10 Wrestlers Who Couldn't Stand Working With Brock Lesnar And 10 Who Adored It

Brock Lesnar is one of the greatest WWE Superstars of all time, a man who can do things in the ring that few could even dream of, but he is also a very controversial figure, with the Beast splitting the WWE Universe in half. Some fans love Lesnar for his in-ring brutality, while others can't stand him for the fact that he is now a part-time talent who only shows up when he wants, having a match dominated by a suplex before he leaves again.

Well, it isn't just the fans who are torn on Lesnar, with many of the WWE Superstars also sharing different feelings when it comes to working with him in the ring. Some of Lesnar's opponents have loved competing against him, while others have hated it.

Lesnar is an incredibly physical, strong, and hard-hitting athlete (he is called the Beast for a reason), a man who was a fantastic amateur wrestler and dominated the world of UFC, meaning he brings a style that very few can match.

Because of that, some WWE Superstars haven't enjoyed wrestling against Lesnar, finding the physicality of the whole thing too much, while others have stepped up and gone to war with him inside the ring. Lesnar can still work a good match even if he phones it in certain nights, but he has to be with the right guy. Within this article, we will examine both sides of that argument looking at 10 WWE Superstar who adored working with Lesnar and 10 who couldn't stand it.

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20 Couldn't Stand It: Braun Strowman

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A monster like Braun Strowman going head to head with someone his equal in Brock Lesnar is the type of match that gets the WWE Universe excited, with two giants colliding to smash each other apart.

However, the two men don't seem to get along great in the ring, which was obvious during their match at the Royal Rumble 2017 when Strowman went in too fast against Lesnar, rocking him, which Brock didn't take kindly to.

Few will forget the legitimate punch to the head that Lesnar threw at Strowman, screaming for him to slow down afterward, and therefore it wasn't a big surprise when their Crown Jewel match was kept incredibly short and sweet.

19 Adored It: Daniel Bryan

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You would think someone with a serious history of neck injuries would want to do anything but wrestle Brock Lesnar, but for Daniel Bryan that wasn't the case, with The Beast being one of Bryan's dream opponents. Prior to his retirement, Lesnar was the number one match that he wanted with Bryan going as far as to create his own in-ring style, specifically to work with Lesnar and in 2018, he finally got his wish.

Bryan went toe to toe with Lesnar at Survivor Series and the two men put on one of the best matches of the year with both men bumping like crazy for each other to make the other look great, with Bryan clearly showing why he wanted the match so badly.

18 Couldn't Stand It: Shinsuke Nakamura

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While they might not have wrestled each other in a WWE ring, that doesn't mean that Shinsuke Nakamura and Brock Lesnar have never competed. The two men actually had a match back in 2006 for New Japan Pro Wrestling.

However, at that time Lesnar had almost fully checked out of wrestling and according to Nakamura, had no respect for the Japanese wrestling culture with Shinsuke revealing in his book that it was the first time he cried after a wrestling match. Nakamura had no problem with the hard-hitting aspect after all, strong style is something he is a master of, but it was Lesnar's attitude that the NJPW star didn't like, admitting he felt disrespected by Brock.

17 Adored It: AJ Styles

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Much like Daniel Bryan, AJ Styles has only competed against Brock Lesnar once, but the two men had instant chemistry and a clear connection inside the ring that has made fans long for another match between them. Lesnar doesn't bump around to make everyone look good, but when he sells, you quickly realize he is one of the best in the business at it and during their Survivor Series clash, Lesnar made AJ Styles look fantastic.

Paul Heyman has given AJ Styles serious praise, claiming that he is one of the best in the world and a lot of the time he shares the same values and opinions as his client, showcasing the respect that Lesnar has.

16 Couldn't Stand It: Triple H

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Given how many times Brock Lesnar and Triple H have worked together, you would think that they enjoy competing together, but given the lack of chemistry they have in the ring and the slow matches that they have created, it's clear that's not the case.

Their issues date back further than Brock's recent run though, as there had been reports during his initial spell with WWE that Triple H was refusing to work with him as he didn't want to put him over. For whatever reason, it seems that the two men just don't get along, but Triple H is certainly happy to do what is best for business, which he knows is Brock Lesnar in terms of a draw.

