8 Wrestling Couples Vince McMahon Is Proud To Flaunt (And 7 He Would Prefer Broke Up)

Vince McMahon and the WWE in general, seem more open to the idea of their employees dating each other than any other era in the history of the business. Wrestlers seem to date other wrestlers with increasing frequency. This wasn't always the case, however, as up until recently there had been very few women wrestlers on the roster.

Most recently, WWE's biggest power couple broke up. John Cena and Nikki Bella were engaged at WrestleMania 33 to be married. Come WrestleMania 34 however, there was little news about when the couple was expected to tie the knot. Then, not long after WrestleMania, it was revealed that Cena and Nikki had ended their six year relationship. Even worse, they plan on airing the story about this on Total Bellas. Now it seems even the real-life relationships of professional wrestlers have become staged, choreographed, and scripted.

In this article, we take a look at 15 different current WWE relationships. That there are this many relationships would be concerning in any other industry. In fact, there are current WWE relationships that we didn't even bother to mention in this article, that's how many of them are ongoing at the moment. Here are eight wrestling relationships Vince McMahon is proud to flaunt and another seven that he isn't.

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15 Proud To Flaunt - The Miz and Maryse


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Vince McMahon is proud to flaunt The Miz and his wife, Maryse. In recent years, this couple has gained more prominence in WWE as The Miz has become more respected in the industry. He recently signed a new four-year deal with the company. Not too shabby for a guy who was once kicked out of the locker room for being annoying.

Maryse rejoined WWE on the night after WrestleMania 32. She helped her husband win the Intercontinental Championship that night. Maryse had previously been employed with the company from 2006 to 2011. She was released in 2011 and has stated the Bella Twins played a role in preventing her from returning to WWE sooner.

As for The Miz, adding Maryse to his act really helped him from 2016 onward. He's arguably been on the best run of his career since.

Maryse would leave the promotion temporarily after WrestleMania 33 as she had become pregnant with her and Miz's first child.

Currently, The Miz was drafted to SmackDown and is hoping he can win back the Intercontinental Championship at Backlash. As of this writing, he is just 20 days away from passing Pedro Morales' record for most days spent as Intercontinental Champion.

14 Breakup - Paige and Kalan Blehm

Remember when Paige proposed to Alberto Del Rio? Even though her previous relationship was an epic failure, Paige only needed a couple of months to get back into the swing of things with a new boy by her side. Paige's new boyfriend is the bassist for a heavy metal band named Attila. She doesn't waste much time replacing old partners it seems.

Unfortunately for Paige, her life has been flipped upside down in recent years.

In addition to her tumultuous relationship with Alberto Del Rio, she was informed this year that WWE doctors will no longer clear her to compete. Not long after she started in WWE, trainers notice she had a condition called scoliosis. This condition causes the spine to curve and although not serious, it is believed that her condition has played a role in her recent career ending injury.

WWE is opting to keep Paige on the roster despite her condition as they likely want to prevent her from going to another company which would clear her for an in-ring return.

As for her old flame, Alberto Del Rio, he has made something of a mess of his wrestling career in the United States. After no-showing an event over WrestleMania weekend, Impact finally released him.

13 Proud To Flaunt - Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella

Vince McMahon has loves the Bella twins. It's not altogether certain how he feels about Daniel Bryan as a main event star but Vince has always liked Bryan as a person. Over the years, Daniel Bryan has developed a good reputation among WWE's elite. Unlike CM Punk, Bryan didn't respond negatively when he was asked to do a job or when he was pushed out of the main event picture.

Vince McMahon does flaunt this couple as much as he can. Their relationship is a key story on the Total Bellas television show. Both Brie and Bryan are very likable and the WWE audience enjoys following their lives.

Daniel Bryan's life, in particular, got far more exciting this year. After spending two years not being medically cleared to wrestle, Daniel Bryan is now free to resume his in-ring career. Other than Bryan himself, nobody is happier about this than Brie Bella. The couple also welcomed a child to the world recently, though they decided to name the baby, Birdie Joe.

Unlike her sister Nikki, Brie has only ever dated one wrestler from WWE and that's Bryan. Nikki, on the other hand, was involved with Dolph Ziggler before starting a relationship with John Cena.

