Youth Movement: WWE’s Top 10 Wrestlers Under 30

Although the company will forever depend on their legends of yesteryear (as in, really old wrestlers who probably shouldn't be in the ring), WWE has recently gone through a sort of youth movement. Vince has dominated the wrestling landscape for so long, the WWE was on auto-pilot for the longest time. With other promotions gaining traction in recent years, there's been a massive influx of youth to help against WWE's rivals (how properly they're used is still up for debate, however).

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It's rare for wrestlers to get big opportunities before their 30s—it really is a business where you have to fight and claw to make a name for yourself, which could take many years. These WWE stars lucked out, as they seem to be in a prime position before they even hit 30!

10 Heavy Machinery

These guys are just pure, wrestling fun. They may not be everyone's cup of tea, but there's something about two big dudes who are more athletically gifted than anyone could possibly give them credit for that we absolutely love. It's always been a wrestling staple!

Otis and Tucker are 27 and 29, respectively. They're not the best wrestlers technically, but their character work is off the charts - especially that gem of a man, Otis. We can definitely see Heavy Machinery winning tag team gold in the near future. As for Otis and his comedic chops, he's going to be around for a long, long time.

9 Alexa Bliss

In her relatively short wrestling career, Alexa Bliss has won the Raw Women's Championship 3 times, the SmackDown Women's title twice, and she recently became only the second woman (after Bayley) to become a Triple Crown Champion when she won the Women's Tag Team titles with Nikki Cross. Oh, and she's also a former Money In The Bank winner.

All these accomplishments, and she's still just 28. WWE's Goddess already has a Hall of Fame resume, and fans can only expect it to grow. Alexa always seems to have gold around her waist!

8 Velveteen Dream

We love us some Dream. The Velveteen kind, although we do miss American. Not many people remember that Patrick Clark Jr. competed on WWE's Tough Enough, but we can guarantee that everyone who lays eyes on Velveteen Dream won't soon forget him.

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Dream oozes charisma, displaying immense talent; he does the small things right, making himself look like a wrestling veteran, when he's only 24. Let's not forget John Cena, someone who we assume knows a thing or two about wrestling, said he thought Velveteen Dream was "The One". Is there a passing-of-the-torch moment happening anytime soon?

7 Andrade

We couldn't be as tranquilo as Andrade even if we tried... whatever that means. Bottom line, this man is a star. With his English improving (thanks Charlotte!), he can overcome the language predicament that exists in the WWE and truly become the top, main event Hispanic star Vince has always wanted.

He's got a great look, is phenomenal in the ring, has a Flair backing him (WOOOO!) - it's only a matter of time before Andrade reaches new, incredible heights in WWE. At age 29, there's no telling how far he can really go.


Both these bad dudes are going to be demolishing wrestlers for many years to come - Akam is only 26 years old, and Rezar is even younger at 25. They're babies in terms of wrestling years!

While they've been misused since their NXT call-up, we have faith WWE will get them on the right track with their return. We've been loving AOP's recent promos on Raw (they look so comfortable speaking in their own language), and we're super excited to see them write up some poetic beat downs. Get it, cause they're Authors of Pa- oh just forget it. Next!

5 Toni Storm

Toni Storm is 23 years old. Stop for a second and just consider that; what the heck we're we doing at 23?! Sad, personal realizations aside, Toni has taken the wrestling world by Storm (pun very much intended). She won multiple championships across different promotions before coming to WWE as part of NXT UK.

Toni Storm's success continued, as she won the 2018 Mae Young Classic and became the NXT UK Women's Champion, holding the title for 230 days. We can't wait to see her more regularly on our TV sets.

4 Street Profits

Who wants the smoke?

Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins have graced our screens for the past few years now, making their name on NXT by winning the Tag Team titles. Paul Heyman, who's in charge of Raw, really liked both men and their characters, so he brought them over for fun backstage skits and quick show recaps, but not to actually wrestle (they compete exclusively on NXT... for the time being).

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Both men are 29 years old, are amazing on the mic, and can bring it in the ring - just look at their feud with The Undisputed Era. These guys will be gold (and earn gold) for many years to come.

3 Io Shirai

Io Shirai was an awesome competitor before her heel turn, but she's taken it to a whole other level after embracing her dark side. At just 29 years old, expect to see Io as a staple of any Women's Division she's in - she's that good. We already knew how amazing she was as an in-ring worker, but her heel work as of late has been tremendous.

Considered the "Ace" of Stardom, a prestigious, women's promotion in Japan, Io signed with WWE in 2017, making it to the finals of the 2018 Mae Young Classic. There are big things in this young ace's future.

2 Pete Dunne

Just look at that mug, holding the UK Championship with his teeth - such a great wrestling visual!

The Bruiserweight does all his talking in the ring, and BAH GAWD does he deliver. Dunne (and his opponent, UK Champion Tyler Bate - another young star in the making) won Match Of The Year at the NXT Awards in 2017. This is where Dunne's epic 685-day reign as UK Champion began. Most impressive thing about all of this? He's still only 25 years old. He'll be making fans cringe by targeting his opponents' fingers for a long, long time.

1 Sasha Banks

The Boss has been one of the best women's wrestlers on any roster she's been on ever since arriving on NXT. A multiple time Women's Champion, Sasha's one SmackDown Women's title away from being a Triple Crown winner - we're fairly certain she'll get that honor.

The sky really is the limit for the 27-year-old Banks. She's in a good spot as a member of WWE's Four Horsewomen, regardless of whether she's teaming with them or facing them. Her heel turn brought a much-needed character rejuvenation; we wouldn't be surprised to see Sasha with a belt around her waist relatively soon!

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