15 Adored It: The Rock

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It was against The Rock where Brock Lesnar won his first WWE Championship, all the way back in 2002 when The Beast first broke onto the scene and destroyed the People's Champion in the process. The Rock did a great job of putting over Brock and the two men have remained good friends ever since then, with the Hollywood actor being very supportive of Brock, especially during his MMA career.

Lesnar always praised Rock for the way that he helped him during the start of his career, with Rock giving him tips to make it as a top WWE Superstar, advice that clearly served him well.

14 Couldn't Stand It: Jim Cornette

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While Jim Cornette isn't a wrestler, he has had the opportunity to work with Brock Lesnar during the Beasts career, and it was an experience that the legendary manager didn't seem to enjoy as much as others. While Paul Heyman has thrived working in a managerial role with Lesnar, Cornette found things a little tougher during Brock's OVW days, where Cornette was in charge. He called out Lesnar for mistreating referees and ring crew and told an insane story where he and Lesnar had a serious confrontation.

With Brock going against orders and not fully protecting a talent who had just had piercings, Cornette lost his cool with OVW's blue chip prospect and the two argued like crazy.

13 Adored It: Kurt Angle

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With their athletic backgrounds, Kurt Angle and Brock Lesnar were always going to work well in the ring as they both know how to give everything to a match and whenever they competed they would be sure to give each other everything they had. The two men began to form a genuine friendship and that was clear to see with their work in the ring and out of it with Angle bringing out Brock's entertaining and funny side with backstage skits.

Lesnar and Angle quickly built a loyal friendship and trust with each other since those days with the Olympic Gold Medalist being one of the only wrestlers to stay in contact with Brock during his MMA days.

12 Couldn't Stand It: Randy Orton

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Fans had waited an incredibly long amount of time to see Randy Orton and Brock Lesnar finally compete against each other in a WWE ring and at SummerSlam 2016 it finally happened, with the WWE Universe excited to see what they could do. However, fans were left stunned by what happened in the match as it ended with Lesnar throwing several sharp elbows to the head of Randy Orton until he got color, giving him a concussion in the process.

While this was planned, it didn't go as smoothly as expected and it's unlikely The Viper was thrilled about how everything went down, with the match not being the classic they had hoped for.

11 Adored It: Roman Reigns

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You just have to look at the battles that Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar have been through to know that they adore working together with the two men putting in some brutal matches whenever they compete. Clearly, both Reigns and Lesnar enjoy a match where there is hard-hitting action and the strong style action that they both provide seems to bring the best out of the other, with several of their matches being some of the bloodiest in WWE's PG history.

Roman has proven in his time that he won't back down from a battle and that has always been the case with them, with Lesnar showing his respect to Reigns every time they go to war by having Paul Heyman put him over strongly.

10 Couldn't Stand It: Matt Hardy

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One of WWE's greatest Superstars has never had many positive things to say about Brock Lesnar or the times when they competed in the ring. The Hardy Boyz were two of the men the Beast ran through on his debut and the problems stemmed from as early as then.

While Lesnar was always set to dominate the matches, Hardy mentioned in interviews that he wasn't happy with the fact that Lesnar never once tried to make Matt look good, despite the fact he was the more experienced of the two men. The two men almost once had a legit tussle backstage as well after Hardy accidentally nailed Lesnar with a chair shot to the head when he was supposed to be aiming for his back. The Beast confronted him backstage and they had to be split by Vince McMahon, showing the real heat they had for each other.

9 Adored It: CM Punk

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They might have only had one match against each other, but the SummerSlam match they had is one of the greatest in Lesnar's career and the fact he respected CM Punk was clear from just how many bumps he was willing to take for him. Lesnar doesn't bounce around the ring for everyone, but he made Punk look like someone who could go toe to toe with him. Punk has always given positive reviews of his time working with Lesnar, claiming he was willing to do anything in the match.

Lesnar was also very supportive of Punk's decision to move to UFC, even offering to help with training tips and even though they will likely never wrestle again, the one time was a special match that fans still hold dear.

8 Couldn't Stand It: Big Show

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Some could argue that for a legitimate Giant, Big Show allowed himself to sell and take far too many bumps for people throughout his career, but Show has always been about enhancing the product rather than stroking his individual ego. One person who Big Show certainly went above and beyond for was Lesnar, especially during the early portions of Brock's WWE career and when he left wrestling Big Show felt like Lesnar didn't appreciate everything he had done for him.

