15 Wrestlers Who Look Tough In The Ring (But Not Outside Out Of It)

Although wrestlers (especially WWE Superstars) may seem "larger than life" and tough on-screen, that doesn't always mean they are so out of the ring. If you can believe it, some of the quote unquote "coolest" wrestlers in the world are actually pretty dorky off-screen. Now before we get further into this article, let's briefly describe what the word "dorky" truly means as the word has been used in many instances. The literal definition of dorky is either socially inept/awkward or unfashionable. An example is your Grandpa's socks and sandals combination -  the literal definition of dorky and outdated. This term doesn't just apply to old wrestlers though, as there are plenty of young talents that fit that definition.

Now, everyone has their own taste in clothing and everyone has their own unique personality. But some of the WWE Superstars that portray themselves as cool or tough on television are nothing like their on-screen personas. Some of the wrestlers on this list will surprise you, as they do look very tough when they're in the ring, but out of it? Not so much. This is one of the reasons Sports Entertainment is so entertaining. The WWE (and other promotions) take people who could potentially be dorky or awkward off-screen and alters them with gimmicks and personas to make them come across as cool or badass. Without further ado, let's get right into these 15 wrestlers who look cool in the ring (but dorky out of it).


15 The Undertaker

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The Undertaker is by far one of the best WWE Superstars of all time, as there's nothing about 'Taker that isn't cool - his look, entrance, his arsenal of moves etc. However, despite looking like a total badass in the ring, outside the squared circle, The Undertaker looks like your typical unfashionable and dorky Grandpa who believes tucked in shirts which highlight your gut is considered top notch fashion.

Sarcasm aside, Taker's absolutely nothing like his on-screen persona in real life, and his outside appearance is such a sharp contrast compared to how cool The Undertaker looks when he's in the ring performing on The Grandest Stage Of Them All. The Undertaker may very well be the greatest Superstar of all time, but he also ranks among the dorkiest Superstars outside the ring without question.

14 Dean Ambrose

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While Dean Ambrose is by far one of the most popular WWE Superstars today and portrays himself as a bushy haired no-care-in-the-world tough guy, off-screen, Dean is actually quite dorky as his fashion choice is rather, well... weird. The photo above showcases what "The Lunatic Fringe" rocks when he's away from the camera (even though he was photographed here), and he's proudly rocking a plain blue shirt, an outdated baseball cap and a bizarre pink scarf.

Now is this the type of outfit you'd expect a "cool as ice" Dean Ambrose to be wearing? If you said no, then I don't disagree with you in the slightest. As I mentioned before, dorky also refers to being socially awkward, and it's become clear than when Dean's not on television, he's far from being a socialite as he doesn't really talk to many people (just ask John Cena who claims Ambrose's only said one sentence to him).

13 Finn Balor

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Despite being a former leader of the famed Bullet Club and the current leader of WWE's version of the faction, Finn's certainly not who he portrays himself to be off-screen. Whether Balor's portraying his normal leather jacket clean cut persona on television or his entertaining Demon King character, Finn's perceived by fans as being a super cool guy with a handsome face.

However, when he's off cameras, Finn Balor does a complete 180 and instead of rocking cool leather jackets, Balor rocks dorky sweaters and acts like a big kid (nothing wrong with that, just slightly dorky). Finn's definitely not afraid of showing his true colours, and though some may call him dorky, at least he's being himself and not acting like a total try-hard like some WWE Superstars from the past who took kayfabe to new levels by being complete D-Bags.

12 Kevin Owens

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In the above photo, Kevin Owens doesn't look anything like his on-screen cool and calculated "Prizefighter" persona, as he instead looks like a Mickey Mouse "High Fiver" type of guy. Outside the ring, Kevin Owens is all fun and games and he's nothing like his egotistical and mouthy (yet cool) character her portrays on SmackDown Live.

I believe Owens was at Disney World during this particular photoshoot, as he's rocking a dorky Mickey Mouse headband and a Disney World T-shirt - fashion choices that need to be featured on any runway. Inside the ring, Kevin Owens is a dominant wrestler who gets pleasure out of destroying his opponents - a true heel that most fans love. Outside the ring, he's a semi-overweight guy who loves Disney and roasting people on Twitter.

