15 Wrestlers With Exes They'd Like To Forget

The advent of the internet has completely changed the dynamics of the professional wrestling industry. Wrestling fans of the yesteryear hardly knew anything about what wasn’t shown on the television. With the growth of wrestling journalism and prominence of social media, the fans now have access to a ridiculous amount of information, some that the industry desperately wants us to know and some that it wishes we’d never known.

The fans now not only know what happens backstage, for they seem to be informed about wrestlers’ personal lives as well. Unsurprisingly, wrestlers’ love life has proven to be a major area of interest, as the drama that goes on in their personal lives sometimes seems to entertain the fans more than their wrestling does. Let’s face it – reports on Bray Wyatt’s divorce and the Paige leaks were their most discussed stories of the year.

The fans now know if a wrestler has cheated on their partner, walked out on their family or even had domestic incidents with them. The following article tells you which wrestlers have been forced to go through such terrible experiences because of their exes. A few wrestlers have made stupid life decisions on the back of break-ups, and the following article discusses such Miley Cyruses of wrestling as well.

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15 Seth Rollins - Leighla Schultz

via ilovevegasmagazine.com

Seth Rollins has often been slated for trying to be the next Shawn Michaels. Although it’s debatable if he models his wrestling style after him, his personal life surely has similarities to that of the Hall of Famer, for he’s gone through a fair amount of drama because of his exes, too.

Much like HBK, he cheated on his then-fiancee Leighla Schultz with Zahra Schreiber, his colleague, in early 2015. Schultz came to know about it after realizing that the two WWE employees had been swapping racy pictures. While most adults deal with such a happening behind closed doors or at the court, his ex tweeted those pictures out for the public to see. WWE chose not to de-push him after the debacle, as he has won the World Heavyweight Championship twice and been on the 2K18 cover since.

14 Drew McIntyre - Taryn Terrell

via allwrestlingsuperstars.com

Drew McIntyre has shown the world that being fired from WWE isn’t the end of the road, as he’s made WWE come after him through excellence and hard work. What makes his comeback even more special is how he’s recovered from 2011, inarguably his worst year since his WWE debut, for it was when he was reduced to a comedic jobber after being The Chosen One for four years.

However, his in-ring dip wasn’t the only reason why 2011 proved an awful year for the Scottish giant. It was the year that saw him make headlines for being assaulted by his ex-Playboy model wife Taryn Terrell, who was then working for WWE under ring name Tiffany, after returning from a Playboy Mansion party. The marriage only lasted a good 12 months, as they parted ways in May 2011. Many claim that the reasons behind his demotion were the domestic assault charge, her bashing WWE at every opportunity that she got and even accusing the WWE head honchos of forcing her to sleep with them.

13 Lita - CM Punk

via pwmania.com

Lita, after seeing most of her relationships end badly, finally looked to create something meaningful with CM Punk. She was even pictured alongside him at a Hall of Fame ceremony back in 2013. With CM Punk showing his commitment by getting a tattoo of her face in his arm, many believed Lita would finally be married. CM Punk, however, decided to throw a spanner in the works as he allegedly cheated on the Hall of Fame wrestler with then-colleague AJ Lee, before going on to marry her.

What makes it more depressing – or ironic, depending on how you see it – is the fact that AJ Lee grew up idolizing Lita; there’s even a footage of a puny teary-eyed AJ Lee getting a Lita DVD signed by Lita herself while donning a Lita t-shirt.

12 Daffney – CM Punk

via youtube.com

Here he is again! CM Punk has been able to woo a host of attractive women, including Becky Bayless and Kelly Kelly. While he’s remained faithful to most of the women he’s dated – with the obvious exception of the previous entry, of course – he’s rumoured to have cheated on ex-girlfriend Daffney. With her staying in Kentucky to wrestle for OVW, he allegedly often cheated on her with then-Impact Wrestling colleague Traci Brooks.

