You Need To See This WrestleMania 31 Drinking Game!!

WrestleMania 31 is upon us and fans expectations are mixed. The optimists believe that the event will exceed the expectations of the pessimists and the pessimists believe that the optimists are heavy drug users. Well, if your group of friends is split down the middle, we have a drinking game that will bring you all together.

With TheSportster's drinking game, even casual fans will get into the event and hardcore fans will be so drunk that they won't bother everyone with their opinions.We do have one recommendation and it's that you should use mixed shots, rather than straight whiskey, because if John Cena happens to lose clean, 48 shots might kill you. Also, feel free to use chugs of beer instead of shots (which will probably make this less intense).

***We recommend that you disregard the "John Cena Loses Clean" part of the game as it will likely ruin the main event for you.

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