The XFL Is Accepting Applications For Players

While there's no telling how successful or big a flop this newest incarnation of the XFL will be, there's only one way to know and that's by getting down to business and the process that is creating a football league, promoting and airing the games, creating a schedule and most importantly, finding coaches and players. All of that will take hiring hundeds of people and Vince McMahon and his new company, Alpha Entertainment, have begun that process.

The XFL has posted on their website job applications for a variety of positions including office staff and management roles. They've also not limited finding talent for the teams to recruiting or free agent signings of players cast off from other leagues like the NFL or CFL but they've opted to allow potential players to apply for positions on their website. Simply put, like you might apply for a job at McDonald's, the XFL says you can put in an application or resume and they'll take a look.

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If a budding XFL star is interested in making name for himself in the new league, they're recommended to state their football experience (including professional or collegiate games), what positions they have experience in and any awards of distinction or honors they may have received while playing those positions. If it helps, the website says that potential hopefuls can upload their LinkedIn profile to expedite the process.

This may be seen by some as another way the XFL isn't measuring up as you wouldn't expect the NFL or CFL to offer players a form on their website to become a part of any one of the many XFL rosters that will be introduced in the coming months but you have to start somewhere. This league will need hundreds of players and they easiest way to find some of them will be to encourage they make themselves available.

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