Xavier Woods Injury Reportedly Serious, Outlook Not Good

Xavier Woods took to Twitter to apologize to fans in Sydney after being unable to finish his match. Unfortunately, he'll miss more than one match.

Initial reports were that Woods was going to miss the remainder of the Australia tour. However, news is surfacing that his Achilles injury is worse than expected and Woods could be out as much as 5-8 months while trying to recover.

In an update provided by F4Wonline.com, reports are that WWE now knows the injury is bad. The company would only call it an Achilles injurywhen posting a news update online,  but word going around is that Woods did suffer an Achilles tear. A tear is pretty serious and could means months of recuperating time after surgery.

As soon as WWE gets back to the United States, Woods will likely be re-evaluated by WWE doctors and if Achilles tendon surgery is required, will probably schedule that immediately.

As for the rest of New Day, Kofi Kingston and Big E will have to move on towards Crown Jewel without Woods and it's likely he could make it back in time for WrestleMania.

Woods Knows It's Bad Too

Woods is also aware that his injury is pretty serious as he took to social media to let fans in on what his immediate future plans are. He wrote, "Mans is injured. I’ll keep y'all updated but as of right now I’m gonna stream a lot. Gonna hit cons a lot. Gonna post sponsored tweets a lot. Gonna eat pizza a lot." He added, "So many things to do! 1st cosplay coming next Saturday, I’m already laughing about it."

At least he's in good spirits despite the fact he's got a long road ahead of him if he wants to make it back faster than the typical injured star does from this type of surgery.

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