15 Wrestlers Who Got Close With Their Coworkers

Professional wrestlers lead a hard life. The struggling or the up-and-coming ones seem to find making the ends meet difficult, as they receive few bookings and laughable payments. The successful ones, on the other hand, seem to face problems of their own, as they, besides being perennially jet-lagged, spend only a minimal of time with their family. That has resulted in a lot of married wrestlers engage in infidelity over the years, especially with numerous supermodel-looking men and women being at an arm’s distance. Even well-respected wrestlers such as Sting and Bret Hart have cheated on their spouses.

Instances of cheating, at least in theory, ought to have reduced in the recent times, with Rusev and Lana, Dean Ambrose and Renee Young, Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella, The Miz and Maryse, John Cena and Nikki Bella, Ricochet and Candice LeRae, and many other couples showing being in love and being a professional wrestler can, indeed, go hand-in-hand. That said, we continue to see many wrestlers who are in relationships with fellow wrestlers cheat on them with other colleagues.

The following article lists 15 wrestlers, who cheated on their spouses with their co-workers, or got a little too close for comfort with them.


15 Bray Wyatt (with JoJo)

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The most recent scandal to come out of the WWE camp involving a married wrestler being way too close with a co-worker is Bray Wyatt’s being outed for an affair with Raw announcer JoJo, real name Joseann Alexie Offerman. The former WWE Champion apparently walked out on his now-ex-wife Samantha Rotunda and two kids, aged six and four, after falling for JoJo, and his wife duly filed for divorce in mid-2017.

With the mumps virus hitting both him and JoJo concurrently as recently as December 2017, it’s safe to assume that they’ve entered a full-fledged relationship and weren’t merely having fun on the road. Much to his relief, Vince McMahon and co. have elected not to give a hoot about his personal life, as he continues to be featured prominently on WWE television.

14 Chris Jericho ( with Kelly Kelly)

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Having made a Billboard-hit rock song, defeated Steve Austin and The Rock on the same night, penned best-selling novels, acted in movies and TV shows and wrestling a five-star match at Tokyo Dome, there’re only a few things Chris Jericho hasn’t done, but cheating on his wife, unfortunately, isn’t one of those.

The six-time WWE Champion has been married to Jessica Lockhart since 2000, and has even appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show with her. However, that hasn’t stopped him from being too close with a colleague most of his other colleagues have also been super close with: Kelly Kelly. The two were often pictured coming together to work, and were even seen clubbing together. What gave his infidelity away fully was his making out with her at what looked like a pub. His fling hasn’t affected his marriage, fortunately.

13 Victoria (with John Cena)

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Victoria has had a Hall of Fame-worthy career, and like many wrestlers who gave their life to the business for many years, couldn't resist some temptations that come with it. She married a restaurateur named Lee Varon in 1994, and her cheating on him during her WWE run wasn’t known until Kenny Dykstra, Mickie James’ ex-fiance, aired her dirty laundry.

During John Cena’s rise, she was essentially his on-road girlfriend. Although she claimed that nothing serious transpired between them, it’s safe to say sleeping with a co-worker is always risky business. Victoria claimed she and her husband were separated at the time, so the marriage survived the ordeal. However, when her husband cheated on her with a waitress at his restaurant, she went on a Twitter breakdown, and the marriage ended shortly afterwards, in 2015.

12 Nancy Sullivan and Chris Benoit

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On-screen romance sometimes births real-life relationships, and it’s truly shocking how then-WCW booker Kevin Sullivan didn’t consider that when he was tailoring a love angle between his then-wife Nancy Sullivan, on-screen name Woman, and Chris Benoit. What’s more shocking is his insistence on their travelling together, sharing hotel rooms and holding hands in public to preserve kayfabe. It’s safe to say he essentially scripted the end of his own marriage.

Unsurprisingly, the on-screen couple fell for each other, thereby ending the Sullivans’ marriage. Their fling also ended Benoit’s marriage to Martina Benoit, whom he had remained married to for 17 years. The premise of the marriage was shambolic, and she filed for divorce alleging cruel treatment in 2003 before dropping the suit. Divorces are often sad, but it’s safe to now say that she shouldn’t have dropped it, considering what occurred four years later.

