X-Pac Shoots On Turning Down A Chris Jericho WrestleMania Match

Sean "X-Pac" Waltman took some time to sit down with Steve Austin and talk about his wrestling career on The Stone Cold Steve Austin Show.

Waltman admitted that he believes he could have had a better career if he would have learned to be a better promo and easier to work with outside of the ring.

"I think, for me, I should have worked harder on my mic skills and I should have been a lot easier to deal with and I would have been pushed a lot better. I was really… I was really, with my first run there, I felt like I let a lot of stuff happen there that I shouldn't have and so I overcompensated for it when I came back. If I thought anybody was messing with me, I was difficult. And also, I didn't allow them to work me more than 15 days a month and when you do that, then it kind of takes a lot of the opportunities off the table," said Waltman, via Wrestling Inc.

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It's easy to look back and have regrets. It's a shame that Waltman didn't see the fact that he wasn't helping himself by being a jerk to others and by failing to properly promote himself. Now, all the 45-year-old Waltman can do is learn from his mistakes and move on.

Waltman admitted that due to the fact that he's a "contrarian" he didn't fight Chris Jericho at Wrestlemania for the Intercontinental Championship belt despite being urged by Vince and Shane McMahon to do so.


"I was always a contrarian. I'm going to give you an example and I might've told you this one because I've told it several times of an example of what a dumbass I was. Shane McMahon comes up to me, 'yeah, we're going to have just the Red Hot Chili Peppers do your theme music.' I'm like, 'no, I want Uncle Kracker,'" revealed X-Pac.  "Another one, it was Vince and Shane, 'we're thinking of having you work Jericho at 'Mania for the I.C. belt.' I'm like, 'no, I want to finish my program with Kane, which was already way on its last legs, Steve, but 'no, I want to do this.' "

Turning down a lucrative opportunity to wrestle Jericho at 'Mania was just plain stupid and we're sure Waltman regrets it. Waltman also says he would have liked to have had Randy Orton's body.

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"Randy Orton. That's just [off the top of Waltman's head]. I mean, there [are] several other guys I could think of, but, Randy, okay, Randy Orton. Man, talk about good genetics."

Waltman has worked for some of the biggest wrestling companies that have included TNA/GFW, WCW and of course the WWE after making his debut in 1989. He ended up trying out for the WWE in Phoenix back in 1993, just one day after WrestleMania IX.

During his first debut for the WWE, Waltman was known as "The Kamikaze Kid." He ended up losing his first match to "Doink the Clown."

Waltman is famously known for being a part of a group in the mid-1990's known as "Kliq," that included many of the top WWE stars at the time. He was also part of groups like D-Generation X and nWo during his wrestling career.


Waltman left the WWE in 1996 for WCW, where he became a part of the nWo. He then returned to the WWE in 1998. In 2003, Waltman left the WWE again, this time for Xtreme Pro Wrestling and while also performing for Total Nonstop Action Wrestling from 2002-2006.

While Waltman doesn't wrestle anymore, he is under a "legends contract" with the WWE to make appearances every now and then.

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