The XFL Won't Get In The Way Of Vince McMahon Running WWE

Whether Vince McMahon is planning on relaunching the XFL or creating a new entity away from wrestling, it won't affect his duties with WWE.

Vince McMahon is up to something, but nobody seems to know what that something is. The WWE chairman recently started up an entity simply known as Alpha Entertainment but what that company will be involved in is unclear as of right now. The first rumors that surfaced suggested that he may bring back the previously unsuccessful XFL, while others have speculated that he might buy an NFL franchise.

It really is a mystery and whatever people think McMahon is planning to do with Alpha Entertainment is mere guesswork right now. What it could mean is the boss finally taking a step back from WWE as he focuses his attention on other ventures, however, the man that would take the brunt of the work McMahon leaves behind does not believe that will be happening anytime soon.


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That man is Triple H of course and The Game recently sat down with ABC News. During the interview, the topic of McMahon and the potential of the XFL returning was broached. Triple H didn't give away much but said he doesn't "...think there's any sense of change...If anybody thinks they’re going to push him out or take this thing, there’s going to be a hell of a fight," added McMahon's son-in-law. Short and to the point but it certainly sounds like the boss is not done with pro wrestling, sorry sports entertainment, quite yet.

The reason that many believe McMahon to be considering expanding his empire into the footballing world (again) is because the little we have been told about Alpha Entertainment is that it may have something to do with the sport. As mentioned above, McMahon is no stranger to football, plus the Carolina Panthers could be up for sale soon following the controversy surrounding their current owner.


Another piece of information we have been drip fed during this whole saga is that McMahon himself would be making an announcement about Alpha Entertainment sometime in late January. Hopefully, that means whatever the boss has planned will become a lot clearer during the next week or so, coincidentally as we approach the final game of the NFL season.

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