11 Mick Foley

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Now you may laugh at me for this one considering Mick Foley looked like a whole dork in the ring and outside the squared circle, but his decrepit look plus his insane hardcore wrestling style is what made Mick original and so cool to fans. Foley never looked like a WWE Superstar in any way, and his homeless bum ring attire made him stand out from the rest of the pack - he looked like a guy that'd be working for a plumbing company versus being a top star in Sports Entertainment.

However, once Foley's outside the ring and not in his compelling on-screen character, he just looks like, well... a bum to be honest here. I'd consider Mick's sense of style to be dorky, and he rocks the same exact outfits he'd wear to the ring outside the ring in public. Unfashionable has to be in Mick Foley's book of top traits any man needs to possess.

10 Neville

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The former "King Of The Cruiserweights" Neville is widely missed by the WWE Universe, and most of us hope things can get resolved sooner rather than later so Neville can return to the ring and continue his fantastic run he'd been having up until his sudden departure. When Neville was in WWE, he portrayed a super cool Cruiserweight badass who dominated most of his opponents with ease all while putting on captivating in-ring performances.

However, the man behind the Neville character (Benjamin Satterley) isn't anything like he is in the ring when he's away from the cameras. Instead, Neville's a rather shy guy who has a relatively dorky sense of fashion. Neville certainly likes the educated look, as he looks like a guy who'd be working in an office building versus decimating opponents in a WWE ring. Looks can be deceiving as we all know.

9 Bayley

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Bayley is very much the same person off-screen as she on WWE television - a fun loving (slightly dorky) girl who's very flamboyant and loves showing her kid side. Although some fans may classify Bayley as being dorky on and off camera, Bayley's "Everyone's Favourite Hugger" gimmick allows her to get away with the dorky style on screen. Bayley is basically the female version of John Cena (though she's nowhere near as pushed as Cena was during his prime).

Bayley's not overly concerned about fashion or looking glamorous, and her hair pulled back with an 80's side ponytail is her forte. That said, I still believe Bayley is a cool on-screen character, as she's unique compared to the rest of the Women's Division, and she's definitely looked up to by the younger fans (Bayley's a good role model).


8 Kane

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Despite portraying one of the coolest characters in WWE history, when Kane's not dressed in his "Demon Kane" attire, he's a rather dorky guy (similar to his "brother" The Undertaker). Rocking a relatively unfashionable outfit and some "smart people" glasses, Kane's the polar opposite of his on-screen persona.

Kane's never had the best fashion sense, as he's been caught wearing fanny packs in the past among other super "cool" pieces of clothing. That said, when Kane's in the ring entertaining the audience with his powerful offence and dominating size, he isn't anything but cool. Kane and The Undertaker could truly be real-life brothers, as they're two Superstars who look the part on screen, but have dorky fashion sense off camera.

7 Bray Wyatt

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Now this may come as a shock to some, but to those who remember Bray Wyatt when he portrayed the highly dorky Husky Harris character, it's not all too surprising that Wyatt's pretty dorky out of the ring. Bray tends to wear very similar clothing pieces outside the ring as does inside the squared circle (outdated floral print shirts), and though he can get away with it in the WWE considering his persona is that of a semi-psychotic barn boy, outside the ring, he doesn't get a free pass.

Bray's definitely not what you'd call "fashion forward", as he's by far one of the most unfashionable wrestlers in the WWE right now. However when we're talking about great on-screen characters, he's one of the WWE's very best, and he deserves so much more than he's been given up to this point. Wyatt needs a big push this year!

6 Enzo Amore

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Enzo Amore has really dug a nice grave for himself the past few days with the recent controversial information regarding Enzo that was released, as he's now fired from WWE and his chances of ever returning to the company with the allegations on him is very slim. If this shocking news happens to be true, Enzo Amore's annoying personality definitely was one of the factors as to why he's in the situation he's in now.