11 The Undertaker (with Michelle McCool)

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Those who have watched The Undertaker perform during the early 2000s ought to remember his showing off a neck tattoo that read Sara to highlight his love for his then-wife Sara Frank. While it takes massive commitment to ink someone’s name on the neck of all places, The Deadman didn’t really stay fully committed.

According to the grapevine, he was cheating on his then-wife with Michelle McCool before the couple chose to end their seven-year marriage. After dating for three years, he tied the knot with the four-time Women’s Champion. The WWE couple are going strong, raising a kid together and supporting each other through multiple surgeries they both have underwent since marrying. Their marriage is proof that not all marriages to home-wreckers are bound to end badly.

10 Terri Runnels (with Shawn Stasiak)

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As discussed above, instances of on-screen couples developing feelings for each other or hooking up are quite common in wrestling. Terri Runnels and Shawn Stasiak weren’t an exception. The two continued to be in a romantic relationship even when the cameras weren’t rolling, recall many insiders from late ‘90s.

The common consensus is that the former is a soft-spoken gem of a person but a faithful wife, she was not. When she was going out with Meat during her Pretty Mean Sisters run, she was still married to Goldust, real name Dustin Runnels. Her fling essentially ended their six-year marriage, but the couple have since claimed that they’ve been able to have a better relationship since their divorce, and have also managed to be there for their only daughter, Dakota Runnels.

9 Alberto Del Rio (with Charlotte Flair)

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Alberto Del Rio has done so many headline-worthy things during his time under the limelight that him cheating on his wife remained unknown even to the most hardcore of fans. His relationship with Paige, who’s 15 years younger than him, was a new report in itself, but what made things more interesting was the fact that he was still legally married to his then-wife Angela Velkei when a picture of his kissing her at Walt Disney World became viral.

While his cheating on his wife with Paige was well-documented, many insiders claim that she wasn’t the first woman he was getting it on with while being married, for some reports suggest that he’d had a fling with Charlotte Flair as well. Given how realistic the feud between these two woman looked on the screen, it’s safe to say there’s some truth to the claims.


8 Edge (with Lita)

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WWE made Matt Hardy the babyface in the love angle also involving Edge and Lita, and Lita took all the heat for being an unfaithful girlfriend. What’s amusing is the fact that Edge should have had at least half as much heat as her, for he was legally married to a woman named Lisa Ortiz at that time. What makes his cheating on his wife more shocking is the fact that he’d been married for just one year when he chose to break his vows to sleep with a co-worker.

As is often the case when it comes to relationships that is birthed by people cheating on their partners, Edge’s relationship with Lita didn’t last long, as she went on to date her Luchagors bandmate Shane Morton just a year from cheating on her then-injured ex-boyfriend. Edge, meanwhile, has been with Beth Phoenix for over six years now.

7 Batista (with Melina Perez)

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Here’s yet another case of the man escaping all the blame. Melina’s sleeping with Batista while being in a relationship with John Morrison made her the bad person in the whole ordeal, while making Batista look a cool dude. Batista wrote in his autobiography that he entered a relationship with Melina only after his divorce from his second wife, Angie Bautista. However, insiders have claimed that he’d been getting it on with her and former WWE interviewer Rebecca DiPietro while still being legally married.

The relationship was short-lived, however, as The Animal then moved on to Kelly Kelly and Rosa Mendes before finally marrying Sarah Jade in 2015. Melina, on the other hand, has been quite unlucky, as he had only been in an on-again, off-again relationship with Johnny Impact since.

6 Shawn Michaels (with Sunny)

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Easily one of the most respected wrestlers of all time, Shawn Michaels has also done his fair share of immoral things. While being married to his second wife Theresa, he was known to have had a relationship with Sunny, and it wouldn't be surprising if HBK was hooking up constantly on the road.

