7 Wrestlers Vince Wants To Sign, 7 Triple H Does And 7 Stephanie Does

The landscape of the WWE is vastly changing with every passing year, as the company has become much more flexible in terms of signing talents from the Independent scene. While WWE still loves to create its own superstars, they try to make their product even more exciting by signing top stars from around the world. Vince McMahon is still the boss of WWE, but he tries to get as much help as possible from his son-in-law Triple H and daughter Stephanie McMahon. HHH and Stephanie not only hold prime corporate posts but are actively involved in managing NXT and scouring the top talents from around the world.

However, all three heads of WWE have different visions for which wrestlers can succeed in the company and which cannot. Vince has always shown a liking towards well-built, charismatic superstars who fit his “sports entertainment” vision. Triple H, on the other hand, has signed many pure wrestlers who are extremely talented in the ring and doesn’t necessarily focus on their physique. Stephanie McMahon has also been key in signing important female talents, as she and HHH signed Ronda Rousey for WWE! The three are always on the lookout for potential signings of top Independent talents or superstars who have been excelling for another promotion.

With the vast world of wrestling producing a range of talented superstars, Vince, Triple H and Stephanie have their different choices on whom should be signed to improve their product. Let’s look at 7 wrestlers Vince wants to sign, 7 Triple H does and 7 others whom Stephanie wants to bring in.

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21 Stephanie Wants To Sign: Taya Valkyrie

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Taya Valkyrie has asserted herself among the best female talents around the world with her excellent work in both Impact Wrestling and Lucha Libre AAA. Valkyrie is quite the strong competitor who is capable of producing some really hard-hitting matches against whomever she faces. She also has a unique gimmick and has a lot of charisma, which can work towards her favor in WWE. Valkyrie’s recent impressive work in Impact Wrestling must’ve been noticed by Stephanie McMahon, who could be interested in signing her. With WWE looking to bring back John Morrison as well, and Valkyrie being his wife, she could debut alongside him. She can really boost WWE’s Women’s Division and have some entertaining feuds against their best female stars.

20 Triple H Wants To Sign: Kazuchika Okada

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Kazuchika Okada has proven himself as one of the best wrestlers in the world with his incredible work for New Japan Pro Wrestling over the past few years. Despite being dethroned by Kenny Omega after his unreal 720-day reign as IWGP World Heavyweight Champion, Okada is still one of the top draws in Japan. Not only is he a man of many skills wrestling-wise, but he is also extremely charismatic and capable of carrying himself as a main-eventer. Triple H has been highly interested in him for a while now, but it’ll be difficult to lure him away from NJPW. However, if he does manage to do so, NXT’s wrestling standards will peak to a whole new level.

19 Vince Wants To Sign: Pentagon Jr.

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Vince McMahon is desperately looking to improve the Hispanic talents in WWE and looked to add even more Luchadors to accompany Rey Mysterio. Pentagon Jr. was someone who gained a lot of interest from WWE, who wanted to sign him to debut in the company alongside Mysterio. Pentagon has been a terrific wrestler for the past few years, where he’s proven to be athletic, fearless and hard-hitting. While he can’t be signed right now due to contractual obligations, Vince will want to sign him whenever he becomes available. Pentagon can light up WWE’s programming with his amazing wrestling style and be the popular luchador Vince has been wanting to live up to Mysterio’s standards.

18 Stephanie Wants To Sign: Rosemary

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Rosemary has been a really fascinating wrestler in Impact Wrestling for the past few years now, with her excellent work as this creepy character enticing fans. Not only is she a capable, deranged wrestler, but it’s her work with her unique gimmick which makes Rosemary so special. Stephanie McMahon is always looking to find new kind of characters into the Women’s Division and Rosemary could be the perfect addition. It’s possible that Rosemary can retain her character in WWE knowing their healthy relations with Impact right now. Stephanie would love to sign an experienced candidate like Rosemary and use her scary character to add a different side to the Women’s Division.

17 Triple H Wants To Sign: Marty Scurll

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Of all the Bullet Club members, Marty Scurll is the one with the most intriguing gimmick due to his fantastic work with his character. “The Villain” has popularized himself in the wrestling scene with his amazing work as this technical heel who loves to play dirty and cause pain to his opponents. Scurll’s impressive performances have been noticed by WWE and particularly Triple H, who would love to have him on board. Scurll might still be a Cruiserweight, but his unmatched charisma and personality could take him to new heights in NXT. Scurll can be developed into a top heel and Triple H will aim to bring a little anarchy into his brand by signing The Villain as soon as possible.

16 Vince Wants To Sign: Khabib Nurmagomedov

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Khabib Nurmagomedov sent the wrestling fans into a frenzy after he recently tweeted about an approach made by WWE to sign him following his controversial fight against Conor McGregor. The UFC Light Heavyweight Champion has actually been contacted about making his WWE debut and it’s rather obvious that Vince McMahon wants to cash in on his hype. Vince has always shown interest in signing popular UFC stars and Khabib could be a huge coup for him. Khabib is unlikely to join WWE anytime soon because of his UFC career, but one can never say never when it comes to pro wrestling. Khabib will add legitimacy and exponentially increase WWE’s popularity, which is why Vince is highly interested in signing him.

