10 WWE Stars Who Need To Switch Brands And 10 Who Should Be Released

Four months since the WWE Draft took place, and it's already evident which Superstars benefited from the switch compared to those who have been lost in the shuffle. And while it's unlikely that WWE will be having any trades between the brands until the next Draft, there are already a number of Superstars who could use a change of scenery. As we have come to learn, not every Superstar who thrives on SmackDown ends up having the same success on Raw and vice versa.

As for some of the listed Superstars, they have already feuded with nearly every potential opponent on their brand, so they could use new competition by making the switch. Currently, there are many Superstars who are no longer needed on the roster as evident by their recent booking. While some of them may have something to offer, the creative team hasn't done them any favors by ruining all credibility they had left.

Seeing as the WWE roster is already stacked as it is with some NXT talents bound to be called up in the near future, it's the nature of the business that some Superstars will be released. And when you take into consideration that WWE remains active in recruiting the biggest names on the independent scene, it shows how the future of the roster could be shaped over the next year or so. With today's list, we look at 10 wrestlers who need to switch brands and 10 who have done all they could and should be released.

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20 Switch Brands: The Usos

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For the past two years, The Usos have ruled the tag team division on SmackDown by becoming three time champions. That period has been massive for their careers as the team developed interesting characters beyond the ring, which helped them connect with the fans. At some point, they were just another tag team without much originality, but The Usos have significantly stepped up their game.

Now that The Usos have faced the same competition for a while, it is perhaps the time to draft them back to Raw. There are many potential feuds awaiting them that could lead to an exciting program.

19 Should Be Released: Gallows And Anderson

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There was plenty of buzz when Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson joined the WWE as the team was expected to rule the division for years to come. Despite getting off to a great start, Gallows and Anderson haven't reached the high expectations.

The creative team certainly takes some responsibility for not properly booking them as the team has lost plenty of credibility over the years.

These days, they make the news for their social media posts rather than WWE related accomplishments, which should tell you plenty about the state of the team. Considering the rumors regarding the team's desire to leave the WWE, we wouldn't be surprised to see them out within a year.

18 Switch Brands: Bobby Roode

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Bobby Roode is another Superstar who was expected to accomplish more on the main roster. Following a decent stint on SmackDown, Roode was drafted to Raw where he has become very stagnant. Not only would he be better off going back to SmackDown, but Roode is also in need of a heel turn as soon as possible. Considering how fast the fans have lost interest in his face character, which is clearly a couple of steps below his vintage heel days, WWE may want to act on any momentum left before it is too late to save Roode's career.

17 Should Be Released: Shelton Benjamin

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When Shelton Benjamin re-signed with the WWE, fans were hoping that he could have a solid role on the roster. Although nobody was expecting him to pick up where he left off, or get a chance in the main event scene - there were still higher expectations for him. At this point, it seems like the creative team has no idea what to do with Benjamin since he hasn't done much in the past few months. Seeing as he is getting up there in age, as well as the amount of new talents on the roster, Benjamin may not be in the WWE beyond next year.

16 Switch Brands: Asuka

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During her stint on Raw, Asuka became the face of the women's division thanks to her undefeated streak. But she began losing momentum following her loss to Charlotte at WrestleMania 34, although she remained among the top names in the company.

Since getting drafted to SmackDown, Asuka has become an afterthought without any sense of direction.

While a move back to Raw may not be enough to save the trajectory of her WWE stint, it certainly couldn't be worse than her SmackDown run thus far. It's probably in the WWE's best interest to act on it before it is too late.

15 Should Be Released: Mickie James

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Can you remember the last time Mickie James picked up a victory? Since her return to the WWE in 2016, James has had a terrible record as she has mostly served as a jobber. With every passing month, her credibility takes a bigger hit - making it clear that WWE doesn't have any future plans for James. In the beginning, younger Superstars may have benefited from defeating James but it makes absolutely no difference at this point. And with so many female talents around, it is probably for the best if James gets released from the WWE.

14 Switch Brands: Bayley

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Since making the jump from NXT to the main roster, Bayley has remained on Raw despite ongoing rumors regarding a potential move to SmackDown. Early in her career, Bayley was the top face of the women's division, leading to her win as the Raw Women's Champion. But her momentum has been significantly slowed down in the past year and she is no longer quite as popular, especially since her feud with Sasha Banks never amounted to anything.

With the hopes of giving her another spark, Bayley may be destined to switch brands at the 2019 WWE Draft, which may turn out to be exactly what she needs.

13 Should Be Released: Dana Brooke

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WWE have attempted to find a suitable role for Dana Brooke on the roster, but they have also been quick to pull the plug as she failed to connect with the fans.

From being promoted as a heel to a face, Brooke has been unable to really find a spot on the roster.

She has also been used as an active wrestler and a manager yet she didn't particularly succeed in either role. Seeing as how she has been overtaken by plenty of Superstars on the roster, Brooke's time in the WWE may be up within the upcoming year.

12 Switch Brands: Harper

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Luke Harper is good enough to be having a much better career. He certainly has shown to have the tools in previous times, but Harper has also been misused on SmackDown - which didn't help him get over with the fans. He could use a change of scenery with the upcoming Draft in hopes of beginning a new chapter, where he could finally reach his full potential. But in order for that to materialize, he would have to get significant help from management and the creative team - both of whom appear to have no sense of direction for Harper's character.