Unlike most other off-screen flings of that time, his sleeping with Sunny was well-known in the wrestling circuit during the late ‘90s, as photos of the two together surfaced. Sunny has slept with numerous other wrestlers and she hasn't been afraid to spill details on what her past relationships were like. She doesn't hesitate to describe Shawn Michaels as one of the best lovers she's ever had.

5 Kurt Angle (with Jacqueline)

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In recent years, Kurt Angle has done a lot of great things: put over young talent on the indies, delivered one of the most awesome Hall of Fame speeches, quit drugs, developed an app for addicts and became a born-again Christian. However, during his prime, he did a lot of things he must now regret. He abused substances and was an unfaithful husband.

With his then-wife Karen Angle staying at home, he was rumored to hook up with several co-workers, namely Jacqueline and Dawn Marie. None of his flings turned serious as he remained married to his wife well into his Impact Wrestling run. As he was about to come clean, though, as luck would have it, his marriage ended, and karma came back to bite him, as his ex-wife went on to marry his colleague Jeff Jarrett, thus becoming Karen Jarrett in the process.

4 Triple H (with Christy Hemme)

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Many accounts suggest that Triple H’s highly successful marriage to Stephanie McMahon came to fruition only because he chose to end his relationship with Chyna. The marriage, though, hasn’t been devoid of bumps. There's long been a rumor that he had an affair in the mid-2000s, three years after the marriage, with Diva Search contestant Christy Hemme and that his wife’s coming to know about it meant the the then-novice wrestler was immediately handed her pink slip.

She went on to have an amazing career with Impact Wrestling, and has always stayed professional whenever the rumor was brought up during interviews. Thus, the affair remains unconfirmed, but a lot of insiders claim that there’s some truth to the rumor, given the timing of her firing. As it’s been over 12 years since the alleged affair, it’s safe to say their marriage is strong.

3 John Cena (with Mickie James)

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Vince McMahon has tried to portray John Cena as a proper role model, and although he has been an exceptional human in numerous aspects, he was never an honest husband to his ex-wife Elizabeth Huberdeau. What’s funny is the fact that the fans might not have never come to know about his escapades if Kenny Dykstra hadn’t decided to air his ex-fiancee’s dirty laundry.

The Spirit Squad member claimed that Mickie James, whom he had been engaged to then, had a fling with the 16-time WWE Champion, who himself was a married man then. However, she wasn’t the only woman he’d cheated with, for numerous accounts also suggest he had slept with Maria Kanellis while being married to his high-school sweetheart. Here’s hoping his upcoming marriage to colleague and long-term girlfriend Nikki Bella is nothing like his first.

2 The Sandman (with Missy Hyatt)

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Here’s yet another case of an on-screen relationship resulting in the involved wrestlers hooking up. Extreme Championship Wrestling was then producing a feud between Raven and The Sandman, with the latter’s wife Lori Fullington and son Tyler Fullington siding with the former and the latter being accompanied by Missy Hyatt.

Although The Sandman looks a complete badass in the ring, he felt nervous and awkward working with a bombshell in Missy Hyatt so much that she even labelled him “a mark for her”. She, in order to put him at ease, decided to relax him, as they hooked up twice. She cheekily said in a shoot interview that she “did it for the business”. The marriage did survive the storyline and his infidelity, but didn’t last long as the couple parted ways a few years later.

1 Vince McMahon (with Sable)

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For a man who’s known to have a complex mind, it’s truly amazing that Vince McMahon has been married to a woman for over half of a century. Married in 1966 at the age of 21, he has stayed with his politician wife Linda McMahon. However, much like that of most of his married employees, his fidelity has been questioned by the internet gossip mongers.

According to the grapevine, he has slept with Sable – and numerous other divas – while he was on the road, but no credible source has ever claimed that he was being an unfaithful to his wife at any point. The fans will never come to know more about his alleged affairs, as there’re more serious topics as such as who’d inherit the 72-year-old pro-wrestling magnate’s fortunes when it’s his time to go.


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