Yoga To Motherhood: 15 Things You Didn’t Know About Trish’s Post WWE Life

The current women’s wrestling division in the WWE is giving us some of the greatest female stars in company history. Charlotte Flair, Sasha Banks, Bayley, Becky Lynch, Alexa Bliss and Nikki Bella are

The current women’s wrestling division in the WWE is giving us some of the greatest female stars in company history. Charlotte Flair, Sasha Banks, Bayley, Becky Lynch, Alexa Bliss and Nikki Bella are just some of the current stars that will have legacies stand the test of time if they continue at this pace. Most of the women’s wrestling stars of past years did not have a run credible enough to be considered WWE legends. Trish Stratus is the exception to the rule as arguably the biggest female wrestling star in WWE history.

WWE hired her to be eye candy as a stunning fitness model with an athletic background. Stratus was not supposed to be anything more than another attractive woman in silly matches. Her work ethic and desire to improve made it clear she wanted to be taken seriously as a credible wrestler. WWE allowed her to lead the division and it was a huge success. Trish took the women’s division to new heights at the time and was more popular than the majority of men on the roster. It has been almost ten years since she left the WWE to retire from the wrestling business. We'll look at her life after the WWE with fifteen things you may not know about Trish Stratus’ journey after her retirement.

15 Kissed Pamela Anderson


Trish Stratus tried her luck with various entertainment gigs after the WWE, trying to become a mainstream celebrity. One of the projects saw her host the Canadian Walk of Fame induction ceremony. The high profile event featured many celebrities in attendance. Stratus saw a famous face during her rendition of a song and dance number from the film Chicago.

The celebrity in question was fellow Canadian bombshell Pamela Anderson. Stratus spotted Anderson during her crowd interaction portion of the performance. In a moment of improvisation, Trish reached out and delivered a kiss to Anderson. The former Baywatch star enjoyed the fun and humor of the kiss, which was a surprise to all watching. Stratus left an impact with the moment that went viral due to the popularity of both women involved in the kiss.

14 Refused To Appear At Indies


The majority of wrestlers to leave WWE still keep their toes in the wrestling world. Trish Stratus made it clear that she did not want to wrestle outside of the WWE. However, the option to attend conventions or appear at shows to take pictures and sign autographs seemed likely. Almost everyone to leave the WWE attempts to make extra money by doing such things.

Stratus turned down bookings to appear at autograph signings and had zero interest in filming any shoot interviews. She does do interviews with podcasts, primarily hosted by her friends and former co-workers, but it is not for any money. Trish wanted to leave that aspect of her life in the past and she only makes rare appearances at events that are not associated with any wrestling shows, like at ComicCon.

13 Removed Breast Implants


Breast enhancement was a very common surgery done by the female employees of the WWE and it was almost a prerequisite back in the day. Trish Stratus was no different and her breast implants may have been one of the more obvious ones. WWE went out of their way to use her assets in segments and flat out joked about the enhancements on multiple occasions.

Stratus decided this wasn’t something she wanted after she left the WWE. The times had changed and Trish just wanted to be happy in her normal life without worrying about the physical stresses of being a performer on national television. Stratus removed her breast implants shortly after leaving wrestling. Life after WWE has seen Trish make other physical changes, such as going with darker hair instead of her trademark blonde look.

12 Moved to Indiana For Reality Show


Trish Stratus aggressively tried to find new opportunities in television and film after leaving the WWE. One of the first projects she took was a reality television show titled Armed & Famous. Along with fellow secondary celebrities like Jack Osbourne and La Toya Jackson, she trained to become a reserve police officer by going on patrol with legitimate officers. Stratus was the only celebrity to take it seriously and did the best at the job.

A big change for the show saw her relocate from Canada to Indiana to film the series. The show worked with the Muncie Police Department, meaning she had to live in Muncie, Indiana for a short time period. Despite the hard work and commitment by Stratus, Armed & Famous was canceled after just a few episodes due to poor ratings.

