X-Pac To Be Featured In Upcoming WWE 24 Documentary

An upcoming episode of the WWE Network's documentary series WWE 24 will apparently feature Sean Waltman, more commonly known as X-Pac.

The WWE Network has been up and running for a number of years now and for the most part, the venture has been a massive success. For the Network to be successful WWE had to start creating an awful lot of new, original programming to fill all those hours and they have done that. From Legends House to Holy Foley to the series about the Monday Night War, a diverse selection of shows just with those three.

Arguably, some of the most anticipated shows on the WWE Network are the ones that are a part of the WWE 24 series. The documentaries last about an hour in length and focus in on a particular period in a Superstar's life. We have seen one about Goldberg's comeback and also an episode that focused in around the retirement of Daniel Bryan.

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According to Sean Waltman, more commonly known by his ring name X-Pac in wrestling circles, the former WWE Superstar will be featured in an upcoming episode of WWE 24. Waltman tweeted the news on Tuesday stating "I'll be featured in one of the next episodes of the WWE Network docuseries WWE24. I'm very grateful for that." Whether the episode will focus on just Waltman or a number of things is unclear as of right now.

If the whole episode does focus on X-Pac, then they will certainly have enough material to fill the entire hour. Waltman has led an incredibly turbulent life both inside and outside of the wrestling business. From his time with iconic factions D-Generation X and nWo to his history of hard drug abuse and everything in between, an entire episode on the man will be a very interesting one if it happens.


Despite Waltman's dark past, the longtime pro wrestler is doing better than ever right now. The podcast host is off drugs, still competes in the ring, and will be on Raw's 25th-anniversary show this coming Monday. If there is going to be an episode of WWE 24 all about him then maybe that's where WWE will decide to announce it since he will be on the show.

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