10 Crowds That Make Any Wrestling Event Better

The crowd at a wrestling show is more important than a crowd in any other sporting event, as they are essentially a crucial part of the show and without them being invested, making noise, and enjoying the product, the show can really suffer.

There is nothing worse for a wrestling show than the audience simply sitting on their hands and not getting behind the babyfaces or against the heels, which can make even the best wrestling show feel like a poor one.

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While a lot of the time it is down to the wrestlers themselves to win over a crowd, but there are certain cities around the world that will provide incredible audiences to make any wrestling event feel great, and within this article, we will rank the 10 best.

10 Brooklyn

Brooklyn is quite a new hotbed for professional wrestling, and a large part of that has been down to the creation of the Barclays Center, which has allowed WWE, in particular, to put on some amazing events in the borough of New York.

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Having hosted countless SummerSlam's, the crowd for events in Brooklyn has always been incredibly loud and passionate, which is one of the main reasons WWE constantly returns every year for a major show.

NXT Takeover: Brooklyn, has almost become the black and yellow brand version of WrestleMania at this stage, which has been, in part, due to the fantastic crowds at each show so far.

9 Orlando

When you think about Orlando, Florida, your brain might instantly go to Disney World or Universal Studios rather than it being a major wrestling city, but in recent years the popular tourist destination has been a major wrestling hub.

WWE has brought WrestleMania to the city twice in recent years, putting on incredible events both times with fans from around the world flowing in, while the company also made Orlando the home of the WWE Performance Center and NXT, with Full Sail University being located in Orlando.

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While the IMPACT Zone may have moved on, the vast majority of TNA's lifespan was spent in Orlando as well, with countless episodes being taped at Universal Studios, with the city having a huge population of wrestling fans.

8 London

It isn't just cities in America where wrestling is a hotbed, as there are plenty of locations all around the world that love wrestling just as much, with the UK being a prime example of that.

London, being the capital of England offers tons of wrestling, with many independent promotions running events in the city with PROGRESS Wrestling, in particular, hosting many shows from the city.

Because London doesn't often get many big shows from the likes of WWE, New Japan, or Ring Of Honor, when a company does cross the pond, the fans are even more excited which creates a very special atmosphere.

7 Atlanta

When you think about the history of professional wrestling, Atlanta should instantly spring to mind as historically, this city has been a huge hub for professional wrestling, particularly during the territory days.

Even after the territory days were over, Atlanta became the home of WCW, where the company hosted countless incredible events, with the Georgia Dome producing some unbelievable moments in wrestling.

Most recently, NWA has returned to Atlanta to tape episodes of NWA Powerrr, with the company choosing to use this city due to the fact the crowds are always going to be fully invested.

6 Tokyo

Crowds in Tokyo are very different from other examples on this list, as the audience is far quieter than the rest, with the Japanese culture being very different from other places around the world.

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However, while there might be large portions of time when there isn't any noise, the brilliant thing about a Tokyo audience is that they are always paying 110% attention to the in-ring product and they will applaud and pop for great wrestling.

No major moments ever get overlooked by the fans, and unlike other cities, a Tokyo audience never tries to be the star of the show, and given the history of Japanese wrestling in the city, it should be on any fan's bucket list to watch a show there.

5 Boston

Another incredible location for wrestling is Boston, where you can pretty much guarantee that the fans are always going to be reacting in a loud way, with fans from Boston being known to be very vocal.

While it might not be one of the places that fans instantly think about straight away, it is a brilliant location for wrestling shows, with WWE often hosting a PPV event there each year due to knowing how the fans will be.

Whenever a show is happening from Boston, you can guarantee that the fans will at least be invested and making noise, which makes a big difference, even if the show is bad.

4 Manhattan

While we have already had an entrant from New York City with Brooklyn, Manhattan deserves its own inclusion simply due to the historic arenas that can be found in the area, with dedicated fans always being there for it.

For starters, the Hammerstein Ballroom is located in Manhattan, which is also known as the Manhattan Center was the location of the very first episode of Raw and has hosted some huge Ring Of Honor events as well.

However, the main reason that Manhattan is an incredible location for wrestling is due to the fact that this is the location of Madison Square Garden, where you will be hard-pressed to find a bad show from this location.

3 Philadelphia

Philadelphia is known for having some of the most rabid wrestling fans in the world, with shows in the city being incredibly loud, with audiences never holding anything back, which can really make a show stand out.

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The city was famously the home for ECW during its run, with the legendary ECW Arena being a place where some incredible wrestling has taken place, and the audience always played a huge part in ECW's success.

However, the only negative to a show in Philly is that they are incredible die-hard fans, and if there is something happening that they don't like then they won't hold back in letting the company and wrestlers know how they feel.

2 Toronto

You only need to take a look at how many of the all-time greats that have come from Canada to know that the country is wrestling mad, and Toronto, in particular, is an incredible location for wrestling crowds.

Anytime WWE decides to put on an event in the city you just know that the crowds are going to be up for it, which can create some amazing atmospheres that ensure any show is going to be enjoyable, no matter how bad it is.

If any Canadian wrestlers happen to be on the show then you can pencil them in for gaining an amazing reaction from the audience as well, which can always set up special moments such as Trish Stratus' recent match with Charlotte Flair.

1 Chicago

Arguably the greatest city in the world for professional wrestling, Chicago is a total hub for the sport, with plenty of big independent wrestling shows taking place and WWE often making the trip for major PPV events.

The crowds are always red hot in Chicago, even if the quality of wrestling isn't at the level expected, but when the wrestling is on point then you can expect a great show to be made historic by a hot crowd.

The 2011 Money in the Bank PPV is the perfect example of that, with the main event between CM Punk and John Cena being unforgettable. And the fact that ALL IN took place in Chicago is another great sign of how good the city is.

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