While Big Show has still sold for Lesnar upon his second run with the company, the issue about respect that so many others have shared is clearly still there with Big Show not being impressed with Lesnar's attitude,

7 Adored It: John Cena

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There are only a handful of wrestlers who have faced Brock Lesnar as many times as John Cena, especially on a big stage as the two men have battled each other countless times in some very memorable matches. From Lesnar's WWE return which saw him immediately attack Cena and bring in a more violent and aggressive product to the infamous squash match which saw Suplex City created as Lesnar threw Cena around like a rag doll.

The two men have always brought the best out of each other, mainly because they fully respect each other which is why they've always worked hard to put each other over when they've competed.

6 Couldn't Stand It: Chris Jericho

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Chris Jericho isn't afraid to stand up to anybody, no matter what the size difference is, which he more than proved after Brock Lesnar's SummerSlam match with Randy Orton had ended, with the Beast intentionally busting the Viper wide open. With Jericho not knowing it was pre-planned he quickly squared up to Lesnar and confronted him, starting an altercation between them which had to be broken up by WWE management, and since then it has been clear they don't see eye to eye.

Jericho has often been asked to get Lesnar on his popular Talk Is Jericho podcast with the WWE veteran simply shrugging the idea off each time, quickly showing that he doesn't wish to work with Brock in any capacity.

5 Adored It: Shelton Benjamin

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This might be a surprising name to many fans, but Shelton Benjamin happens to be one of Brock Lesnar's closest friends in real life and even though they haven't competed on the scale of others on this list, they certainly enjoy wrestling together. Lesnar and Benjamin's history goes all the way back to OVW where they were in the same class together which is where their bond began. Lesnar has often credited Benjamin as someone who really helped him improve his wrestling ability and it is clear they get along well.

The Beast even went as far as to make Shelton the Godfather for two of his children, showing just how close the two men are outside of the ring, making him one of the people who enjoyed competing against Brock.

4 Couldn't Stand It: Hardcore Holly

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It is hard to argue with Hardcore Holly's reasoning for hating working with Brock Lesnar, after all, a very green Lesnar did almost provide a career-ending injury to Holly when he dropped the veteran on his neck, putting him out of action. The problem was so severe that WWE decided to get behind it and turn a real-life issue into a storyline, providing Holly with a moment that nobody expected when he got a main event WWE Championship shot upon his return against Lesnar.

In the end, the match was a bust as the pair simply didn't have chemistry together and Holly was left frustrated with The Beast for taking away several months of his career, something he didn't take lightly.

3 Adored It: Goldberg

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They might have had one of the worst matches in WrestleMania history against each other at WrestleMania XX, but the two men more than made up for it with their WrestleMania 33 clash and the fact Goldberg returned to WWE for one more run to face Lesnar should show just how much he enjoys working with him. Goldberg is an incredibly private person and doesn't have too many close friends in the wrestling business, however, one of those that he does stay in touch with is Lesnar because the two created a genuine friendship.

Both men are fairly limited in the ring, often sticking to certain power moves, but the two men do it brilliantly together. It's very rare that Lesnar loses and the fact he did so as quickly as he did at Survivor Series against Goldberg shows that the respect goes both ways.

2 Couldn't Stand It: Dean Ambrose

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One of the biggest criticisms of Brock Lesnar is that he can be quite lazy inside the ring, especially in the past few years with the Beast simply relying upon the fact he can throw an impressive German Suplex. However, the fans calling out Lesnar for that is one thing, but when one of his opponents comes out and says it, that's another. There was a lot of hype for the WrestleMania 32 match between Lesnar and Dean Ambrose, but in the end, it fell way short of expectations.

Ambrose came out on the WWE Network podcast with Stone Cold and called out Lesnar for being lazy and not wanting to do anything, not holding back his true thoughts on Lesnar as an opponent.

1 Adored It: The Undertaker

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Arguably Brock Lesnar's greatest ever rival, The Undertaker and Brock have been to war with each other inside the ring throughout the Beasts career, battling several times during both of Lesnar's runs with the company.

The two men have great respect for each other and are genuine friends outside of the ring, with The Deadman and Lesnar sharing a bond over whiskey and MMA which is probably why their matches are often as brutal as they have been.

However, the real sign that Undertaker adores working with Lesnar is the fact he allowed Brock to be the one to end his WrestleMania undefeated streak. It was The Undertaker's choice to end that record and the fact he picked Lesnar as the man speaks volumes about the respect the two have for each other.

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