WWE's Adam Rose Off the Hook In Domestic Violence Case

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The domestic charges against WWE wrestler Adam Rose have been dropped. Rose's real name is Ray Leppan. He was arrested for domestic violence against his wife in May of last year. He allegedly grabbed her face at their Florida home during an argument. He then took her phone when she tried to call 911.

Both Leppan and his wife maintained that Rose was innocent in the incident. She begged a judge to go easy on him.

Leppan will have to seek professional help as part of the deal.

The wrestler cites a concussion as a reason behind the argument. Leppan stresses he never physically harmed his wife and never would.

“My wife stands behind me,” said Leppan. “That night was a shock to both of us. The reason we were having a heated argument was stress. It was a heated argument where I said hurtful things. I am now learning to disconnect arguments before I get to the point where I say hurtful things. We were under a lot of stress at the time because I’d just been suspended, and I wasn’t at my best. I’d had a concussion in Mexico, so mood-wise, I was not in the best place.

“There was no physical harm. There was a cupping of the face with my hands, but I thought there was an over-reaction by law enforcement–who I have the utmost respect for–and I understand that they have to take those cases seriously. Everything is going to get dropped, and I’m learning how to communicate with my wife through my church. I’m in counseling, and I’m learning how to communicate better with my wife.”

Leppan was suspended indefinitely by the WWE after the arrest occurred. The company has a zero tolerance domestic violence policy. He later requested a release from the organization. Leppan's request was granted. It's unknown what his relationship with the WWE will be like in the future. Leppan says he has no hard feelings towards the organization.

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