11 Hosted Canada Reality Comedy Show


Another job opportunity on television for Trish Stratus saw her delve into the hosting world. Stratus was selected to host a Canadian show on CBC titled Second City’s Next Comedy Legend. The improvisation show saw contestants attempt to create comedic characters on the spot in hopes of winning a spot with the Second City Canadian Touring Company.

Stratus hosted the competition, attempting to find the next chapter of her career. The structure of the show saw Trish in a role similar to Tyra Banks's when she hosted America’s Next Top Model in the United States. Unfortunately, the Canadian show did not have the same success as that hit show. The Second City’s Next Comedy Legend was canceled after one season with lackluster response to the show.

10 Hosted Travel Show


Trish Stratus' next role saw her hosting career continue. Stratus received an opportunity to host a show about her life traveling all over the world. The aptly named Stratusphere featured Stratus going to various exotic locations to participate in sports related activities. Various episodes saw her get involved in activities like learning martial arts in India, reindeer dancing in Norway and bungee jumping in Bali.

Trish had the combination of charisma and athleticism to earn the gig from the Travel + Escape television channel. The show had solid reviews with a fun concept that played to her strengths, but did not have the support to last longer than one, ten episode season. Stratus had a great time hosting the show, but it just wasn’t meant to be for the long run.

9 Helped Many Charities


Trish Stratus' charitable efforts following her wrestling career have been among her greatest passions. Stratus took part in the Island Triathlon Series as a member of a celebrity team to raise money for Dignitas International. Her work in her free time has helped other charities that mean a lot to her.

The Special Olympics, Dreams Take Flight and Ronald McDonald House are three charities that have been helped by Trish via her money, time and outreach. A famous person has a voice that reaches many more than the average person. Stratus never lost sight of that and made sure to give back to worthy causes that needed help by getting the word out. Her free days during her first years after leaving the WWE saw Trish do her best in the charity world.

8 Actress In B List Movies


We have already discussed Trish's television shows and hosting opportunities, but she also tried her luck in the movie business. Stratus has appeared in two films with prominent roles after leaving the wrestling industry. Bounty Hunters saw Trish play the lead character trying to catch an informant as a bounty hunter. The movie did not receive much success or attention.

Stratus saw her acting career take a step up in 2015, as she was cast for a good role in the film Gridlocked. Legendary actor Danny Glover was a co-star of Stratus and Cuba Gooding Jr. was set to be the star before dropping out of the role. Trish definitely earned some respect for getting a spot in a credible movie, but it still wasn't a huge success. The movie did not gain much traction and is the kind of film you’d find in a Best Buy DVD bin.

7 Remained Close With Lilian Garcia


Trish Stratus had a very close friendship with Lilian Garcia during her time in the WWE. The two were so inseparable that rumors circulated of them potentially being in a romantic relationship. That wasn’t the case as they were just extremely close friends that relied on each other to stay sane on the road due to WWE’s intense travel schedule. Stratus considered Lilian among her best friends in the business and that has never changed.

Garcia and Stratus are still close today with very little changing after their careers changed. Lilian recently left the WWE for family reasons and is now hosting her own video podcast. Trish appeared on the show to help get some buzz for her friend’s show. You could tell they were close friends with the flow of their conversation not seeming like a choreographed interview.

6 Won Iron Mike Award


A recent honor for Trish Stratus saw her win the 2016 "Iron" Mike Mazurki Award. It was the first time that The Cauliflower Alley Club named the winner of the award to be a woman. Stratus was celebrated for her hard work and dedication in various fields. Her wrestling career was equally acknowledged as her efforts as an entrepreneur.

Stratus received the award last year from The Cauliflower Alley Club. Her trainer Ron Hutchinson delivered a heartwarming induction speech before presenting her with the award. Many of Trish’s former wrestling peers were there for the big wrestling event. Stratus gave a lovely speech to commemorate the honor of being the first woman to receive the CAC’s prestigious award. It wasn’t on the same level as her more high profile Hall of Fame induction, but it proved Stratus is loved everywhere she goes.

