8 Wrestlers Who Ruined A Friend's Career (And 7 Who Saved It)

Wrestling is a fickle business to find yourself in. As much as it is a sport that requires the stars to work together, it is also a sport where there can only be one main champion at any one time, which means that at its core it really is every man for himself.

This means that either by accident or completely on purpose a number of stars have cost their friends their career because of their actions. On the flip side, there are also a number of stars who have managed to save careers by helping their friends when they obviously needed someone to step in and push them in the right direction and back onto the right path.

There are a number of stars who have ruined a friends career as well as also being able to save another. It's hard to distinguish between the good and bad guys in the wrestling world when they are outside of the ring and not being so forward about their intentions. It is difficult to say a wrestler is bad because they may have ruined a career. They are looking out for their best interests, which unfortunately sometimes mean burying a good friend in the process.

The following list looks at eight wrestlers who ruined a friends career and seven that saved one. There are a lot of guys with agenda's outside of the company as well as inside it.

15 Ruined: Seth Rollins (Zahra Schreiber)

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Seth Rollins is part of his third entry on this list, but rather than other people helping his career in this one, it could be argued that the former World Champion was indirectly responsible for ruining the career of a fellow superstar whom he was in a relationship with at the time.

NXT Diva Zahra Schreiber became a well-known name when she was named as the woman that broke up Rollins and his fiance of five years Leighla Schultz when her images were leaked online. The WWE Universe was so angry that they researched the superstar and found images on her Instagram account that used hate symbols, something that she was later released from the company for. She has since begun working for Chris Jericho's band Fozzy selling merchandise.

14 Saved: Undertaker (Kane)

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Kane is looking at retirement from the company in the coming months and will be retiring as a legend but if it wasn't for The Undertaker then Kane may not have made it this far. In the early 1990's Kane was struggling to find a gimmick that worked until he began working with The Undertaker at Live events.

It was this that prompted The Deadman to put Kane's name forward when the company were looking for someone to portray his long-lost brother in one of WWE's biggest storylines of that decade. Kane and Undertaker were so believable as brothers that many of the WWE Universe believed it and their careers have flourished side by side ever since. Kane has a lot to thank The Undertaker for since he has been hugely successful in this role.

13 Ruined: Melina (John Morrison)

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Melina and John Morrison were known to be a couple throughout their WWE stint where they were two-thirds of former Tag Team Champions MNM. Their relationship became a real problem for them in the latter years of their career since Melina was released after she generated too much backstage heat for WWE to be able to contend with.

Morrison was still part of the company for a few months afterwards but Melina would still travel with her boyfriend and hang out backstage at WWE when no one liked her which caused him a number of problems and eventually led to her release as well. The couple officially went their separate ways back in 2015 and Morrison is now engaged to fellow superstar Taya Valkyrie and the couple plan to marry later this year.

12 Saved: The Miz (Mandy Rose)

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One of the strangest incidents of a superstar saving someone else's career came back in 2015 when WWE launched the revamped Tough Enough series on the WWE Network. Current Raw superstar Mandy Rose was one of the women who were up for elimination earlier in the competition since she seems as though she had what it takes but current Intercontinental Champion The Miz was one of the judges and he decided to save Mady based solely on the way she looked.

Rose has since gone on to become a star in WWE and one of the women who is now taking part in the first ever Women's Royal Rumble match this weekend. If Mandy had been shown the door that early in the competition then she never would have made it this far or been offered a WWE contract so she has a lot to thank The Miz for.

11 Ruined: Ric Flair (Jim Ross)

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This was perhaps less of Ric Flair's fault and more of Vince McMahon's fault for firing Jim Ross for someone else's actions, but it was Flair who began the whole affair. Jim Ross was presenting a panel for the launch of WWE 2K14 back in 2013 merely months after Flair's son Reid had passed away and Flair managed to take over the event by getting drunk and ruining the panel by talking about off topic things.

When Vince McMahon found out, he was furious and promptly fired Jim Ross because he thought that he could have maintained control as the host of the panel but he didn't. Thankfully, Ross and McMahon have been able to fix their friendship over the past few years and the legendary commentator has managed to return to the company a number of times, but not as a full-time employee.

10 Saved: Mark Henry (Neville)

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Mark Henry announced his retirement from WWE back in April 2017 and has since been seen working as a producer and talent scout backstage, but Henry has always had quite an authoritative voice backstage since he has helped a number of superstars to get to where they are, including Braun Strowman.

Mark Henry and Neville were said to have been close friends for a number of years, which is why when Henry heard that WWE was thinking of giving Neville a Mighty Mouse character, he knew he had to step in. Henry convinced Vince to drop the idea of the gimmick which in turn allowed Neville to be seen as a wrestler rather than a strange character, something that gave him much more attention on the main roster.

9 Ruined: Aiden English (Simon Gotch)

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Aiden English and Simon Gotch became close friends during their time in NXT where they are former NXT Tag Team Champions, but their relationship began to falter when they made it to the main roster and were relegated to enhancement talent on the SmackDown brand.

Gotch and English had a number of issues and Gotch got into a number of backstage altercations because of his frustration when it came to his position on the WWE roster. One of the last things that Gotch did in WWE was when he got into an altercation at WrestleMania 33 last year which was said to have been with his former teammate. Gotch was released from WWE afterwards after being seen as something of a troublemaker. English has since began partnering Rusev while Gotch has returned to the Independent Circuit.

