Former Superstar Reveals How Bad Neville's WWE Situation Was

X-Pac revealed during the latest episode of his weekly podcast that Neville has been frustrated with his position in WWE for months.

One of the top stories in WWE this week is the ongoing saga behind what is going on with Neville. The former Cruiserweight Champion reportedly walked out of the arena before Raw this past Monday while also asking that WWE grant him his release. While none of that has been confirmed the future is not looking bright for Neville in WWE.

There are a number of reasons as to why exactly Neville allegedly chose to walk out of Raw on Monday night. Some reports suggest that the Brit was booked to lose to Enzo Amore in the night's main event, thus why it became Amore vs. Kalisto instead, and Neville didn't want to do it. Others are suggesting that Neville is disillusioned with a much more bigger picture.


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Well, this week, former WWE Superstar X-Pac offered his input on the whole situation via his podcast, X-Pac 1 2 360. The former D-Generation X and nWo member shared with his listeners that he had spoken to Neville a number of months ago, and even at that time The King Of The Cruiserweights was unhappy about his position in WWE. X-Pac was quick to mention that he hasn't spoken to Neville at all this week and that he knows nothing other than what has been reported about the latest developments.

Neville was introduced into a floundering 205 Live product a while ago now and became the brand's champion for the first time in January. The inclusion of the former NXT star on the show was a much-needed breath of fresh air and supplied more casual fans with a face that they recognized on the show, thus more of a reason to watch it. The novelty of Neville has worn off however and recently WWE has felt the need to also add Enzo Amore and Kalisto to 205 Live's ranks.


The more information that comes out about Neville's current status the more it sounds like a very similar situation to what happened with Austin Aries a few months ago. Although both Neville and Aries physically fit the parameters of what qualifies as a cruiserweight, it's clear that both men have ambitions beyond that one division. WWE, on the other hand, seems to want them as cruiserweights and only cruiserweights, and with that way of thinking, they may lose even more of their 205 Live stars in the future.

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