Upon her contract with OVW coming to an end, she apparently asked CM Punk to help her secure a deal with ROH so she could be with him longer. Knowing that he could no longer sleep with two women concurrently, he broke up with her, leaving her broken-hearted. However, she’s not the only wrestler he’s left broken-hearted, for Maria Kanellis revealed in 2010 that his breaking up with her left her devastated.

11 Damien Darling – Sunny

via youtube.com

Damien Darling, a decent semi-retired indie wrestler, for reasons only he was aware of, chose to start a serious relationship with Sunny. Although she’s now doing fine, at least by her standards, she was a complete train-wreck when she was with him. She often went home intoxicated and abused prescriptions. Those are things fully expected of Sunny, but she did things that made him truly fear for his life.

She accused him of assault and sexual assault only for X-ray results to show no sign of any form of assault. She even told TMZ that he had given her HPV, which, in turn, turned into cervical cancer; what she didn’t know then was the fact that HPV couldn’t turn into cervical cancer in such a short span.

However, these paled in comparison to what she did during their last night together. A drunk Sunny attacked him with bottles, knives and hammer, with the attack forcing him to cry, thinking if the newspapers would report his death the following day.

10 Charlotte Flair - Alberto Del Rio

via wwe.com

It’s unknown if Charlotte Flair and Alberto Del Rio were truly an item, but many insiders claim that the two were dating before he moved on to Paige and that was the reason why the feud between the two women looked as real as it did. Dating a colleague who has a bit of a bad reputation is fine, but what makes their relationship unacceptable is the fact that he was married when they were going out.

The Mexican was married to Angela Velkei, a supermodel, then, and she had to file for divorce when he went public with his relationship with Paige in mid-2016. He isn’t the first embarrassing ex that The Queen has had, unfortunately, as her two marriages are known to have ended badly.

9 Kenny Dykstra - Mickie James

via alchetron.com/tumblr.com

What Kenny Dykstra did after his relationship with Mickie James ended is truly immature, but what she had done to him is despicable in all honesty. After dating for five months, they were engaged in August 2006 and remained engaged for over 14 months before she decided to be unfaithful. She apparently cheated on him with John Cena and even tried to goad him into entering a serious relationship with her, without her breaking up with the Spirit Squad man.

He didn’t know about her fling until he viewed a Google search of hers that read ‘John Cena and Mickie James dating’. He realized that he was, indeed, being cheated on when his co-workers told him more about her affair. His confronting them led to his demotion and eventual release. However, when Cena didn't want the relationship going any further, Mickie's WWE career soon dwindled as well, which helped lead to her release in 2010.

8 Terri Runnels - New Jack

via youtube.com

New Jack will forever go down as one of the most insane wrestlers who ever lived. He was known to purposely injure co-workers and constantly took things too far in the ring. With a reputation like that, it's curious as to why Terri Runnels would pursue a relationship with him, but sure enough, the two were an item for a while in 2009. New Jack claimed Terri was his first love and bragged that the two had a pretty wild intimate life. However the relationship went down the drain when New Jack began selling racy pictures of Terri. In 2011 a Florida judge ordered Jack to stop selling the photos and obviously it left Terri with a ton of regret over dating a man with Jack's questionable character.

7 Charlotte Flair – Riki Johnson

via tumblr.com

In case you aren’t keeping track, this is the second time Charlotte Flair is making an appearance in this article. That said, it must please the wrestling fans to know that she’s no longer making the kind of decisions she did in her youth.

She gave up her Division I volleyball scholarship and left Appalachian State University to be with her then-husband Riki Johnson, whom she had dated for years before getting married. However, the couple only led a tumultuous life together, as she was assaulted during the period they were married. She recalled in her book Second Nature: The Legacy of Ric Flair and the Rise of Charlotte one instance in which she was left gasping for air after being punched in the ribs by him. The marriage only lasted one year before she married former Impact wrestler Bram.

6 David Otunga - Jennifer Hudson

via wwe.com

David Otunga, despite his chiselled physique, is an embarrassing wrestler, to be blunt, and many speculated his relationship with Jennifer Hudson was what helped keep him employed by WWE for so long. He never tied the knot with her despite staying engaged for an eternity and having a nine-year-old son together.

