Who’s Next? 10 WWE Superstars Who Should Fight Goldberg

Goldberg's return was met with, well, not the greatest reception when he was announced to take on The Undertaker. It appears that since that match, a lot of the goodwill he built up from his last run with WWE was slowly diminished. We don't blame him exclusively, however. We all know what to expect from the former WCW star, and Undertaker, at this point, wasn't the right opponent. We still think that, under the right circumstances, Goldberg can put on a good show, and we think there are 10 surefire opponents for him to do so.

10 Cesaro

When it comes to in-ring skill, there are few WWE superstars we'd trust more than Cesaro elevate Goldberg the way he should. From a technical standpoint, we don't think there's anything the Swiss Cyborg can't do in the ring and from a strength-for-strength contest, Cesaro is one of the few superstars who could rival someone as massive as Goldberg.

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This would be a fantastic match with the proper build, but WWE needs to get behind Cesaro a little more to make it magical.

9 Samoa Joe

We here at TheSportster love nothing more than seeing two massive men take to the ring and slam into each other for a few minutes, and there are few who put on a match like that better than Samoa Joe. From a physical standpoint, there aren't many guys who can stand across from Goldberg and look as dangerous as Joe does, and that goes a long way too. We know Goldberg is famous for his short, dominant bouts, but we think a longer match with Joe getting the win could be legendary, and it could cement the former TNA star as a legend in the WWE.

8 Bobby Lashley

Bobby Lashley's return to WWE hasn't been handled as well as we hoped, but there's still time for the legitimate MMA-star to turn things around, and a match with Goldberg could do just that. Lashley has the size and strength to go toe-to-toe with Goldberg, and he's known to make a mean spear from time to time.

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In fact, a lot of Lashley's offense looks right out of the Goldberg playbook. There's a story ready-made for that, and WWE would be wise to capitalize on such a thing.

7 Ricochet

Ricochet's intense speed and high-flying capabilities could make for a clumsy match against Goldberg, but we think that the juxtaposition of styles is so intriguing, it's worth a shot. Ricochet rarely misses a move, and his high-speed tempo actually matches the intensity we've come to love from Goldberg. Not only that, but a win over the legend could put Ricochet on the map in a way beating another superstar just wouldn't do. At this point in his career, Goldberg should be looking to pass the torch so to speak, and give an up and comer like Ricochet a rub that could put him on a new level.

6 Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins is so good at this point, we want to see him in every possible matchup, and Goldberg would be interesting. Going into the match, most would assume Goldberg would make quick work of Rollins, given the size difference between the two stars. Yet, Rollins has beaten other massive wrestlers too — including Brock Lesnar — so a possible stand-off against Goldberg wouldn't feel too out of place. Not only that, but Rollins is one of the few stars who got the honor of facing off against the WCW legend Sting, meaning there could be a WCW vs WWE rivalry brewing between the two.

5 Drew McIntyre

Drew McIntyre's destruction of Kurt Angle on a random episode of Raw has us wondering what that would look like against other legends, and Goldberg is primed for a farewell match. Look, we're not saying it will be the exact same match. In fact, Goldberg looks way more capable in-ring than Angle did at that point, but being the man who bloodied two legends like the two aforementioned stars could be something McIntyre could use going forward. Even if WWE doesn't go that route, there are few current superstars who can match the size and strength of Goldberg, so striking while it's still possible could be best for business.

4 Braun Strowman

In many ways, Braun Strowman is the modern day Goldberg. He was rushed out of development due to his size and quickly gained fan-adoration for being a destructive monster in-ring.

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At this point, we think Strowman has surpassed Goldberg in terms of ability, but in terms of legacy, the WCW star accomplished more in the short term. This could be the crux of their rivalry, leading to a match simply designed to determine who is more destructive. That would put butts in seats!

3 Roman Reigns

Despite not being anywhere near the Universal or WWE World Heavyweight Championships since his return, Roman Reigns is still the guy in WWE. So, he should be given the marquee matches. From a physical standpoint, Reigns could stand across form Goldberg and it would be believable, and Reigns' attitude of being the patroller of his yeard could make for an easy rivalry. We're not sure about the quality of match this would result in, but at the end of the day, its premise is intriguing enough to make us want to watch it.

2 AJ Styles

Whenever AJ Styles decides to retire, he will go down as one of the best to ever lace up a pair of boots. And since we're getting close to that moment — the man is 42 and signed what he calls his last wrestling contract — we should see the craziest dream matches before he does call it a career. Goldberg vs Styles would be just that. The technician vs the powerhouse could play out similarly to Styles' Survivor Series match against Lesnar, and that was pretty great. Styles has a way of making himself feel bigger against larger opponents, and that pitbull style offense would make for a fantastic match against a star the size of Goldberg.

1 Matt Riddle

Following Goldberg's match against The Undertaker, Matt Riddle has been tweeting about him non-stop. We'd assume if WWE disliked it, they'd put an end to it, yet they haven't. It's bold for a star who is still in development to go for the jugular on a bonafide legend, but Riddle's in-ring work speaks for itself, and his MMA background makes him a legitimate threat, much like Brock Lesnar. Now, we're not saying his tweets will lead to an actual match, but we can't think of a better way to introduce a star than to have him pick up a major upset over a legendary name like Goldberg. Heck, even if he loses, it would put Riddle on the map in a special way that really hasn't been done with an NXT star.

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