10 WWE Wrestlers With Totally Unexpected Talents

The lives of wrestlers outside of the ring is often more unpredictable than their in-ring storylines. Fans have no way of knowing what exactly a wrestler is like until the wrestler showcases that side of themselves. Quite a few WWE talents have surprising backstories or hidden talents that they can do well. Not everyone is only into wrestling or acting as they have fascinating interests or hobbies.

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We will specifically look at what they enjoy doing outside of the ring that qualifies as a strong talent. Many great talents are kept secret on WWE television, but these wrestlers have the ability to do them on their down time. Find out just what your favorite wrestler may excel at when they have free time. These are the top ten wrestlers with totally unexpected talents.

10 Lacey Evans: Yodeling

WWE released a few videos on their YouTube pages asking NXT wrestlers to reveal their hidden talents. Lacey Evans was the Easter egg at the end of the video not even explaining the surprising nature of her hidden talent outside of the ring.

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Evans has all but perfected the art of yodeling. Most of us just know of yodeling through comedic television situations or that segment from The Price is Right featuring it. Lacey, however, learned enough about it to become a master of yodeling.

9 The Miz: Sewing

The loud personality of The Miz makes him stand out whenever he has a microphone. Not many fans would guess he has one of the most modest hobbies and talents outside of the ring. WWE’s YouTube channel revealed that Miz is great at sewing.

Any issues with his ring gear are easily fixed as Miz doesn’t even need to go to the seamstress team at WWE. Miz is able to sew outfits or fix issues with clothing that requires his knowledge of sewing to be put to good use.

8 Angelo Dawkins: Beatboxing

The Street Profits have become a fun tag team addition to the Raw brand after getting called up from NXT. Angelo Dawkins and Montez Ford both have shown great chemistry together with the chance to become a superstar duo on the main roster.

Dawkins specifically knows how to have fun outside of the ring with one of his talents. The ability to beatbox is a talent most of us would love to have as a conversational point or something to show off with friends. Dawkins can do it with great results and it even impressed Ford.

7 Baron Corbin: Boxing

One talent that made someone money outside of WWE featured Baron Corbin having the ability to box. Corbin wanted to continue in sports after his football career ended following the NFL disappointment. His journey into boxing, however, found him some success.

Corbin was a successful Golden Gloves boxer, which requires a lot of talent in the sport. WWE signed Corbin to NXT due to his prior success in football and boxing. Corbin’s boxing has rarely come up in his matches or storylines which is surprising since he could use it in matches.

6 Brian Kendrick: Stop-Motion Animation

Brian Kendrick has always been one of the most unique wrestlers in WWE. Fans of Kendrick always enjoyed his interviews and promos whenever he got a chance to showcase his genuine personality. A skill set outside of the ring is viewed as a fun hidden talent for him.

Kendrick makes stop-motion animation shorts in his free time. Before signing back with WWE for the launch of the cruiserweight division, Kendrick would make stop-motion animation stories about fruit. The story was a passion project more than a passionfruit project.

5 Jeff Hardy: Painting

Jeff Hardy is someone with interests outside of wrestling which adds to his overall creativity. Most fans know about Hardy’s interest for music as Jeff tried to form his own music career. However, another outstanding talent for Hardy is painting.

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The original artwork pieces from Hardy are quite impressive and clearly show his own personal vision for the pieces. Hardy’s colorful works were occasionally sold on the TNA website and a few were even on display at their offices.

4 Daniel Bryan: Gardening

Daniel Bryan is not silent about his passion of gardening outside of the ring. The personal lives of Bryan and Brie Bella are featured in the Total Divas and Total Bellas reality series. Bryan is not always featured, but one consistent about him is his gardening.

A love for Mother Nature and his vegetarian lifestyle makes it easier for him to plant his own food rather than dealing with processed ones. Bryan does most of the gardening for the household as he, Brie and Birdie love eating the turnips, tomatoes and other planted foods from his garden.

3 Finn Balor: Lego Master Builder

Lego building is not necessarily a talent to many people, but those sets have become quite advanced and complex through the years. Given the number of people that abruptly quit building sets due to the frustration, Finn Balor deserves to have his Lego passion considered a talent.

NXT did a few segments looking at the life of Balor outside of the ring ahead of his first big title shot. Balor was shown having a few Lego sets on display at his home. The passion was discussed as Finn referenced loving to relieve stress with the Legos.

2 Zelina Vega: Belly dancing

The intense persona of Zelina Vega on WWE television makes her part of an outstanding act with Andrade. Despite the beautiful look and charismatic personality of Vega, the ability to pull off impressive moves during Andrade’s match makes her quite intimidating.

Not many would have assumed that Zelina has a more graceful talent outside of the ring. WWE’s feature on NXT’s stars’ hidden talents would see Vega reference her background in belly dancing. Zelina even showed some of her skills off as the top talent of the video.

1 Shinsuke Nakamura: Surfing

Shinsuke Nakamura moving to the United States to start his new chapter in WWE was a huge move for the Japanese legend. The opportunity was viewed as tempting for the bigger stage in WWE and also the lifestyle changes of living in the United States for a while.

Nakamura has a surprising passion and talent for surfing. The option to surf more often in his new home added to the fun extra bonuses of signing with WWE. Nakamura’s social media pages show some of his surfing moves as he clearly is great at it.

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