After 11 years of being together, she broke up with the former NXT wrestler in November 2017 before receiving a protection order against him that would see him give up the custody of their son. However, when it was evident that she’d surely lose the custody of her son having spent more time away from him than Otunga had, she dropped the restraining order to discuss matters outside of court. She even claimed that he had harassed and abused her to allegedly gain leverage in the case.

5 John Morrison – Melina

via wrestlingnews.com

John Morrison could have very well followed in the footsteps of Chris Candido had he not decided to break things off with his ex, Melina. Much like the late wrestler’s relationship with Sunny, he was in a long-term on again, off again relationship with her, with the woman in the relationship being an unfaithful person while keeping the man in the know about her escapades.

According to the grapevine, she slept with Batista – and numerous others – while being in a relationship with him and even started a relationship with him behind his back. She even had a negative influence on his career as she tricked him into giving Trish Stratus the cold shoulder after a WrestleMania match as she felt that the Hall of Famer had unfairly taken her spot in the show. It’s safe to say he won’t be the next Chris Candido as he is now engaged to fellow Lucha Underground star Taya Valkyrie.

4 Sean Waltman – Chyna

via tumblr.com

Sean Waltman and Chyna – bless her soul – should have never been a couple, for everything about their relationship screamed unhealthy. The couple were known to aid each other’s addictions, and they even sold their infamous tape for $100,000 to fund their bad lifestyle when they both still could go in the ring. However, what happened after they broke up proves that no couple should make narcotics an active part of their relationship.

Chyna lied to the media about the tape being released without her consent while X-Pac claimed to have the check from Redlight District, the company that marketed the tape, on which she’d signed. She even claimed that he had slipped her pills to film the tape while they both actually took the pills together before filming.

3 Randy Orton – JoJo

via zimbio.com

JoJo’s relationship with Randy Orton was short-lived, but what she’s done since their break-up is truly embarrassing. While her dating several men in such a short duration on the WWE roster doesn’t put her on this list, her ending Bray Wyatt’s marriage does. It’s true that he’d have cheated on his wife Samantha Rotunda even if she had never met him, but her sleeping with a married man is bad, surely.

He allegedly walked out on his family of his wife and two kids, aged four and six, to start a relationship with her, and how any woman would be okay with getting serious with a man who’d abandoned a family is truly shocking. However, what’s happened has happened so, perhaps, they should at least make the current relationship work.

2 Hulk Hogan – Linda Hogan

via si.com

It's been nearly 10 years since Hulk Hogan's very public divorce which resulted in his ex-wife Linda getting much of the couple's assets. Throughout that time, Hogan's ex has constantly dragged his name through the mud. Shortly after the divorce, Linda was dating a 19-year-old man and Linda spread allegations that Hogan had engaged in a romantic relationship with longtime friend Brutus Beefcake throughout their marriage. After Hogan was rewarded $115 million following his lawsuit against Gawker, Linda couldn't pass up the temptation to slam her ex again, saying it made her sick.

Linda hasn't exactly been an upstanding citizen herself since the split, and while Hogan has moved on to another marriage, the publicity surrounding his ex always seems to follow him to this day.

1 Matt Hardy – Lita

via pinterest.com

We couldn’t have found a more fitting ending for this list than this. Matt Hardy, who has been known to be a ladies’ man himself, was on the shelves, nursing a serious injury in mid-2000s while his then-girlfriend Lita continued to be on the road. While he spent most of his time on the hospital bed, though, Lita chose to spend time with Edge. What makes her cheating on her injured boyfriend with a co-worker is the fact that the two men had been close pals before the incident.

The North Carolina-born wrestler has been able to find love, get married, have two kids, became broken and then became woken since their break-up, while she has been in numerous unsuccessful relationships. It seems like they've both moved on though, as they've been able to co-exist with both now being employed by WWE again.

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