10 Wrestlers Who Are Married (And 5 Who Are Still Single)

The massive work-load of the professional wrestlers these days doesn't allow them to socialize much with their families or friends and they can spend little time with their loved ones when they are free of wrestling. The pressure is even higher for the WWE Wrestlers who have to not only compete in the main shows but have to travel around the country for live events which take place almost every day of the week.

Now because of this kind of pressure, these wrestlers hardly get time to do things normal people do which is settle down with their families after a point of time. But there are some wrestlers which tend to get married, with many tying the knots with other female wrestlers they meet in the wrestling circuit. While a few wrestlers love to show off their marriage on social media or in WWE itself, there are some others who like to keep their personal life private. While there are some shocking cases of unexpected wrestlers being married, there also some eligible bachelors who are still single despite having the looks to woo anyone.

The wrestling circuit may force these wrestlers to focus on their time on the road, but there are some wrestlers who shockingly got married to some beautiful ladies without many knowing so. Likewise, there are also some good-looking wrestlers who have remained single all these years to everyone's surprise.

15 Married: Apollo Crews

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Apollo Crews hasn't really had the most eventful career in the WWE so far, as he came into NXT with much hype because of his achievements in the Independent circuit. He did pretty well in NXT initially but was given the main-roster call a bit too early, which resulted in him quickly spiraling downwards. He became a jobber to the stars, but has recovered as part of Titus Worldwide and is pretty entertaining these days. While he may seem this sweet guy in the ring, Apollo also has a family outside it as he's been married for the past couple of years. Not many might've known about his marriage and he also welcomed a baby girl with his wife Linda last year. It can be surprising for many to learn Crews to be a family man, but he's actually a caring one who likes his privacy when spending time with his family.

14 Married: Curt Hawkins

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Curt Hawkins made "history" in 2017 for all the wrong reasons with his infamous "losing streak" reaching new heights in the WWE, as it seems the company is making a story-line out of his misery. Hawkins has been the perfect jobber to the stars for WWE ever since making his return a few years ago and he has yet to win a single match in WWE since making his return. Hawkins is currently 0-150 with his losing streak and while things may not be so good for him in WWE, he's been doing pretty well in his personal life. Hawkins got married in 2015 to a stunning woman named Lizzie, something which might shock the fans. Hawkins may be WWE's evergreen "jobber" for the past few years, but he's remained a winner by having such a beautiful wife at his side.

13 Single: Dolph Ziggler

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Dolph Ziggler surprised many when he vacated his United States Championship and walked out of Smackdown Live! a few weeks ago, with the Showoff seemingly "done" with the WWE. While that isn't true considering that Ziggler is still doing live shows and is contracted to WWE, there have been rumors flying for him to make an epic return and many predicting that he would return and win the Royal Rumble match as well. Ziggler's WWE career may be topsy-turvy, but his love life hasn't been so stable either and he's currently single as well! He has dated the likes of Nikki Bella and Dana Brooke in WWE but is yet to properly settle down with anyone and him still being single can be surprising for some. Ziggler seems the perfect womanizer with his looks and charm, but it doesn't seem that he's ready to get hitched just yet.

12 Married: Harper

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Harper has been repackaged as quite the terrorizing figure on Smackdown Live! as part of the Bludgeon Brothers, who have been destroying competition since debuting for the Blue Brand. While Harper has been looking terrifying and more like a hobo in the WWE for the past few years, his in-ring work has been solid which is why the company has been high on him being this terrorizing heel. Harper may look quite unattractive and not the man anyone would prefer, but many would be shocked to discover that he has been married for almost the past decade now. Even before he came to WWE, Harper married a fellow wrestler in Synndy Synn whom he met in the Independent circuit. The two also have two beautiful children and despite being a scary figure in WWE, Harper has been an adorable family man and been part of a healthy marriage for quite the long time.

11 Married: Jack Gallagher

Jack Gallagher has seen a dip in his popularity over the past few months, as his heel turn hasn't really worked out to be that well and the hilarious Brit has been forced to go to the back of the line in 205 Live! Jack seemed like a really innovative guy who liked to joke around before his heel turn, after which he's been much more conniving. Gallagher's in-antics are often really entertaining for the fans, who probably wouldn't know him to be married in real life. Gallagher tied the knot to fellow professional wrestler Claire Sinclair, who is an Independent wrestler in the UK circuit. While he may not boast his marriage in WWE or have found mainstream attention to it, Gallagher has surprisingly gotten a beautiful wife and seems to be really happy with her.

10 Single: Sheamus

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Sheamus has asserted himself as one of the "veterans" in the WWE Locker Room over the past few years, as he's almost completed a whole decade in the company and has played the role of that conniving heel to perfection. He's won it all in his stint in WWE and is currently doing some great work alongside Cesaro, while he's also retained some mainstream success with his appearance in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie last year. Despite all his success and a rather impressive figure, Sheamus is yet to settle down in his personal life and is surprisingly still single. He had a girlfriend a few years ago, but broke up with her and has focused on his work more than trying to get a partner. The Celtic Warrior seems happy with going solo and doesn't seem to be changing his relationship status anytime soon.

9 Married: Johnny Gargano

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Johnny Gargano has developed himself into the ultimate underdog of NXT ever since parting Tomasso Ciampa and is currently in line for an NXT Championship match against Andrade "Cien" Almas at the upcoming NXT Takeover: Philadelphia. Gargano is a great in-ring worker who has won over the fans with his gimmick and the fans may not know that Gargano is also a similar sweetheart in real life as well. He's actually married to Candice LeRae, who is among WWE's latest signing and is set to join him at NXT. The two are a really sweet couple and even though they don't get much mainstream attention, they look to be really happy together and can now spend more time with each other now that they both made it to WWE.

