight into who has issues with each other. Wrestlers tend to blow off steam and get brutally honest when it comes to which co-workers are getting on their nerves. This has always gone down historically, but it is more prevalent today with the tools to allow wrestlers to speak their mind.

We'll look at some of the recent instances of drama forming between wrestlers on the same roster. All these examples show just how much tension can exist backstage with people that have to see each other at work usually up to four times per week. Get up to date with the latest scoops about your favorite wrestling disliking some of your other favorite wrestlers. Each incident is different ranging from silly drama that can be squashed easily to true hostility that has no end in sight. These are fifteen backstage feuds of a wrestler recently hating on a co-worker.


15 Rusev Not Fond of Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens

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SmackDown is trying to build new stars as the smaller brand of the two shows for WWE. Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn and Rusev are three promising stars with the potential to have special careers if WWE books them right. The talent is all they have in common as Rusev wants nothing to do with the two Canadian wrestlers now positioned together.

Owens and Zayn suffered a punishment a few months ago when they were accused of going into business for themselves in a match with New Day. Rusev made fun of them for being sent home from the tour. The comments saw Rusev state neither Zayn nor Owens have ever spent any time in the gym. Owens responded by using the hashtag of #RusevDay in his social media posts in hopes of killing him with kindness.

14 Baron Corbin Isn’t Impressed With Finn Balor’s Abs

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The Balor Club is a strong fan base that supports the career of Finn Balor as he tries to get to the top of WWE. Balor is very popular on social media and decided to show off his abs a few months ago. For some reason, Baron Corbin chimed in to share his displeasure about Finn’s pictures. The comment saw Corbin mock Balor’s smaller size claiming the abs meant less due to this.

Balor responded with his own insult about Corbin having to wrestle wearing a t-shirt. Corbin has a reputation for being one of the most hated wrestlers backstage in WWE. The character he plays appears to be similar to the person he is in real life. Baron going out of his way to hate on Balor adds more credence to this belief of his personality behind the scenes.


13 Sasha Banks Not Happy About Ronda Rousey

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Triple H and Stephanie McMahon are hoping for huge buzz to come to WWE from Ronda Rousey joining the promotion in time for WrestleMania 34. The social media numbers have been disappointing, but the reaction of the locker room is even more negative about her joining. Quite a few women have no love for Rousey joining the promotion.

Sasha Banks is one these wrestlers to show her disdain for the former MMA star coming to WWE. Prior comments saw her say Rousey should go to the Performance Center and NXT like the rest of new wrestlers instead of looking for a main roster spot. Following Rousey’s debut at the Royal Rumble, Banks said she couldn’t say anything about it because she had nothing nice to say. Both ladies will be on the Raw brand when Rousey signs her contract at Elimination Chamber.

12 Dean Ambrose Thinks Brock Lesnar Is Lazy

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Brock Lesnar is a controversial figure in WWE when it comes to his position in the company. The salary of Lesnar has him making the most money in the company despite working the least amount of dates on his part-time schedule. One wrestler to speak out about him in multiple interviews since their match at WrestleMania 32 is Dean Ambrose.

The excitement of Ambrose to have a top-level match on the biggest show of the year ended when he realized Lesnar didn’t care one bit. This match is remembered as a flop and Ambrose believes it is due to Lesnar shutting down ideas and wanting to be lazy. Brock reportedly worked with Goldberg in 2016-2017 because he was frustrated after working with Ambrose earlier in the year. We'll likely never see them square off again.


11 Davey Boy Smith Jr. Has Little Respect for Kenny Omega

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The momentum of Kenny Omega right now has him considered to be one of the best wrestlers in the world today. Former WWE star and current New Japan wrestler Davey Boy Smith Jr. apparently doesn’t share the same feelings as the NJPW fan base. Smith was caught taking a shot at Omega following one of his comedic matches in 2017.

During the G1 Climax, Omega decided to showcase his humorous side by having a funny match with comedic specialist Tory Yano. Smith essentially called the match an embarrassment and wasn’t shy about it on social media. Omega delivered a savage response claiming his comedic wrestling was better than Smith on his best day. It was a bold move by Smith to make these comments considering Omega is a way bigger star in the promotion he works for.

10 Booker T Still Buries Jason Jordan

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The now controversial radio show of Booker T has seen him make headlines with various controversial comments in recent months. One that stands out focuses on a wrestler he targeted during his time at the Raw commentary table. Jason Jordan was consistently trashed by Booker on commentary for months after moving over to Raw.

There was no reason to it since there’s no storyline involved, and Jordan never responded to it publicly. Booker took it to another level by calling out Jordan on his radio show. The candid comments of Booker saw him accuse Jordan of lacking the motivation to get to the next level and failing to make the most of his opportunity. It seems like Jordan represents the young generation of wrestlers that Booker doesn’t understand.


9 The Big Dog Barks at Big E

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Survivor Series 2017 featured a memorable match between The Shield and New Day. Two wrestlers from the match started to get savage with each other on social media leading up to the match. Big E replied to one of Roman Reigns fans with a joke about him being the “Medium Dog” rather than The Big Dog as trademarked by WWE.

Reigns didn’t want to let this one slide and retorted by mocking Big E’s height. The awkward exchange showed a side of Roman’s true wit. Reigns has made fun of other wrestlers for their inability to lift as much as him in the past. Big E felt like the wrath of Roman’s high school insults. Unfortunately for Big E, he will likely never get to face off with Reigns again in a big match since New Day seems stuck in the mid-card going forward.