12 Breakup - Bray Wyatt and JoJo

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In addition to not being proud of the relationship between Bray Wyatt and ring announcer Jojo, Vince McMahon has other reasons why he might not want to flaunt this relationship. Some even speculate that WWE is actually lending Wyatt money in order to pay for his upcoming divorce. Bray Wyatt was married prior, making his relationship with Jojo something WWE would rather keep under wraps.

Vince McMahon helping out Wyatt is actually not that big of a surprise. Several members of his family work for the company and we don't mean the Wyatt family. Bo Dallas is Bray Wyatt's brother, their father works as a producer and road agent for the company, and their sister is also part of the company backstage. The Rotunda family is all over WWE so perhaps Vince thought it best to help out a member of the family who is going through a nasty divorce.

While the performer behind the character is having a rough time in their personal life, Bray Wyatt's character is doing quite well these days. After being thrown into the Lake Of Reincarnation by Matt Hardy, Bray Wyatt came out his true self. Not long after losing a Final Deletion style match to Hardy, Wyatt would align with his former rival. Now the odd pairing are the Raw Tag Team Champions.

11 Proud To Flaunt - Dean Ambrose and Renee Young 

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Although they seem like a bit of an odd pairing, WWE fans seem to really enjoy both of these two. We got a sneak peek at their lives during Total Divas and the couple certainly makes for good television.

Young gets some of the best reviews a backstage commentator can possibly achieve and Dean Ambrose has already accomplished some significant achievements in his career.

Ambrose is a former WWE Champion and even wrestled Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania. Those are the kinds of high-profile opportunities WWE doesn't just hand out to any performer. They clearly have a lot of respect for and confidence in Ambrose's ability.

Unfortunately, Ambrose is currently on the injured list and there is no timetable for his return. He suffered an injury to his triceps in December which caused WWE to have to abandon plans for the Shield's reunion. There have been rumored setbacks in Ambrose's recovery as well and nobody seems too sure about when he's going to be back.

As for Renee Young, she is one of the only performers on the roster who crosses between Raw and SmackDown. Young has aspirations outside of WWE and has expressed interest in stand-up comedy and acting.

10 Breakup - Mickie James and Nick Aldis 


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Vince McMahon is not likely to flaunt the relationship between Mickie James and the current NWA World Heavyweight Champion Nick Aldis. The wrestler formerly known as Magnus in TNA Wrestling was handpicked as the new face of Billy Corgan's National Wrestling Alliance. Vince McMahon probably doesn't want it out there that one of his performers is married to the top guy in a rival upstart wrestling promotion.

If you haven't had a chance to see Nick Aldis and Billy Corgan's new National Wrestling Alliance, you're missing out. Corgan has a very old-school approach to professional wrestling and is focusing his promotion more on stories and characters than actual in-ring work. To be honest, some of the matches they have featured so far have been downright ugly but the storytelling has been enough to make up for it.

Mickie James is no stranger to wrestling relationships, she's been in a bunch of them. She was in a serious relationship with Kenny from the Spirit Squad before having a thing with John Cena. The end result is both her and Kenny were gone from the company not long after. It would take James several years to get her job back in WWE but you can now check her out on Raw every week as a buddy for Alexa Bliss.

9 Proud To Flaunt - Naomi and Jimmy Uso 

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Vince McMahon hasn't hesitated to flaunt the relationship between Naomi and Jimmy Uso. On the reality TV program, Total Divas, the marriage between Uso and Naomi became the focal point of storylines. In particular, the show aired an episode which featured Jimmy's father, Rikishi Fatu, stating his disapproval of the marriage because Naomi is not Samoan. This was thought to be the reason Rikishi did not attend their wedding but since that time others have hinted Rikishi's disapproval of Naomi was something scripted to try and make the show more entertaining.

Both Jimmy and Naomi are experiencing career highs at the moment.

For the first time in his lengthy career, Jimmy Uso performed on the main card of WrestleMania this year. Naomi has made history two WrestleMania shows in a row now. At WrestleMania 33, she won the SmackDown Live Women's Championship in her home city of Orlando Florida. This year at WrestleMania 34, Naomi won the first ever Women's WrestleMania Battle Royal. She also has the most high-intensity entrance for a women's wrestler ever in history.

The Usos are one of the hottest acts in wrestling right now but they recently lost their SmackDown Tag Team Championships to the Bludgeon Brothers.