8 Married: Jason Jordan

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Jason Jordan has proved to be quite the polarizing wrestler in the WWE recently, where he recently became the Raw Tag Team Champions with Seth Rollins and has been annoying many fans with his attitude recently. Jordan may be a terrific in-ring worker, but he's still having difficulties in finding a proper gimmick which can propel him to becoming a top star. While the fans are still not finding it suitable to appreciate him, it'll be surprising for some to know that Jordan's actually married in real life and is doing well there. He got married to a woman named April Elizabeth last year and seems to be happy enjoying his privacy with her. Jordan may be settling in the WWE, he seems to be settled in real life with his beautiful wife at his side.

7 Single: EC3

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EC3 has been one of TNA's most entertaining wrestlers over the years where he helped to improve their reputation after every one of their "Originals" left. He went to win the TNA Heavyweight Championship multiple times and excelled as this heel, arrogant wrestler who had the looks to be a top guy in any company. While his last stint may not have gone so well, EC3 is expected to join WWE and could also debut at the Royal Rumble! He may have this stunning figure, but that hasn't helped him get hitched in real life. EC3 seems to have all the charisma to woo a woman, but he's shockingly opted to stay single through all the years and focus on his wrestling. It doesn't seem likely for him to settle down anytime soon, as he's more interested in entertaining fans than going in a relationship.

6 Married: Rowan

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Much like his "brother" Harper, Rowan has also been a one-man wrecking crew ever since being repackaged by the WWE and is showing a mean, scary side of him as part of the Bludgeon Brothers. Rowan has shown amazing power to absolutely destroy everything put in their path so far and looks set to go a long way should this dominance continue. Rowan is quite the mean-looking guy who much like Harper, is also married in real life! It may come as a shock for the fans to realize that he's been married for the past 8 years now to a woman named Jamie Ruud. The two also share two children together, with this picture showing a very different shade of Rowan and surprisingly shows how much of a family man he is when he's not destroying wrestlers in the ring.

5 Married: Aiden English

Aiden English has been quite the entertainment package recently with Rusev, as he's bought into "Rusev Day" and does his best to spread his around whenever he can in the WWE. English has been doing really well since splitting with Simon Gotch as part of the Vaudvillains, with his in-ring ability improving as well. He might seem to be obsessed with spreading the message of Rusev Day, but English isn't really into The Bulgarian in real life where he's married to Eddie Guerrero's daughter, Shaul Guerrero. Shaul was herself in WWE's development program before leaving a few years ago, but she seems to be pretty happy with her husband. This marriage may surprise many WWE fans, but Shaul seems to be deeply in love with Aiden and does her best to cheer him on every time he steps into the ring.

4 Single: Asuka

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Asuka has been a reign of terror for WWE's Women's Division ever since arriving at the company, as she's still undefeated in competition and is enjoying an amazing winning streak from her NXT days. The "Empress of Tomorrow" has been dominant on Monday Night Raw after getting her main roster debut and is one of the favorites for the Women's Royal Rumble match. While her in-ring abilities are amazing, Asuka looks gorgeous as well which is why WWE is so high on her. Despite her stunning looks and charming personality, Asuka is still single in real life which may come as a shock. She seems to be fully committed to wrestling and the WWE and doesn't seem to be interested in getting a partner in real life as she continues to weave a path of destruction in WWE.

3 Married: Neville

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Neville has completely gone off the wrestling scene after walking out on the WWE many months ago because he was frustrated with his position in the WWE and couldn't handle it anymore. The former Cruiserweight Champion was involved in a feud against Enzo Amore prior to leaving and hasn't been seen by anyone after walking out on WWE, making it unlikely for him to ever return. Neville may not be doing what he loves the most that is wrestling, but he is getting to spend some precious time with his wife, Natalie Satterley whom he married a few years ago. Many would be shocked to learn Neville to be married because of how discreet he keeps his personal life but he can at least spend some quality time with his wife, which he couldn't when he had to work 24x7 for WWE.

2 Married: Samoa Joe

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Samoa Joe has been going through a rather difficult patch recently because of his nagging injuries, as it seems like he's likely to miss the Royal Rumble due to his latest injury. The Samoan Submission Machine has looked impressive in the last year and established himself as this bad-ass heel really well, which makes it even more difficult for someone to determine that he's actually married in real life. Joe is so snobby and arrogant in WWE that it's surprising to know that he's been with Jessica Seanoa for the past 10 years or so, as it seems like Joe isn't really that conniving in real life. He seems to be pretty happy with Jessica and while they rarely like to publicize their marriage, they seem to be in a healthy marriage because of which Joe has received much support from his loving wife.

1 Single: Shinsuke Nakamura

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Shinsuke Nakamura might not have been so "electrifying" so far on Smackdown Live!, but he has been very entertaining with his charismatic, unique personality in the blue brand. Nakamura had an amazing career in NXT where he won the NXT Championship twice and dazzled everyone with his quirky personality and hard-hitting in-ring ability, but is yet to show that potential on the main roster. Regardless of his stature on Smackdown, Nakamura has the ability to charm any woman and is very good friends with the likes of Natalya, Asuka and Nia Jax. But Nakamura has opted to remain single all these years, despite having the charms to woo any woman. There are many females who go gaga over him in Japan and in the WWE Universe, but Nakamura doesn't pay much attention into his love life and opts to focus on making himself a better and more popular wrestler.

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