8 Johnny Mundo Considers Vampiro A “Two-Faced Liar”

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The career of former WWE star John Morrison has him working for multiple promotions right now. Impact Wrestling is pushing him as one of their main stars, but he is also scheduled to return to Lucha Underground when they start filming their fifth season. Lucha Underground commentator Vampiro is slated to be back as well and the two have a lot of personal issues.

Vampiro and Johnny Mundo became enemies due to his booking in AAA. John’s wife Taya Valkyrie was on the bad end of politics in wrestling when Vampiro double crossed her during a title reign. Mundo has defended his wife by speaking against Vampiro publicly in many interviews. The term “two-faced liar” was used to describe his feelings on Vampiro as a human being. Things will be awkward at The Temple for Lucha Underground.


7 Tetsuya Naito Hating On Chris Jericho Leads to Dream Match

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New Japan Superstar Tetsuya Naito wasn’t happy about Chris Jericho coming in for an attraction match against Kenny Omega at Wrestle Kingdom. The complaint of Naito was that Jericho and Omega’s match was being advertised as the co-main event for the first time in NJPW history. Naito had an IWGP Heavyweight Championship shot against Okada that was being considered as second fiddle to Jericho coming in.

Jericho started to retort with insults of his own towards Naito, which was done when they realized something could come from this. It culminated in Jericho attacking Naito at NJ Dash the night after Wrestle Kingdom. Jericho and Naito set up another dream match that is expected to take place later this year. Maybe talking trash about your co-workers can lead to good things.

6 Nikki Bella Doesn’t Want Ronda Rousey Stealing Her Glory

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The return of Nikki Bella in the women’s Royal Rumble match saw her make the final two before being the last one eliminated by Asuka. Nikki wanted to be part of the history in the first ever women’s Rumble match. The Bellas’ YouTube channel showed footage of all the ladies enjoying each other before and after the match.

It was portrayed as a team effort. That made Nikki upset when WWE was trying to make the aftermath all about Ronda Rousey. The appearance of Rousey came right after the Rumble match and Nikki didn’t appreciate that. Nikki was upset at WWE posting a video of Rousey sharing her thoughts on the historic match instead of one of the ladies actually in the match. The comments of Nikki picked up steam with current WWE women’s wrestlers liking or commenting in support.


5 Peter Rosenberg Whines About Jerry Lawler

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The hiring of Peter Rosenberg by WWE has him working as a broadcaster for the kick-off shows before the PPV specials. Rosenberg is a diehard WWE fan that made his name as a radio personality in hip hop and sports. WWE brought him on for his role thanks in part to a friendship with Mark Henry. This comes into play as it was discovered Rosenberg had a personal issue with Jerry Lawler.

Both Lawler and Rosenberg are often part of the pre-show panels. Lawler intentionally mis-pronounced the name of Rosenberg to create tension on the show for entertainment value. Rosenberg took this personal and ranted about Lawler to Henry. It culminated with Henry confronting Lawler for disrespecting his friend. Lawler explained his side and Henry agreed Rosenberg was probably being too sensitive.

4 The Young Bucks Are Sick Of Josh Barnett’s Commentary

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New Japan has reached a new level of success in the United States thanks to the popularity of the Bullet Club. As the promotion continues to grow, the show gets more attention on AXS television with a weekly time slot. Former MMA fighter Josh Barnett is one of the commentators along with play-by-play legend Jim Ross.

Many would argue The Young Bucks are the biggest draw in the United States for New Japan. That makes it more volatile that they have issues with how Barnett commentates their matches. Both Matt and Nick Jackson have complained about Barnett burying them on commentary. At one point during a recent show, they even called him out during the match. The Bucks believe Barnett is trying to get himself over more than the talent.


3 Nia Jax Doesn’t Have Time For Drama Queens

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A few comments in recent months have shown that Nia Jax isn’t a friend of Lana behind the scenes. The Raw versus SmackDown rivalry for Survivor Series at the end of 2017 let the two ladies talk trash about each other ahead of the show. Lana struck first by making a negative comment about Jax going AWOL after she took personal time off from the road due to anger in how she was being booked.

Nia responded in a more savage way by calling Lana the “dirt sheet queen” and basically telling her she’s a not a real wrestler. The two also butted heads in the episodes of Total Divas that recently aired. Lana called out Jax for being rude and criticized her acting ability as a character. Nia called Lana a “drama queen” in an interview promoting Total Divas when asked about their issues.

2 Michael Elgin & Jeff Cobb

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Former ROH World Champion Michael Elgin has been in the news for all the wrong reasons lately. Elgin has been accused of both harassment and covering up assault. The drama led to him deleting his social media for a short time before apologizing and returning. Text messages were leaked by the woman accusing Elgin trying to show her proof.

One of the messages included him talking trash about his then tag team partner in New Japan Jeff Cobb. Elgin and Cobb were in the middle of a long tournament having to work together in matches every night for a few weeks. The message saw Elgin imply Cobb was disrespect for not deferring to him as the bigger star. Elgin would get canceled from multiple independent wrestling bookings due to his actions and humorously enough, Cobb was his replacement for a few.


1 Randy Orton Continues To Make fun of Kevin Owens

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Randy Orton has taken a few shots at Kevin Owens on social media and in interviews in recent months. The most public instance came after Owens and Sami Zayn were sent home from a United Kingdom tour as punishment for the incident in the New Day match. Orton made a fat joke about Owens when Kevin showed up at a fan’s wedding as a surprise on his off day.

Owens retorted by making fun of Orton for his hobby of vaping. The savage Orton said he quit and Owens missed it because he wasn’t allowed on the tour. It seemed like Orton laid the trap to hit the proverbial RKO out of nowhere. Another instance of Orton hating on KO came on the Edge and Christian Podcast when he referred to Owens as the guy that started fat and will finish as fat.


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