5 Had Issue With John Morrison At WrestleMania


Trish Stratus returned to the wrestling ring at WrestleMania XXVII for a special attraction match. The team of Stratus, John Morrison and Jersey Shore celebrity Snooki faced off against Laycool and Dolph Ziggler with Vickie Guerrero by their side. Stratus coming back for a single match allegedly upset Melina, due to the fact that the legend was taking a spot away from her and the other full-time female wrestlers.

This then led to an issue between Stratus and Melina’s ex-boyfriend, John Morrison. Following the win for the faces, Morrison visibly shut down Trish’s attempt to hug him during the post-match celebration. Stratus ranted about Morrison being unprofessional when asked about it in an interview. Morrison appeared to be in hot water with the WWE following the incident for disrespecting one of the most successful women in company history.

4 Opened Successful Yoga Studio


The most successful aspect of Trish Stratus’ professional life following her retirement saw her open a yoga studio. Stratus attempted to find an acting or hosting career in the entertainment world, but her long term vision was always sharing her love of yoga in a profitable manner. Trish opened her Stratusphere yoga studio in 2008 to huge success in Toronto, Canada.

Stratus saw many fans from her wrestling career and random yoga enthusiasts fall in love with her project. Her branding of Stratusphere carried over online, as she sold DVDs and online services to reach anyone with an internet connection. Trish found her calling with a special brand of yoga connecting with many that tried it. Stratusphere now sells their own branded equipment such as yoga mats, gloves and dumbbells. The wrestling legend is seeing her business find new ways to thrive in a competitive market.

3 Got Married


One of the major reasons for Trish Stratus choosing to retire from wrestling featured her wanting to settle down and start a family. Stratus married her longtime boyfriend Ron Fisico just weeks after her retirement match in 2006. The two were high school sweethearts keeping their relationship going throughout Stratus’ long WWE career. It takes love for anyone to date someone with WWE’s schedule and Trish wanted to repay Fisico’s loyalty by leaving wrestling at a young age.

Business did get in the way following their marriage as Stratus had to postpone her honeymoon. The Armed & Famous reality show taping started right around the time the happy couple scheduled their trip. Luckily, her busy life has started to reach a normal pace, allowing them to have a standard marriage despite her fame.

2 Became a Mother


The biggest thing to happen to Trish Stratus after leaving the WWE was her achieving the dream of becoming a mother. Stratus gave birth to her first child Maximus on September 30th, 2013. Her son is currently three years old, making you realize just how fast time passes by. It feels like just yesterday Trish was a key member of the WWE roster, but she is now the mother of a three-year-old boy.

Stratus would add another child to the family when she and Fisico saw the birth of their daughter Madison a few weeks ago on January 14th, 2017. As a mother of two, Stratus is seeing her life as a mother become her top priority. This is the main reason we don’t see her make WWE appearances like most of the other legends. Motherhood is a tougher fight than any match in the squared circle.

1 Formed Stronger Friendship With Lita


The careers of Trish Stratus and Lita will always be linked together. Both ladies became popular members of the women’s division towards the end of the Attitude Era. WWE trusted them enough to give them the opportunity to have legitimate matches and become credible wrestlers. Stratus and Lita always had a close friendship going through the grind of the job together, but they grew even closer after wrestling.

Trish chose Lita to be her final match before her retirement at Unforgiven 2006 and they had a special performance together. Lita also retired a few months later. They kept in touch and actually grew closer in their years after the WWE. Stratus and Lita refer to themselves as "Team Bestie" and spent a lot of time together when able to. Lita was even named the godmother to Trish’s son Maximus. The former rivals and respected peers became best friends after making it through the wrestling business.

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Yoga To Motherhood: 15 Things You Didn’t Know About Trish’s Post WWE Life