8 Breakup - Bayley and Aaron Solow 

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It doesn't appear as though Vince McMahon has much time for either Aaron Solow or Bayley. It's likely he would just prefer if the couple ended things.

Unfortunately for both Bayley and her boyfriend, Aaron Solow, their future in WWE doesn't seem too certain.

Solow has wrestled several matches in WWE as enhancement talent but at no point does it appear WWE had interest in signing him. Bayley, despite being incredibly popular in NXT, seems like she isn't translating as well on the main roster either. Her rivalry with Sasha Banks doesn't seem to be helping things much. Since their storyline rivalry began it seems both Banks and Bayley are less important on Raw. Bayley has even publicly discussed the possibility of turning heel. A heel turn for Bayley would essentially require an entire gimmick makeover and something of a fresh start for her.

It seems odd that WWE would just give up on the Hugger gimmick so easily but that appears to be the case. In NXT, the gimmick was so over that the camera couldn't cut to a crowd shot without catching one or two young fans dressed up like her. How that didn't translate into money on the main roster is anyone's guess.

7 Proud To Flaunt - Natalya and Tyson Kidd 

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There aren't many couples more respected backstage in WWE than Tyson Kidd and Natalya. While Tyson Kidd suffered a career-ending injury a few years ago, he is now working backstage as a producer. Natalya, while still an active wrestler, is thought of as something of a player-coach for the women's division.

In recognition of her contributions to the women's division, WWE gifted Natalya a framed memento from the first ever women's Royal Rumble. WWE packaged together several mementos from the match and had them signed by the entire women's roster. They then presented it to Natalya in order to show their appreciation for how well she has helped train many on the roster.

As a member of the famous Hart family, Natalya started training as a wrestler from a very early age. She also started dating Tyson when they were both just teenagers. Tyson was a family friend who would come over regularly to fool around in the family's wrestling ring alongside Davey Boy Smith Jr, Teddy Hart and Natalya.

The next-generation Hart Foundation are all doing different things in wrestling these days. Teddy Hart recently returned to the ring and is making some waves on the independent circuit again. Davey Boy Smith Jr is in the middle of a very successful run over in Japan.

6 Breakup - Lana and Rusev 

Vince McMahon may prefer if Rusev and Lana broke up but that's not how most wrestling fans feel.

Lana and Rusev ended up in hot water with WWE management not long ago when they announced their engagement through social media. They also gave an exclusive interview to TMZ Sports on the matter.

The problem was that at the time, Rusev and Lana's characters were not together in storyline. Lana was with Dolph Ziggler and Rusev had taken up with Summer Rae. Vince was said to have been upset about the lack of adherence to kayfabe the two exhibited when announcing their engagement. It wouldn't be long after that they would be put back together in storyline as well.

As of this writing, there are hints that Lana and Rusev could be reuniting on SmackDown. Lana recently appeared on camera wearing a "Happy Rusev Day" t-shirt. She seemed to insinuate that Aiden English is holding Rusev back as well. So perhaps, we are about to see a reunion of sorts on-screen for the couple.

There are rumors that Rusev asked for his release from the company not long ago. The rumor claim he is not happy with how he has been booked as of late. His Rusev Day t-shirts are selling well so perhaps he believes himself to be a bigger star than WWE sees him as.

5 Proud To Flaunt - Alexa Bliss and Buddy Murphy 

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Vince McMahon might not want too many people to know Alexa Bliss isn't single but on the whole, we believe he is proud to flaunt this couple. Murphy and Bliss represent everything Vince McMahon loves about his own company. Vince loves stars who are attractive, physically fit, and able to appeal to WWE fans. Alexa Bliss has that in spades and Buddy Murphy is Vince's type as well. He's built, he's fast and he can work. That Buddy Murphy is technically a Cruiserweight now doesn't bode well for Vince's affection but it's a step up for a guy who has spent a lot of time on the shelf and in a tag-team which was going nowhere.

As for Alexa Bliss, few would have predicted her meteoric rise to the top of the women's division when she was initially drafted to the main roster. At the time, Bliss wasn't one of the top prospects in NXT. In fact, she rarely wrestled and was more of a valet to the Blake and Murphy tag team. It wasn't even clear at that time if she was being brought up to the main roster as a weekly performer. She certainly found her footing when she got there. Bliss very quickly became a perennial Women's Champion.