15 Stephanie Wants To Sign: Flip Gordon

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Flip Gordon has emerged as a really exciting individual in the pro wrestling scene over the past few years, with his athleticism and dazzling ability impressing many. However, something which could improve Stephanie McMahon and WWE, even more, is that Gordon is a former member of the United States Marine Corps. WWE loves to promote wrestlers with army background and bill them as “patriots”, and they will love to do the same with Flip. Gordon has already proven to be a capable wrestler, who has put on some amazing matches this year. He is quite the high-flying, charismatic individual who could adapt to WWE’s environment quickly and be a prominent addition to NXT or even 205 Live.

14 Triple H Wants To Sign: Tessa Blanchard

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While she might’ve been rejected by WWE after the Mae Young Classic, Tessa Blanchard has taken that as motivation and is making strides outside WWE right now. Blanchard has been doing a fantastic job in Impact’s Knockout’s Division after signing with them and is currently the Impact Knockout’s Champion as well. She’s proving to be a technical, powerful wrestler like her dad and has asserted herself as among the top stars of Impact. Triple H might be regretting letting her go prematurely and probably wants to sign her permanently now after watching her making an Impact elsewhere. Blanchard could do well to act like this emphatic heel at NXT and could be the next second-generation superstar to succeed in WWE’s Women’s Division.

13 Vince Wants To Sign: Alberto Del Rio

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WWE has had a really weird sweet and sour relation with Alberto Del Rio, with the two having their highs and lows in the past. Del Rio was pushed to the moon during his first stint, in which he won both the WWE Championship and World Heavyweight Championship. He wasn’t pushed that high after returning to WWE, after which he mostly stayed as a mid-carder. However, after his recent departure, Del Rio has been very abusive towards WWE and hurled some horrible insults towards Vince McMahon and co. But surprisingly, Vince is still intent on signing him back for some reason. Del Rio’s known to be a highly-skilled, technical wrestler and his popularity is probably compelling Vince to try and sign him back.

12 Stephanie Wants To Sign: Cris Cyborg

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After the signing of Ronda Rousey, it seems that more prominent UFC female stars are gaining interest in joining WWE. Their “Women’s Revolution” has impressed many legitimate female competitors, who are now showing interest in joining up with the company. Stephanie McMahon is acting as a great advocate for WWE in signing these former UFC stars and she is probably also interested in signing Cris Cyborg. The UFC Women’s Featherweight Champion has indicated an interest to square up in the four-sided ring on social media and could be the next big star Stephanie tries to sign. While it might not happen now due to her MMA obligations, Stephanie will keep a close eye on Cyborg and make her WWE’s next big female signing.

11 Triple H Wants To Sign: Kenny Omega

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Kenny Omega has soared to the very top of pro wrestling with his amazing work over the past few years, in which he’s asserted himself as among the very best in the industry. Omega is an incredible athlete capable of producing legendary matches and has done so multiple times in the past year. The IWGP World Heavyweight Champion is also excellent on the mic and has great charisma, which makes him tailor-made for success at WWE. Triple H has been in the hunt to sign him up for quite some-time now, but Omega isn’t budging. The COO of WWE will be persistent in trying to snap him up, as Omega could be a massive coup in improving the state of WWE programming.

10 Vince Wants To Sign: Cody Rhodes

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Ever since his departure from WWE, Cody Rhodes’ career has gone onto reach new heights, which would’ve never happened had he stayed at WWE. Cody is currently both the NWA World Heavyweight Champion and IWGP United States Champion, as he is oozing in gold. Rhodes has amazingly shaped himself into becoming this hugely popular figure, who is also a prominent member of the Bullet Club. Vince must be tracking his work outside WWE and probably wants him back at the company now. He’ll have to give Cody proper assurance of a main-event push and treatment as a top star. But Vince knows how Cody’s signing could deal a big blow his rivals and could offer him lavish terms to bring him back soon.

9 Stephanie Wants To Sign: Dalton Castle

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After emerging as a flamboyant wrestler at Ring of Honor, Dalton Castle has gotten quite a few people talking about him and his unique style. Castle has developed into this really charismatic wrestler, who is often followed to the ring by his boys. Castle has a lot of charisma and could fit into WWE really well, which is probably why Stephanie McMahon would want to sign him. Castle is a pretty good wrestler and experienced candidate in the industry, which could work in Stephanie and WWE’s favor in pushing him as an androgynous character.

