WWE's Blonde Bombshells: 15 Steamy Photos Of Maryse And Lana That Will Blow Your Mind

Welcome back you savages. Just imagine for one moment that the WWE reverted back to the Attitude Era. Fans will be exposed to blood, risky moves, and tons of sexual innuendo segments. One other feature would be the titillating Divas that perform in bikini contests, mud matches, and have vignettes while wearing lingerie. That would mean a lot of the women in the WWE today might not be here. We’re not going to name anyone but we’re pretty sure you can figure out who.

The women that would stay if the WWE reverted back to the Attitude Era are Lana and Maryse. The blonde bombshells are beloved by fans. Their admiration for them is no secret and they know this. Both beauties are similar because they’ve modeled, performed in movies and worked on television shows. The two may not be tied to the hip, but fans would love to see a segment involving the both of them.

Maryse has seniority on Lana, signing with the WWE in 2006 before leaving and coming back in 2016. Lana wasn’t aiming for a wrestling career but landed a job with the WWE in 2013. The two are now arguably the hottest talents in the WWE and it’s pretty hard to argue that. The question is, who’s the hotter blonde bombshell? Good luck figuring this one out.

15 Beach Ball Mania


Somehow the SummerSlam beach ball has made its way to this list. The WWE Universe would bring the beach alive several times during SummerSlam weekend and the days after. John Cena made the headlines by bringing it to light on an episode of Raw. We now know who the culprit is behind the beach ball phenomenon, Maryse. All the evidence you need is right here in this photo. The beach ball has the same size, color, and traits of the ones we saw.

Maybe Maryse unleashed the beach ball after her husband was left on the undercard of the second biggest pay-per-view of the year. This image is hot enough to make you think you’re at the beach. The beautiful hair, awesome curves, and the cute outfit has made this image a winner in our eyes.

14 Pre-WWE


We’re bringing in the good old days when Lana was modeling in front of a Scion. Before becoming one of the hottest women to ever step into a wrestling ring, Lana was killing it as a model. Her skills landed her with a lot of jobs, including working in movies and television. She can dance, act, model, and has a mean Russian accent, and fans love her for it.

If you enjoy everything black then this image is for you. The sexy stare, awesome curves and luscious hair makes all wish we had a Scion for Lana to pose with. This timeless photo will be on the internet long after we’re gone and data archaeologists’ minds will explode once they come across this epic image.

13 Blue Studded Bikini 


We don’t think many can argue against the theory that water and hot women go hand-in-hand. It’s like peanut butter and jelly, fingers and smart phones, and Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen. It’s not a coincidence that the best publications around the world hire models and photographers to work on a beach. This photo of Maryse may take the cake.

Soaking wet and looking good, she definitely knows how to work the camera. Imagine seeing her walking on the beach wearing this outfit. The sun’s rays bouncing off those jewels would make her look like an angel. Allegedly, after she got up from the photo shoot, those rocks she sat on were applauding how soft Maryse was. We kid about the rocks but we all know Maryse is softer than silk.

12 Seeing Triple


We’re cheating a little bit because this isn’t one photo but three. Who cares when we can look at Lana all day long. Once again, Lana seems to be having some fun while in a bikini. Fans get to see Lana from head to toe in this image. The sun shines on her as she twirls herself around and plays with her hair.

With a beautiful bikini, awesome shades, and more skin showing than what you see in the WWE Universe, this photo is approved by all her fans. Too bad the dreaded beach ball of SummerSlam couldn’t make an appearance but maybe next time. She could be playing volleyball, getting some sun, or having a swim, fans will ogle Lana forever and she knows it, oh it’s true, it’s damn true.

11 Black And White Oh So Right


The French-Canadian beauty not only looks good on the beach but relaxing on a couch as well. Miz gets to come home to Maryse wearing lingerie like this all the time. If you have a thing for beauties in black and white, then this image is definitely for you. There isn’t one negative about this photo, from head to toe, Maryse proves once again how photogenic she is.

That necklace is also on point and just adds to the beauty of Maryse. We can rip on WWE’s non-wrestling programming but without their Divas Search competition, Maryse may never have been a member of the WWE Universe. She would be discovered by the WWE in 2006 because of that competition and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

10 Strawberries Anyone?


There is just too much sexiness going on this photo. She isn’t showing as much skin as she does in her other images, however, someone like Lana could still look like a shooting star regardless of what she wears. You walk into a kitchen and see a blonde bombshell named Lana cutting some delicious strawberries, what do you do? First, you make sure Rusev isn’t going to murder you. Secondly, you make sure Rusev isn’t going to murder you.

After you get that cleared up, good luck eating some strawberries. Lana’s facial expression is either she wants your there or is ready to take that knife and use it. With a conservative outfit (by Lana’s standards) and showing off some bling, this photo can make any man’s knees buckle.

9 It's Good To Be Home


Imagine getting physically destroyed by your colleague week in and week out because you play the heel. Now imagine coming home to Maryse in this outfit after a hard day of work. No wonder the Miz looks like he’s loving life. He’s one of the best mic workers around, actually gets booed for being a heel, and constantly puts over other talents. He may never headline a WrestleMania again, but who cares when you have this beauty in your corner.