On-screen, Enzo can get away with the whole "Certified G and Bona Fide Stud" gimmick because it's his cool entertaining persona, but off camera, Enzo Amore acts like the exact same guy which is completely dorky. Enzo dresses in mismatching designer clothing which in itself is dorky because he acts like a wannabe rapper, but his arrogant attitude really seals the deal. Whether the allegations are true or not, Enzo's bona fide dorky outside the ring, and you can't teach that!

5 Braun Strowman

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"The Monster Among Men" Braun Strowman is the coolest WWE Superstar in the company today. From Braun's incredible size and strength to his scary demeanour, Strowman's the literal definition of "cool" when he's in the ring. However, when Braun's out of the ring and not in his intimidating character, Strowman's a complete goofball who enjoys rocking dorky costumes including the hilarious elf costume above which had been featured in a special WWE video back in December.

The vid was equally entertaining and shocking (it totally killed any kayfabe). I think Braun's just a fun loving guy who enjoys having a good time, but compared to his ultra cool on-screen persona, outside the ring, Braun's slightly dorky. That said, when Braun Strowman's in the ring rocking his mean attitude, cool is the only word to describe this monster.

4 Sasha Banks

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Sasha Banks may be the blinged-out "Boss" on WWE television, but away from the bright lights and cameras, Sasha prefers a far more neutral look (some would call it dorky, but that's really a matter of opinion). I'd consider Banks' glasses slightly dorky, as they aren't what you'd expect "The Boss" to be rocking - you'd expect Sasha Banks to be wearing some extravagant and shiny spectacles.

If one thing's becoming clear from this list of wrestlers who look cool in the ring but dorky out of it, it's the fact that many WWE Superstars are absolutely nothing like their on-screen characters. With that said, you have got to hand it to the WWE's performers as most of them are able to pull off their gimmick quite well all while making it seem like they're similar in real life.


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RVD's one of the most popular wrestlers in WWE history, and his persona's that of a laid back hardcore legend who oozes a coolness factor about him hence why so many fans love Rob Van Dam to death. However, when RVD's not in the ring with his entertaining persona, Rob's pretty dorky out of the ring as his fashion, well, is pretty non existent.

That being said, in Rob Van Dam's defence, he's much older than most wrestlers at 47 years old, so fashion and looking "cool" probably isn't Van Dam's forte at this point. The picture above showcases RVD rocking a plain black shirt, some outdated shorts and a pair of hiking boots which were pretty well cut off from the pic (probably for the best). As far as being an in-ring wrestler, Rob Van Dam's as cool as they come for sure!

2 Sami Zayn

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Sami Zayn may be one of the most beloved WWE Superstars today, but I'd say he's pretty dorky out of the ring. Rocking a misfits T-shirt and some retro 1970s purple headphones, Sami Zayn isn't what you'd call "cool" when he's not in character on television. However, Sami's as cool as they come in the ring, as his acrobatic high flying (yet hard hitting) style sets him apart from most performers, plus he has a pretty cool laid back gimmick with Kevin Owens.

Sami's pairing with Owens has been a blessing in disguise, as he's the most relevant he's been in months (a victory, though cheap, over WWE Champion AJ Styles last night on SmackDown reflects that). Although Zayn isn't the most probable candidate to win this year's Men's Royal Rumble match, he's a favourite underdog none the less.

1 Brock Lesnar

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Without a shadow of a doubt, Brock Lesnar reigns supreme as the WWE Superstar who looks like the coolest badass in the ring, yet couldn't look any dorkier out of the ring. The photo above showcases "The Beast Incarnate" at a rodeo rocking a dorky cowboy's hat, something many fans probably thought they'd never see.

With how much of a true badass Lesnar is on television, you'd expect Brock to dress a little bit more fashion forward, but instead, Brock Lesnar sticks to his South Dakota dairy farm "good old boy" look which could have only been cool during the Wild Wild West Era. Brock is definitely a bit of a redneck (he literally also has a red neck), and he obviously doesn't care too much for looking fashionable or cool despite having millions upon millions of dollars.


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