8 Saved: Joey Mercury (Seth Rollins)

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Seth Rollins may be one of the biggest stars in WWE right now, but a few years ago he could have been another name on the release list if it wasn't for Joey Mercury. The man who he credits as being the fourth member of The Shield throughout their time together stepped in and saved Rollins during his time in developmental when it looked as though Rollins was going to be fired.

The former ROH World Champion had a problem adapting to WWE and thought he was in developmental for too long since he was the best wrestler down there and he let his frustrations get the better of him. This led to him speaking up and almost getting fired until Mercury stepped in and fixed his issues and put him back on the right path. Thank god he did, could you imagine a WWE without The Architect?

7 Ruined: Tom Phillips (Rich Brennan)

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Rich Brennan will be remembered as a commentator on the SmackDown brand for a number of years before Tom Phillips stepped in and took his place. Brennan seemingly disappeared from WWE overnight without a word, before his wife was able to state his case for him on Social Media.

She stated that Tom Phillips was the reason that her husband was fired because he was happy to bury whoever he needed to on his way to the top. Phillips obviously wanted Brennan's job and the company were happy to give it to him after he ensured that he pushed him out of his position. Brennan's wife stated on her Twitter page that being in WWE is less about how well you can do your job and more about who you’re willing to step on en route to the top, and Brennan hasn't been seen since.

6 Saved: CM Punk (Joey Mercury)

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Joey Mercury and CM Punk were known to be friends backstage in WWE, but the lengths that Punk went to when he knew his friend was in financial trouble, proved that Punk truly considers Mercury to be one of his best friends. Joey was struggling to pay for a lot of his bills a few years ago because of his dependency on drugs and Punk stepped in and gave him the money he needed to save himself.

Not only that, but Punk also pitched that Mercury was made part of The Straight Edge Society so that he had a regular storyline on WWE TV, was earning money and was kept away from drugs. This helped Mercury to sort his life out and later become one of the main backstage creative members behind the rise of The Shield.

5 Ruined: Shawn Michaels (Vader)

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Shawn Michaels is one of the best wrestlers to ever set foot through those WWE ropes, but that doesn't mean that outside of the ring he was a very nice person. There are many stories about Michaels in his youth that the superstar probably prefers not to think about right now, including the one where he pushed Vader out of the company.

Vader was supposed to win the WWE Championship from Michaels back in 1996 but Michaels backstage politics allowed him to change the company's mind and instead, Vader won via DQ and count-out, which meant that he was never able to win the title. He went on to have memorable feuds, but it was Shawn that ruined his monster push and was one of the reasons why he left the company less than two years later. Vader has continued to wrestle since, but not on that level.

4 Saved: Evan Bourne (Seth Rollins)

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Before Seth Rollins became The Architect of and then the man who destroyed The Shield, he was already making waves on the Independent Scene and was one of the most gifted wrestling in Ring of Honor at that time, so it makes sense that Impact Wrestling had also offered him a deal the same time that WWE showed interest.

Rollins was about to accept the offer from Impact until he spoke to one of his best friends and former WWE star Evan Bourne who answered all the questions he had and convinced him to move to WWE instead. Impact Wrestling hasn't had the best few years and many of their talent has ended up in WWE anyway, so Bourne saved Rollins from either destroying his career in TNA or having a huge blip on his wrestling CV.

3 Ruined: Nikki Bella (Maria/Maryse)

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One of the best-known stories in wrestling when it comes to friends destroying other superstars careers over the past few years would have to be when Brie and Nikki Bella decided to cost the likes of Maria, Maryse and Kelly Kelly the opportunity to return to WWE because they wanted the spotlight for themselves.

Back in 2012, the company were looking to bring back a number of women that could be part of Total Divas when it launched the following year but the women got together and decided to hold off on signing contracts because they wanted more. Nikki and Brie went behind their backs and signed the contracts while also convincing the company not to hire the other women. Both Maryse and Maria held a grudge about this for a number of years but have since been rehired by WWE anyway.

2 Saved: Diamond Dallas Page (X-Pac)

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Diamond Dallas Page is a WWE Hall of Famer and someone who has been able to save the careers of a number of stars over the past few years, it was recently reported that Page is now helping Justin Credible after his recent issues and has helped the likes of Scott Hall and Jake "The Snake" Roberts in the past.

DDP and his DDP yoga have been able to help clear a number of stars of their drug addictions and issues with weight, including X-Pac, who returned to WWE on Raw 25 this past week. X-Pac was struggling with a number of problems outside of the ring until DDP stepped in and helped the former Tag Team Champion to get his life back on track, which helped him to return to the ring as well.

1 Ruined: Triple H/Stephanie (Chyna)

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One of the best-known stories in wrestling history has found its place at number one,  when Triple H's relationship with Chyna came to an end because he had moved on to a relationship with Stephanie McMahon, Chyna also lost her job.

This left Chyna in a position where she had no income and had to find a way to survive, which could be why she ended up in a whole different industry. Chyna was never able to wrestle again, her relationship, her career and her reputation were all lost that year and Chyna has Stephanie and Triple H to thank for it, which could be why she never forgave the duo for their actions. Triple H and Stephanie's relationship has continued over the past almost two decades and the duo are now married with three daughters.

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