The power couple would get married in 2014 and has been smooth sailing ever since. You think Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas are part of the Miztourage because they like Miz? Maybe they’re there because Maryse is the real star of the group. This picture is so epic we don’t even have any words to describe it.

8 Hear Me Roar!


We understand why Rusev decided to marry Lana in 2016 by just looking at this photo. Powerful, confidence, and beauty seems to be the theme in this image. With one hand on her hip, Lana is bursting out with conviction. It’s like she’s saying “Here I am and no one will stop me.” Could you stop her even if you wanted to? We know a lot of fans won’t and that’s the way Lana likes it.

Although she is billed from Russia, Lana is a full blooded American. So you don’t have to worry about any collusion with this blonde bombshell. Lana could make any outfit look great but this bikini is definitely unique and it almost makes you think she’s a fan of the New Orleans Saints.

7 Selfie Time


We can’t get enough of Maryse in pink outfits. There are tons of photos of the blonde bombshell taking by professionals and publications that make modeling look awesome, however, some of the best photos of Maryse can be taken by herself. Her social media has tons of content, including this beautiful image. It looks like she was tired of getting a lot sun in the face and needed the hat for some shade.

We’re not complaining at all. Maryse could probably wear the ugliest hat ever and make it look like it was made by Karl Lagerfeld. Sometimes you don’t need makeup to look beautiful and Maryse is one of those women that can pull off the natural look. Why isn’t Miz in the other seat you may ask, he’s probably drafting his fantasy football team while she takes this picture.

6 Say Cheese


Everyone enjoys some fun and Lana looks like she’s having the time of her life in this photo shoot. The leopard design seems like something that people enjoyed rocking in the ‘70s or ‘80s but Lana is making a great case for it today. PETA hopes that’s not real leopard fur and we doubt it is, but Lana is so hot, her energy could probably turn that outfit into an actual leopard.

The buttery blonde hair, great smile, and having better curves than a basketball makes this photo one of the best out there. Rusev is one lucky individual to marry Lana in 2016 but it seems the couple has been in hot water with the WWE ever since. By the time you read this list, the couple may not even be on the roster.

5 Pool Party


Maryse may hail from Canada but she's tanner than a Southern California native. This image was most likely taken at a pool party in Las Vegas, Miami, or South California but it doesn’t matter where the location is. Maryse doesn’t go to the party, she brings the party with her. You can tell he’s having a good time in this photo and that bikini is something else.

It’s like a hotter version of Princess Leia’s slave outfit in Star Wars. We don’t know who took the photo but if it was Miz, then bravo for getting the right amount of lighting and head space. You can look at all the other people in this "Finding Waldo" picture and we doubt you can find anyone hotter than Maryse.

4 Fun In The Sun


We’ve shown you Maryse having fun in the sun so why not Lana? Before becoming one of the hottest talents in the WWE Universe, Lana did a lot of modeling. She also worked in some movies such as Big Mommas: Like Father, Like and Son Pitch Perfect. Billed from Russia, she can make all the snow melt, especially in this photo.

The long hair falling over the shoulder, the sun hitting her curves perfectly, and that beautiful look makes this photo a perfect ten. We’re pretty sure if a fan of Lana could be an inanimate object for just one day, they would choose her outfit. You can just see that bikini jumping for joy as Lana works the camera. The sky was a little brighter that day at the beach and it wasn’t because of the sun.

3 OMG!


Is anyone surprised to see Maryse in movies and on television? We’re not. Just look at this photo and you’ll get a hint to why that is. Sex sells and not just in the WWE. Maryse has been involved in more movies as of late, such as Delilah, Isle of the Dead, and The Marine 5: Battleground.

They may not be blockbuster hits but it’s a start. She’s packing so much sexiness, as you can see in the image, future roles for a major Hollywood production isn’t out of the realm of possibility. This image is all about sexiness, and Maryse knows it. She can tease her fans all she wants and they keep coming back for second the third servings. Whoever the photographer is, you’re one lucky individual.

2 A Perfect Image


The sun and Lana have an important relationship together. Without Lana, the sun wouldn’t have the energy to help sustain life on Earth. Without the sun, Lana would become the sole energy source for photosynthesis and we would be in a real pickle. As we mentioned with Maryse, hot women and water go hand-in-hand.

Although Lana isn’t in the water, yet, the sea is still part of this image and this setting adds to the aura of Lana’s sexiness. She has the perfect face and body, making her the perfect WWE talent. If Lana leaves the WWE, we know she’ll find work real soon. Whether she’s involved in modeling, movies, or reality television, Lana will always have her fans that will defend her to the end of the universe.

1 We May Have A Winner


This photo has made computers overheat so be warned. If you smell smoke, make sure you shut down your device. Arguably the hottest image on this list, this photo is just one step away from being in an adult entertainment magazine such as Playboy. Are there even any flaws? The white outfit literally makes Maryse look like an angle and it just makes you want to shout out, DAMN YOU MIZ!

She has more curves than Mother Earth but that’s not an admission that the flat Earth theory is real. If the WWE was in the Attitude Era, it’s almost a guarantee we would see her wearing outfits like this in the ring. If this ensemble was worn a bikini contest nowadays, Maryse's hand would he held in victory.

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