11 Should Be Released: No Way Jose

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No Way Jose joins a lengthy list of NXT Superstars who failed to successfully transition to the main roster. With so many Superstars around, it is quite difficult to give the necessary time for all talents to shine - especially since WWE is mostly focused on the main event scene only. No Way Jose's character was always going to fade away once fans get tired of his act, but in his defense, the booking hasn't helped his case at all. While he may get another chance to shine on SmackDown, or become a jobber on Raw - it is also just as likely that he gets released.

10 Switch Brands: Bobby Lashley

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Bobby Lashley was considered a major signing by the WWE as the company hoped that he could carry on with his momentum from Impact. During his first stint, he was immediately pushed to the main event although things have significantly changed.

His run has been terribly booked - thanks to some questionable storylines and creative decisions - making Lashley lose all momentum he had coming into the WWE.

At this time, it seems like his last hope could be a move to SmackDown, otherwise, Lashley's second stint may end up being even shorter than his first one.

9 Should Be Released: Rhyno

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Rhyno was a surprising signing by the WWE and it is impressive that he has managed to remain around for this long. These days, he is mostly making appearances on Main Event where he puts over other Superstars. Rhyno has had a long career that most wrestlers would envy, but the clock is clearly ticking at this point. He will likely be released from the roster over the next year, although we wouldn't be surprised to see him stick around by taking on a backstage role. He has already shown interest in making the transition, so it may happen sooner than we expect.

8 Switch Brands: Becky Lynch

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Becky Lynch is another Superstar who has been on the SmackDown roster since the 2016 Draft, and has been one of the top Superstars from the division. She has gained a massive following in recent times with the WWE Universe backing her up for a run as the SmackDown Women's Champion. Becky has already feuded with the majority of female Superstars on SmackDown, so it would make sense to move her to Raw during the next Draft. That's not to mention that she would be able to get away from the shadow of Charlotte Flair, who has been clearly made the face of the division.

7 Should Be Released: Alicia Fox

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Alicia Fox is slowly but surely embracing the role of a veteran who puts over younger Superstars. After having been out of action for a few months, Fox has found it difficult to retrieve her spot as many Superstars have reached a new level in recent times.

She was recently involved in a loss against Ronda Rousey in her first ever Raw match.

Since then, Fox has been on the losing end while playing a very minimal part. With some more female Superstars expected to join the main roster over the next year, Fox will likely be on her way out.

6 Switch Brands: Sasha Banks

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For the past two years, many have expected Sasha Banks to move to SmackDown although the WWE opted to keep her on Raw. Some believe it may be related with her never-ending storyline with Bayley that has yet to come to fruition, but Banks could certainly use a change of scenery. Although she has remained over with the fans, Banks isn't quite as over as she had been in previous years.

Banks could be involved in many interesting feuds on the SmackDown women's division - some of whom she has never faced. For the sake of her career, we hope that Banks will be presented with a new challenge.

5 Should Be Released: Maria Kanellis

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Maria Kanellis didn't particularly impress during her first stint in the WWE where she spent most of that period working as a backstage interviewer. Being on the independent circuit had greatly benefited Maria who established herself as one of the top managers around, landing her a second deal with the WWE. She would be out of action for over a year due to pregnancy, and as soon as she returned to action, Maria got injured in the ring. Due to her underwhelming run with the company, Maria is unlikely to remain on the roster for much longer.

4 Switch Brands: Braun Strowman

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Braun Strowman has been unleashing mayhem on the Raw roster for many years now. From his days in the Wyatt Family to his dominant singles run, Strowman has encountered plenty of Superstars along the way, most of whom he handled quite easily.

At this point, Strowman could really use a new challenge to keep his character fresh.

With plenty of new competition available on SmackDown, Strowman could progress even further especially since he would no longer be in the shadows of Roman Reigns. And while many had predicted a move for Strowman during this past Draft, it looks as if he will have to wait until next year.

3 Should Be Released: Titus O'Neil

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Titus O'Neil has been used in different roles throughout his WWE stint, although he has failed to truly shine. While he isn't terrible by any means, O'Neil is just another Superstar on the roster who doesn't add much to the WWE product. There have been a number of times where the company attempted to push him forward, but O'Neil seems to always be stuck in the same place. Given that he is unlikely to turn it around in the near future, as well as the addition of many new Superstars, O'Neil's time in the WWE may be coming to an end soon.

2 Switch Brands: AJ Styles

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Since joining the WWE in 2016, AJ Styles has spent most of his time on SmackDown where he is currently reigning as the WWE Champion. While he could certainly remain on the brand to feud with many more Superstars, it would be intriguing to see him move on to Raw. There are a number of dream matches that haven't taken place yet - most of whom happen to be on Raw. When the Draft returns next year, Styles could be the top name to join Raw especially since the brand could greatly benefit from his presence.

1 Should Be Released: Jinder Mahal

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WWE's attempt to create a new star overnight in Jinder Mahal hasn't worked out to say the least. While he is a decent all-around performer, Mahal is clearly not good enough to have been a World Champion, which is why he continues to fall down the card.

Since his reign as WWE Champion, Mahal hasn't been involved in any memorable angles - and it seems like the company has also given up on him.

With the WWE roster having a wide range of talents, there are bound to be some Superstars released. Considering what Mahal has done thus far, he would have to be listed among Superstars who should be released.

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