4 Breakup - Sasha Banks and Mikaze 

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We don't think Vince McMahon wants to flaunt the fact that Sasha Banks is married to someone who works in the costume design department of WWE. In 2016, Banks married Sarath Ton, an independent wrestler she met before signing with WWE. Ton was hired to work in WWE's costume design department a couple of years ago.

Judging by his appearances, Sarath Ton (aka Kid Mikaze) appears to be a nice guy who gets along well with others. Despite this, fans of Sasha give him a hard time on social media. This tends to be the case with the boyfriends of many female WWE superstars. Fans always have problems with the boyfriend. They think he's not good enough for her, they would prefer she was single or with someone with a higher profile.

For whatever reason, there is an alarming number of fans on Twitter that seem to give Sasha Banks's husband a hard time. This might have rattled Banks a little bit too. She has made some statements publicly about not being happy with the way fans treat her husband.  She's also expressed frustration with fans who ask for pictures or autographs at an airport, hotel, or other situation where she is not making an official WWE appearance. It's possible she's just gotten so annoyed with WWE fans that she doesn't even like them in general. That's a perfect angle for a heel turn.

3 Proud To Flaunt - Peyton Royce and Tye Dillinger 

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This rather photogenic couple are definitely the perfect 10.

While Tye Dillinger is not much of a star on WWE programming, he is a journeyman wrestler who deserves to be celebrated. The 32-year-old was signed to WWE from 2006 to 2009. He was released in 2009 but would be back in the company four years later. In 2013, Dillinger was re-signed to the company for the purposes of being used as enhancement talent on NXT more than anything else. Dillinger became so respected by his peers that he was eventually brought up to the main roster to help put over guys there. After two stints and seven total years in WWE's developmental program, Dillinger became a main roster superstar in 2017 following an NXT stint.

As for Peyton Royce, she's a bit of a blue-chip prospect. Royce and Billie Kay are just getting their first main roster storylines on SmackDown Live at the moment and thye already took part in a recent main event six women tag match. It won't be long until they're key drivers of the SmackDown women's division. Considering Charlotte Flair, Asuka, and Becky Lynch are all on the same brand as them, they might have their work cut out.

2 Breakup - Becky Lynch and Luke Sanders

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Becky Lynch is currently in a relationship with UFC bantamweight fighter, "Cool Hand" Luke Sanders. Lynch's love for corny jokes and sayings are likely what led to Sanders' nickname becoming "Cool Hand Luke".... okay maybe not.

We don't think Vince McMahon is likely to want to flaunt the fact that one of his top women's wrestlers is dating a man who weighs 135 pounds and has a connection to MMA. Sanders has won two fights in the UFC and lost two. His last fight was on April 14, 2018, on a UFC on Fox show. He defeated Patrick Williams via unanimous decision to stop a two-fight losing skid he had been on.

We know how much Vince McMahon likes heavyweights and larger-than-life wrestlers so we just don't think he would understand why Becky Lynch is going out with someone who weighs less than most of the members of WWE's women's roster.

The fact that the two are a happy couple, we feel, would play little role in Vince McMahon's willingness to flaunt them or not.

In terms of her in-ring career, Becky Lynch has sort of fallen out of favor on SmackDown. After becoming the first-ever SmackDown Women's Champion, Lynch hasn't been in the title picture for some time.

1 Proud To Flaunt - Triple H and Stephanie McMahon 

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This shouldn't come as much of a surprise, Vince McMahon loves to flaunt the relationship between Triple H and his daughter Stephanie McMahon.

After all, the two are pretty much the power couple of WWE and it doesn't look like that is going to change at any point.

Triple H has certainly gained a lot in his life from marrying the boss' daughter but some attention should be given to what a massive risk he took by starting a relationship with Stephanie McMahon. If things had not worked out between them, Triple H would have been out of WWE in a heartbeat, never to return. He had a lot to gain in the marriage but he also risked a lot. The risk paid off, however, as now Triple H has successfully entered into the McMahon family. He is the father of Vince McMahon's grandchildren and as such is basically a McMahon himself now. You have to hand it to Triple H, he really has played the game like nobody else before him.

Stephanie McMahon has become something of the moral compass for WWE. She's the face at all the charity events and PR opportunities. Stephanie and Triple H are the ones who speak to the media as well, a role which used to be occupied by Vince McMahon and only Vince McMahon.

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