8 Triple H Wants To Sign: Will Ospreay

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Will Ospreay has been making quite the name for himself around the world, as he’s already achieved so much at a relatively young age. The British sensation has proven himself to be an incredible wrestler, who has put on some terrific matches wherever he’s gone. It’s a well-known fact how Triple H and WWE want to sign him up, but Ospreay doesn’t want to make the jump just yet. However, seeing how Triple H is pushing Ricochet at NXT, the things he could do with Ospreay are equally endless. Ospreay’s high-flying skills and athleticism is something Triple H can benefit from and create some amazing matches at NXT, which could be taken to a whole new level after Ospreay’s arrival.

7 Vince Wants To Sign: The Briscoes

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With the main roster in need for some intimidating tag teams, The Briscoes could work really well for WWE knowing their expertise when it comes to tag-team wrestling. The Briscoes have traveled all over the world together and won many accolades, but have been most successful at Ring of Honor. The two have won the ROH Tag Team Championship a record nine times, which will be unmatched for a long time. They not only look intimidating but are a hard-hitting tag team who have attracted WWE’s attention for quite some time. Vince’s love for powerful tag teams is well known and he’d definitely want to sign the Briscoes to introduce a bigger threat to his timid tag team division.

6 Stephanie Wants To Sign: Britt Baker

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Stephanie McMahon is always looking to boost up the Women’s Division with even more talent and with Britt Baker making her mark in the Independent scene, she could be the next one signed by WWE. Baker has already worked with WWE at NXT on occasions, losing in squash matches to stars like Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler. However, she’s recently attained quite the popularity and showcased her talents with a really good match at All In. Baker has all the traits to be popular at WWE and is also very sound wrestling-wise. Stephanie is always looking to add more firepower to NXT’s Women’s Division and could sign up Baker soon to stack up it’s bubbling Women’s Division even more.

5 Triple H Wants To Sign: Adam “Hangman” Page

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It seems very difficult for WWE to acquire the services of Adam “Hangman” Page, who is extremely loyal to the Bullet Club right now. Hangman recently indicated how he rejected WWE’s offer to sign him earlier this year and it must’ve been Triple H who tabled that offer in the first place. The NXT boss has been circling around a few Bullet Club members for a while now and Page’s hard-hitting ability and psychotic presence can work really well at WWE. While it’s to be seen whether WWE can pull off this coup or not, Triple H will be persistent in trying to sign Page. He’s always looking to sign top-level talent and the charismatic Hangman could add some serious star-power to his product.

4 Vince Wants To Sign: Eli Drake

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Eli Drake has been one of the most entertaining things about Impact Wrestling for some-time now, with his heel character being a massive hit. Drake has proved himself as a main-eventer and entertaining heel, having won the Impact World Championship and King of the Mountain championship in the past. Drake is not only a sound wrestler, who works brilliantly as a heel, he’s also extremely charismatic and very good on the mic. These are all traits which are loved by Vince McMahon, who would love to sign him up. Drake has indicated how he’d want to join up with WWE soon and with the main-roster lacking in obnoxious heels, Drake could be perfect to rile up the “Dummies” in the WWE universe.

3 Stephanie Wants To Sign: Maria Manic

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There seem to be big plans for WWE to set up a proper Women’s Tag Team Division in the near future and they are already making female alliances in preparation for that. Now, WWE will need to sign tag-team specialists to create a proper female tag-team division and Stephanie McMahon aims to do that. Maria Manic seems to be a prime target for WWE right now as she’s currently one of the most sought-after female stars in the independent scene. Manic is a terrific wrestler and tag-team specialist, which can make her an asset for WWE. She was recently backstage at NXT Takeover: Philadelphia and Stephanie would love to secure a long-term star by signing the young Manic to NXT.

2 Triple H Wants To Sign: Walter

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Walter is someone who has gained WWE’s interest in the past few months with his great work in the British wrestling scene. He’s a well-built heavyweight who has gained quite the reputation in the British Wrestling circuit and been very impressive for Pro Wrestling Guerrilla as well. Triple H has shown a concrete interest in signing up Walter and he wants him mainly for the NXT UK Brand. Walter could easily become a main-event talent for NXT UK and knowing his amazing ability as a hard-hitting heavyweight, Triple H would love him at the top of his developing UK brand. While Walter isn’t that interested in joining WWE, a lucrative UK deal could be too good to resist for PWG World Champion.

1 Vince Wants To Sign: Moose

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It’s well known how Vince McMahon loves to bring in ex-NFL stars or wrestlers with a football background to WWE. A former popular footballer who is currently garnering a lot of popularity is Moose, who’s been doing excellent work with Impact Wrestling. Moose must have definitely gained the interest of Vince, who would love for an intimidating, strong wrestler like him in his programming. Moose is big, strong and athletic, which can make him the ideal signing for Vince McMahon. While it’ll be difficult to pry him away from Impact, Vince will use the lucrativeness of his company to lure in Moose to WWE. Vince will love to use Moose’s mainstream popularity to his advantage and make him a prime babyface in his programming.

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